Aug 1 2019 12:22:36 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: cbce02
[C] before [D].
[C]oats before [D]eclas.
The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.


  1. Denny Qrane says:

    “Ammunition is hard to come by.” – Q
    Potus gave great forward looking guidance for Q4 at TX rally…
    “We are very high on ammunition now”
    Record numbers to finish 2019?

    1. BigJohn says:

      Hopefully Q will never come back and this cult will disband and the brainwashed followers will come back down to reality. This propaganda scheme has been nothing but bad for this country. It needs to be over. Now I just hope those behind the actual Q posts are exposed eventually. It would be interesting to see who was behind it and hear the whole story behind it. A lot of people were sucked in.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Facts are stubbornn things, if you’re waiting for us to disband before you can find contentment, it will get much worse for you before it gets better. Do you think Q is the top of the pile? Maybe some person or group? God’s hand is on this, which is precisely why no man can succeed in coming against it. Though many will try, and fail. If you cannot operate in the spirit, or refuse to acknowledge it, you are as one who is impotent, that’s less than a benchwarmer who never plays, but is at least on a team.

      2. KevinQalm says:

        Say it with me Big John….”The Dems are bad for this country” Let’s try it again. This time say it like you mean it. Sorry but no DNC doggy treat if you say right.

      3. Felipe Martinez says:

        Either you have been paying attention & doing research, and you are terrified all this is real – or you have not been paying attention & doing research, and you are suspect that this is a LARP. Or you are a $hill trying (and failing) to deflate & discourage the Momentum of one of the Greatest Grass Roots Political Movements in History

  2. Denny Qrane says:

    Potus pointing here multiple times in past week?

    Mar 20 2019 12:39:48 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 7e2ece
    Number(s) do not always equate to days.
    The face of a watch/clock has multiple versions.
    Incorrect interpretations pushed as statements of fact often lead to pitfalls [stranglehold ‘choke’ tactic used by attackers].
    Increase in attacks (de-platform, shill infiltration, MSM/Fake MAGA direct, link(s) to terrorism/acts of violence) only demonstrates validity and close proximity to JUSTICE [PAIN].

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      National whistleblower day 2018
      Q said: “truth to power, listen closely”

      National whistleblower day 2019

      With so much progress, support, and mechanisms in place to protect whistleblowers from retaliation, why would the non-whistleblower-whistleblower go to shifty Schiff instead of the proper, legal, and safe channels as laid out by the OIG?

      If retaliation is a legitimate fear, why risk circumventing the best chance at safety? If the claim is above board, why risk conspiring and colluding with a known leaker and lair before blowing the whistle?

      Does this change the coarse of any investigation?

      What if shifty Schiff’s list of potential pool of whistleblowers decide to tell all, and reveal through proper channels that they were coerced by Schiff & co?

      Feels like somebody is being sized up to get thrown under the bus soon.
      Question is, who is primed to be sacrificed first?
      Nameless henchman?
      Can nameless henchman be acquitted of future charges if they can prove they were coerced? Sing bird, sing!
      The expression goes: “Look around, if you don’t see the patsy, it’s you!”
      Swamp will drain itself…

  3. Denny Qrane says:

    Fisa both ways…impeachment both ways
    Potus says as much yesterday at values voter summit

    Gowdy in recent interview cautions not to think jail time is only category of punishment or justice.
    How taxing would 3 years of impeachment process be to anyone but our wealthy super human Potus?
    Emotional and financial burden of the process should be considered.
    Deep state Dems set the standard and methods by which they will now be judged.
    Expecting much more from Giuliani and Gowdy…

    1. Dipshit Denny says:

      Are you part of Q? Real question, been seeing some similarities. Be honest, this group needs to know we are still moving forward. If not you have good insight and are following closely.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        That was Denny’s accusation in order to explain thoughtful due diligence and some intuitive inference.
        Nothing special here.
        Stuff that everyone can and should do for themselves.
        What’s most important and relevant right now?
        Dust off your scriptures and study Ezekiel 38…

    2. Dipshit Denny says:

      Anyone notice A lot of Denny Cranes post have been deleted??? Is he gone or is he admin deleting a bunch of his stupid comments?

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Holidays are upon us, lots of good food, like turkey, too much turkey causes some people to sleep though. I digress, did we ever decide if Denny Crane’s terrorist group was operating his anitsemetic, anti-trump, “burn it all down”, calls for civil war (sounds like death to America), propaganda campaign from Jordan or Syria? I hear a little Persian in their voice too.

        1. Dipshit Denny says:

          Idk how to respond to this, am I talking to Q now?? Turkey trying to take over the Kurds??? Too much Turkey puts everyone to sleep. Something going on in the background while this is happening?

    3. BigJohn says:

      Gowdy is out for now. Guiliani may not be around that much longer being caught up in this Ukraine mess. You never know what is going to happen with this crew, different faces all the time, nobody lasts. It’s a shit show.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Anyone breathing a sigh of relief that Gowdy’s integrity has him sticking to the timeline should not misinterpret that as “he’s out”. 2020 is less than 3 months away. That’s 2 1/2 months to prepare in such a way that he can hit the ground running.

        He can’t influence lawmakers before then…but anyone can “influence” him and there’s plenty he can do while staying above board to gear up.

        The “Ukraine mess” is Biden’s mess, but Rudy the rock that will crush them is on it, he’ll get it done!

        1. BigJohn says:

          “Rudy the Rock,” that one always cracks me up. He’s Trump’s personal attorney. He’s not going to crush anybody. His job is to protect Trump and he sucks at it, but Trump would be very hard to represent. I will be surprised if he makes it out of this with his law license.

          1. BigJohn says:

            Yes I did. Y’all keep calling him Rudy the Rock and talking about how he’s going after the bad guys. That’s not even his job. He’s there to help keep Trump out of trouble and help him get elected and he’s expected to do dirty work to help Trump keep his hands clean, like with the Ukrainians. That’s not a good position to be in as a lawyer. It’s not going to end well for him. He should have known better. Eventually New York will disbar him. Toxic Trump takes a lot of folks down with him. Trump would throw Rudy under the bus in a heartbeat too. Trump would throw anyone under the bus to help himself. That should be obvious to people by now. This will not end well for Rudy Giuliani.

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            You said that before, almost verbatim:

            “September 30, 2019 at 2:31 pm
            BigJohn says:
            “Rudy rock,” that’s hilarious. Rudy is a fuck up and he’s not doing Trump a lot of favors running his mouth all the time. He’s in over his head. I’ll be surprised if he still has a law license when this is all over and said and done with.”

  4. TIG Welder Tim says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Guiliani lately, last night he mentioned “FOLLOW THE MONEY”, and very interesting to see Trey Gowdy coming back for the people, and to join our Commander in Chief again. Keep your faith, with the Durham Report coming on FISA abuse, it seems as though our hopes for justice may be coming to the public eye. God Bless, Patriots. WWG1WGA

  5. Denny Qrane says:

    Cerebral narcisist: (be on the look out, knowledge is power)

    A cerebral narcissist is the type of person who flaunts his or her intelligence and perceived superiority to feel admired and loved by others. This personality type may also be referred to as a “know it all,” or someone who has a comment or answer for almost everything. Narcissists are in love with themselves and obsessed with their own image and the way that image is perceived by others. Cerebral narcissists are so obsessed with their intellectual prowess that they may ignore or neglect their physical health and appearance.

    Narcissism is often related to sexual behavior. Many psychologists suggest that cerebral narcissists rarely engage in sexual intercourse with others and prefer personal stimulation as a means of satisfaction. They may prefer the anonymity and lack of intimacy of pornography over close personal relationships. It is very difficult for such personality types to forget any criticisms from past relationships, as these are seen as attacks on their perception of perfection.

  6. Dipshit Denny says:

    This was planned 100%. Why in the midterms did they call the house a dem victory so early? There were alot of votes left to be counted. How does Q know the exact number of seats in the senate before the midterms take place? They want this impeachment to go through. Easy enough for me to see. Not delusional as Denny keeps saying. Once impeachment is voted for, I think sealed indictments are unleashed. Could be wrong but seems logical. Checkout post 1609, they knew this would come.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Great a patriotic gym rat is more effective than the ever elusive, promise-rich, results-lacking Q team.
      Any of this simple enough to fit into a simple narrative? Distributed to the normie masses via media? Allowed to be discussed on big tech?

      It’s like you are the last man on earth and only have eyes for the first fugly woman (Q) you came across who refuses to suck your cock but promises to do so… eventually… any day now.

      1. Blackpill says:

        Don’t talk about her like that, Q is the most beautiful woman. There will be so much justice, get ready to be used to drinking blood.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        You should pay very close attention to how much rope Shifty Schiff has Benin allotted / voluntarily taken, to hang himself via his own words. Just gotta keep both of you talking long enough to seal your fate.
        How do you get the bad guys to talk?
        Easy, just ask Biden or schiff how easy it was to self incriminate on video when they were given free reign to do so and a false sense of security by the misbelief that there would be zero, zero, zero consequences for their words.
        Mull that over before digging your own hole deepred, or not, either path renders a desirable outcome.
        Hidden is not deleted Denny, you have said much.

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    Any anon’s ears perk up at biden’s “zero, zero, zero”?
    At first my lie detector was going off, but then it occurred to me this out of character statement was likely meant for someone else.
    All I come up with thus far is cocaine, anyone else have anything to add?

  8. Denny Qrane says:

    Coup – illegal seizure of power from a government
    We the people have chosen our leader through a fair democratic election, yet there is an element who arguably is trying to obstruct MY president from performing his duties, duties that we the American people have asked him to do as our president. Moderates should make haste in distancing themselves from a law breaking group of infiltrators who took over the left. I’m sure there’s a place and voice to be found on the winningest team ever! Getting rid of these government hijackers is an American’s duty, not just republican’s duty.

  9. New York Patriot says:

    BigJohn, I have no idea who you are or what country you call home but, after reading some of your replies over the last several months it’s appears that you’re lost or totally asleep. Either willingly or unwillingly playing for the wrong team. This is not a game as you and others may think! This is the culmination of an ancient life & death struggle that has eternal consequences beyond our comprehension! Good vs evil. Light or dark. Everyone needs to choose who it is they truly serve! Time is running out. I pray that God Almighty Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ blesses you with true discernment along with the eyes to see and the ears to hear what is truly happening in these last days!

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Spiritual warfare is ramping up; the church has a duty to engage the enemy.
      Greater is He that is in you an me than he that is in the world.
      If two of us agree on anything and ask for it, it shall be done.
      What should we ask for brother?

  10. Denny Qrane says:

    Heads up anons, Potus RT yesterday’s autism post
    Mentions of 5I counties have been surfacing in recent sound bites
    Intel community coming under closer scrutiny next?

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Autists are literally the foundation of qanon, they can do naturally, effortlessly, what others cannot do with any amount of effort.
        Search q posts for the term, if you like Q you have to value their special contribution.
        2nd point, a retweet, or delete demands attention
        time stamps, and dates matter
        Happy hunting, lots of info waiting to be discovered.

  11. Terry Dyer says:

    For any of my Republican friends that are having a hard time wrapping their heads around this mess…….Trust the Plan. Worth the read………………….. LET THEM GO AHEAD AND IMPEACH TRUMP…. HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS THEN……

    By: Hyram F. Suddfluffel, PhD, (Political Science)

    I have a degree in Political Science, and I am a card-carrying Libertarian. I’ve been studying politics and political history for the past 30 years. My specialty is U.S. Presidents. That said, I hope that the House of
    Representatives impeaches Trump. Let me tell you what will happen next!

    1. The House can pass articles of impeachment over the objections of the
    Republicans, and refer to the Senate for trial.

    2. The Senate will conduct a trial. There will be a vote, and the Republicans will vote unanimously, along with a small number of Democrats, to not convict the President. Legally, it will all be over at that point.

    3. However, during the trial, and this is what no one is thinking about right now, the President’s attorneys will have the right to subpoena and question ANYONE THEY WANT.. That is different than the special counsel
    investigation, which was very one-sided. So, during the impeachment trial, we will be hearing testimony from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Donna Brazile, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch,
    Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a whole host of other participants in this whole sordid affair and the ensuing cover up activities.
    A lot of dirt will be dug up; a lot of truth will be unveiled. Finger pointing will occur. Deals will start being made, and suddenly, a lot of democrats will start being charged and going to prison. All this, because, remember, the President’s team will now, for the first time, have the RIGHT to question all of these people under oath – and they will turn on each other. That is already starting.

    4. Lastly, one more thing will happen, the Senate will not convict the President. Nothing will happen to Trump. Most Americans are clueless about political processes, the law, and the Constitution. Most Americans believe
    that being impeached results in removal from office. They don’t understand that phase 2 is a trial in and by the Senate, where he has zero chance of conviction. Remember, the Senate is controlled by Republicans; they will
    determine what testimony is allowed — and **everything** will be allowed, including: DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election in favor of Hillary, the creation of the Trump dossier, the cover up and
    destruction of emails that very likely included incriminating information.

    They will incriminate each other for lying to the FISA court, for spying and wiretapping the Trump campaign, and for colluding with foreign political actors, especially George Soros. After the Senate declines to convict the
    President, we will have an election, and Trump will win. It will be a backlash against democrat petulance, temper tantrums, hypocrisy and dishonesty. Even minorities will vote for Trump, because, for the first time, they will see that democrats have spent 2+ years focused on maintaining their own power, and not doing anything at all about black murders in Chicago, homelessness, opioids, and other important issues that are actually killing people. And, we will spend the following four years listening to politicians and pundits claim that the whole impeachment was rigged.

    So let’s move on to impeachment.
    Hyram F. Suddfluffel,

    1. M. McCarty says:

      Great news! Also, several on you tube who have some good videos; X22, Deplorable McCallister (aka Linda Paris), Abel Danger (also livestreams), Jennifer Mac, and others.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Good to hear from you again!
        X22 is good, he understands banking among other things. I’ll check out the others since it came from you.

  12. Denny Qrane says:

    Biden’s very weak defense to go after Giuliani will ultimately come back to haunt Kerry.
    2 birds, one stone.
    Well, maybe 4 birds?
    Pelosi jumped the gun impeachment. Unintended consequences?
    Nadler roped in?
    Rudy rock will strike with devastation
    “Got your ears on good buddy?” [10-4]

    1. BigJohn says:

      “Rudy rock,” that’s hilarious. Rudy is a fuck up and he’s not doing Trump a lot of favors running his mouth all the time. He’s in over his head. I’ll be surprised if he still has a law license when this is all over and said and done with.

      1. TJP says:

        “Rudy” unlike any other atty/politician disabled the mafia, cleaned up the cesspool which was NYC, and now, as the president’s attorney/mouthpiece, is causing real damage to the Biden campaign. He is so effective that the left is trying to suppress his speech. He is a public relations nightmare to the left and they don’t know how to combat him — which reminds me of another strong public leader from New York 😉

        In fact, Biden’s campaign is now de facto finished. Of course, it was the Democratic leadership that threw him to the wolves in order to justify their specious impeachment inquiry.

        Trump 2020 in a jog. Josh Hawley 2024 or possibly 2028.

      2. kevinQalm says:

        I heard he was an awesome prosecutor, taking down organized crime in NY so maybe he is the perfect guy for the job. But you are constantly shocking us with your insightful analysis so maybe I am wrong.

        1. BigJohn says:

          The job is protecting Trump and that would be hard for anybody, never ending messes to clean up, always having to run interference. He’d be the worst kind of client to have because he wouldn’t listen, won’t shut up and and he’s unethical as hell putting the lawyer in compromising positions. I wouldn’t want that job. He’s Trump’s personal attorney, not a prosecutor. I’m not saying Trump will be impeached because I think it would take an awful lot for the Republican Senate to convict and remove, if that does happen Giuliani’s law career would likely end with Trump’s political career, and that may happen anyway if he’s not careful.

          1. kevinQalm says:

            OK maybe he is not the best choice as Trumps lawyer to speak for him on TV but Jay Sekulow is awesome at that and it seems Trump has him do more of that than Rudy, until this Whistleblower thing came up and now Rudy is the spearhead because of his involvement with the corruption investigations in China and Ukraine. Biden is basically a mob boss so Rudy is perfect to expose his shit.. Rudy is a loyal friend who is passionate about getting justice and is a patriot. Any true conservative patriot would not disparage him or question his ethics, competency or patriotism because of some gaffes. Your comments are always anti-Trump and just reek of shill BS. I think this whole Qanon thing is just too vague and complex for you to grasp so you thinks its BS. It takes some effort to do the research necessary to see the awakening happening.

          2. BigJohn says:

            Denny, the meds, you need to take them. You get free healthcare along with your disability for your mental illness. Take advantage of it. Otherwise you’re liable to do something really stupid and end up dead or in prison. That would be a shame. You’re life would be so much easier if you could get a handle on your mental illness. That would be good for you and everybody else.

          3. Denny Qrane says:

            Wait, it sounds like you just described Bill Clinton; impeached, can’t practice law, does well after all that by stealing / selling uranium and then accepting yuge speaking fees, and “donations” to Clinton foundation.
            Kinda reminds me of another high profile dem that withheld our tax dollars to Ukraine for personal gain via his coked up son and a phony position on a board of directors. Talk about child abuse. Way to go dad! Instead of getting the kid help, pulled him in the swamp.

            “If your son asks for bread, will you give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, give him a serpent?”

    2. GregQ says:

      Denny Crane might be a racist antisemitic douche bag as well as a pedophile.

      What do you gain being here Denny? To convert people to be more dramatic and racist like you? I pray for Denny Crane.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      This schtick is the biggest cock blocked letdown ever. Emperor Trump has no clothes, no loyal men, no stones to deliver justice.
      I really don’t give a shit at this point. Punch, counter punch, shadow games, secret this, secret this, hysterical media commies, pontificating blowhards on our side… allbeit an ever dwindling supply of them. If Impeachment doesn’t work they’ll just nuke Trump at camp David or seomthing and them impeach him posthumously for failing to secure himself from a nuke. YAWN.


      I made the mistake of turning the netflix machine back on last night and their latest movie is a mixed race time travelor who goes back in time to kill anyone with wrong think to save the elitists from right wingers and their civil war. Great: I’ll add that to the Hunt and countless tweets calling for my extermination. Come and exterminate me you leftist cowards… Try it. Come heavily armed and send bachelors.

      Oh what’s that Trump still hasn’t figured out how to put down traitors… what a FUCKING PUSSY.

      Go tweet some more nonsense and do jack shit that will show us!

      1. Dipshit Denny says:

        Denny Crane is the saddest piece of shit here followed closely by big John. Anyone interested check out post 3173 with Dennys comments. He is a waste of time here and dont take him seriously. He has flip flopped a lot and only when its convenient for him. This is just one example there are many others. At least Big John is consistent on what he says but still a troll. Look at him all giddy in this post. Then loses patience like always. Timing is everything with this, Trump still needs to win 2020.

