1. GregQ says:

      Get help Denny Crane! We know you’ll be back Denny Crane. Your pattern is caught in a paradigm easily recognizable to us for sure.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      An infiltrator employing every technique in the handbook to divide and create doubt.
      The manifestation of all things anti Q.
      A swamp creature with a pending date to be dragged in to the light…

      1. Denny Crane says:

        ROTFLMAO. I’m literally banned from the district of Columbia. If I enter the police will seize my vehicle and remove me from the district.
        What I am, and you are unfortunately too fucking stupid to realize it, is one of the few SOBs actually capable of organizing and directing the revival of America from the disgusting decay and debauchery of the sodomites, race traitors, and jews. But by all means, go back to your make believe cops and robbers mindfuck game you play where you delude yourself you are on team Q. I have no use for you.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Good news Denny Crane!
          Potus just said we’re working on #3 which is technically the new #1 top terrorist
          All terrorist boats rise with the tide.
          You’ll be promoted again soon.
          Looks like your amazing leadership skills are paying off!

          1. Denny Crane says:

            You really are fucked in the head. Top 3 terrorist to what America’s most wanted? I’m the new head of ISIS? LOL. You’re nuts bruh!
            What would there be to work on: the NSA and about two dozen other government and corporate entities knows exactly where I am and could arrest or kill me in twice as many ways in the next 5-30 minutes. You are acting like a little bitch… some single mother raised urban reject. That I’m smarter than you and best you in every way is making you unable to cope with reality just like a woman. Man the fuck up already you fucking pissant.

        2. Dipshit Denny says:

          You cant even organize the voices in your head let alone a revival of America. I actually Lol at your comment, delusional dumb fuck.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      I cited him in an earlier thread and you threw a fit in disbelief. So much for ‘having it all’. But hey at least I’ve been upgraded from pedophile and racist to terrorist now. When does it revoke my trusted traveler designation? When I become a terrorist mastermind? I’d really like to know so I don’t jeopardize my ability being able to board a plane without TSA scrutiny cause I just bought a few plane tickets for the holidays!

      From here on forward I shall be known as Imam Shemom, the burka-clad, digital elusive androgynous terrorist mastermind behind the internet fridge group known as ASMM (Allahu snackbar midnight munchies).

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        You never cited that content here.
        Happy to retract if you can point us to the location though…yeah didn’t think so.
        Maybe it was on one of the other message boards you make terroristiic threats on?
        After all, a person with your level of hate for so many groups didn’t just start last week.
        Other posters sure are distancing themselves from you quickly.
        Are you the only one who can’t see the writing on the wall?

          1. Denny Crane says:

            You all are welcome to come track me down and do your best taking me out… all this big talk from the Denny’s Dipshit Doppelgangers… no action. I’m still here… no LEO on my tail. Yawn. Bunch of fucking cowards. I told you my city and state and even my go to weapon. And you want to send a diminutive black jewish lady constable over to me to deliver a summons. BUW AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Congratulations: you cucked yourself. Prob jerk off into a condom too am I right?

          2. Dipshit Denny says:

            Poor Denny… Boohoo. Such a big tough troll behind that keyboard. Anyone can say bring it behind a computer fuck face. How about stick to what you know…child porn, racism, and endless retarded rants about how the Jews are taking over the world. Keep popping those pills Paul Harvey. Good Day!

          3. Denny Crane says:

            This is Texas stoopfuck there aren’t any Jews or black LEO. You Q tards are alll wet: your hero turned out to be a LARP and you don’t know which way is up or who the enemy is. You don’t even know what a constable ia or what their duties entail or if they even exist in Texas. Stick to what you know: jerking off in your eastern European Gypsies trailer and LARPing you are going to save the world.

          4. Denny Qrane says:

            I was thinking more like petite black or Jewish female constable armed with a summons would be sufficient and appropriate. Need the heavy hitters for truly tough criminals. You’re not tough are you? Would you really shoot at law enforcement?

  1. Paul Harvey says:

    Attention all American Gelfings! The Skeksis are not your friends! They are not worthy of he lordship you crown them with. The Skeksis lied about literally everything! You rebelled in 2016 and now they intend to genocide your entire race off of Thral!

    I’m Paul Harvey: Good Day!

    1. Lori Stavely says:

      You are obviously and idiot. The N word was over a long long time ago for anyone with class, and you better thank your luck stars Jesus hasn’t come for you yet because you’ll need to explain your Jew hating BS. You throwing so much hate at anyone only shows us all that you hate yourself. Go find a way to love yourself and maybe one day you will learn to respect and love others.

      1. Paul Harvey says:

        Jews killed jesus stoopfuck. As for the lovely word, nigger, it was just used by the soldiers on the Baghadi raid tape that leaked, something along the lines of, ‘get yourself a new house, NIGGER’ while they watched the precision munitions rain down and destroy the compound.