        1. Guy Fieri says:

          True story. I think of it this way. He sure spend a lot of time being opinionated
          On things he thinks are worthless. A man who doesn’t really understand the
          Value of his own time, isn’t worth mine.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        Careful what you wish for; the WHOLE swamp will be drained in due time…Get out if you still can?
        See how the process worked to knock Biden, Nadler, Pelosi back on their heels.
        Why do I hear schiffs voice when you comment?
        You both create that same awkwardness that makes the audience cringe with embarrassment for you.
        See that totally insane performance her did the other day? What was he thinking?!?!

    1. kevinQalm says:

      Sounds like Q…the “LARP” “calm before the storm” is another one. Can’t wait for him to say “where we go one we go all” . That would cinch things up pretty good. I don’t really need anymore to convince me at this point.

    2. GregQ says:

      Q doesn’t need to come back. We have more than we know and it’s all playing out. Big John and Denny Crane are helpless and baseless just like the swamp. Big John might be a woman as they use 7 words to every 1 word a man uses. Denny Crane probably lives overseas. Regardless, I skip reading Big John and Denny Crane because I understand that haters got to hate.

      1. rick says:

        What I’m wondering about is the timing on releases for our side…Durham investigation, etc. In my opinion the best timing would be closer to the 2020 elections unless information HAS to be released before then for defensive purposes.

        1. kevinQalm says:

          yeah good point. Need to consider what is really needed for the election and what is realistic for the public to consume and be persuaded by within the time period. If just damaging information is released could that be distributed, summarized and presented to the public effectively or would MSM just distort and spin it ? Seems indictments along with the damaging info needs to happen so MSM cannot ignore it. Graphic video of pedo or satanic stuff etc. would really make an impact, causing the public to be more attentive to the other information regarding leaking, spying, corruption and treason. So, there probably needs this perfect storm of info release to shock the public for maximum attention and scrutiny.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        It would not surprise me if they’re setup in Syria or Jordan.
        The personas are a script. Ask big John some questions a constitutional lawyer should easily speak to.
        Their talking points are spot on aligned with standard swamp creatures.
        Denny has always used multiple aliases.
        Wouldn’t it be funny to find out he’s affiliated with lying msm, or other extreme left entities?

        1. BigJohn says:

          I’ve never been to Syria or Jordan or anywhere else in the Middle East. I went to Morocco once when I was a little kid but I was too young to remember any of it. I did live in Europe for several years when I was a kid and later when I was in the military, but I haven’t been there since 1987. No, I live in the South in a relatively small town very red state. I am not a “Constitutional lawyer,” but I am a lawyer and do make constitutional arguments in court quite a bit. About 99% of my caseload is criminal court work and I do it in two states, always off to some small courthouse. I’ve been doing this for decades and have handled many thousands of criminal cases. I’m not affiliated with an media or any sort of political entities. I work a lot and when I’m not working I am at home doing family stuff, yard work, cleaning my pool, all that sort of stuff.

          This Q nonsense I would have never even heard about if not for a former employee who was way into it. She wanted me to be “woke” like her and wouldn’t stop talking about it, trying to get me to watch videos, etc. She was driving me crazy and I damned sure couldn’t have people working for me who are all giddy about the prospect of the president declaring martial law and the sending the military out to round up tens of thousands of US citizens to be shipped off to GITMO to face military tribunals. That’s third world totalitarian state bullshit that would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent and it would go against everything I believe in. I tried to talk her out of her insanity but of course that was an excise in futility. That’s what got me here though, just Googling this nonsense so I could learn enough to talk to her about it. Nobody else I know believes this shit. Most haven even heard about it. She was the only crackpot conspiracy theory nut I know, and the last one that will ever work for me. This stuff is harmful to people and harmful to this country. I’d like to see people be “woke” to, “woke” to the fact that this is all a bunch of made up unAmerican horseshit.

          1. BigJohn says:

            My disloyal mom fucked a Jewish guy? You’re pulling stuff out of your ass. Like where did the thing abut me living in Florida come from? I never said that. I live a whole lot closer to you in Texas than Florida. I go to TX some too. My oldest daughter lives outside of Dallas and works in Dallas proper and my siblings live outside of Houston. I lived in TX in the late 60s through 1972 and seriously considered moving to the Dallas area when my father died as that was the last of my immediate family here our local economy here just keeps getting worse and people can’t afford lawyers, but I have stepkids and tons of step grandkids here and I couldn’t take my wife away from all that because she so loves being grandma.

            Anyway, your insults are just out of left field, all this Jewish stuff and baseless silliness about poor dead mother cheating on my also deceased father, me living in South Florida in some Jewish haven doing evil jew stuff, whatever the fuck it is you are rambling. You’re making no sense. It would be stupid for me to take the ramblings of a lunatic personally.

            Denny, you need help, buddy. It’s no wonder that you suffer from depression because you make your life so hard being such an angry hateful dick, but your delusions make it hard for you to be anything but that. I feel sorry for you. You have a very hard life ahead of you if you don’t get your mental health in order. You’re a very bright guy though and could have a good life but you need professional help. The world isn’t nearly as bad as you make it.

          2. BigJohn says:

            What the hell are you talking about Denny Crane? I don’t live in South Florida. I’m several states away from Florida. I went to Destin a couple of years ago. Never go there in August. It’s hot as Hell. I’m definitely not in any Jewish hotbed. I’m in Baptist hotbed, redneck South, hardly any Jewish people around here at all. I’ve only met a couple of Jewish people. Everything you said there was just nonsense. You’re a lunatic and your racism is over the top. It’s a damned shame too, Denny, because you appear to be a very bright guy.

        2. Stinson says:

          Your thinking to much into it, he is far more likely a middle class English student or failed student who has far to much time on his hands and lives with his parents in a fairly wealthy suburban naibourhood. His private schooling has lead him to the scripts your talking about, I really wouldn’t worry too much about him.

          1. BigJohn says:

            My parents are dead. I sure don’t live with them. I’ve been out of school for thirty years and I was in the military before I finished all my schooling. I’m pretty old. My youngest child is in college still though. My wife and I have eight grandkids. This is my second wife and these are all step grandkids to me, but I’ve known all but the two oldest since they were babies and their biological grandfather on this side of the family is dead so I’m it. Hopefully it’s a few years before my daughters have babies of their own. I did go to a private school for a while when I was a kid, but was done there in 1980. I did my undergraduate schooling at a small private university too, but again that was a long time ago so I sure didn’t get any political talking points there. I didn’t care a thing about politics when I was young. I never lived in a suburb, just a small town. My family was upper middle class though I suppose as my father was a doctor and made more money than most people in town at least. He was very Republican, as is most everyone else around here. He thought Donald Trump was a dumbass and a conman though. He’s been gone less than a year, outlived my mother by 13 years. I’m on my way over to his house this morning to finish getting things ready for the people doing the estate sale. I’ll be glad when we get all that done and get that old house sold. It’s been neglected since my mother got sick a long time ago and whoever buys it will need to put a hundred or or $150k in it fixing it up. Damned thing is never going to sell. The real estate market is terrible in my town. I keep hearing the economy is doing great but that’s sure not evident here.

    1. kevinQalm says:

      Why is that strange? Pelosi started impeachment without even seeing the call transcript. Many Dims and MSM have already called Trump a traitor for falsely claiming quid pro cuo when there is hard evidence Biden and Dims have already done this. Schiff said he had evidence of Russian collusion for 2 years. Par for the course. Ho hum
      They attack anyone who is a threat to them and/or their narrative. They know what is coming and are panicking, Plain and simple

      1. BigJohn says:

        All that is coming is another election, not this Qanon fantasy bullshit. Nobody is afraid of that. Nobody is panicking over that. It’s silly nonsense believed by some crackpot conspiracy theorists and no one else. The whole thing is just ridiculous, GITMO, military tribunals, all that nonsense.

        Dems want to impeach Trump because he is the shadiest president in US history and because they are screw ups who can’t win a damned election. That party is a complete mess. They can’t agree on anything amongst themselves, but they have a lot of Dem politicians and Dem voters who want Trump impeached. It’s not going to happen though. The Senate would never vote to convict and remove unless public opinion of him just crashes through the floor and the majority even of Republicans want him impeached, which isn’t going to happen. The majority of Americans aren’t for impeachment. They’d rather he get beaten in an election, those that want him gone at least. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I could almost see Trump being behind the whistle blower complaint to push dems to try to impeach because it would take them away from their campaigns and steal their fire and then would end badly for them and put them in a worse position than they were before right before the election. I doubt they go through with impeachment. Pelosi has been fighting those who want to impeach for a while now because it is a stupid idea that would do them more harm than good. Declaring an inquiry doesn’t necessarily mean they go all the way through with it. No matter what it wouldn’t result in Trump being removed from office unless two thirds of the Senate vote to convict and remove him, which will not happen with a Republican dominated Senate as long as the vast majority of Republicans are strongly opposed to impeachment. Impeachment would just piss everybody off at dems and make them look like losers who can’t win an election, which would be true.

  13. KevinQalm says:

    The storm is upon us. Dims have used their last ammo with the lame whistleblower and impeachment push. The Maestro has exposed Biden, Dims, CIA spying and CroudStrike in one fell swoop, exposing their lies, hypocrisy and sedition for all to see. Assange, HRC server, Delass and FISA will expose their corruption and treason. Epstein and Buck will expose their satanic perversion and crimes against humanity. This perfect storm will affect highest levels in government and judiciary. I wonder why more units are being deployed to Gitmo? Fall Black & Red October = smoke before the fire (september smoke & october fire)? IT WILL BE BIBLICAL.

  14. Denny Qrane says:

    Cast of swamp characters growing.
    Add senator Chris Murphy to your watch list.
    Suspect were going to hear a whole lot about this person in near future

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      If Fisa goes both ways, does impeachment go both ways?
      If Dems who can’t resist projecting all of their sins on Potus make an air tight argument for how said sins aught to be punished, what will happen with a 2020 2nd term trump, republican house to recommend impeachment, and republican senate to carry out the judgement Dems unknowingly recommended for themselves in 2019?

      See how the maestro plays the media on the lawn?
      Eager to engage!
      If impeachment even makes it to the senate, it will be an epic fail for Dems; Potus won’t use executive privalage, he’ll totally sink them under oath! I’m guessing information discovered in testimony carries more weight than tweets.

  15. kevinQalm says:

    Interesting events lately. Dims and MSM are going all in with the Ukraine/Trump “whistleblower” claims while ignoring the facts surrounding Bidens corruption activities.
    Ukraines president released a statement saying there was no pressure from Trump when he was asked to investigate Bidens corrupt dealings in Ukraine yet Dims are still making radical claims that his conversation is an impeachable offense and there was even a call for Trumps execution by GOP 2020 candidate Weld. The whistleblower claim has not been made public yet and there is video footage showing Biden admitting his corruption??!! How can all of this happening? This is really unbelievable.

    They are even ignoring the recent explosive release of a McCabe memo confirming the serious nature of Rosensteins offer to wear a wire to spy on POTUS

    This must be what Q described as panic in DC. Damn.

  16. M. McCarty says:

    Watched the “Howdy, Modi!” rally in Houston on Sunday – Trump made great speech. What an audience size – 50,000 – WOW!!!

  17. kevinQalm says:

    Bold predictions within next 2 years:

    UK goes through with Brexit, other countries follow suit
    Flynn and GP exonerated.
    Biden ends campaign after Ukraine scandal exposed.
    McCabe, Brennan, Clapper & Comey indicted.
    Buck rats on DS and other power players, indictments.
    Omar indicted, resigns.
    Epstein videos and documents revealed exposing DS and other power players, indictments.
    Peace deals with Iran and NK.
    China trade deal, pushes US economy to new highs.
    Assange extradited to US and provides more damaging leaks related to server and SR. MSM and big tech become regulated.
    Massive voter fraud confirmed and Voter ID implemented.
    Macron, Merkel and Trudeau resign or are ousted, EU collapses
    CNN and NY Times collapse.
    Trump re-elected in landslide and House turns red, JFK Jr. comes out of hiding and becomes VP.
    Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, Waters and Pelosi are ousted or resign.
    Several MSM lead anchors resign.
    Hannity quits FOX and leads new conservative media outlet.
    HRC and Bill indicted.
    DS retaliates with EMP and/or limited nuke strike
    US moves to gold-back monetary system.
    Secret history of government contact with aliens and their presence on earth is revealed after ancient alien ruins are discovered in Antarctica and/or Grand Canyon, new anti-gravity and zero point energy technologies are also revealed.

  18. Denny Qrane says:

    Schiff back in the spotlight.
    By his own choice, or forced by another?
    Seems muted in his demeanor.
    Pay close attention Denny Crane…

  19. Denny Qrane says:

    SB2 release: (or wait a couple days for “and we know” to add video production value)

    Potus on site talking about all the wall that’s going up:

    Growing list of arrests for human traffickers, and pedos:

    First of many in Hollywood to see justice, stiffer sentences and charges to come:

    Ilhan Omar married her brother?
    Or should we call her Ilhan Said? Happy Father’s Day Aabo Nur Said!
    Denny Crane, tell your peeps that there is no deletion of data.

    Keeping Israel elections and deal of the century on radar…

    Being vigilant of the enemies tactics and attempts to infiltrate.
    No sympathy for these devils who are looking to prey on the uninformed.
    How organized are they?

  20. kevinQalm says:

    Lewandowski “impeachment” hearing yesterday was a flop, Horowitz testifies in senate today. Tomorrow is 09/19/2019…..seems like a nice date for something significant to happen. See excerpts from several Q post where [19] is mentioned.

    Post541 (FISA Memo Secret Dem Meeting)
    What [19] people are currently meeting in a ‘safe’ room [heavily guarded]?

    Post 617 (19 Good Reporters in MSM (e.g., John Solomon))
    How do we truly protect those important to us?
    [19] immediates [no longer with us].
    Self-suicide if actioned.
    Real life.

    Post 618 (19 Good Reporters at Risk):
    Is [19] a marker for FBI?
    FBI immediates no longer with us, i.e.fired
    Self suicide if actioned because we hear all and know they plan to take cyanide tablets if arrested. [19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.
    Think nuclear stand-off.

    Post 952 (Snowden “Sub Contractor” Freed & CIA broken into 1000 Pieces )
    The LINK.
    [John Perry Barlow]

    Post 1938 (Bruce Ohr Leaked Info to Press; FBI/DOJ then used Press Stories for FISA Justfication)
    [19] phone calls today – DC/UK/AUS panic?
    What will the FAKE NEWS push tomorrow?

    Post 1538 (Peter Strzok Must Testify Before Release/Termination)
    C_A down [19] this year alone.
    When will records be unsealed?

    1. GregQ says:

      Snowden wants to come home and stand trial with a jury filled of his peers (code for playing ball in federal court to be a witness to those who will have military tribunals for sedition).

      1. BigJohn says:

        Nonsense, nobody will face a military tribunal. Those are war courts. Snowden has the right to a trial by jury in the state in which his criminal conduct is alleged to have occurred. It says so at the bottom of Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution. The military lacks jurisdiction. The Judicial Branch has courts up and running that are set up to handle cases like his. He’d be going in front of a jury in a federal district court.

        From what I understand he’s only facing something like ten years max, and maybe it is worth it to him to come back and face the music. He doesn’t want to live in Russia the rest of his life. He probably wouldn’t get the maximum sentence and my guess is that he’s hoping for jury nullification, that a jury sees him more as whistleblower and refuses to convict. The verdict must be unanimous so even if just me of the jurors sees it that way he could avoid a conviction. I’m not sure how he could really “play ball,” what he could give them. In federal court cooperation helps in sentencing, but it’s not like he’s a mobster who can help them get bigger fish and it hurts him that he has been on the lamb so long. It might best for him to just roll the dice and hope for jury nullification. It’s not like the government couldn’t easily prove that he did what he’s accused of doing, so he won’t argue he didn’t do it. Nobody is going before a military tribunal though, nobody is getting sent to GITMO. That’s all just fantasy nonsense that would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent.

          1. kevinQalm says:

            Hey Denny, ever hear of the cold war we had a few years back? How about the war on drugs? How about the war you are having between your analytical IQ and your emotional IQ? How about the attacks on oil tankers & refineries. And for the grand finale…wait for it……the war on terror. Yes, we have declared war on terrorism so if a US citizen conspires with a terrorist group to harm the US(i.e. there is a list of groups that have been deemed as “terrorists”) that person can be tried for treason in a military court and would be held in GITMO, or executed. BQQM.

          1. kevinQalm says:

            Agreed. you are spewing your constitutional gibberish as usual. You are a dinosaur amongst thoroughbreds. When the normal institutions break down under the crimes of corruption and treason who the fuck will ensure we can come to together as a constitutional democracy and carry out justice? Military tribunals, dumb fuck! Pull your head out of your ass and grow a pair you fucktard.

  21. Denny Qrane says:

    Potus tweets feel like he’s taking aim at fake news.
    Escalated effort under way for multiple prong take down of DS?
    CNN has to be on chopping block soon; on the ropes, hemorrhaging money and viewership, soon time for kill shot.
    Washington post wisely flipped?
    We have a need for real news outlets, time to rethink alliances is at hand.

  22. Denny Qrane says:

    Heads up anons, Potus delete and retweet today…
    +\- 1200 rule
    53 delta

    Today is day 45 of radio silence, will probably be a value needed for future understanding

  23. kevinQalm says:

    Ladies annnnd gentlemen this is tonight’s main event, 5 rounds in the heavyweight division featuring in the red corner Denny “The Monster” Crane, with a record of 15-2 and in the blue corner Denny ” Delusional Little Lying Snake Shitbag,” Qrane with a record of 16-3.

    This should be a real doozy folks, “The Monster” has just come off a 5 bout wins streak and ” Lying Snake Shitbag,” has just come off a 4 bout win streak. A chance to fight for the title is at stake where the champ, Kevin ” Qanon” Qalm, 35-0, awaits the victor.

    The referee is giving the instruction in the middle of the ring. We are hearing some taunting from The Monster as he leans in close to Lying Snake Shitbag. “Bring it the fuck on you lying shitbag”. Shitbag pushes Monster back and responds ” Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing !”. Well folks here we go.

    DING DING: (round 1) The Monster rushes in fast and catches Shitbag off guard with a flurry “I’m not a pedophle you little Bitch! How fucking stupid are you, you giant bag of festering monkey balls” The crowd erupts as Lying Snake staggers back. Monster tries a takedown but The Snake catches him in the face with a knee stopping him in his tracks: “Go ahead bring back all your tough guy gun threats” Monster recovers quickly and sweeps Shitbag off his feet with a kick. ” You are the bad guy. Not me. Now fuck right on off! ”

    Monster pounces on Snake and lays on a flurry of hard elbows, opening a gaping cut on Shitbags forehead. “You aren’t team Q you delusional whackjob”. “I never directly threatened anyone nor did I ever advocate for pedophilia.” “this motherfucking snake DennyQrane bloody well fucking knows this”

    Shitbag tries to defend but we cant do much off his back “do that trash talk thing some more, keep blabbering like nobody is watching, and there are no consequences”

    OMG, Lying Snake somehow pulls a reversal and has Monster in a choke hold ” you told me to “eat a fucking bullet” on more than one occasion!”. Qanons go crazy in the stands!! Monster is able to peel Shibags arm off his neck “you have to he the biggest thick-headed room temperature IQ imbecile I’ve ever encountered outside of the special Olympics” . The Monster wiggles out of Shibags grip by grabbing the cage. Qanons are booing loudly at his infraction but a large group of Texas skinhead bikers have rushed them, OMG there is a huge brawl in the stands!

    ….to be continued

  24. Denny Qrane says:

    Is Q movement high profile?
    If yes, then who is present/watching/working?
    After researching techniques and methods for building misinformation campaigns, can any similar strategies be observed here?
    The best anons recognize patterns without trying, you know the answers before you can even articulate them.
    Without question, the enemy walks among us.


  25. kevinQalm says:

    As bad as comments are (or seem to be) we ALWAYS need to error on the side of free speech. I don’t need forum police dooshbags turning me in to the gestapo cause I hurt their feelings or said something outside their moral boundaries. I reject the distorted premise that because I am bold enough to discuss racism or pedophilia that I am a racist or pedophile (or support those that are). I don’t want the gestapo to bust down my door to confiscate my self defense weapons because I lashed out to someone on a forum.

    I don’t want some left wing psychologist determining I am unfit to own a weapon as part of a political movement to confiscate guns. I don’t want to be prosecuted for having an open container of alcohol in my car while my blood level is 0. I don’t want to lose my drivers license because I am not wearing a fucking helmet. Its my fucking head. Protect your own fucking head. I want to be free to hate, free to be a racist, free to be a pervert, free to be a criminal, although I chose not to be.

    Who are we going to trust to determine when our opinions are enough of a threat to warrant prosecution? The mass shooting false flag events are designed to shock the public and lawmakers to limit our right to defend ourselves and lower the threshold of “threatening” free speech all for political control. Maybe some people will act out their “potential threats/crimes” . Ok, that’s an unfortunate part of a free society. I take my own responsibility to defend against this by carrying a weapon when I feel threatened. If a study showed that 90% of crime happened after 10pm does that justify a curfew for the everyone at that time? Maybe that means the police should be focusing their resources after 10pm and the public should be on higher alert to defend themselves and their property after 10pm.

  26. Dipshit Denny says:

    Weird how we have information that more than likely that McCabe is going to be indicted after appeal was denied and nobody comments. This is big news. First of many. I actually hope this guy takes a plea deal to testify against others and then we some dominoes fall. I also think after seeing 8chans tweet the other day “Lets roll” is a sign that 8chN is almost soon up and running again. Q will have a lot to say im sure.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Not all comments go through.
      Stop it admin!
      Fix the real problem; forward Denny Crane et al. to authorities and get him the help he needs before its too late.

      Potus doesnt rerweet just to fill airtime:

      I mean who else is responsible if I see something and say something about Denny’s identical behavior to this MONSTER? I’m all for free speech, and even protecting the rights of others to be stupid, but are repeated death threats towards myself and others, extreme racist remarks, telling people to “eat a fucking bullet”, advocate for sex with minors, threats to accost people with plunger handles, “protected free speech”? Until recent mass shootings Denny was a proponent of mass shootings. Everything this MONSTER did, aligns perfectly with the poster using the alias Denny Crane!

      8 Chan is off line working on some of these very issues.

      We all have a duty to be a good steward of this space and make sure it’s clean when 8 chan/ Q come back.

    2. KevinQalm says:

      The news seems uneventful to me since i already expect these things to happen based on reading Q posts anf watching FOX news. Ho hum, just part of the plan.

  27. Denny Qrane says:

    Family owned OANN suing Rachel madcow and Comcast for libel.
    Another false allegation of Russia Russia Russia, what’s next? Racism?
    CNN losing money hand over fist crashing it’s business into the ground.
    Who is still watching fake news?
    Go patriots!

  28. Dipshit Denny says:

    Instead of listening to Dennys creep pedo rants, I have some people you should be listening to on youtube who are figuring out some great stuff and connecting dots as I have posted earlier. Visit and follow inthematrixxx, blessed2teach, and serialbrain2…. These guys are still digging and have great info.

  29. Denny Qrane says:

    Does Denny Crane really think that he is announimous?
    Does he really believe that his every post isn’t stored even after (especially after) being removed from public view?
    Denny, buddy, wake up! Its even worse for you if this isn’t driven by freedom loving patriots.
    The only question I have, is will the board have the satisfaction of seeing unmasked in conjunction with your perp walk?
    Think about it, for a guy who claims to be even more smarterer than us, you’re not too bright

  30. Clifton Russell says:

    Recall Feb.18/18 Lee Co. Fla. X ‘Enjoy the Show’ No body escapes, Nobody : Isa.2:19 REV.16:15 Hosea 10:8 ~11:10 Isa.59:19 Acts 1:11 Mat.23:39 REV.22:18 Promise as Law of support REV.10 *7* John 5:22 = 7 souls, same spirit. Father God, Jesus once his name. Col.1:15 Rev.4:11 Light is conscious, She is our Husband: Rev.22:19 One Unforgivable One: All Eyes Rev.1:7 ”View Point Satellite” http://www.qanonposts.io in a CLOUD near you: Q eye of all I’s @ Isa.45:2 Only YOU, can prevent your ~*Spirits*~ FIRE~ I Need no God: I Am, That I Am, God, from Within and plan on Keeping his ass there: Life Was a Test where dying the only thing worth living for if found Trustworthy of God’s Complete and Unconditional Love for Creating, without creating an abortion as @ the Door. As Lucy Created,[Eph.2:2] Lucifer the ole, Devil Sucking Dragon whos tail rev.12:4 is @ CERN : Do pray you ‘Are Left Behind’ for college if you don’t get lucky and die first. 3:10 Eph.

    This video may show violent or graphic content.


    Additional Visual Settings
    Enter Watch And Scroll
    Click to enlarge


    Uncover Video


    PlayGround +
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    November 15, 2017 ·
    Killer robots, an increasingly real fiction.
    Credit: http://tinyurl.com/slaughterbots

  31. Denny Qrane says:

    Potus “fight” with fake news still going on over Alabama.
    What are we not seeing yet?
    These things ALWAYS backfire for the opposition.
    Will it be a duh moment when we finally understand what it really means?

    Dead end trails…missle at Air Force one, 4 chan
    Will be glad for some spoon fed answers next week from Q

    1. BigJohn says:

      What are you not seeing yet? That is a very good question. I’m sure you will try your hardest to come up with an answer that makes it seem like he’s playing 3D chess. You would do the same if he was walking around it’s toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

  32. Denny Qrane says:

    Potus always gets lying msm to highlight the move before its publicly understood.
    Next piece of ala carte declass pie going to be unsealed indictments related to Alabama voter fraud?

  33. Denny Qrane says:

    What’s the message regarding Alabama?
    Potus mapped it for us
    Fake news R goes off the deep end, making a fool out of herself
    Potus poking fake media over the response and false accusations about Alabama
    Shill plants resurfaced

    Big blinking arrow, what are we supposed to see?
    Is it knowable presently, or something that will only make sense in future contex?

  34. kevinQalm says:

    DOJ spent 2.5 years investigating HRC, FBI, CIA and Epstein in order to develop rock solid case regarding spying, treason and pedophile rings while Dems and MSM spent this time pushing Mueller witch hunt and fake news. Indictments are imminent and the deep state is panicking.

    The Mueller report has shown the Russian collusion charges to be a hoax. Fact.
    HRC paid for unverified Steele report that used Russian lies in order
    obtain illegal FISA warrant (i.e. FISA court fraud). Fact
    Flynn and Poppodoplois were set up and pressured to lie about Trump. Fact
    Trump was spied on by his own government with help from foreign agents. Fact. Comey (the head of the FBI !) broke FBI rules and leaked classified material in order to create Russia hoax and launch witch hunt. Fact
    OIG is complete and FISA declass is coming soon (within weeks) . More facts.
    Epstein abused many underage girls and ran a huge pedo ring for the rich and famous. Clinton was frequent guest to his island. Fact.
    Dems submitted court documents for impeachment before Mueller report even began. Fact

    You bums should just sit back and shut the hell up. The shit is finally hitting the fan. and you know it.

    1. BigJohn says:

      You guys keep saying that and then it keeps not happening. Rinse and repeat over and over again, like Chicken Little. Eventually nobody is going to believe you anymore. Hopefully there is a backlash and the country moves away from all this harmful conspiracy theory nonsense for a while at least. We always have that shit, but it’s not so prevalent, so over the top and widespread creating mass hysteria. Qanon is toxic bullshit.

      1. KevinQalm says:

        The OIG happened. Its done and has already shown Comey to be a disgraced, seditious political hack. Much more to come on that. Now that Mueller report is over and key traitors in DOJ, FBI and CIA have been drained these investigations can be completed and legal proceeding can begin. Ignoring facts and refusing to acknowledge probability of Q validity is toxic. Its clear who the good guys and bad guys are by now. Pick a side. Otherwise you are just a pathetic critic who has nothing to offer. Our country has been raped of our culture, wealth and constitutional rights by globalists. Trump and Q team are most likely our last hope. Otherwise our guns will be confiscated and we will be driven to a 3rd world country , slaves to an unelected body of international satanists. Wake up.

        1. BigJohn says:

          I see it differently. Q people want to turn this into a third world country. You guys wants thousands of citizens to be hauled off to GITMO to face military tribunals, for the president to declare martial law. That is third world totalitarian state bullshit that would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent. It’s the kind of crap that is always an unmitigated disaster for the people in countries where this sort of nonsense happens. I think your heads have been pumped full of bullshit. Y’all just gobble it up. You’re following some anonymous scammers like sheep and see Q as practically a messiah. You trust without questioning and nobody even knows who Q is or what this plan is that you are supposed to trust without question. It’s scary, really.

          Whoever is behind Q has an army of people who will do whatever they are told to do, believe whatever they are told to believe and still think they are thinking for themselves. This is a dangerous cult.

          Trump isn’t behind it. He’s not that stupid. The majority of Americans would be furious with him if he was behind this shady propaganda scheme. This isn’t how a legitimate leader is supposed to act. His political career would be over if it came ut that he was behind this. Trump knows that. He knows about Q though and will take whatever help he can get no matter where it comes from, but he will never claim Q. He will avoid disavowing it too because he wants votes from Q people, wants them to be his digital warriors, has no problem with spreading false conspiracy theories that help him politically, and no doubt with his ego loves the fact that at least some people think he’s a genius and a great leader up there playing 3d chess.

          In the end you will have have to concede that you have been conned. Nothing would convince you that is the case now though. You’re too invested in this and no amount of evidence could persuade you. You have been well conditioned to rationalize away all doubt and to keep giving the benefit of the doubt to Q. Your faith is unshakable. Hopefully not many others will fall for this un-American nonsense.

          1. BigJohn says:

            Well, try that shit with the military arresting citizens and lawyers like me will be filing writs of habeas corpus arguing the military lacks jurisdiction so fast it will make your heads spin. We’d win too and would force the Executive Branch to follow the law. Nobody is going to GITMO. That’s just ridiculous un-American horseshit.

            You people aren’t patriots. Patriots support and defend the United States Constitution a our constitutional system. In order to try to save us from a bunch of made up bullshit, you yahoos would destroy everything our forefathers built and fought and died for and think you were patriots doing God’s work as you did it. You’re in a dangerous cult and your brains have been pumped so full of bullshit that you can’t think straight. Thankfully only a very small portion of our population are so afflicted.

          2. kevinQalm says:

            If the courts conclude that thousands of people are traitors and/or pedophiles then they should be put in prison. It doesn’t matter to us whether military tribunals are used or if they are sent to Gitmo. What’s important is we get justice even if it means a major disruption to our country. There will be many well-connected people (i.e. congress and MSM etc) who will resist this justice thru political maneuvering, lies, violence and propaganda regardless of the facts, evidence and court rulings. Therefore if chaos breaks out and tribunals/Gitmo are required then so be it. Remember its the actions of traitors that is the root of the un-American totalitarian BS you mention not the actions of the patriots who seek their justice.

            BTW. The so called Q conspiracy has already proven to be much more accurate and believable than the MSM/Dim Russia conspiracy. Congress is now re-investigating the stormy Daniels hush money allegation. Are you kidding me? Use your brain and pick the right side. Everything Q has said is about draining the swamp of traitors and pedophiles and returning our country to good old fashioned American values He puts out info and theory and asks the anons to go out research, think for ourselves etc. You are way off the mark.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Something big must be brewing.
      The snakes and planted shills are squirming.
      Watkins meeting with _______ behind closed doors today.
      Our very own planted shills that post here and 8chan with all their documented nastiness; Denny Crane pro pedo, antisemitic, anarchy, etc. have reason to worry. Let’s see if they make even more mistakes with the heat turned up.

      1. BigJohn says:

        You’re always making threats. You’re such a creep. You like this Q crap because it makes you feel powerful, don’t you? You’re on the team that’s going to vanquish everybody. Really you’re just a powerless loser who has fallen for a scam. How embarrassing for you.

  35. Kermit says:

    Q Where are you? Over a month?
    Nobody seemed to notice but 911 will finally ends up in a courtroom in 2021! It will be interesting to watch and see what is exposed.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Q expanding reach to off world.
      Just stamped “Q” on the proverbial forehead of Iran
      Potus pointed us there with tweet.
      Expecting many more developments from space…

  36. francis bacon says:

    Hannity just said he’s got a new guy on his staff, “even the new guy, what’s his name. I hear his name is an alphabet letter”


    1. Just1ce says:

      Brian has been asking QAnon for help, Laurie was asking the DOD alliance for help.

      Brian D. Hill Asks QANON For Help July 9, 2019 – https://www.bitchute.com/video/2DOEKQu0PzQ1/

      Approximately 36 Department of Defense staff read email about [USWGO] Brian D. Hill’s plight https://justiceforuswgo.wordpress.com/2019/08/23/approximately-36-department-of-defense-staff-read-email-about-uswgo-brian-d-hills-plight/
      Highly treasonous federal judges, assistant us attorneys, and fbi higher ups.

      Emails are being directed to the patriots alliance inside of the Department of Defense [DOD] government agency. I am asking them to get a message to President Donald John Trump or even Attorney General William Barr. Whether any of them are actually Qanon or not, David Wilcock of divinecosmos.com had mentioned about a group of patriots inside the DOD who are sick and tired of the criminal globalist group known as the “cabal” who are also known as the “Swamp”, “deep state”, and arbitrators of the New-World-Order conspiracy.

  37. Denny Qrane says:

    Flotus looking fabulous in yellow CK dress!
    What a fashionista!
    Is that a hibiscus flower?
    3 more months of hurricane season…

  38. Denny Qrane says:

    Best thing we can do is learn comms and archive.
    Q and / or others are ALWAYS communicating.
    Potus doesn’t say things for the sake of saying something.
    Remember the outrage over the squad? He put the nail in the democrats coffin with a single tweet.
    The more seemingly bizarre the post, the greater its significance. (Greenland)
    Speaking of green things, SS handle for HRC was “evergreen” showing up in Twitter feeds lately…

    1. Cal says:

      Do you think this is worth a look? Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics, Inc. (Evergreen Eagle) provides ground handling services at over 30 major airports across the United States including ramp and cargo handling services.

    2. Cal says:

      Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics, Inc. (Evergreen Eagle) provides ground handling services at over 30 major airports across the United States including ramp and cargo handling services.

  39. AAshbyy says:

    I’m so bummed. So much silence ..even from great independent decoders on social media. I’m convinced Q is really gone forever. Left’s mission accomplished. Many of you warned us of this and I appreciate the heads up. Where are we to go from here? Many try to decode the presidents own words…but Q was the true confirmation in itself. Just saw that Wray is stonewalling …no indictments that I know of yet..and we just need to accept this two tiered justice system that we, ourselves, enable. So what are our options?? Should we start protesting? Or are we silenced?? Are we the sheep’s?

    1. Cal says:

      Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics, Inc. (Evergreen Eagle) provides ground handling services at over 30 major airports across the United States including ramp and cargo handling services.

    2. kevinQalm says:

      OIG report was recently reported as complete and sent to Barr for declass. Huber and Durham are still involved with investigations. Epstein investigation ongoing and some document releases have already started. John Solomon and Judicial Watch keep reporting new evidence almost daily as documents are trickled out.

      You didn’t expect any mass arrests until all the investigations were complete did you? Seems like nothing is happening because there have been no leaks from white hats (unless orchestrated strategically thru Q) due to critical nature of operation and swamp rats lurking everywhere.

  40. Denny Qrane says:

    “At what point does it become mathematically impossible?”
    “Learn our comms”
    “You have more than you know”
    Isn’t it about time we start participating in the global conversation going on all around us?
    Time to wake up, or keep sleeping?
    Another SB2 decode presented by And We Know:

    1. Doreen says:

      Is Q ever going to help Canada?? The swamp are all down here. The evil is everywhere and the government as crooked and evil as your last president. Q ,HELP

    2. QT anon x says:

      Today Trump confirmed Q. In his comments about trade with Russia….
      “I am the chosen one”. Just like Q told us the military chose Trump to run !
      God bless the USA !

      1. BigJohn says:

        No, that was when he was talking about the trade war with China. He said it’s not his trade war, it should have been presidents before him, “I am the chosen one.” If this is a nod to any conspiracy theorists, it is to the Falun Gong who do believe Trump is a chosen one sent by a deity to end communism in China. This is a Chinese cult that is banned in China. They have been oppressed there and wish to bring the communist government down in China. They own Epoch Media which owns the Epoch Times which has been spending more on pro-Trump anti-dem advertising than anyone other than the Trump campaign. I’m sure you have seen their many ads on Facebook and Youtube and so on. Trump does give little nods to conspiracy theorist groups that help him whether he believes in what they push or not. He will take help from wherever he can get it. You would never see him talk about Falun Gong and openly support them and everything they preach, just like you would never see him do that with Qanon. It does appear that he throws out little bones to string Q people along though while staying at arms length so that if Qanon ever starts really hurting him politically he can say he never had anything to do with Qanon, knew very little about it except little things he’d heard but he’s heard a lot of things about a lot of groups and doesn’t have time to look into it all, that he was not in any way involved with the people behind Qanon, etc. Maybe because he knew Falun Gong people are keenly interested in his dealings with China and they are spending millions of dollars to help him because they think he is the chosen one sent to destroy communism in China he was throwing them a little bone with the “chosen one” comment so that would help confirm their weird beliefs. They believe stuff like that aliens from other dimensions are here inside people’s minds and bodies and have brought corrupt inventions such as airplanes and computers, and of course they believe that divine beings have sent Trump to help destroy communism in China. Again though, Trump takes help from wherever he can get it. I think most politicians would do that. He’s getting millions in free advertising and has the whole Epoch Media group spending millions on him and putting out all kinds of stories helping him. We’ve all seen stuff from the Epoch Times. This is the Falun Gong. Why wouldn’t he pretend to be their chosen one or at least give a cryptic nod to it to keep the money and good press rolling in. He does stuff like that with Qanon even. Falun Gong people are probably on their forums talking about how Trump just confirmed their prophecies with this.