        Good Day!

  2. Not Denny Crane says:

    Does anybody else skip posts when they see certain names?
    Or abandon reading comments that are too long?
    Lol It’s great when anyone not Denny Crane shares!

  3. Denny Crane says:

    I had some free time today so I created a modified state map with 5 new states that Trump should get done come term 2. My intentions are pure, good, and honorable to reduce the political conflict among the peoples by more closely aligning select populations by political inclinations and economic zones and sensibilities. https://postimg.cc/3WWzG0kX

    * Firstly, Puerto Rico should be seceded and PR citizens living in America allowed to choose one or the other citizenship and returned to PR if they don’t choose the US. Any of the 7-8 million PR living in the US will be given up to 6 months to demonstrate they aren’t on welfare and if not forcibly returned to the island as a PR citizen then banned from any welfare for 5 years.

    * Secondly, Greenland should be purchased immediately or taken by force if Denmark wants to get fucking cute and made into state 55 for the US Space Force command and future Pence space elevator as well as a homestead program to encourage land and resource development.

    * Thirdly, the various provinces of the western and eastern most coasts of Canada should be allowed to become states 56-60 if they so choose so that mess is reduced down to the central socialist provinces.

    In regards to the continental states:

    1. The 51st state of Jefferson is created from counties in Northern Cali and Southern Oregon with capital city, Reading CA

    2. The 52nd state of Oregon is created from the western counties of Oregon and Washington with capital city, Spokane WA.
    Note: The state of WA, OR, and CA is reduced in size and remain capitated as is. Oregon is renamed Portlandia.

    3. The 53rd state of D’Bears is created from Chicago and Maddison plus surrounding counties with capital city, Maddison WI.

    Note: Illinois will be governed from Springfield without the influence of Chicago.

    Note: Wisconsin will be governed from the new capital of Green Bay without the influence of Moscow West as I like to call Maddison and also incorporate the annexed Michigan peninsula.

    Note: The state of Michigan is reduced in size with the special administrative zone carved out for Detroit, like D.C. until 2050 when it will return to the state. There will be a federal oversight board created to administer the reclamation of abandoned land and structures, to oversee it’s reconstruction to rebuild our non-unionized auto manufacturing and robotics plants there thanks to USMCA, future trade deals, and the upcoming economic boycott of China. It will also be used to host the relocated commerce, education, and labor departments of the federal government, which will be removed out of D.C.

    4. The 54th state of New Penn is created from western PA and NY states as well as the north-western most counties in NJ with new capital city built in Elmira NY. Some administration functions may remain in Harrisburg PA, Rochester NY, and Buffalo NY.

    NEW YORK: reduced in size to incorporate the NYC economic zone including some northern NJ counties with the capital city remaining in Albany NY. 6 counties in NY and NJ will be redrawn to split urban and rural populations between New Penn, New York, and Jersey.

    DELAWARE: redrawn to encompass the Philadelphia and Wilmington DE economic zone including 1 DE and 1 MD county, the 5 south-eastern PA counties with parts of two others split up to include the Allentown and potentially Reading. The city of Dover DE would be annexed from the county that goes to East Virginia used as the capital city.

    NEW JERSEY: the state of Jersey is reduced in size to the southern half of the state with capital city remaining in Trenton. Note at one point there were southern and northern New Jersey states.

    MARYLAND: reduced in area but population grown to include select counties in northern Virginia counties that surround D.C. with capital city remaining in Annapolis. Western and coastal counties are annexed to the Virginias.

    VIRGINIA: renamed East Virginia after annexing D.C. counties to Maryland and incorporating the eastern Maryland and southern Delaware counties.

    WEST VIRGINIA: grown to include the western Maryland counties and potentially western Virginian counties if they so choose to realign.

    The net effect of this will be to add 10 senators. Dems pick up 2 for D’Bears and GOP add 8 for Greenland, Oregon, Jefferson, and New Penn plus another 8 switch from D to R for Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the two Virginias. Twoomey’s PA GOP seat would switch to democrat in Delaware. Therefore we’d go from 53/47 GOP to 68/42 GOP plus improve the house over time.
    We also need to move the rest of the federal govt excluding treasury, military, intelligence, and justice out of DC. District of Detroit gets Commerce, Labor, and Education (basically the number crunching). West Virginia gets Social Security, Medicare, and IRS administration to help rebuild with that paperwork and check writing billing functions. Colorado gets HHS and Interior. Texas or Tennessee gets Energy (mostly nuclear oversight so based in Amarillo where we rebuild our nukes or Knoxville where the Tenn Valley Authority is based). Transportation split maybe between Louisiana, Florida, and a northern city. Georgia or Nebraska could get the agriculture department. Space command based in Greenland. Etc.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      You tools don’t know your own history. State of Jefferson is moving along. Look how WV was created, look at the history of NJ splitting and recombining. TX almost split in 2 and T. Jefferson was a strong proponent of a western republic there have been numerous proposals to carve out a state of Jefferson. UN demands we cut PR lose, Provinces of Canada joining the US was a Bush 43 thing. Greenland almost was a part of the U.S. There is growing dissatisfaction by the Phili and NYC and D.C. dominated cities on how the rest of the Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Maryland states are governed. A strong leader pushing these proposals gets some of them done, and one success leads to others. I’m not insane: you all have closed minds.