        1. QT ANON X says:

          Interesting thought. Keep it simple to me = Trump chosen by the military !
          I know it was said during the trade talks but , it was clearly an out of place comment, meant for someone.
          I chose ….. Q ANON !
          Saw a personal license plate today……… QAN 45

        2. Aaa says:

          Sorry man. But at this point, after all we’ve seen, the belief in Qanon (and quite possibly the Falun Gong beliefs you mentioned, this is the first I’ve read of it) are the scenarios that require the least amount of mental gymnastics to get behind. If you don’t believe in these theories you likely fall into one of two camps:
          1)The democratic/resistance side that believes that trump is somehow both a buffoon and a maniacal genius at the same time, who lucked his way into his massive wealth and the presidency but is too inept to hold office or
          2)The side that supports president trump/GOP from a policy perspective but generally believes that politics in the USA are business as usual and dismisses anything about the existence of a deep state or anything else under the surface

          There are also, of course, people who wish to remain oblivious and indifferent toward politics in general. I’m guessing you don’t fall into this category though because you visit a Qanon message board daily, which isn’t indicative of someone who doesn’t care.

          The logical problem with the latter two categories is they ignore the massive amount of time and effort put forth by the mainstream media to antagonize and “bring down” Trump and his message at all costs.

          I’ve been alive through about 8 presidencies and this is by far the worst public demonization and contention I’ve ever seen against any person let alone the potus. Think about the controversies in Bush2 and Obama’s presidencies alone. Invading Iraq despite not having congressional approval, the fast and the furious scandals just to name two. Could you imagine if either of these scandals had taken place during Trumps presidency?

          The media spent years chasing a conspiracy theory and when that failed, they changed the subject and doubled down on their “resistance.” Again and again this happens, and yet you don’t seem to notice any pattern of desperation?

          At this point, judging by what’s happened, the only logical conclusion is that you’re being willfully ignorant about all this. At best you can throw your hands in the air and claim you don’t know what’s going on, instead, you dissect the most likely scenario, offer absolutely no coherent arguments and do your best to change a bunch of people’s minds who you don’t even know personally.

          “Go ahead, believe in your LARP” you suggest, then return later to post more of the same rants that continuously fall upon deaf ears. It’s as though you are some kind of advanced AI program that can interpret, disseminate and respond but never actually bring anything new to the table that it hasn’t already been pre-programmed to offer. Where is your logic? Where are your arguments? Just more muddying the waters as usual.

          1. BigJohn says:

            I’m definitely an advanced AI program. That’s what it is. No, I just hate this Qanon scam. I’m not a member of a party and actually prefer it when we have more parity between our two parties because I don’t like either of them and think gridlock is a good thing that kinda sorta keeps them honest. I want the, to have to cooperate and compromise to get anything done as I believe that if either have too much power they will abuse it. I don’t think Trump is a genius except perhaps at manipulating people. I do think he’s a buffoon and clearly he’s losing his damned mind lately. I do not believe in the “deep state.” I think that all horseshit, not that there aren’t some people and other entities that have undue influence over government or at least try to, but I don’t believe in some big shadow government all conspiring and working together. I think that is part of the con Qanon people have bought into but I don’t believe that. I’ve never been one to believe there has to be puppet masters pulling all the strings.

            I don’t give a fuck if I change anyone’s minds. I don’t think I will because I think Q believers are too brainwashed for that, too invested in their beliefs. I just want to speak out, that’s all. I want this un-American Q scam to die. I want all this ugly conspiracy theory nonsense to stop. It’s just so damned prevalent there days bringing things to the boiling over point in this country. Things need to settle down and this Q thing needs to get laid out on the table. It’s a dangerous situation when perhaps millions of Americans can go off the deep end believing anonymous scammers with such unshakeable faith, commitment and loyalty that a whole lot of them would do anything they were asked to do by Q and think they are patriots doing God’s work no matter how bad it is. This scares the shit out of me I have to say. I really hope those behind this scam are outed and that people learn from this and don’t let it happen again. The wrong people could use these Q type tactics to do great damage.

  41. Robby Mueller says:

    Q is a deep state controlled opposition campaign used to sedate and misinform the conservative patriotic Trump base. Trump finally managed to shut this shit show down claiming foreign election influence because 8chan is based in Phillapeans. DHS shut this shit show down.

    Trust Sessions? Trust Wray? Trust Mueller? Please!

    1. Lost in the wilderness says:

      8 ch board owner testifying Sept 5 or 6 , meaning board should be back there after.
      If trump and Q were deep state , why is the deep state try to take them out? Eh?

      End the federal reserve…..not fed and no reserves……..deep state op to control us ….

    2. Old enough to know says:

      So sorry! Don’t believe your theory! Trump shut down Q? No , deep state Fake on 8 ch , has taken the board down. Board owner say the site will return after he testifies to congress. So why should Q do some other comms, when all he has do do is wait.
      Trump uses Q to get the message out , because, tv and newspapers are the spokesperson for the deep state. They attack Trump 24/7 With constantly lying about what he is doing.
      Obama was loved by the MSM as he destroyed our healthcare and all the other destructive policies.
      Imho you will attack my views on this …… feel free to attack me.

      1. kevinQalm says:

        what you say is obviously correct. Whoever says Trump is deep state is a clown and doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. You don’t have to be old enough to know that just smart enough.

        1. BigJohn says:

          If you were actually smart, you’d know the whole “deep state” thing is made up and Q is a fraud and you’re being conned by whoever is behind Q and the charlatans on YouTube who use Q cult members to make advertising dollars and solicit donations and sell shitty merchandise. Trump isn’t behind Q. He’s not that stupid. Most Americans would be furious with him if they thought he was behind this shady disinformation scheme, this cult. He’s smart enough to know that. He just uses you guys. He won’t disavow Q because he wants support from Q cult members. He wants your votes and he wants you to be digital warriors for him. He won’t disavow Q as long as it helps him politically but he’ll never claim Q. He wants you at arms length. He’ll do a little to string you along but stay far enough away that he can easily throw you all under the bus if Qanon starts hurting him politically. Now that Q has been named a domestic terror threat he may want to stay back a little further and may hope Q stops posting. It will be interesting to see what happens. If the Q thing becomes too much of a political liability Trump will say he’s never had anything to do with it and really doesn’t know much of anything about it. In the mean time he will avoid saying anything at all about it. Q will probably be back and keep stringing people along until at least the next election, maybe even through the next midterm. The mass arrests will never happen, but you’ll keep buying this Q works in mysterious ways 3D chess bullshit because you’ve been well conditioned to do so. Eventually Q will go away and Q followers will slowly figure out they’ve been had and years from now they won’t even want to talk about this embarrassing time from their past and if they have to they’ll be like, “I knew it was bullshit all along I was just watching it all play out.”

          1. Denny C says:

            Geez BJ, where were you when millions of Americans were being scammed into believing the Trump/Russia BS. Now that was dangerous, with our Republic in the balance. As for your BS about Qanon being named a domestic terror threat, try again spewing your propaganda. The document cited from an Arizona FBI field office, has been debunked and is provably a fabrication. Document presented was manufactured from a previous document, with overlays, etc.. Try to keep up Spanky.

          2. REx says:

            ” Trump isn’t behind Q. He’s not that stupid. ”
            He doesn’t need to be behind it, he has an army of snowflakes to create this BS for him. All he has to do is support it by not disavowing it.

          3. Aaa says:

            You’ve stated all this before, over and over ad nauseam. The only thing you keep forgetting is your actual argument, because you don’t actually have one. You want so badly for this to be a larp because you’ve probably got skeletons in your own closet you don’t want coming out. Keep fighting though, I’m sure this will all go away soon!

          4. Laura says:

            lol you’ll see, BigJohn! You all will find out soon that you are the ones that have “been had”. Peace

          5. Robby Mueller says:

            The deep state is real Big John. You are just delusional or a liar to say that after the last 2-3 years of the coup. Big John believes communists and islam converts running the CIA and FBI are patriots for trying to overturn the will of the electorate and the bought and paid for propoganda arm of the Rothchild’s globalist jew network lying and misinforming the population for 3 years straight is just fucking peachy and protected speech. Of course when it comes to due process or right to keep and hear arms, Big John’s support of the constitution wanes considerably. Big John is a cherry picker. Likes whatever keeps the global cabal of satanic pedophiles and their elaborate big data-big brother-media industrial complex fat, evil, and totally in control of the narrative.

            If you ask me Big John is the domestic part of the ‘all enemies foreign and domestic’ TJeffeeson told us would need to be bled out to water the trees from time to time.

            As for the public caring if Trump is Q. Yeah, I don’t think they’d give too shits. Too busy getting fat and rich on real work right now. Big John’s lawyering must be taking a hit with all the Trump judges confirmed as of late.

          6. M. McCarty says:

            The Patriots are in control with God at the helm. We can’t lose. Do your research – it is out there in more forms than one.

          7. BigJohn says:

            M. McCarty, I will rip on Qanon until this scam dies, thank you very much. You can keep quoting bible nonsense like Q has something to do with God. Qanon is a dangerous un-American cult that needs to die. Not enough people are swarming these boards speaking out against this disinformation operation/cult.

          8. M. McCarty says:

            Big John – you keep trying to sell your detritus.to this board. We are not buying. So please go somewhere else with your long paragraphs. The don’t do anything but take up space here.
            Proverbs 6:16-19 There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers.

          1. Get Your Hand Off It says:

            Thanks for the heads up! Any news on the logistics of santa clause? Word on the wire is, climate change has melted point north, forcing him to exodus to the bat cave. Get Your

          2. BigJohn says:

            Yeah, that’s it kevonQalm. He’s playing 4D chess. Mere mortals can’t comprehend his genius as he stealthily dismantle s the deep state.

            Y’all are some delusional fucks. It’s really kind of funny to watch, a little scary but also humorous. You have some powerful unshakeable faith in this cult and some next level rationalization skills.

          3. kevinQalm says:

            Trump is talking about buying Greenland in order to bring attention to it. It may be a major deep state black site with serious CIA assets there. Game on.

          4. kevinQalm says:

            It may appear that Sessions and Wray are black hats but its hard to know their loyalties by what they have done so far. It is possible they are white hats who are players in the Q plan. There are plausible theories that suggest they are white hats; Sessions is working secretly behind the scenes on critical investigations (i.e. Epstein, Spygate etc.) and Wray gives the WH an excuse to delay declass until the time is right.

          5. Robby Mueller says:

            If you are deep state ‘trust Sessions’ ‘trust wray’ makes a ton of sense. 8chan isn’t coming back.

          6. kevinQalm says:

            Not sure how misinformation can be accurate. Besides Q does not intend to be 100% accurate in regards to the plan because 1) no one can predict the future so the plan needs to change as required to counter DS moves and 2) a military intelligence operation requires ambiguity and conjecture.

            Its a puzzle. Q has given us the motives, the players and the goals but we have to put the pieces together to understand the picture. None of know the entire plan……that would compromise the mission. But we are confident about the picture.

  42. Wondering in the desert....... says:

    To Q Anon
    1. BHO used the C_A, FBI,DOJ ,state, courts – to stop Trump Election
    2, Failed – bad actors then tried via Muller MSM to find a way to rid them of POTUS. Steele, fake news
    3. Using the MSM and helpful Dems the coup has continued to the present day
    4. On going China, 5 eyes, Australia , dems , bad actors , House of reps ,MSM striking back
    5. Deep state , fake elections, Human trafficing, drugs, border war still on going.
    We so have it all !
    Correct M. Q anon ?


  43. Guy Fieri says:

    For August supposedly being traditionally hot, I must say
    It’s been rather temperate. It’s a delightful 80 degrees
    With a nice breeze. The eagle 🦅 hasn’t landed yet, but he’s circling.

  44. Denny Qrane says:

    Q is always working, always communicating.
    The messanger less important than the message.
    Q trying to teach us the language to be able to participate in the global conversation.
    8 chan temporarily dark to test / train anons ability to hear the conversation?
    “Learn our comms” See decode example:

    1. Kle says:

      HOT (Hawaii, Ohio, Texas) H,O,T, if you heard about the apparent hotels being set on fire in Hawaii. These were the three main places attacks happened

    2. Anonymous Patriot says:

      Please, get this out for people to dig on. With the forums down, I have no other way to get this to people. This article was posted to Zero Hedge: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-15/why-were-hillary-clintons-emails-blind-copied-gmail-address-named-after-chinese

      The email address was [email protected]

      “Carter Heavy Industries” is an EXACT anagram of “Sacred Heart University” which is a Roman Catholic university in Connecticut.

    3. EyeAm says:

      What a bunch of B.S. (that video ‘decoding’). That is a massive stretch. There is nothing so big like that going on. Total B.S.
      And then, of course, the CHRISTIAN crap–Christians are so full of it, they don’t even realize that “Jesus” was a designation for the SUN in a specific Age.

      I’ll pit my GOD against yours any day. It says Trump will NOT be re-elected.
      Also says two terror events are coming, as I’ve posted the dates for: One, between August 29th-to-September 1st, and a second on September 6th (+/- one day to either side)–and that the perpetrator(s) will be Democrat and/or Muslim. Once again, stay away from colleges, universities–“places of academia”, as I’ve stated–and modes of mass transit, including buses. Accidents, fires, explosions…most unrelated to one another and not part of the terror attacks. I’d avoid that IT: Chapter 2 movie opening, too (bad aspects suggest it might be a target, where people will be packed in there to see it).



      1. Dipshit Denny says:

        Q comments about God all the time, our god not your shroom trip where you talk to stars. God says look to the heavens for signs but does not reveal dates. Nice phrophecy on it will be either a democrat or a muslim. What is that like 1/3rd of the world population you crack pot. Anybody could guess any of that shit and ill leave if theres a theater shooting during IT 2 on the 9/6 but that wont happen.

        1. EyeAm says:

          Okay. I won’t post here again. Enjoy your ‘Q’ fantasy/LARP.
          But there is more under the Sun than is seen by you all.
          This world is in for one hell of a ride in the next few years.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        I shared how to use the comms, but if you want to make it a challange to my God, I could reference time and time again when that didn’t work out for challengers. He’s the original winningest code author. Go for it though, if something in you wants to reject and challenge his sovereignty, it’s all you, I don’t want to be standing anywhere near you when he answers your challenge. Sometimes he answers with grace, sometimes judgement. The apostle Paul was a horrible persecutor of early Christians, yet God chose him to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the gentile nations. Who knows what, if any, role you have in his kingdom? This much I know; “EVERY knee will bow, and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”

        As for your “science” aka false prophecy, I think the demonic entity whispering in your ear is going to have you looking pretty silly when you go against God’s plan and end up flat out wrong about Trump. The other stuff is pretty vague, “a nondescript event will definitely happen at night or during the day, it may involve a man or maybe a woman, on land or sea” I’d be more impressed if you said “a guy named ___, will act in accordance with this date/event ______, and it will happen here ______”

        When God (my God, the real and only “I am”) reveals truth, he gives his prophet not only the ability to interpret the King’s dream, but also reveals to his prophet what that other man dreamed. When you can do that, I’ll be interested in what you think you know. You’re not new, your foolishness is not new. We’ve been here before, many times. It never ends well for your team. (Even if you don’t know you’re playing for a team)

        1. EyeAm says:

          My science shows the mechanics of GOD.

          “Jesus” is specifically ‘the Sun in the Age of Pisces’.
          And definitely not an all-inclusive god, as dwarf stars aren’t really gods, and there are plenty of others.
          Including the one coming to usurp Jesus’ throne,in “Earth’s plaza”, and bring darkness to the world, at that ‘cross’, that eclipse’.

          Trump won’t be re-elected. He could spend trillions of dollars and still won’t win.
          No Republican can win 2020 (and I mean the White House there, for President).
          That is what GOD shows me.
          There are no ‘demons’ like you think. All that is fairytale.

          And, anyway, some of you Q people seem to think you’re ‘Christian soldiers’ fighting the good fight, right?
          But your forget that even Satanists (of which I’m not) still have freedom of religion. Everybody does.

          The best philosophy is the one that beholds them all.
          “Be ye as wise as serpents” ring a bell?
          I’m very very wise to all sides. I’ve availed myself of human motives on any side. Christians often run at the first hint of “evil”, and wind up still not understanding it.
          My GOD is above all religions–they are WITHIN GOD, and GOD is within each one. But then you get into polarities and cross-polarities, and…well, everything on Earth is relative.

          Christians also don’t understand SIN (or S.IN), which means [S]piritual [IN]carnation.
          ALL on Earth is of SIN. And SIN is *relative*, despite what the Catholic Church says (to admit it would mean they destroy their church).
          Moral relativism is one of nature’s laws.

          Well, here we are in August, and soon September. I’ve said that Trump hits ‘rough water’ starting this month. White rapids, if you will.
          And it gets worse by December/January. All downhill for him from here on out.

          The one who wins 2020 will be assassinated. Remember that. The ‘Presidential Death Cycle’ IS back.
          And when Jupiter joins Saturn in 2020, that aspect will have the added transformative punch of Pluto, which assures no ambiguity to the death. It won’t be a Ronald Reagan hit-and-get-well event; it will be stark, undeniable. But it won’t be Trump. And it might be one some will be glad to see go (between 2020 and 2028).

          As far as specific predictions, I’ve already posted on this site the Week 1 of the NFL games. I think it is 15 games. All having a specific date, time, location, and winner. My track record is pretty good (I figure about 80, 85%). As it is an ongoing study, it’s not complete–and there never was a manual or guide to it. I’m having to write that as I learn the science–the mechanics behind everything. Like the Matrix, falling numbers to me are the astrological signs raining down. On and in everything. All of that is GOD, and GOD is so much more. And while GOD was “Jesus” (the sun in the age of Pisces) and “Christ” (the sun in any Age), GOD is also that same “Christ” (the sun) that morphs into ‘Antichrist’ at this changeover from Pisces to Aquarius, where Science & Reason reign, doing away with the need for Hope & Faith of the last age. Religion wanes. Christianity wanes.

          I’m not GOD, but GOD is me.

          1. Denny Qrane says:

            Are we to accept that your “science” aka false religion is a code written in the stars that can extrapolate a message like the one you offered, but that man cannot use coded words to have multiple simultaneous conversations going on in plain sight, yet out of the awareness of the populous?

            The number one reason you’ll be wrong on most if not all, is that you are relying on you. It’s all i, me, and my self edification. It’s also the reason you take offense at being challenged. I’m not offended that you challenge the real I am because he can speak for himself.

            …”And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

            He does not need me to speak on his behalf. If we don’t, creation itself would speak to you of HIS glory, not of mine, not of creation, but of His. When you meet Him, maybe you can explain to Him how His creation works, and how you would have done the job differently.

            Tell me, did those created lifeless planets, set in their orbits by design, speak your words to you? Did that designed system design itself? No more than my watch made itself, no more than my watch causes the sun to rise. Don’t use a watch without understanding it’s function, limitation, and who built it, lest you be out of time.

            You follow a doctrine laid out by a jealous, unclean spirit guided by misinformation who does not possess the knowledge of God. Will you trade your soul for a little revelation in order to edify your own greatness for a short time only to be forgotten as soon as the moment passes?

            …”Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

            Greater knowledge is freely offered to you already, you just have to read it.
            Truly, humanity has more than it knows.