      BTW here is a better map. https://postimg.cc/HJcL9rGc

      1. Dipshit Denny says:

        We have closed minds but are dumb to put hope in Q? Your hypocrisy is obvious and you look dumber and more looney every day.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          Having hope is human. I don’t fault you for that. But it’s long past time Q’s credibility is gone and he’s a proven LARP. False calls have grown too numerous. Go find the ‘Hillary was arrested’ post lol. How about Sessions? Trump says no dice for senate. Let me guess more head fakes?

    2. IPtraQ EZ says:

      Your a tool mate. Literally people like you are why q could get a bad name. Learn to code and stop you baseless bullshit mate. For any on this perticular forum looking for answers or some guidance with Q those who comment with a Q in their name seem to be doing the best interpretation and decode wise. People like this chap are either shills or modern day troglodytes.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        ROTFLMAO. I am a software engineer. I learned to code two decades ago. Literally no one posting here decodes anything except perhaps me sometimes but then you cunts bitch about that analysis too and demand I go away so you can stick your heads back up Q’s LARP ass.

        1. IPtraQ EZ says:

          Lol and the tables turn, I have been a bar tender/manager my whole career. I’d say learn to chef, if your good you’ll always be saught after, also if the worst happens Chefs keep the moral up, nobody wants slop after a hard day’s swamp draining.

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Absolutely. I soooooooo wish Q to be real. Almost believed it late 2018. It’s not though. Sadly. 150k of these traitors and no justice!

            IT isn’t what it use to be. As toxic an environment for white men as you can get while the SJW cucks gleefully rape us with their leftist politics and then sodomize our prolapsed careers with H1B and diversity hires and outsourcing. Fuck learning to code: learn to bartend!

  4. Paul Harvey says:

    Today, on this most unsolemn and ordinary of days, my fellow Americans. I am here to remind you of two very important and undeniable facts. The world as you know it is a lie: you are ruled by an elite cabal of globalist satanic jew pedophiles and baby eaters and secondly, they mean to exterminate the white race. Now remember children: only you can prevent white genocide!

    I’m Paul Harvey, Good Day!

    1. Kanye West $25 Jesus Socks says:

      Hi Paul, long time listener/first time caller here. Can you share your thoughts with us about the fact that the earth is flat; More specifically, the public comments that DJT has made in the past pertaining to this hidden truth? Thanks in advance.

  5. Paul Harvey says:

    Today, my fellow Americans, I am reminded of the ages old tidbit of American wisdom… handed down from
    Foul frying kernel himself to the nameless hero, the sign wearing bovine livestock who dedicated her life to spreading the message to eat more of god’s blessed delicious and nutritious Chick Fil A chicken sandwiches served by smiling god fearing christian men and women paid over $16 an hour, that you should do your patriotic duty and accept no substitutes. Certainly not from flabbergasted chicken hocking hooligans at the run down Popey’s. No sir, you stay loyal to that all American brand and do not risk subjecting your children to such a travesty of the sight I am about to show you. For as this unsuspecting jive huckster has stated, ‘once again nigga’s be fighten’ up in this motherfucka’.


    I’m Paul Harvey, Good Day!

  6. Denny Crane says:

    At interpretation of the Rig for Red comment is that the red commie Chinese have rigged the impeachment proceedings especially with bent west coast senators and their ownership of numerous D.C. lawfirms. The CIA apparently fashions itself the modern day equivalent Praetorian Guard, selecting and deposing rulers as they see fit. Those that buck their control get whacked or shot at or forced out or impeached or worse. I think to a large extent there is Arab and Israeli infiltration of the US national intelligence infrastructure and the CIA commie infiltration of universities has provided an ideological foundation for many in the deep state. We know the dem reps are thoroughly infiltrated by ‘former’ intelligence agents. We know the former leadership of the CIA such as Brennan is an Arab plant and likely our first Manchurian president, Barry Soertoro, was owned by the bad Saudis and Pakistanis. The dems, with their three JEWISH dual citizen committee heads Schiff and Nadler and speaker Pelosi are going to go for it. It does seem like the number of GOP senators that could be extorted or even willing to remove Trump is in the 7-12 range but I’m not convinced another 10 or so couldn’t be blackmailed or flat out killed and replaced by Dem governors with senators willing to get this done. We should not assume any action is too much for the cabal or that they wouldn’t just shrug and knock off 6-7 GOP senators in states with a controllable Dem governor who would appoint successor senators in advance of a trial: daring us as citizens: oh yeah we run things shut up or else. The time to decide what we will do and how far we will let them push us around is upon us. Does Trump have control of the military and could institute martial law? How many millions of well armed patriots would need to storm D.C. to take it and select state capitals by force to maintain control of the republic and save it from Semitic and communist infiltration? The times are very serious. Prepare yourselves patriots or prepare to live as a slave.