            I will give you this, there are some dark days forecasted for those who are not protected from coming judgement. 1/3 of the bible is prophetic, much it addressing the period we are entering. Israel coming home in 1948 is an important time stamp. It’s God’s covenant that makes it significant, not man, not any race, or religion.

          2. Dipshit Denny1 says:

            Science does not explain faith, love, and miracles. There are many instances where science fails to have an explanation. God, not shroom star god, prevails. You’re a crackpot and seem to have taken recent Denny Cranes place weirdly after he just disappeared. You have no proof other than the diarrhea that spews from your mouth.

  45. EyeAm says:

    Multiple Philly police officers wounded in active shootout near Temple University’s health campus – (August 14, 2019)

    Suspect detained, SJSU shelter-in-place lifted after campus gun scare – (August 8, 2019)

    Juvenile arrested after gun scare, lockdown at Stephenson High School – (August 13, 2019)

    Harrison High on lockdown for ‘suspicious’ person near school – (August 14, 2019)

    FBI: Man Arrested for Threatening Massacre Had 10,000 Rounds of Ammo – (August 13, 2019)
    Feds raided the Ohio home of Justin Olsen immediately after Dayton and El Paso mass shootings.

    More to come.
    The current shooting in Philly fits the Fixed T-Square aspect.
    This month is full of such events.

    1. Robby Mueller says:

      Use to live right on the border of Phili for 6 years and in the area for 10. It’s a shithole like Wilmington, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. Perpetual democrat rule, tons of waste fraud and high taxes and crime. The one plus is unlike Baltimore and Wilmington the city police and even most of the democrat City leadership are basically corrupt fascists when it comes to keeping the thuggery at bay and keeps downtown center city and a few other locations safe for whites and normies. There has been a strain of blacks, particularly men, that rise above their ghetto upbringing and are making something of themselves. There has also been a trend lately of islam converting more and more poor angry inner city blacks to islam. Thats what this shooting was today. Think Baltimore thugs mixed with Louis Farakan levels of hate for whitey and the infidel.

      The sheet number of burka wearing ghetto shorties I started seeing in 2015-2018 is one of the things that spooked me and helped get me moving to exit that hole and head for the sun belt.

    1. kevinQalm says:

      WOW. Those guys found something big. This could be the biggest element of the battle against the DS. So many things make sense now.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Nice decode!

      Boss out again on the warpath to cut down the Fed.
      The people will be their own CB.
      Blockchain + mobile phone makes any 3rd world rice farmer real-time banker while standing in the middle of his field.

  46. Pat An says:

    What if?
    What if they already have everything they need? What if JE alive would only complex the investigation and delay the trial? What if they are watching closely everyone that whtches JE (“Eyes on”)? What if now they have evidence of who did it, how they did it, who was involved and who ordered it?
    JE is the keystone!
    What if his murder / suicide is a part of it? What if the release of documents was the bait? What if the Clinton’s cabal swallowed it and exposed them selves?
    what if this will force the msm to report about the names that will come out?
    What if this will bring a big wave of awareness to the issue / the names / the actions?

    We are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

    Q Team, We the people salute you!


  47. EyeAm says:

    Looking at the astrological charts for the upcoming terror events (August 29th through September 1st, for one, and September 6th (+/- a day to either side) for the second one, I looked further at the aspects and have come to the conclusion that one of the target venues might be a theater, and one showing Stephen King’s IT: Chapter 2 (which technically opens September 4th, for the early preview shows, but has its official release that Friday on…(drum roll)…September 6th). Looking at the aspects, it CAN be a theater. Like another Aurora, Colorado-type attack, but not necessarily there. Watch out for *killer* clowns, for real–shooters wearing Pennywise the clown costume or something. It could happen. I could bore you with the astrological reasons, but I won’t. Such a thing will still satisfy the ‘crowd’ delineation/interpretation. Masses of people. Multiples

    I’d avoid opening night for that movie.
    I looked at BoxOfficeMojo.com for the schedule, to see what likely movies it could be, around the 6th (or even earlier, AUG 29th through SEP 1st) and that’s the only one I saw most likely to be a target. Others were sort of sleeper films not likely to turn a big buck. IT Chapter 2 will be packed. The first one wound up the most successful Horror film.

    Just a heads-up..

  48. Denny Qrane says:

    Hey Robby and co
    Who was Q talking to with this post?
    “Trust Wray”

    Did you notice Q = 17?
    Do you know what else = 17?
    F+B+I =17

    Maybe you can bunk with Epstein since you have so much in common?

  49. Not denny says:

    Deep state, moron anti trumpets are so ez to counter. Because they are just repeating the MSM fake news.

    If not Trump = we have no country…………….the commies and invaders win. Chaos ensues……………

  50. Denny Qrane says:

    Capri Cafaro on Fox News today discussing Epstein, she says “I wish we would not extrapolate and just go from point A to point Q”

    I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that expression before?
    Is that an easy slip?

  51. Robby Mueller says:

    deep state has had enough over their agent Trump bungling the Epstein coverup so the heavy handed edicts went out. MK ultra assets were activated, mass shootings on cue, media outrage as per script, now it’s time to disarm the populace and the puppet masters emerged from the shadows and told their dutiful republican foot soldiers and loyal goyim Trump to kill off Q, eviscerate 8chan, and set the stage for mass disarmament through federal red flag laws. McConnell balked so they sent some spooks to break his shoulder as a message and now he’s complying. AR owner senator Lindsey Graham goes on fox and says the 2nd amendment isn’t a suicide pact and we need the feds to confiscate guns. Anyone who doesn’t think the data wizards in big tech doesn’t have every single American resident profiled and lists created of who is a threat to the Brave New World Order and will be ready to go to manufacture evidence in coordination with the SPLC and ADL and get the Homeland Security department of Trump a break from shuttling in illegals to replace whites and go door to door to confiscate the guns of anyone ho would resist the FEMA camps is a fucking head-in-the-sand delusional shitbag. Alex Jones is right. despite his miracle powder he’s 100% right it’s time to unleash the AI and kill off the whites who aren’t needed anymore. The republicans will stare victory down and readily embrace defeat as they blow off 2020 and we get deep state wet noodle Biden and a democrat senate and house and the plan to mass murder white Americans come 2021. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    1. kevinQalm says:

      As long as you don’t go around threatening people you should be Ok. If you want to prevent your guns from being confiscated just vote for Trump. easy.

      The other stuff about Trump, Graham and McConnell is horseshit. That might get some interest in a novel or anti-Trump website. MK Ultra, wizards, AI killers, FEMA camps?…..and you think Qanons are delusional?

      1. Robby Mueller says:

        Ask yourself does McConnell and his wife’s family make more money with Trump’s trade war against China or with a Chinese stooge democrat in charge. They killed Scalia, blackmailed Roberts, and threatened Breyer twice with that knife point robbery in the islands. Former Majority leader Mitchell was a guest of Epstein’s islands and likely blackmailed, former house speaker Hastert was a blackmailed pedo, a ranking Democrat senator on the intelligence and justice committees Feinstein is married to a guy who has a fund jointly managed with Epstein, and Schiff who runs the intelligence committee is a compromised queer. Remember majority leader Reid being punched in the eye and face. You think strong arming Mitch is out of the realm of possibilities? Someone is running this fucking country and it’s obviously not the people we elect its the people blackmailing and physically abusing and entrapping with child sex slaves the people we elect. Those people want our fucking guns. They are leaning on their assets to do so. You saw graham with Clinton impeachment under McCain and post McCain and now with this shit. You really think he’s not compromised in some way.

        Stand your grounds on the fucking guns for christ sakes. It’s the only thing that fucking seems to scare these puppet masters.

          1. Denny Qrane says:

            Q talks more than people realize.
            Q trying to teach us the language to hear the conversation for ourselves.
            “You have more than you know”
            By the way, Denny Crane aka Robby Mueller aka other aliases, is your literal enemy. A little truth mix wth deception. Careful you don’t hitch your waggon to his…Cursed!

      2. Robby Mueller says:

        Oh you sweet sumner child. Justify and rationalize it anyway you want. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. I’ll go for red flag gun laws right after the govt passes confiscatory free speech laws to red flag lying media anchors who report fake news. Lets see how that fucking flies.

        These people rape and murder children for fun and you want to legislate their ability to disarm you. Fucking tool.

        1. kevinQalm says:

          We don’t know who is going to become a mass murderer but there are some pretty obvious indicators that most sane people can agree on which should prevent someone from owning a gun….but these would have to pretty damn explicit. . If comprehensive background checks are used to allow someone to buy a gun, then I would be worried if those guns were later confiscated due to a new set of criteria or if someone who had a background check suddenly was a threat because of something they said on a website post. I don’t think too many people spontaneously become “unfit” to own a gun. There needs to be a pattern. If it were up to me, guns would be allowed and encouraged everywhere: shopping malls, work places, churches, schools. No gun free zones!!! If a deranged idiot decides to shoot up a crowd of heavily armed people how many will get shot before the idiot gets killed? There would be a whole new reality to gun ownership, not some Hollywood or video game version. People would tend to be more respectful and cautious about how they interact with people.

          1. Robby Mueller says:

            The criteria used to confiscate guns will be wearing a MAGA cap or some trumped up made up bullshit Google and the SPLC sells to their bent judges. You ever see what happens to a husband and father when a vindictive ex wife decides to use the boys in blue to destroy her hubbies life with a false accusation. You fucking act like the dipshits who cant keep a star witness in the most massive trial of the decade alive in a maximum security prison will somehow act with tact and purpose to magically stop 100 murders a year out of 14k annual gun homicides using pinpoint precision. Give me a fucking break. Risk vs gain? Why is everyone focusing on the 100 dead a year when the niggers cap 8k a year with totally legally handguns and the ms13 bangers another 2-3k. Go disarm south side Chicago and west Baltimore and show me how great a iob you can do before you send your pedo blackmail judges and FBI DHS goonsquad over to my house to take the weapons I have to protect your dumbass against the leftist commies and their desire to exterminate you. Fucking idiot. Wise up or be a grease smear.

    1. Teacher of Righteousness says:

      Very strange. By the way, peoples is dying each day, purportedly children. Sometimes patience is virtue.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      FBI quietly comeying, I mean combing inter webs for liars, leakers, double agents, foreign agents?
      Been a lot of gaming discussion lately.
      Was Xbox last time, chans this time?

  52. kevinQalm says:

    Its interesting the left hammered away at Trump on Russian collusion with absolutely no evidence for 2.5 years (“the evidence is in plain sight”) and are now saying its irresponsible for Trump to imply the Clintons are involved with crime when there is overwhelming evidence to support that. Its time for some real justice.

    1. EyeAm says:

      No arrest of any Clinton.
      No arrest of anyone connected to the Clinton Foundation.

      Until Barr or Durham or someone at the FBI does indict, arrest, charge a Clinton, they are freely walking around.

      It’s not what one knows or thinks he/she know, it’s what one can prove in court.

      If ‘Q’ is anything but a LARP, then prove it Let’s see some arrests, indictments unsealed, heads roll.
      Til then it is just a bunch of: ‘real soon now’, ‘right around the corner’, ‘coming up’.
      And it doesn’t matter if ‘you have more than you know’ or shout ‘go patriot!’
      Blah. Whatever. All talk til it’s the perp walk.

      1. kevinQalm says:

        Come on now. We all know there is easily enough to throw HRC in jail for the server alone. Also, OIG has interviewed whistleblowers that know of corruption with regard to her foundation. It just takes draining the swamp from FBI and DOJ to move forward with indictments (which is happening now).

        Its not a matter of IF anymore, just WHEN. Trump needs to strike at the right time. We are now in the red zone, 20 yards from the goal line. Do we risk an interception or do we grind it down with a run attack? Look what happened to the Seahawks in SB with 3 downs on the 2 yard line to win. They tried a clever little slant pass which was intercepted instead of just giving it to The Beast, Lynch, to let him run it right down their throats. No time for bad play calling. Its the fucking World Bowl right now!!

    1. Mobby Ruler says:

      That’s-uh very good question, Mr. Mueller. You should spend some time in Hollywood and count them. Capeesh?


  53. Robby Mueller says:

    Rod, Rod, Rod, my boy. We’re playing a varsity league game of propaganda here not this “Mr Rogers neighborhood nothing to see here move along citizen” wanabe propaganda horseshit. I’d advise you not to quit your day job but um… well… that doesn’t really apply.

    Pedophiles facing federal criminal charges are at high risk for suicide. It happened in several of my Maryland cases when defendants were released on bail. Detained pedophiles require special attention. Stopping people from harming themselves is difficult.

          1. Robby Mueller says:

            Ok fine so say they faked his death. Was it white hats or black hats and is he spilling the beans or being shuttled to his jew taxpayer provided home in the middle east? These questions and more… may get you arkancided.

      1. Robby Mueller says:

        Dead. Barr might he a patriot but he knows the evil cabal runs things. That fat man isn’t going to send Mossad an open invitation to heart attack gun him for busting up their pedo sting operation.

    1. Robby Mueller says:

      👆👆👆To whom it may concern this dipshit has been running his mouth off on swearing to have evidence that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the Clintons.👆👆👆

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        What are the chances that the admin is fully cooperating with FBI, that every comment is logged, your aliases cross referenced here and other sites, speech patterns recognized, and that you’re allowed to run with as much line as you want in order tonobody is watching you?

        I’m sure that can’t happen, so keep talking. Weird thing is, you’re the only one to have his comments hidden.

        I wonder if it came down to appearing before congress like Watkins, or fully cooperating in behind the scenes op, if the admin would protect you? Just a thought, probably meritless, I wouldn’t worry about it.

        1. kevinQalm says:

          Unless you threaten a known person I doubt anyone is coming after you. Nobody cares if you threaten anonymous website bloggers or spew racism. “eat a bullet’ is the same as “go to hell” . Do you really feel threatened by anyone here on this site?

        2. Robby Mueller says:

          Considering the only one to have committed federal crimes is you with your verifiable phishing emails containing illegal code, I’m not at all worried you represent Q, the FBI, the admin of this site, or anything other than a delusional little has been eastern European hacker wannabe. The thought of FBI wasting resources forensically analyzing my ‘speech patterns’ or congress investigating me through this site admin is so psychotically delusional as to be beyond the pale for anything other than a lunatic like yourself.

          I’ll again remind the Black hearted assassins that this assclown claims to have evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of Hillary Clinton. What a liability to have running around? I’m with Trump and Terrance in not even wanting to know if Hilldog picks her nose. The elite cabal of child sacrificing pederasts who run the world are doing a fine fucking job I don’t wana wreck a good thing ✌️. But this ass clown does 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

          Enjoy never sleeping again asshole.

  54. Lonegunman65 says:

    With Epstein “supposedly” dead, i’m beginning not to “trust the plan”. I thought he was the beginning of the end for the DS; especially the Clintons

    1. Robby Mueller says:

      Suppose the plan and the great awakening Is to just release enough, drip by drip, cascading into a tidal wave of truth, that demonstrate beyond a doubt that the world is run by corrupt satanic murderous satanic child rapists, that all our ‘trusted’ govt institutions are corrupted beyond repair and tools of this kleptocracy, and that the only way justice will be delivered is if patriotic citizens take it upon themselves to rout out the cancer. How safe would W be at his crawford ranch if Trump dropped that papa bush ran the op to 86 Kennedy?

      1. kevinQalm says:

        Cabal is too big, too well funded and too evil for a ragtag bunch of citizens to defeat. What we have going right now with Trump, funded military, oil exports, booming economy, Q team, Epstein network exposed etc. is probably our best bet, maybe our only chance ever. Just think if we had let China have its way with us much longer or allow our military to deteriorate further or allow or trusted officials commit sell our secrets or allow the central bank fuck with our economy and siphon our wealth

    1. kevinQalm says:

      He was found dead AFTER they water boarded him to get all the evidence they needed (location of videos, documents etc.). As mentioned, a trial would take too long, cause more false flag events and falsely implicate white hats. This way they can focus on the high profile people based on the evidence they already have, whereas a trial is unpredictable. Epstein may have already given them enough critical information as part of a plea deal or he knew would die in prison and decided to go mute to save his friends. Either way, not worth much alive. Maybe they could more easily and quickly confiscate his wealth and investigate his properties once he is dead. It was never about him, its been about all his powerful DS clients.

      1. Robby Mueller says:

        Maybe Florida given the governor there. His NY property no and NM certainty not. NM is a dangerous dangerous corrupt place. Too many power players in state gov would rather burn down zorro ranch than let it get raided.

        So did Epstein get killed or did Barr fake his death and make a deal with him?

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Or does summary judgement documents get fast tracked into the light?
          You should be more worried about your recorded statements on this website and others, entity known as Denny Crane. Do you think that you’re not known simply because nobody has come to collect you yet?
          Keep shilling like a fool…

        2. kevinQalm says:

          If Barr faked his death and made a deal then likely scenarios for JE are 1) witness protection, 2) reduced sentence in secret, comfortable prison, 3) painless execution
          I doubt Barr would ever let him walk free so its down to secret prison (John McCain cellmate) or execution (cremated in same oven as Bush). I am voting secret prison so they can continue their data collection without any outside interference. I am hoping the victims are allowed some medieval punishment as part of the deal. How much would you pay to see that?

          1. Robby Mueller says:

            He’s dead. He was alive when he left the prison but pronounced dead of heart attack at hospital. Easy enough to bribe guard or EMT to slip him a heart attack pill or nail him with the cia heart attack gun in transit. Barr should have already disappeared him if a deal was made. You’ll see a suicided guard or two soon. It will be obvious to send a chilling message.

    2. rick says:

      “Unbelievable”…sadly, no. We all knew there was no way he’d be allowed to go to trial or cut any deals to lessen his sentence. He knows way too much about the perversions of very famous and powerful people.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Where isn’t Q?
        Start over, “learn our comms”
        The message is not limited to one messenger.
        How about NK? Remember when fake news said we would end up at war with them?
        Potus is telling you that not only will we not be at war, but they will denuc, and become part of a growing economic player. Potus rescued that country.

    3. Denny Qrane says:

      Strategy to keep the case from moving forward.
      Unintended consequence = evidence still exists, no need to wait for lengthy trial to be able to move on to other connected parties.

  55. Denny Qrane says:

    Crumbs galore, potus doesn’t tweet meaningless food updates.
    When he puts out a new name like Rod Blagojevich, you know something more is coming…

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Russia’s agenda (Soros relocation) is to infiltrate and divide the masses.
      Topple ladder by shaking the base, visible stuff is distraction, real battle right here with the “Denny Cane” types.
      Targets are average citizens.
      Ammo is false doctrine, incite infighting, instigate racism where there isn’t any.
      Method is gain our trust to draw away weakest fringes where they can be devoured.

      1. Robby Mueller says:

        Thats rich coming from the delusional Denny Crane wana be from Croatia. You do know sending phishing emails is a crime as is falsely accusing someone of being a pedophile. Eyes on Liability Qrane Eyes On.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          In that case, save the tax payer some money, and just provide your legal name and current valid address so you can be properly charged without the need to track you down by other means.

          1. Robby Mueller says:

            Come at me bruh. And remember, send bachelors and come heavily armed. You eastern-European piss-ant hacking-wannabe ANTIFA-shill schmuck pedophile.