    1. Dipshit Denny says:

      Red for rig is a submarine term when they turn red lights on at periscope depth or surfacing at night. How did you get your idiotic comment from that???

      1. Denny Crane says:

        Sigh. So now the only interpretations of Q drops have to be literal??? Rig for red is an OUTDATED term as the lights have been switched from red to blue. Get it. The house went from red to blue and what did we get? Impeachment. Red is the communist color. Rig can mean to fix in a corrupt way. Pretty sure my interpretation is at borderline Inception levels. But hey the guy riding my name’s cock who self identifies as a dipshit says otherwise so um… lol.

        ^^^ you’ve been p0wned! ^^^

        1. Dipshit Denny says:

          Not really you just spewed a bunch of gibberish and anything you come up with is farfetched. Remember when you said Q wouldnt be back. No one takes anything you say seriously. You sound more at autistic levels than inception.

    2. TJP says:

      Denny, the biggest problem the coup-orchestrators have had all along, including during the Mueller investigation, is that they just don’t have a substantive crime to pin on the president. Their accusations amount to little more than an ad hominem attack. Their supporting witnesses are nothing more than partisan, disgruntled former employees. The question for Americans (as well as for senators at an impeachment trial) will be, “Where’s the beef?”

      Trump will not be removed from office and will win a second term.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        No twitter. I’ve been thrown off of every social media platform including twitter for a swear the accusation of being a Russian bot. Dude I can’t even play video games because the SPLC and big tech has me on an unperson list. I’ve had multiple companies ban my acct and steal my license keys for no reason and no explanation. Chase shut down my amazon chase card a year ago. Im telling you tech is not our friend in the upcoming war.

        1. BigJohn says:

          Poor Denny. It’s terrible how everyone is picking on you. Everyone is out to get you. Have you ever considered that maybe you keep getting kicked off of various forums because you are a hateful racist who is always talking about committing acts of violence and who is dying to see a bloody civil war? You want civil war. You talk about how you want to go out and kill a bunch of Jews. I don’t blame these private companies for kicking you off their platforms. And what you said the other day about how you thought people talking to you at a bar were feds trying to set you up, that may very well not just be your paranoia getting to you. You are the kind of guy they would look at as most likely to commit a hate crime or act of domestic terrorism. I worry about that with you too. You are so full of rage and anger at subsets of our population you blame for all of the world’s problems. You’re obsessed with this shit and your anger and frustration keeps growing. You’re a ticking time bomb. I worry about you and what you might do. You are your own worst enemy and a threat to people. You need to look at yourself. You aren’t the supreme being you think you are but instead are terribly flawed. We’re all flawed though. Blaming everyone else doesn’t help with that. It just makes things worse. You’re losing it, man. I’m not just being a smart ass right now. I’m saying with all sincerity that for your own sake and everyone else’s you need to seek professional help and stick with it and become a better person. You are a bright guy, Denny. You’re pretty funny too. You’re life could be so much better but you have to let go of a lot of anger and start living and looking at things a little differently. If you make an honest and ongoing effort you will be surprised at how much better your life will become. If you don’t, bad shit is going to happen, stuff you will deeply regret but can’t take back.

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Oh fuck off you slippery lying sack of democrat cock sucking shit.

            “Poor Denny. It’s terrible how everyone is picking on you.” Yes it is thank you for noticing.
            “Everyone is out to get you.” Nagh I never felt that way.
            “Have you ever considered that maybe you keep getting kicked off of various forums because you are a hateful racist who is always talking about committing acts of violence and who is dying to see a bloody civil war?” No. Twitter claimed I was a russian bot. I have the screen shot to prove it. Racists are people to. Nazi’s wanted to expel Jews from Germany and you goose stepping nazis want to expel ‘racists’ The bigotry is the same, just a different target. The difference is I’m armed to the teeth so good luck getting me to your concentration camp motherfucker.
            “You want civil war.” No. What I want is the left to back the fuck off their radical campaign to destroy America but since they won’t, a civil war is far preferable than a colapse into communism. And trust me you sheltered stupid fucking jew boomer, the blood we spill in the upcoming civil war will be tiny compared to the 50 million or so that you commies would kill if you ever assumed power and got to purge all those pesky conservative white people you hate so fucking much.
            “You talk about how you want to go out and kill a bunch of Jews.” I have never in my life said I wanted to kill a bunch of Jews. That is a vicious smear and likely projection because deep down you are a jew who wants to kill all white people. I have your number motherfucker. Come and try it any fucking day and you’ll get what’s coming to you. I am a firm beleiver that the world is a big place and there is a home for every race. Mexicans back to mexico, Blacks back to Africa, and Jews securely locked behind their own wall in Israel. So kindly stop your lying kyke.
            “I don’t blame these private companies for kicking you off their platforms.” That’s nice. Eat a shit sandwice and kindly drown in a sewage reclamation pond.
            “And what you said the other day about how you thought people talking to you at a bar were feds trying to set you up, that may very well not just be your paranoia getting to you. You are the kind of guy they would look at as most likely to commit a hate crime or act of domestic terrorism. I worry about that with you too. You are so full of rage and anger at subsets of our population you blame for all of the world’s problems. You’re obsessed with this shit and your anger and frustration keeps growing. You’re a ticking time bomb. I worry about you and what you might do. You are your own worst enemy and a threat to people.” Nonsence. I abhore indiscriminate violence against anyone. It’s completly unnecessary. I never in my life have thought about throwing it away on some sort of misguided fit of rage that does nothing to advance my cause. No sir, what I have in mind for this country and the white race is far more menaingful and effective. At present and until wide scale civil war hostilities actually start the only violence I would ever do is self defense and legal in my locality. But nice try with your vicious smear.
            “You need to look at yourself.” I do all the fucking time. I’m a vain handsome devil. Thanks!
            “You aren’t the supreme being you think you are but instead are terribly flawed.” Goyim goin his own way frustrating the globalist jewish cabal? Ahhhhh let me play the worlds smallest violin for you. Fuck off.
            “We’re all flawed though.” Ok Boomer.
            “Blaming everyone else doesn’t help with that.” That’s rich coming from a long ass diatribe that does nothing but blame me for your inner demons and fears, Projection much asshat?
            “It just makes things worse.” Ok Boomer.
            “You’re losing it, man. I’m not just being a smart ass right now. I’m saying with all sincerity that for your own sake and everyone else’s you need to seek professional help and stick with it and become a better person.” I had a full scale psychological workup recently and I’m right as rain. No screws loose here budy. Just a red pilled genius asshole that sees through your shit.
            “You are a bright guy, Denny. You’re pretty funny too.” Enough you can’t suck my cock pervert.
            “You’re life could be so much better but you have to let go of a lot of anger and start living and looking at things a little differently. If you make an honest and ongoing effort you will be surprised at how much better your life will become.” What is this transfixion with my life. I love my life it’s great. I have a good job, tons of money, live where I want to, eat what I want to, do what I want to when I want to. Again with the projection, if you hate your life do something about it and stop fucking projecting on me asshole. Honestly, stop riding my cock it’s just indecent!
            “If you don’t, bad shit is going to happen” Threatening me now John? Locked and loaded and always ready to dispatch a deranged Jew who wants white genocide. Come at me bruh.
            “stuff you will deeply regret but can’t take back.” Ok Boomer. Lol.

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    Fantastic four…Jordan, Collins, Nunes, Gaetz (and many others) are making history.
    Going to see a lot more participation in swamp draining.
    God’s hand is on it, there are people divinely placed where they are for a time such as this. Some will end up as heros, though they didn’t set out with that goal, they were just doing what was right. History classes will dissect how America was almost lost (insert swamp creature), and then brought back from the brink of destruction (insert plethora of real heros)

    Will be no shortage volunteers, even from the left.
    DS is already the 3rd party masquerading as Dems
    Gabbard unlikely hero charging from the back of the pack to represent dems with help of two “early adopters” in dem congress? After all, somebody has to reach those Americans exhibiting symptoms of Trump derangement syndrome brought on by DS propaganda arm otherwise known as the “fake news”

      1. Denny Crane says:

        What’s there to say? Q has been deplatformed for 93 days and he comes back to post a bit of gibberish and point to someone who claims Durham was appointed when Q first went live. Yawn. Where the fuck is Trump and Barr and the GOP while Manafort and Assange are caged, Flynn is still getting railroaded by the DOJ, Boente is still at the FBI, and some corrupt cunt Obama appointee is railroading Stone by excusing the 2 of the 85 republicans in the juror pool and making sure the first juror was a former Hillary and Obama appointee? The swamp can’t be drained until D.C is firebombed out of existence. Violence is the only way.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Remember when your favorite bashing point was “no wall being built”?
          Lol how’d that work out for you?
          Best arrest might not be high profile, but will be all yours.
          You can spare us the posturing, and tough guy talk; only weak, insecure people talk that way. In fact you sound like those pansies that only attack women and unarmed, untrained people. Wonder how many seconds you’d last if you actually man’d up?