    1. kevinQalm says:

      This was a huge release. Q said Hot8 and Hot9. August 8 and 9? Maybe another big release tomorrow? My prediction on Declass is August 22.

        1. Francis bacon says:

          There is no evidence to contradict that statement.
          These radical liberal women just have that Nellie ohr appeal.

        2. Denny Qrane says:

          Denny Crane, at what point do you become a liability?
          I think you should change your alias to Ucrane Denny.
          What do you think about Watkins (8chan owner) going before congress?
          Multiple layers to that onion.

        3. kevinQalm says:

          I didn’t see the tell tale signs: adams apple, beard shadow or square jaw. However she is big and wears her hair like a man, straight with no styling. I’d say she is a large unattractive feminist or lesbian. But all of that is OK with me, its the swamp rat thing that gets me. I’d say between her and Smelli Ohr I’d have to go with Gordon…….She’d come in handy in a pick-up game of rugby or in a bar fight after the game.

          1. kevinQalm says:

            you mean Mike with the vampire garlic clove bundle (i.e. VGCB )? “I vant to suck your…. hey wait, what’s that smell. shit, I’m outta here. I’d rather be caught in broad day light !!!? “

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Scarramucci play; coats out, Gordon out, ratcliff distraction to expend ammo, Joseph Maguire in play as acting (hire temps)

    1. Dipshit Denny says:

      Are you dumb, how long have you been here. They were taken off, and shit is still happening that they said would happen. Sick of the shills here. Also no Denny, relieves my hate for a bit.

    2. Christina G. says:

      If Trump doesn’t tell the truth about these fake mass shootings, I’m not voting for him again. He has to know they are psyops. If not, he needs to do some research. He should tweet, “unbelievable” every time we have a mass shooting psyop. That would give us all a signal that he’s working on it.

      1. AntiQrist says:

        They say the people who were behind the group Anonymous are the same ones behind ‘Q’/’Qanon’.
        And, where that group officially disbanded, so shall ‘Q’/’Qanon’.

  56. Denny Qrane says:

    Feel like there’s a bunch that needs unpacked from today’s tweets.
    Keywords: seed, harvest, blockchain?
    He’s drawing attention to the headline change for a reason.
    DS forced to change their message?
    Were we given a delta and timeline for ledger audit at fed res?

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Doesn’t mean anything to me.
      Maybe some peripheral context would help?
      These have any meaning?:
      W D O E P T F R L E

      1. kevinQalm says:

        W D O E P T F R L E…. context?

        Fall black was in a Q post, 1-2 weeks ago, but I can’t find it. EyeTheSpy keeps chanting it on Twitter

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        Are we about to get an update on the deal of the century?
        JK busy over there. Does he have the leverage he needs for negotiations?

  57. Denny Qrane says:

    I wonder if any Q team lurk?
    If so, what are the chances they would break radio silence by mingling with the crowd?
    Would we even know it?

    1. WWG1WGA says:

      Q does indeed read these comments. We know this for a fact.

      Also, make the connection on posting links to twitter. Must be at least 1 account for viewing. Likely multiple for stealth recon.

      Voice comes from 8chan. Doesn’t mean ears aren’t all over. And honestly if a mass wake up we’re to be attempted it would be much more effective with a multi-tiered and multi-faceted approach.

      Fall black in love is a book. Find the website for the author. Go to about the author. Eyes – on.

      Also – “GREAT QUAKES” and “END TIMES” can lead one here:

  58. G quinn says:

    While everyone is distracted this happened! Judge dismisses DNC lawsuit
    US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks
    By Eric London
    31 July 2019
    In a ruling published late Tuesday, Judge John Koeltl of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York delivered a devastating blow to the US-led conspiracy against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

    In his ruling, Judge Koeltl, a Bill Clinton nominee and former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, dismissed “with prejudice” a civil lawsuit filed in April 2018 by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) alleging WikiLeaks was civilly liable for conspiring with the Russian government to steal DNC emails and data and leak them to the public.

    Jennifer Robinson, a leading lawyer for Assange, and other WikiLeaks attorneys welcomed the ruling as “an important win for free speech.”

    The decision exposes the Democratic Party in a conspiracy of its own to attack free speech and cover up the crimes of US imperialism and the corrupt activities of the two parties of Wall Street. Judge Koeltl stated:

  59. Denny Qrane says:

    Denny Crane unmasked:

    -Openly antisemitic
    -Racist against blacks and others
    -Advocates for child pornography
    -Made countless threats of death and violence toward other commenters
    -Routinely calls for civil war (is that death to Americans?)
    -Running a campaign to drown out participation
    -Displays manic behavior when news cycle is reporting tragedy on domestic soil
    -Believes “burning it all down” is the best path forward

    Is he just adopting a script of what a terrorist thinks a white Texan sounds like in order to harm Qanons reputation, or divide people? His comments are more consistent with known enemies of the US, or antifa, and not the avg American or patriot.

  60. Concerned Canadian says:

    I mean honestly, we didn’t expect the satanic pedophile cannibals to go down without a fight, did we? Probably gonna get worse before it gets better.

    1. Beam says:

      Everybody on social media knows the shootings are false flags and that every communication between all the shooters is recorded and video of their every move is recorded complete with their getaway for miles but Trump needs to investigate while calling for gun control against free speech without a second thought. Trump supporters are going to stay home. Can justify his moves all you want but infringement on Constitutionally protected rights is a treasonous act especially in time of invasion and or coup and or overthrowing of USA. All laws repugnant to the Constitution are NULL & VOID according to the USSC and any real American. It is totally BULLSHIT to write more fake laws on top of existing laws that work just fine. Every false flag equates to just another Vegas in that it is under investigation of which never produces any tangible results outside of bans on the American people. We The People are, well, you know, staying home.

  61. Denny Crane says:

    Reza Aslan, a violent genocidal leftist extremist and producer for HBO recently tweeted, “After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”


    Reported but the moderators did nothing. This is the left wing radicalization that is being used to drive domestic terrorism against whites, males, conservatives, and Trump supporters. This is why we must never surrender our firearms: these hateful leftist terrorists want to kill us all.

    Big John? The sound of crickets from your ‘I don’t have a side but 8chan conservatives that work with law enforcement to track down shooters who threaten to commit crimes are all evil and must be silenced and shut down cause I don’t like what they say but I’m a republican good old boy just like you and love everyone except those conservatives my ideological camp wants to eradicates so please guys who I’m just like and totally neutral go along with my campaign of oppression and censorship so the people calling for your death are the only ones with a voice in the internet… that should jist be wonderful and create a tolerant lovely civilization I’d be happy to be a never trump republican in’ IS DEAFENING.

    You people can not have enough guns and can not make enough preparations for the coming holocaust the left has planned for us.

    1. Flamingo says:

      I think the dems have doubled down and its going to be scorched earth. Nunes is going to find out who originated the Russia hoax and all roads lead to Obama and his cronies. They will do anything to protect him. Anything.

      1. Beam says:

        Heard that for years now.
        Ha8chan scorched earth of mass shooters shut down and suddenly no mass shootings. Problem fixed just that easy. As you were. Lets have the CDC do a study.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Too bad you burnt every bridge between yourself and others with the awful things you said to and about every one us. Don’t try to align yourself with us, or bring us down to your level, now that the heat is turned up and you conveniently realize the “I’m a lone wolf with broad shoulders, come heavily armed” attitude will last all of ten seconds in the face of real threat. More than you know, you are the architect of your own fate. Good luck hero!

    3. BigJohn says:

      I’m not okay with anybody pushing for violence against anyone. And I never said I was a Republican. I have voted for more Republicans than Democrats over the years, but I have never been a member of a political party and never will be.

      I’m glad you didn’t kill yourself, Denny. Things really will get better. It’s a crazy time we are in but this too shall pass.

  62. Denny Qrane says:

    Scarramucci play repeated with coats / ratclif / gordon
    Who will be final dni dir?
    Deputy dni path to position flying under radar?
    Distraction over…time to get back to business…shills in overdrive shilling

    1. kevinQalm says:

      Yes, Trump will most likely place an “acting” temporary Director in there to wreak havoc on the Dims. Some hard core patriot that doesn’t have to kiss any Dim ass or take their abuse to get nominated. Perfect timing for the declass and ongoing surveillance of the traitors

  63. Denny Qrane says:

    30+ senseless deaths is utterly tragic.
    The left’s phony outrage and campaigning and raising money on this loss while its occurring is repugnant.
    They feel a gun is not a right, but an abortion is.
    On average 30 innocent lives are snuffed out every 15 minutes in the US alone, and called “choice” a “right” or even “healthcare”
    Who weeps for them? Where is the compassion? Where is the outrage over this evil?
    They call what is good, evil, and what is evil, good.

  64. kevinQalm says:

    Isn’t it interesting the govt has all these surveillance systems in our society to make sure the masses won’t rebel, when the whole time its the govt that has been orchestrating the coup?

  65. Denny Qrane says:

    Bad actors trying to clog qboards like they clog news cycle.
    Pretend to be one of us, but are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Inconceivable that he bad guys aren’t present, also inconceivable that the authorities aren’t present too since day one.
    Patriots in control.
    Confirmed by Q+ (decode by others using Twitter time stamp delta)
    FBI to crush fake news narrative with surveillance of multiple shooters when time is right.
    Patriots can rest easy.
    Staying on task, digging, decoding, connecting dots.
    I would be surprised if 8 chan isn’t back up in a couple days, perhaps with a few less posters?

    1. BigJohn says:

      You aren’t patriots. You’re suckers caught up in a dangerous cult. The FBI isn’t on your side. They’re investigating the Qanon cult and those feeding it.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Under Comey, the FBI leadership was against the Amarican people and our duly elected potus.
        I believe we’ve turned the corner as a country, for the better.
        Tremendous leadership in potus and advisors.
        Was a real do or die moment for our country peering over the edge of the cliff in 2016.
        Thankful everyday for the new class of great men and women at the helm.
        Will be years before people appreciate all the good things that are being done on their behalf
        Bigger than saving just one nation

    2. Beam says:

      Nice video of lot’s of additional shooters on social media if the vid is authentic. They are openly bragging about it over on Ammoland.

    1. BigJohn says:

      8 Chan is a sewer with all sorts of shit springing up from it, domestic terrorists and Qanon, all the same ilk, all bad for this country, all pushed by evil people.

    2. Beam says:

      Is it really necessary to get more posts. Heck 8 chan is a mass shooters training lab and when I used to go there they wanted to kill me regardless of which board I was on so let it burn in hell and If were lucky the whole net will get burned and it would only be a good thing. Although now that people can no longer communicate I’m certain total collapse would immediately occur and again please allow me to reiterate that it would be a good thing. Cut the wire, roll it up and recycle for cash.

  66. Denny Qrane says:

    “And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.” – Daniel 4:32

    Nebuchadnezzar held the highest office of the land in his day.
    He placed himself above God; the last thing he did before going insane for 7 years and living like a beast, was brag about himself and deny God’s sovereignty.

    Entity known as Denny Crane, you have rejected God’s grace and blessing extended through His humble servant. I hereby loose your former curses held in restraint, and those toward others. In Jesus name I loose them only upon you, with the limitation that they cannot lead to your destruction, that you would not perish, but endure 21 days of the wrath spoken by your own lips. That you, like King Nebuchadnezzar, would acknowledge your creator and know that He reigns supreme over all of creation, and give Him the honor He is due, and ultimately you would be restored.

    God have mercy on your soul.

  67. Loah Janicot says:

    ‘E'(Ernst) before ‘F’ (Fisa) . First senator to call Obama a Dictator. Working w/ Cruz to pass the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” so vetted/legal gun holders can carry weapons across State lines. The # 3 is a symbol for a pair of handcuffs half-open .. ‘8’ is a pair of cuffs locked (Gorsuch). 9 is Kavanaugh coming with a glass of ice to throw on the fire (Red,red y / ‘wine’ : incident talked about during Blasey-Ford hearing). Laufman was one of lawyers working for Blasey-Ford ; Laufman and Strzok also interviewed Hillary.

  68. Beam says:

    Lori Colley blows the case wide open on QNation though the shooters trousers are the same and FEMAMart has everything inside the store and throughout the entire parking lot on video so this false flag lefty attack ultimately has few secrets.
    Q> Who they gunna hit today?
    A> More unarmed people that obey the Beast.
    Unconstitutional gun control working perfectly as planned. Those who surrender their liberty for security provided by another shall have none. The case for FULL restoration of 2A as it is written in plain English text equally across every state throughout every county in the name of national security being made right before our eyes. Lawmakers who do not support this are complicit terrorists that share the same liability as the shooters. One disarms the other pulls the trigger a perfect team. They’ll be happy to fake a prayer for those killed while demanding you get permits and registrations to protect your life while out right abolishing 2A for many contrary to what is stated in the Bible. Trump is correct again in that We The People do not worship gov, we worship GOD.
    Trump 2020, 2024, 2028,

  69. Beam says:

    They could shoot that same store up every day in August at exactly the same every day and turn the sun off for 30 days leaving America in the dark and the sheep will not wake up while continuing to obey unconstitutional laws and feeding the Wolves with the politicians grieving for their ignorance. They did not heed the warning from Trump and did not go silently in the night as Trump stated. Let’s have Trump issue all Americans a body bag and make it law that they must carry with them every where they go and see if that wakes em up but don’t expect me to hold my breath. I really enjoyed watching that cop on the news in the back of his truck getting geared up for 3 hrs. Definitely one that I want coming to save me (not). There for the LONGEST TIME I thought he was going to start breaking down his hardware for a cleaning, shine his boots etc. Now it makes sense how that guy I watched hold off over 200 cops with a pistol and hostage got medals for bravery. Were lucky to have them. (sarc) 18 dead and not a single pistol among them for what Ive seen so yeah that gun control DS mind control is going to take a toll on them but then that’s why they’re sheep. Let’s turn the sun off for a few weeks and tell em were doing maintenance then laugh at how easily they buy into it.

    1. kevinQalm says:

      About the guy getting his gear on, No one in their right mind would go into an unknown hot zone without the gear. There could be 3 guys with assault rifles inside the store with their own gear on. I’m pretty sure the cops don’t ride around with tactical gear on. Who knows, he could have been off duty and went as fast as he could, leaving his BBQ guests behind.

  70. Francis Bacon says:

    Must be news coming. IMO something about to drop.

    There is always some type of news distraction like this shooting before
    Bad news for DS

  71. Denny Qrane says:

    Shills win when they distract you from the important work.
    Befriend you to mislead you
    Use multiple aliases
    Make the discussion about themselves
    Direct you by any means necessary
    …The war isn’t out there, its right where you find yourself standing.
    Keep exposing them and their tactics with one hand, while working with the other

  72. Denny Qrane says:

    It requires two red lines to draw a red cross
    Red Cross = key?
    Follow the money
    Following posts put out on same day:

    Jul 30 2019 13:32:02 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 56d97c
    The More You Know…
    MSM coverage?
    When you control the media, you control public opinion.

    Jul 30 2019 01:19:51 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q

  73. Just1ce says:

    QANON and the White House needs to get involved in assisting Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News is dealing with corruption Deep State remnants in the middle district of North Carolina.


    I have emailed everybody I can think of in the Executive Office of the President including Jared Kushner. Please help Brian.


  74. EyeAm says:

    “John has therefore decided to stay in Congress where he has done such an outstanding job representing the people of Texas, and our Country. I will be announcing my nomination for DNI shortly.”–President Trump

    Former N_A
    AMR to ascend
    and then to assail
    at least until the term’s end


  75. Denny Qrane says:

    Denny Crane, Robby Mueller, et al.
    You didn’t really think you could pull off setting yourself up as Q and not get attention from both Q and now the FBI did you?
    Did you think your posts would not be recorded as you wrote them?
    Deletion of self incriminating 3449 comments and others was a meaningless gesture.
    When, not if…

    1. Dennis Crane says:

      Look at all the multiple personalities disorder going on in this thread. Talk about people who waste their own time.

      You do realize half of you are having conversations with yourself, right?

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        The best advice I can give you that you won’t take is stop digging yourself into a deeper hole.
        Did I say that because it’s good advice, or because I knew you would ignor it and provide more evidence, and do so of your own free will?
        If you knew you weren’t guilty, why delete all those damning posts?

        Maybe I’m too old school to see the humor in it, but I don’t it the least bit amusing when you tell other posters or myself to “eat a fucking bullet and go to hell” there is no greater condemnation than that.
        I couldn’t find the humor in your support for child pornography and pedophilia.
        Neither did I get the longest running joke about all the vile hatred of Jews and “N”s that I not even dignify by typing out.

        Denny, I fear you’re going to miss your birthday.

  76. Robby Mueller says:

    White supremecist domestic terrorist threats like Andy Ngo must be severely punished for disseminating conspiracy theories about the civil activist group of brave patriotic anti fascists who are simply declaring their dominion over the liberated people’s republic of Texas. Your government brothers at the FBI stand in solidarity against the white national fascism of Mr. Ngo.


  77. Denn Qrane says:

    Staring from scratch assuming one constant where do we end up? Go!
    Constant is “Red Cross” for _red_red

    1. EyeAm says:

      I don’t know where you get Red Cross from. It could equally be that ‘#RedForEd’ movement.

      Then again, there are two of them mentioned ‘_Red_Red_y_’

      Who knows. I don’t spend too much time on these things.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Thesis: recovery of funds operation?
      -We have more information than we’ve decoded
      -1.5 B cash flown to Iran
      -Red Cross video of boxes of cash
      -ledger issues
      Race is on to decode before news confirms truth…

  78. Denny Qrane says:

    Down the Mongolia rabbit hole = Genghis Kahn?
    Reliable path = greatest rule via religious freedom?
    Feel like Im way off, doesn’t fit military format, just throwing it out there for inspiration

    1. M. McCarty says:

      I have studied the life of Genghis Kahn, although many years ago, believe I understand this message loud and clear.

    2. EyeAm says:

      The only big thing to happen in the last couple of days–at least ‘over there’, abroad, in the middle east –is the son of Osama Bin Laden died. Unless there is an update I have not seen, the reports didn’t say how he died. Did he receive a ‘package’? Was it ‘extrajudicial punishment’? Hmm.

  79. Kay C says:

    Proverbs 29:2 (NIV) When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. WWG1WGA Patriots are winning Trump KAG 2020

  80. The real question says:

    When are we going to be told the truth about aliens coming here from space? How long have they been here? Do they walk among us? These are the important facts that should come out!

  81. EyeAm says:

    Notice there are two ‘3549’ posts?
    Yet the 473 and 474 is in sequence for both of them.
    Why is that?
    One of them should have been 3550.

      1. Robby Mueller says:

        Denny Qrane, what say you? Are you an avowed member of this domestic terrorism organization? Would you say this LARP has gone on too long?

  82. David Andrew Moore (Fuck you Hillary and pals) says:

    I’ve got something to say and unlike the news I can’t be bought. A politician named Gus Cramer in California is being set up and probably to save Demoncrats , he’s a Democrat but I believe voted Trump. He had mercy on my family and helped us, when no other ppl would help us get a home. I think unlike other Democrats he’d rather hire a hooker than buy a child to rape and I’ve had enough of the lies! If you want help proving something start looking at the small fish on trial for made up bullshit.

    1. BigJohn says:

      The Qanon cult has probably been looked at that way unofficially for quite some time now. Q followers have already committed acts of violence arising out of their radical beliefs and when you look at posts on social media and youtube and all that under Q propaganda posts you’ll often see people talking about stockpiling weapons and needing to take things to the next level and all that, ready for the fight. So many lunatics are attracted to this stuff and Q seems to be gearing people up for a fight, encouraging civil unrest if not civil war, etc. This is a dangerous cult. I hope the people behind Q are outed soon so those swept up in this nonsense can see they’ve been victims of a major con and they can come down from la la land and see that the world isn’t nearly as bad as Qanon makes it out to be and we can defuse this dangerous situation that does seem about to boil over. The president is not behind this. He is not Q+. He’s not that stupid. There is no collusion with the Qanon cult. He knows the vast majority of Americans would be furious with him if he was involved in this sneaky shady propaganda operation. This isn’t how a legitimate government acts. The only reason he hasn’t disavowed Qanon is that he will take help from wherever he can get it, foreign or domestic, and Q followers think he is a genius playing 3d chess and are completely devoted to him and will blast the interwebs with propaganda memes to get him elected and show up at the polls in force. Why would he want to mess that up by saying Qanon is a scam?

      1. kevinQalm says:

        what a pile of bullshit. Q is not inciting violence at all, just preparing the American loving population for the socialist onslaught. What’s the deal for you? Is it the “free everything” or maybe the open borders? online censorship? Must be nice to be able to spew propaganda without any challenges. No no, you must be for violent Antifa mobs harassing people for exercising their first amendment rights, Is that it?. Who are your heros, Cummings, Pelosi, Waters? ya know, the career politicians who somehow are worth millions of dollars while their cities are over run by rats and bum encampments? How inspiring. How about gun confiscation? That’s a good way to prevent patriots from defending themselves against a totalitarian state takeover. Brilliant.

        Don’t tell me its the $5 per post the DNC pays you. For that much you need to pick your game up. Maybe add some racist claims along with the other lies. Puhleease.

        Your bullshit narrative about crazy, violent Q patriots is fucking stupid. Nice try dipshit

  83. EyeAm says:

    ‘Q’ or ‘Qanon’ is a LARP. A Live-Action Role-Player.
    And, at this point, President Trump is a LOSER, for adding $4.1 TRILLION DOLLARS to the U.S. debt, bringing the total to $26.1+ TRILLION DOLLARS of unsustainable path. Onward, inexorably so, toward the cliff, over which it shall throw itself, smashing on the proverbial rocks below.

    I contacted Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, with three very real impeachable offenses done by Trump, who violated the Constitution three times in three years. I have urged them to impeach him. House impeaches, Senate tries.

    I also contacted the New York Times to make sure a particular headline occurs on November 4th, 2020, the day after Trump loses re-election. Told them all about it. Even suggested ALL CAPS, with BLACK and RED ink.

    Everyone has had their chance to drain the swamp.
    Nothing but Goldman Sachs and Soros people in the White House, or those with allegiances to Israel.
    Piss on that.

    1. BigJohn says:

      It’s only a matter of time before Trump disavows Qanon and says no way is he Q+. Heads will explode. He’ll take help from wherever he can get it as long as it serves his purposes. Q people think he’s a genius playing 3D chess. He likes that, has a need for people to think like that. They show up to vote and spread lots of memes that help him and hurt Dems. Up until now it has served his purposes enough for him to keep stringing Q people along. Once he feels like this scam is hurting him more than helping him he’ll act like he’s just heard of Qanon and say he’s never had anything to do with any of it, but some good people were into it. He won’t want to alienate Q people too much. Q people will look for hints in anything that he says or how he waves his hand around or whatever interpreting from this that Trump is playing 3D chess again and actually signaling to followers that Q is real and he’s totally Q+. He’s damned sure never going to claim Qanon because most Americans would be furious with him if he had anything to do with this sneaky propaganda scam.

      This is the beginning of the end for Qanon, thank God. It is a dangerous unAmerican cult and it is getting people all worked up and ready to fight and Q believers have already committed acts of violence because of it. This cult attracts a lot of crazy people and incites them. There is nothing good about it. More harm will come from it. Q needs to be outed, hopefully soon. People need to know who has really been behind this and Q followers need to know how easily they can be fooled and led astray and hopefully they will guard against that in the future.

      1. EyeAm says:

        There has been zero violence associated with Q/Qanon. Its followers are not prone to such.
        Democrats/liberals are historically associated with violence, not Republicans/conservatives.
        Democrats were behind the creation of the KKK.
        Democrats defended slavery.
        Democrats fought women’s rights (a Democrat Senate voting down the Susan B. Anthony law four times)
        Democrats are racist, socialist, emotionally reactive, not all that intellectual (which is far removed from violence).
        Q is on the side of sleuthing–riddles, even; codes. Takes one to calmly look at things to figure them out. Democrats/liberals wouldn’t do that, they would jump to their own conclusions–in their own heads, those violent thoughts–and do whatever.

        If I said ‘go jump off a bridge’, I’ve got full free speech and freedom of the press to say so.
        The FBI can never thwart the 1st Amendment.
        There has to be a real, viable, impending, obvious threat to the U.S.A., and Q does not provide that. NEVER has Q ever suggested overthrow or violence.

        Now, I’ve thought that maybe Q was–if not someone in the Trump administration–hackers or even FBI or CIA or NSA people…off the record, unofficial, and illegally…dropping hacked info and pretending to be an ‘insider’. Hell, could even be Russian hackers tapping into government comms and leaking stuff as if a Trump admin ‘insider’. Who knows?

        People who watch and participate and react to Q/Qanon are not culpable. And have free opinions, not under the purview of government. If any single person advocates overthrow or violence…that’s on them, of their own free will, and they are culpable, not Q/Qanon. Only the demented would ‘jump off that bridge’. Reasonable people won’t. I won’t. Likely most people here won’t.

    2. AyeEm says:

      Dude, go take your meds, and stop harassing the locals.
      The real poster who uses that alias is much more respectful than that.

  84. EyeAm says:

    So when are they going to get Schiff? When does Schiff-ty get his indictment(s)?
    I thought ‘Q’ really hated Schiff, along with Rosenstein.

  85. kevinQalm says:

    Hey DennyQ,

    Ok so Coats before Declass. Coats is supposed to retire on 8/15. Q has said August is a hot month that implies before august 31. So now we are at 8/15-8/31. Right? What day is in the middle of this range? 8/22? BINGO

    I won’t giver up yet but Im headed for that gold star….pick up your game, pal

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      I also think we aught to be looking at military action instead of, or maybe in addition to, declas.
      Multiple fronts of this war.
      The posts you and I are hurting our brains over appear to be military comms
      What is 29182?

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      I don’t know, that Q is quite the riddler?
      My take away was 8 and 9 are hot months, if that’s true, then August being all inclusive has to be false.
      I think we have to be very care with interpretation. Even if I’m correct at August/September, that still doesn’t assure us that sept 30 is full declas. Q said August is hot, but did not say that only August is hot.

      People are setting themselves up to be let down because they’re not reading carefully.
      My opinion is that if something doesn’t happen related to a timeline, it’s because I misunderstood, not because the transmission failed.

      I’ll keep trying, either code is solved, or things happen before solution could be found

      1. John says:

        What if were looking at the watches wrong?
        Dates. 27-19
        Hands. 10 & 5. 1 and 3
        8/2/18. Something big is about to drop. Q
        Maybe 8/2 is what we were supposed to find

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          I know it will make sense looking back.
          The constant is the destination, we just have to fill in the details by correctly using available data.
          You can try adding 12:00 to analogue times to generate a second set of numbers
          Or spell out numbers, use Gematria
          Eye am suggested coordinates
          Two nine one eight two
          1050 94 95 129 1050
          I could come up with Mongolia, but ended up abandoning that line of thought
          Sooner or later the right pieces will surface

  86. King Jesus David says:

    Tell the FBI to fucking respect and fear me. Only I deserve respect and I’ll make sure I’m the only one getting it. A government terror cell is the FBI and politicians and the earth should bow to suck my cock line up.

  87. Osiris says:

    “I am the Great One, son of the Great One, I am Fire, the son of Fire.I have made myself whole and sound. I have become young once more. I am Osiris, the Lord of eternity,” Egyptian Book of the Dead XLIII.2 And U can be Too ! The great awakening is about U and making the changes in your life. If your waiting for public hangings or as denny says when he’s on the bad side of his bipolar disorder, fighting in the streets. Well…That means your messed up mentally,spiritually and probably physically. I suggest putting down the CHEEZ-IT and TWINKIES down and go out for a walk, read a book or go do something nice for sombody it will make U feel better. Just sending some Love from Flint, MI.

  88. Denny Qrane says:

    You’re the proverbial canary in the coal mine; as long as you’re still here inciting violence, anarchy, hate speech, and advocating child pornography (3449) everyone else is fine.

  89. Police says:

    Forgive me, I’m new here. Just have one question after reading the comment section: Is Denny Crane Tom Arnold IRL?

  90. RandomFish says:

    I just recently drove into the q shit. All I have to say is, big if true, but Trump has literally done Jack shit about “draining the swamp” which makes me believe this is just a giant larp. People are bought and sold on this, without even the slightest skepticism, which is not a good sign. Anyways, not like my opinion matters in the grand scheme of this, so enjoy your larp, or like I said big if true. Either way I’m going fishing 🙂

    1. kevinQalm says:

      dude, check out all the people from the FBI , DO and CIA that have been fired. There must be 40. Many more have retired. There is a strategy involved, dont’ want to turn over the apple cart while we toss out the bad apples. Come on get in the game.

  91. Eileen McRae says:

    “Hot” as in weather? “Hot” as being in the “hot seat”? “Hot” as in “hot on the trail”? “Hot” as in “hot to trot”? “Hot” as in “What’s hot”? “Hot” as “strike while the iron is hot”? “Hot” like in “make it hot for someone”? “Hot” like in “hot under the collar”? “Hot” as in “too hot to handle”?…..There are multiple interpretations that can be applied to the word “hot”.

  92. rick says:

    2 1/2 years of waiting and delays and still no prosecutions….just more “wait and see what happens this month” nonsense. I don’t blame Trump for any of this. He’s just surrounded by DC swamp dwellers who have no interest in changing the status quo or exposing the real evils of what happens in our nations capital.
    As for who Q really is? I doubt it’s actually someone in the administration, probably just a bored computer guy amusing himself between masturbatory internet porn sessions.
    Hope I’m wrong but fear I’m right.

    1. EyeAm says:

      Where is that at? It’s certainly not here. You say ‘expected’? I WISH it was here. We need cooler weather.
      The last storm wiped out most of our pine trees and life has not been the same since.

  93. pissed patriot says:

    Q is fucking bullshit. He said 24 hours.. stop acting like everything is a cryptic code. It’s always “soon”, “be ready”. Like I get it if some shit actually happened but what has? Trump banned bumpstocks which was blatantly unconstitutional, and didn’t prosecute Hillary when he had the chance. I wish Q was real but this whole 4D chess scenario that he led me to believe has been nothing but thick hot smoke up my fucking ass and I’m sick of it. NYPD better drop the ‘Life Insurance’ video ASAP and trump needs to act on the sealed indictments. Tbh I’m starting to think that there is no ‘good guys’.

    1. BigJohn says:

      Be patient. It’s all 3D chess and way over your head. The Lord Q works in mysterious ways mere mortals cannot understand. Trust the plan. Have faith. This is your religion now. The deep state is always trying to trick you and lead you astray. Avoid all media except Q posts and Q friendly YouTube videos. Follow your shepherds like the good sheep you are and enjoy the spoonfed bullshit. That’s how you think for yourselves.

  94. theresa says:

    just because it says declass is AFTER coats does NOT mean declass will be immediately following. they do things SLOWLY. SNAIL PACE. we the ppl are tired of the dangling of the carrot. the “SOON”. the enjoy the show…its showtime, etc. IT DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT………..exhausted from hopes being deflated each and every time…

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Lots of moving parts, decades in the making.
      litedally restructuring the entire planet.
      When viewed in context, things are moving at warp speed.
      Noah had 120 years to build the arc, the next one will be done in less than 8

  95. Canadian says:

    God bless POTUS and the truth movement. Good always prevails in the end. So happy I’m alive right now to watch the show.

  96. Clint says:

    LOOKS AS THOUGH THIS ADMINISTRATION IS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OF THE PREVIOUS CROOKED ADMINISTRATIONS.. Comey gets a bye…… TRUMP AND Q are phony…… There are many of us that are full of the riddles and no action Trump administration….. time for plan B… time for the citizens to do what the politicians won’t…………

    1. Semper Stupid! Sgt. Of Nuclkeheads says:

      Exclusive: FBI warns of new domestic terrorism threat

      Q, yo bro. What gives? Were all losing faith. The longer u wait to pull the trigger the less effect it will have. The troops have lost moral, enemy is closing in and ammunition unknown? Not a good way to win the battle. Where’s uncle Mattis? Aleigence to the commander who cared for his troops. Shits getting dangerous for the infanrty. Good intiative, bad judgement (intel)? The scope to time is the most important facet on the battle field. Use it wisely!

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Q quote:

      “How do you ‘safely’ & ‘securely’ communicate through a backchannel w/ the public and bypass the FAKE NEWS MEDIA?
      How do you ‘safely’ & ‘securely’ communicate w/o breaking the law and violating NAT SEC?
      >Add multiple layers of ‘coincidences’ which mathematically proves legitimacy (standard deviation)<
      At what point do people wake up?

  97. Dipshit Denny says:

    Anyone notice that alot of Denny Cranes posts have been deleted. Is he gone or is he admin deleting his dumb comments???

  98. kevinQalm says:

    Let me guess, you douche bag bags with your cute names are big fans of Denny and are trying to goad him back to this site by trashing him, right?

    No? then how about moving on and try saying something based on reality, interesting and/or or with some with value.

    Do you have any opinions related to Q, politics, something in the news or is this the Anti-Denny site now?

  99. Debbie says:

    You’re an idiot if you think our President is alone. And you are a shill if your only purpose is to devide. Get over yourself. Their are many things that are above your pay grade.

  100. Dipshit Denny says:

    Uhh yeah it is a binary choice fuckface. You are here because you think q has a plan and you are following or you are not. You’re the only retard here that has flip- flopped idk i lost count, but has been a giddy fuck when things look promising (which I have pointed out and can lead people again to your posts) and a social, racist, pedo, when things are not. People here see through your shit. Nobody takes you seriously. You’re a sad fuck dude and nobody cares what you say anymore and for me that has been more than recent.

  101. Denny Crane says:

    Wow , good thing you found yourself some time from that big brain of yours to conjure up the voices in your head to create some characters here. By the looks of it though, you are still just talking to yourself. Pretty sad. Take those schizophrenic meds bud, they might help.

  102. Dipshit Denny says:

    Dude you’re retarded and Im from Minnesota, this was a sign of things to come when he only lost by 1 1/2% in 2016. Get your head out of your ass its not a hat. I said not two weeks ago that you would flip again like a fucking dumbass lunatic. You have no credibility here.

  103. kevinQalm says:

    Truth be told , he has been like this from day one, fighting for our economy, values and security. Glad to see you finally took the blinders off. 🙂

  104. Denny Qrane says:

    It’s a dangerous mistake to give an enemy like Denny Crane an inch of territory. He would shank you in an instant, without warning, while acting like he’s your friend. I don’t recommend turning a blind eye to him, letting your guard down for even one second. There’s deep rooted evil at work there. Proceed with caution, but DO NOT befriend him, it will cost you.

  105. kevinQalm says:

    When he flips back I’ll bust his chops then. If he shows a sign that his head has popped out of his ass, even for a second, I will let him take a breath of fresh air. Its a lot better to hear some common sense for a change than the same old shit so while it lasts just let it slide. I don’t have to shove his head back up there since he seems willing and able to do it himself.

  106. Denny Crane is antisemitic! says:

    When will you hate on Jews again Denny Crane?? You’re a shitbag antisemitic for sure and I’d love for you to get censured!!

  107. kevinQalm says:

    Christ, more of your alter ego aliases shitting on this site? Barely and Dunce McShitforbrains? What happened to their retarded cousins, the Mueller brothers and their insane stepsister, Joan? Just stick to your shtick; dipshtick!

    P.S. Don’t forget about Brunel now cooperating with authorities regarding sex trafficking and Grahams Ukraine senate investigation with Giuliani as star witness (he’s got sworn affidavits). Can you the thunder from the approaching storm? BQQM.

  108. Denny Qrane says:

    Thats assertion, Denny Crane, is yours and yours alone.
    Therefore its up to you to support your thesis.
    I would like to give credit to the author of that textbook definition, perhaps you could tell me which of the dozens of sites posting that definition is the true author? Lol
    Denny Crane, et al. = World class LOSER!!!

  109. Denny Qrane says:

    Is that narcissistic rage peeking out from under there?
    Did receive some kind of narcissistically injury by revealing the truth of your condition?
    I doubt that anyone except you was confused by a copy/paste of the textbook definition of your NPD.
    Is that how you operate; you like to do a lot of copy/paste in hopes of projecting false intellect?
    I know some very smart people, I keep waiting for you to impress us, you just can’t pull it off.
    Guess you don’t fit in their category, sorry to be the one to tell you.
    What is apparent, besides your dysfunctional sexual interest in under age boys, is that the more winning that patriots enjoy, and the more swamp draining that takes place, the more rage filled you become. You seem particularly defensive of shifty Schiff, and the Bidens…

  110. kevinQalm says:

    Listen good Duncecap, I’ll knock you and your brothers hollow coconut heads together so hard the nearby Samoan war tribes will row over to pay tribute to me.. After our celebratory luau we will bury your fuzzy remains in the smoldering hog pit and fill it with our shit McShitforBrains.

  111. kevinQalm says:

    yes, the saliva flung from the cornered rabid dog will hit something. All the rats are being implicated and are eating each other. Its all coming together like a medieval symphony led my the Orange maestro. The beautiful music sounds like…victory

  112. Denny Qrane says:

    Oops, I never said who was paying Denny Crane
    Interesting that you tacked on “Soros”; Freudian slip on your part?
    You still don’t understand our dynamic.
    Give you narcisistic supply in trade for information.
    You’re not in control.
    Have a great night Denny!

  113. Denny Qrane says:

    Cognitive dissonance is what the victims of narcissistic abuse suffer.
    Your cerebral narcissism is clear to everyone here except you.
    It’s why you express sour grapes over an inability to procreate with age appropriate women.
    I could go on much more detailing your profile, but for what gain?
    I just hope somebody gets you the help you need before its too late.

  114. Denny Qrane says:

    Given your perfect record of being wrong about everything 100% of the time, I was wondering if you had any stock tips so I could go long or short against your advice for a slam dunk? Do they even have an exchange where you’re from?

  115. KevinQalm says:

    Yes aware that hitler knew an invasion was imminent but didnt know when or where…….just like deep state knows whats coming so thats why we need to keep them off guard. Its war planning.