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Trump’s policy is the NATIONAL POLICY per the constitution. Your pedophile pals in the deep state don’t get to decide how the presidency interacts with foreign nations: TRUMP DOES. How much did your democrat butt buddies in the global homo cabal launder through the Ukraine anyway? All of a sudden when it comes to Biden and his coked-up, criminal, dead-beat-father kid lining their pockets along with Kerry’s kid and Pelosi’s kid and Romney’s kid etc on kickbacks from foreign aid dollars sent through the Ukraine, Big Jew John is happy to look the other way. Biden is on tape bragging about withholding aid until the Ukraine prosecutor looking into his kid is fired and I don’t see you batting an eye about that sort of corruption. Fucking hypocrite. That you want to go after the honorable lawyer and mob boss buster, American’s mayor, and hero of the republic, Rudy, for investigating corruption according to our mutual justice assistance treaty with the Ukraine is damning. JUST WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE BIG JEW JOHN?

            It’s 2019, over 30 years since Russia was communist, which is probably why you Marxist-ass-sniffing democrat demon-lickers don’t like them anymore. Your Rothchild masters and pedo-blackmail holder puppet masters yell “jump” and you ask “how high?”

            It seems to me the only reason democrats would be terrified of Putin having a hand in the Ukraine is for the lack of employment opportunities for their degenerate kids to launder foreign aid money through it. Put down your pimp coats and pick up a bible you corrupt motherfucker and REPENT. But boomer Jews just wants a little bit more gold to line the walls of their diamond crusted retirement homes RIGHT? How I loath your corrupt generation and your worthless mindless Millennial children as well. Just die already you evil fucking pigs.

          2. BigJohn says:

            And it’s funny you call me a communist bootlicker as you defend what Trump and Giuliani were doing. That money he was withholding was military aid that was to be used to help fight the Russian backed separatists in the civil war in Ukraine. Once again Trump was helping Putin and he has done again and again since he took office. Somebody is licking somebody’s boots but it’s damned sure not me. Seems to me like Trump cares about Trump and Vladimir Putin and nobody else.

          3. BigJohn says:

            Just watch what happens, Denny. This Ukraine mess just keeps getting worse. This was not 3D chess. This was shady people doing shady things and getting caught. This was once again Donald Trump putting his own interests above national interests and he will be looking for a fall guy to take the heat off of him. Wouldn’t want to be Rudy Giulliani now.

          4. Denny Crane says:

            How are you a lawyer if you are this stupid? Trump roped the dems into this impeachment fiasco using Rudy, who has been running point on getting all this evidence about the Dem’s corruption in Ukraine. Dems always freak out when we are on to them and call us criminals or bigots or racists or mentally unstable. He’s a veteran MOB prosecutor and turned around the city of NY. He was America’s mayor after the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, which he handled amazingly. Show some mother fucking respect you communist bootlicker.

          5. BigJohn says:

            Qrane, you watching all this “Rudy the Rock” Ukraine stuff? I’m wondering how long it will be before Trump throws him under the bus and says everything he was doing he did on his own initiative without telling Trump, kinda like Trump tried with Cohen on the whore payoffs. It’s coming. He’s going to throw Rudy under the bus. That Fiona Hill testimony about Bolton saying Giuliani is a “hand grenade who is going to blow us all up” was pretty funny. Trump is going to have to throw that hand grenade somewhere to try to keep himself from getting blown up, under the bus maybe. I’ve been trying to tell you this and like I said before I will be very surprised if ole “Rudy the Rock” gets out of this with his law license. He’s like the lawyer that represents people in organized crime and lets them suck him into their business. This guy was a big time mob prosecutor in his US Attorney days. He got in way too deep and he of all people should have known better and now he’s going to pay for that. Just watch.

          6. Denny Crane says:

            Your complete lack of reading comprehension is beyond tiring. If no wall was being built when no wall was actually being built, then it’s a true statement. Try not to act so fucking stupid or disingenuous and people might start to take you a little bit more seriously.

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Those poor sons of bitches… the type of porn that does it for me would melt most people’s souls… no federal pension is worth that!

          2. Ichabod says:

            Yes, everyone is monitored. To clarify, A select few receive a designated agent to listen to calls and review digital records looking for anomalies…. mostly boring but I wonder how much lube they go through

            Once the criteria are attained, you probably get bumped up a level, maybe your own live agent mostly just reviewing data but possibly working on inception via online. You probably have two.

            Agreed on the rest. I prefer the same conversation

          3. Denny Crane says:

            Ichabod there are patterns in everything. It’s not really that hard to tell people apart by a sample of their writing. Interesting story about the plane. This is why I drive most places. Interesting theory on the high IQ monitoring. Frankly I think everyone is monitored. I have no doubt there are lists of people who would give them trouble and many end up dead from heart attack guns or remote instigated car wrecks or whatever. The problem for them is the amount of data. It’s going to be the advent of AI and quantum computing (seemingly just given to Google and Microsoft by the power structure) google will use it for encryption breaking and MS will use it for AI. That is going to enable levels of social engineering that will lock people into servitude indefinitely. If we rebel we have to do it before that so this decade… or less. No one serious about rebellion would say a serious word about it or plan anywhere close to any technology at all. It’s simply not possible to have secure tech at this point. Smart people create an innocuous digital trail and drop in and out of the matrix to do what they need to do. I was simply interested in continuing an interesting conversation with you but would prefer it to be off the main data spy grid which is why I suggested proton mail. That yahoo email will be around until end of Nov if you choose to reach out. No worries either way. Take it easy brother and stay vigilant.

          4. Ichabod says:

            Thanks for noticing the intricacy of my writing. I dumb it down here so it isn’t too easy to track for AI. They already know who I am and I have no reason to hide and they also know I have no ill intentions.

            Every non-liberal with an IQ over 140 who shows a calculated resistance to the system is on a list and monitored. (most smart people are easy to brainwash… so weird) Your propensity towards firearms probably has you a little higher up. I have no intention of discussing anything that would interest them apart from intellectual property. It’s hard to find smart people without preconceived notions from an over-education that renders their intelligence dead. Very difficult. It’s killed academia as you have noted.

            I’m certain I have had discussion with a few agents but at a lower level. My conversation with you probably will get me bumped up a notch but I’m less of a concern to them because they know how to control me, and I’m less likely to rebel. One of them was a sweet old lady that sat in front of me on an airplane. She asked if I was ‘Ichabod’ and being hungover as hell, I just said yeah. I asked her later how she knew my name and she said she didn’t know what I was talking about, even though I had at least 2 other witnesses that it happened. Naturally, she was just taking notes on my conversation at a time when it was difficult to monitor such things on an airplane. I suppose they learned that I could binge drink more than most and that one of my weaknesses is beautiful large chested 18-year-old blondes. Money well spent.

            FYI – don’t bother checking for a few days. Busy on my end. It will be interesting to see how many emails you get.

          5. Denny Crane says:

            I’m fairly certain I was approached and felt out by two Austin based agents a month or so ago. One of the most bizarre conversations I’ve ever had in a bar. It was as though they were trying to get me to express sympathy for mass shooters. Could have just been a big hearted SIMP with an ugly ass woman scared he was going to get blown away next time the CIA needs to change the news narrative with a mass shooter so who knows. I have the recording of most of the conversation backed up and secured in multiple locations in the event the bent ass feds every try to railroad me. I have no doubt I’m on somebody’s radar. Crazy thing is two or three days after that I am utterly convinced there were at least 2-4 people on my property in the middle of the night. I awoke with a picture in my mind clear as day or at least two people approaching both entrances to my home. Got that AR-10 with .308 locked and loaded ready to go. Heard the hand on the front door nob and I just sat there in total silence ready to go. If they had infrared glasses on they could see what was in store for them. Ultimately they left. Pretty sure there has been two subsequent incursions into my home since then but look away you fucking feds the only way you get me is with entrapment and even then who knows what is being recorded or how and where it’s stored. You don’t own enough bent judges where I live to make that sloppy ass bullshit stick. Best just leave me and my fellow patriots be and respect our constitutional rights.

          6. Denny Crane says:

            LOL. I seriously doubt I would even get an invite to be a FED. I don’t have a bent enough psychological assessment to warrant admission into that club. Similar rejection for a top secret clearance on account of growing up in the CPS system despite several attempts to serve my country in the national defense sector after 9-11… Oh well. If I scored a bit higher on the lack of morality and psychopathy scale the agency might have some interest in me as they love to recruit angry little authority hating clever fuckers with no mommy or daddy. I have passed numerous FBI background checks for employment, as a trusted travelor, and for and a Federal Firearms License though so I must at least keep enough of my record clean.

          7. Ichabod says:

            Will do. The concern is mutual but your IQ amuses me and I can vouch for it based on my psychometric assessment.

            Good luck impersonating me to anyone. Note that my email will be “out of this world” but also straight forward and readily understood by one with an IQ over 145

          8. Denny Crane says:

            Ichabod, the conversation t be had here is lacking. You might be FBI though but I’ll give you a chance. Email me something well written as only you yourself are capable of at [email protected] so that I know it’s you. It’s a burner email that won’t exist by the end of the month. I’m sure that gypsie fuck Denny Qrane will try to impersonate you lol so I’ll have to make sure it’s you. Once confirmed, I’ll point you towards Proton Mail. It’s just an encrypted email based in Switzerland that doesn’t scan or retain your email content.

          9. Ichabod says:

            Violence also solved Sodom, to bring up our aforementioned discussion. I’m not a Bible thumper but I know the story.

            Basically, Sodom and Gomorrha were two wicked cities with murder, bestiality, rape and a lot of buttfucking. God somehow tells Abraham he is going to destroy it, probably for the survival of mankind because the murder rate was unsustainable. Abraham pleaded with God to save the cities if he could find any good people there, especially his nephew Lot. So God sends two angels in the form of men to go evaluate the situation. They go to Lot’s house and the people of Sodom start pounding on Lot’s door because they want to gangbang the two angels. Lot offers his two virgin daughters to appease them, and the people are like, “No, and just for blocking the door, we are going to gangrape you to death after we are through with those two handsome men”

            The Angel’s had seen enough and get them out of there right as a volcano erupts or something and destroys the cities. Angels warned them not to look back but Lot’s wife didn’t listen and she turned around and turned into a pillar of salt. Some suspect that because she paused she was probably caught in the volcanic wind or w/e. Sound harsh but I bet she was looking back at her boyfriend. Obedience to Logos = God = The Logic is also a pretty big deal in the book of Genesis, so it could just be that, but I doubt it.

            Now we are all at the mercy of people who we legally define as sodomites, waving the sign of the covenant in God’s face, bragging about pride, the deadliest of all sins. These people are statistically unhappy and angry despite the blessing of most of society. And we expect this shit won’t end in violence? The only thing that is stopping these gangrapes in cities like portland are the police and guns. Soon the police will join in or instigate the damn gangraping and we are left with the guns

            Ironically, this will probably start a religious counter movement because it’s biblical. I find it convincing because I don’t believe that any human could be so intelligent to come up with a story that is so accurate. Another interesting thing is that every society that embraced christianity at it’s core spread to the ends of the earth. Holy Roman Empire, Britain, USA and then after they lost this, they lost their grip on the world. People can say what they want but how the hell can something be so effective without tapping into some sort of supernatural.

            Anyway, if you want to share a proton mail handler and keep this convo off the board with another person suffering from a high IQ with near psychic analytical skills. idk where you can post one. You are better at security than me so its probably better for you to share.

          10. Denny Crane says:

            You are an idiot. Violence solves a whole lot of things: violence combats evil, violence in self defense protects you and your freedoms and property, and violence used in warfare secured our freedom, protected it again in 1812, ended slavery in America, and ended the third reich and empire of the rising sun.

            How could you be so utterly stupid as to suggest violence solves nothing? Are you so sheltered you don’t know a lick of history or are you delusional and think if you just act the part of a pacifist monk the bad guys would just come around to a good way of thinking.

            Seriously, explain yourself.

            Mark my words and mark them well son: the republic is in tremendous danger from the left’s 50 year march through the institutions. There is obviously no justice anymore… none that is objective or capable of handling a coup and vicious hateful corrupt govt officials. Violence will end up being the only way. Weather a few hundred well placed bullets do the job now or hundreds of thousands die in a full scale civil war and rebellion will be up to idiots like you waking up and pulling your head out of your ass. Believe it or not I said all this in love. I still have hope for you.

  8. rick says:

    just a reminder…everyone get out and vote today! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a heavily blue district just vote! Your vote is your voice and your counter punch! If a big bully came up and hit you, you’d fight back, you’d punch back, you may not win the fight but you for damn sure would go down swinging!

    1. Paul Harvey says:

      If Americans had any balls we wouldn’t give two shits over this disappointment of a report and already burnt down the FBI and Langley by now. Chances of Brennen being a stuffed Turkey by Thanksgiving are exactly 0.

      Good Day!

  9. Gellert says:

    Yay…Q’s back! You guys have been gone too long. What a sight for sore eyes.

    Comey, Clapper, Clinton, Brennan, Schiff, McCabe, Lynch, Pelosi, Mad Maxine, et al. Take them down in any order, any way you can. Over to you.

    1. Von Ebb says:

      The shit show continues”……….best not to bother until someone goes to jail. Right now it’s just
      Not worth the trouble . Same old shit ….different day.
      Still love Trump…..hate the MSM and the democrats are still bat shit crazy!
      Nothing has changed. Q is back and says nothing! Call me when something real happens!

      1. Denny Crane says:

        It won’t. Liberty tree needs watering. The moral right can exist without the left: we are responsible and self sufficient and fox things within a family and community. The immoral radical unruly left can’t and are destructive parasites. Ultimately they have to be brought to heel through extreme threat of violence so they are too terrified and shut the fuck up and go make art and poems or something in their communes. The right seems resigned to defeat though and unwilling to do what it would take to right the ship. That means the demonic left eventually takes over and then it’s their coercion and state backed thugs vs us with guns. Sigh.

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