  116. kevinQalm says:

    OK Denny I know where you stand. I will admit being duped when, after step 3 of the plan, there are no indictments (i.e. step 4). I still feel confident the plan has unfolded in an appropriate manner and timeline. I don’t think Q predicted major events so I’m not seeing how he has failed. There is no way he could have done this without compromising operational security. He has certainly exposed the bad guys and their motives with facts and new information that has been verified on countless occasions. Anyways, I believe the storm is upon us and red October will have dramatic results. Can’t you feel it and see it. The rats are being called out bigly. the world is seeing it. The MSM can’t hide from it much longer. We are reaching critical mass. All of this shit had to build up like it has so it all piles on them with so much weight they are trapped. I know you are a warrior and wish you luck in the storm.

  117. Denny Crane says:

    Kevin deep down I think that no one will face justice and that ultimately the network of CIA / Dems / Media / Elite Biz Leaders / Old Money like Rothschild’s are firmly in control of the world (except maybe Russia and China) and Trump’s turn the other cheek, do nothing, stuffed shirtism is either an act of controlled opposition or just blatant incompetence. Q isn’t real man. The sooner you figure that out the better your adult life will be. You gota let go. You got duped. Happens. No one is perfect. It’s OK to admit you fell for it. I did. It’s a sign of moral character to admit you were wrong and learn from your mistakes. Wish you the best. Big John and Denny Qrane can eat a bag of dicks though… fuck those two.

  118. kevinQalm says:

    Hitler didn’t know about D-day. We wouldn’t have known about the mass corruption and treason if Hillary had won. Lots we don’t know until we know. But thanks to Q we know a lot more than we did. Patriots have been awakened. You are fast sleep but have one eye stuck open, deep down hoping its true and justice will be served. If so, you are not helping that truth come to light by staying in the dark. Rise up warrior and defend the righteous else join the damned and behold the dark.

  119. Denny Qrane says:

    Deep state, it’s minions, people it has leverage over, and fools too dumb to know why they shouldn’t accept the cash and/or non-cash payments to shill for them, are everywhere except here? Do you know how they got Al Capone? Tell me Denny, what tax line assignment do you use to report bashing proceeds?

  120. kevinQalm says:

    You already joined the other side once you started corrupting this site and the Q movement by posting all that radical racism and hatred while saying you were a Qanon patriot. All these extremist Qanon terrorists, right? Nice segue into the white supremacist mass shootings and 8chan closure. Then you became a more avid Qanon follower so your eventual doubting campaign somehow had more credibility. Then Trump and Barr were deep state operatives and you flooded us with your “it hasn’t happened yet” mantra somehow justifying the “Q the LARP” claim. Now, on one hand, you denigrate the idiot Dims for trying to impeach and on the other hand, say Trump needs to bow out, as if their impeachment move has any weight to it.

    The GOP has already called on the public to become whistleblowers against Biden and other HRC so eventually the WB status will comprise due process forcing all accusers to be identified. No more snakes using anonymous sources or undisclosed whistleblowers. The Mueller investigation was a wake up call. The public is now aware of the illegal spying, lying, leaking, corruption and treason. Hell, impeachment might have been in the plan from day 1. A lengthy, detailed senate impeachment trial with all the traitors under oath being grilled by the Republican senators, broadcasting the treason evidence daily, the whole world watching every second!! KA BQQM

  121. kevinQalm says:

    Impeachment has not really begun yet since there has not been a vote. Trump welcomes impeachment. Its part of the strategy to flush out Dims fraud, corruption and anti-American conspiring. The economy is awesome and Trump is building the wall. There are no legit grounds for impeachment so Americans will show their disgust at the polls, especially after Schiff & Pelosi were caught lying about the WB. The public is already fed up with Dems after the Mueller debacle.

    If the House votes for impeachment a trial starts in the senate where they have subpoena power and can cover any topic related to corruption and Russia hoax. This means they can bring in all the traitors under oath and question them as they show very damaging evidence. Also, many red state congressmen who vote yes risk re-election so this could push the house red. KA BQQM

    If the House votes against impeachment Trump can release Declass without the claim of it being motivated to the impeachment (i.e. political hit job). KA BQQM

    Checkmate suckers

  122. Denny Qrane says:

    Do keep track of the college admissions scandal
    Sentencing escalates with chronology
    #1 – 2 weeks jail time
    #2&3 – 4 months
    #4 (this week) – 5 months

    It demands following, I believe it will be the format used for draining the swamp.
    Earliest low hanging fruit who cooperate will earn leniency
    Big fish holdouts….little to no mercy.
    The swamp will participate in draining itself!

  123. New York Patriot says:

    Out of curiosity: when the first high level indictment is opened will you actually apologize and say you were wrong or will you then try to spin that?

  124. M. McCarty says:

    You forget there are many of us out here who lived through the trauma and sadness of our beloved President Kennedy being assassinated and saw what he was trying to accomplished being halted. We have not forgotten and have discussed with our children and grandchildren so they know the truth. Go back and read this history and some of the papers that have been released. Now our beloved President Trump is near to accomplishing his goals and we are with him, Q and their entire team.

  125. kevinQalm says:

    Does anyone still think Trump will win??? You have get to be kidding. Do you really think a handful of psychotic shills can spew their pathetic shit here and actually persuade anyone? Thanks for the good laugh. Damn, that hurt my stomach. He has been winning since day 1 and will continue to expose the traitors until they are thrown out of office, exiled or rot in Gitmo.

    I agree it there is a well scripted movie going on but it is a grand military intelligence sting operation orchestrated by a small group of super patriots including Trump, cheered on by million of Qanon patriots who are clever enough to see the great awakening. The storyline is the ultimate destruction of the deep state and freedom from the satanic Rothchild clan. The only mass extinction will be that of the fanatic globalist cult, one shitbag at a time if necessary,

  126. New York Patriot says:

    Amen Brother!! Shills will always shill even while in the middle of the fatal Death Roll! May God Almighty Bless all with the eyes to see and the ears to hear THE TRUTH!

  127. BigJohn says:

    Denny, to you everything bad is always some other group’s fault whether it be Jews or blacks or Boomers or women. It’s always the blame game with you so it’s no wonder you are such a miserable fuck. I feel sorry for you. You’re so damned angry and filled with hate. No wonder you feel suicidal. I hope your outlook changes someday and your life gets easier.

  128. Denny Crane says:

    That’s great JewJohn. Glad life as a cuck is working out for you. My personal life or history with women is not something I have any interest in discussing with duplicitous Jew pricks but rest assured I won’t be pissing away large amounts of money on gold and diamonds at your JEWlry stores so find other goyim to exploit. I’m a monk by choice and I enjoy my freedom, wealth, health, and emotional well being free from the toxic useless diseased lunatic harpies that are modern young women. I’ve been married and lived with two nurses. Just two days ago I had two reasonably attractive younger women offer sex in a bar. After turning them down as gently as I could they even offered a threesome. When I declined that they couldn’t handle the rejection and one slapped the back of my head and told me to go fuck myself because I started this (whatever that meant). I chuckled and said, ‘I don’t do that either’ and ‘don’t get angry I was just sitting here minding my business and told you I just wanted to enjoy my drink and wasn’t looking for anything else’. So yeah no issues there. But believe what you will. The simple fact of the matter is the vast majority of young women offer men very little, are not virtuous, can not stay loyal, can not cook, have little discipline with money and emotional control, view men as utilities and disposable ATM machines, land life ruining false accusations against innocent men without a second thought, and divorce rape millions of decent husbands with more cruelty and vindictiveness than Jack the Ripper showed his victims. There is an old expression you can love women or you can know them and I know them. I loved my grandmother very much, my mom was horrible and still is, and I mostly avoid all women personally and professionally especially millennials. After the age of MeToo would it surprise you that the number of young men age 18-34 that self reported themselves to be celibate for the last year shot up from 9% to 28%, more than tripling. It‘a no surprise really. Title IX kangaroo rape courts are running men out of colleges and workplaces are boogeyman trapped with lazy cunts all too ready to destroy careers with false accusations. You are too fucking clueless to observe the shit that is going on right in front of you, still living in that boomer matrix of self delusion while your tunnel vision and selfishness fucks up the world for the rest of us.

    I’m a compassionate sort: we should be kind to INCELS, they have gotten a bad rap growing up in a cruel feminist society which punishes men for being sexually unattractive instead of the long standing patriarchal attempts to foster productive paths for each and every human being, man and woman alike. Females can rarely see beyond their inate biological drives to secure the most desirable sperms so a feminist society is one that rewards alpha criminals and bad boys, sucks betas dry, and cruelly discards everyone else. It’s such a shame what the boomers have done to this country and culture. You literally have wrecked everything and caused so so much damage setting humanity on a path to another dark age. I can’t wait for you all to die. Good riddance.

  129. BigJohn says:

    Wow, Denny hasn’t had good luck with women. Imagine that. And it’s their fault, not his. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that he is a paranoid angry dick. So are you one of those incels? I guess if you’re a monk you aren’t involuntarily celibate, unless of course being a monk is more of a present state of being than a choice. Maybe you could get one of those mail order wives from the old country with old fashioned virtues rather than one of these awful modern American women who won’t put up with complete assholes?

    My wife is American and we’ve been together a long time and get along great and love each other’s company. I’m nice to her though, try not to be a dick, love seeing her happy, build her up instead of tearing her down, that sort of stuff. Maybe you could try that with a woman? I’m going to recommend nurses too, caring and nurturing but also badasses who save lives and they tend to make pretty good money and have great health insurance. They put up with assholes all the time and know how to take it in stride. They’ve had to clean up poop, have had to do all sorts of things that make them tough and humble. They had to make A’s and B’s in tough classes in nursing school so most are pretty sharp, and if they look good in scrubs they look good in anything. I sure love my hot nurse wife.

  130. Denny Qrane says:

    Are you saying that you missed comms?
    Or are you saying you can’t unpack them?
    I’m no genius, though I do suspect numerous posters outpace you considerably, so either you’re not a genius, or they’re super genius?

  131. Denny Qrane says:

    Interesting that you think the RCC is synonymous with the bride Christ.
    You are a shinning example of what knowledge without wisdom looks like.
    Perhaps if you understood the relationship between Jesus and His church, you would understand how to attract and keep an age appropriate woman for yourself?

  132. BigJohn says:

    No, I don’t really have time to post here under one name let alone multiple names, and you will never hear me encouraging anyone to believe this Qanon bullshit.

  133. BigJohn says:

    Okay, that’s kind of funny. I have to admit a cracked up at that comeback. Damn it, Denny, you could be a good guy if you weren’t such a hateful racist lunatic. You’re bright and funny, but then the ugly racism comes out, wanting war and all this nonsense. Maybe you should just walk away from all this politics mess and pursue other interests and you might turn into a decent human being,unless you just like being paranoid and angry and hate filled.

  134. kevinQalm says:

    I only said BULLSHIT cause Trump recently said that in a tweet. Besides unless someone is calling you a pedophile your skin is pretty thick. I still stand by the super duper stupid remark though.

  135. kevinQalm says:


    More like Red October. Patriots will go on the offensive, bigly. Your take on Trumps strategy is super duper stupid. Deep state maneuvers will simply be panic-stricken desperation. Anything they do is like the saliva being flung out of the mouth of wild, cornered dog.

    Evidence over propaganda. Stage 3, dummy. stage 3.

  136. kevinQalm says:

    ok, I guess I care about autism but……. not enough to talk about it or even mention it here on a qanon site. just saying. I thought it was a code word that I was not aware of. how silly of me.

  137. kevinQalm says:

    Great post that shows just how warped Mr. Constitution is. He has got to be a paid shill. How can anyone be so fucking clueless about EVERYTHNG.

  138. BigJohn says:

    I think a better option would be for Trump to resign and go back to reality TV and screwing people over in business and the Republican Party could hold primaries for 2020 and get someone better who shouldn’t have that hard of a time beating the losers the Dems are coming up with. Trump is too toxic for the country and the party. He needs to just go. He’s probably the worse thing that ever happened to the Republican Party and he’s sure not great for this country either. Things will get worse before they get better. Things will absolutely not turn out like Qanon cult member fantasize.

    And fuck no we don’t need civil war or martial law anything like that. That would be a bloody disaster for all of us. People need to chill the fuck out, calm down and figure out how to work through these difficult times with the least amount of damage to our country. We don’t need to listen to lunatics who want war or nutbag conspiracy theorists who encourage the loons who want war. Shit like Qanon is a big part of the problem we have in our country where things are boiling over. People are being manipulated by people playing very dangerous games. Unfortunately it’s all just likely to get worse in the lead up to the next election. This is a fucked up time our country is going through and hopefully we get through it without too much harm being done and get back to normal with only normal problems to contend with. I hope we can elect better leaders in the future who unify instead of divide, decent human beings we can be proud of as leaders. Maybe that will be the backlash of all this ugly political nonsense we have these days. The people will demand better leadership. Maybe that’s a fantasy too, but things are kind of cyclical and people do get sick of ugly politics and constant fighting.

  139. Denny Qrane says:

    That’s not what I get from the posts and time stamps
    But im not surprised by your reply either
    Mock what you can’t figure out or participate in

  140. kevinQalm says:

    My previous post addressed how crowdstrike was related to the server but not why it was located in Ukraine. Post 1815 says “We have the server[S].” what the hell does [S] mean? Plural would be (s) not [S]. Anyways, maybe there are 2 servers: one has the 33K deleted mails and the other is in Ukraine, used to transfer state secrets to China (i.e. open source access)??? Maybe Q team has the server that is in the States (i.e. [S]).

  141. Dipshit Denny says:

    So Denny is right on this one. Blind squirrel will find a nut a time or two. Post 1815 says they have the servers. Why is POTUS in a call with Ukraine to look into this? To bring to public view?

  142. Denny Qrane says:

    *raises hand* I have question…
    How does on go about f-ing right on off?
    I mean I’m no genius, just a humble servant, a garbage man, just taking out the trash. Anywho, it seems like the addition and immediate subtraction of the proposed action results in a null response. Meaning that person should actually take no action, just continue as they were.
    That’s quite a comeback “yeah, we’ll be neutral, or static!”
    Ah, cuts deep lol

  143. Dipshit Denny says:

    Also the server and was answered by kevin qalm was crowdstrike fuck face. The one they have been trying to get since the 2016 election.

  144. Dipshit Denny says:

    Calling him a moron, you wrote a post saying hey guys i think there something with this crowdstrike thing. What is this? Youre the one that is dum as fuck.

  145. Denny Qrane says:

    Words have power Denny.
    Do not forget I gave earthly license to heavenly involvement regarding the restraining and subsequent release of your cursed words upon you. You WILL be judged by the standards you judge, and reap the full reward of the tongue you willingly submit to satan’s work. Remember it when you next contemplate ending your life. Rember moreover what awaits those who reject Christs free offer on this side of the veil, and just maybe you will not be destroyed, as is your current trajectory. You have everything in common with the satanic lead swamp, or can’t you see and hear it in your own words? You have exactly zero chance of survival on your own apart from your creator, zeerow, zilch, nada. You have even less chance as long as you continue make agreements with the demonic. The next time someone with discernment tells you there’s a demonic influence over your life and to break that agreement by giving up the little boy porn, you should take heed, lest you be given over to your retrobate mind and delivered up to the tormentors.

  146. kevinQalm says:

    Wow Denny, how the fuck do you know all this???? Pence isn’t loyal? Greg Craig was proof of that and Epstein got whacked or shuttled off for plastic surgery? Proof? Just stick to your opinion and don’t say shit like you know its a fact. hypocrite.

  147. BigJohn says:

    What is with this constant Jew stuff with you, Denny? My dad was a Methodist. He was born into a Baptist family but started going to a Methodist church when he was a teen in the early 50’s because I liked the preacher’s daughter. His grandfather was a Baptist preacher who founded a big Baptist church in either North Carolina or South Carolina. I can’t remember which but we still have a giant stack of his sermons stored somewhere. I’m not even sure what church my mother’s parents went to, but they were protestants from Scotland and one had one Irish protestant parent. My dad almost went to seminary but decided on medical school instead and he taught adult Sunday school up until his health wouldn’t permit him to anymore around a year before he died.

    I’m not Jewish, Denny. I don’t have any Jewish lineage that I know of and I don’t really know any Jewish people other than one judge who I never see because she handles domestic relations and juvenile court and I don’t do any family law or dependent neglect DHS cases or any of that kind of crap because I hate that work. I haven’t talked to that lady in years but did know her when she was a kid and knew her parents. I’m in a small town in the South. I don’t even think we have a synagogue in my town. (Googled it after typing this and saw we do have a United Hebrew Congregation synagogue here. They had pictures and everything, like eight people there and they don’t have a Rabbi.) We just don’t have a lot of Jewish people in little Bible Belt small towns typically, certainly not in my town.

    Personally, I’m not religious at all. I quit believing in that stuff about the time I quit believing in Santa Claus. I’m not religious and as I have told you before my ancestors come mostly from Scotland. I also have a little Irish and English in my and I had one great great great great (not sure how many greats) granddad who was a Huguenot from France. The Huguenots were protestants in France who were persecuted and many of them came to the Americas especially in the 17th Century. My Huguenot ancestor came in the 18th Century though and apparently he helped General Lafayette train troops for the Revolutionary War and ended up owning a plantation. My mother did all the genealogy for both families going back into the sixteen hundreds. There isn’t a drop of Jew blood in me I don’t think, but I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit it if there was because I don’t have a problem with Jewish people like you. I don’t have a problem with black people or Hispanic people or any people really as long as they aren’t bothering me. You hate everybody though. That’s your problem, not mine, just another one of the many ways you make your life harder than it has to be. You’d be a lot happier if you could figure out how to let go of all this anger and hate inside of you.

  148. Dipshit Denny says:

    I think the impeachment inquiry is the start of the storm. Dems seem to be setting themselves up or this was part of the plan. They are going to try and impeach this president with no credibility behind it and it will bite them in the ass. First objective for the Q plan is to get trump re-elected, if you are following that is what a lot of these posts are portraying. However to get re-elected there’s going to have to be a an awakening. Everybody has been been patient but Im not just following Q for major arrests. Trump has turned this country around. Pedo rings in the hundreds are being found out. Clinton foundation has seen an 88% decrease in donations. Economy is hot. You are seeing many republicans and democrats resign all the time, since he was elected. He is draining the swamp. Since the news doesnt feed you this, Denny is still an uptight bitch. This impeachment I believe will expose a lot of the players. 8 chan also isnt dead as Denny says. Founder says the site will be up and running soon and they also said they left voluntarily. Dont believe everything you hear. Dont believe what I say. Do your own research. Apparently Denny does not. Whats crowdstrike? Couple years too late on that one. Yikes. Sounds like he is copying and pasting articles he finds. That doesnt make you smart. We’ve read those too. Think for yourself.

  149. BigJohn says:

    I’m guessing he’s on disability with a bipolar diagnosis, PTSD, and maybe antisocial personality disorder or something like that. He sucks off the government tit, gets that check and housing assistance, etc. Obviously he’s not taking his meds though. You need t take your meds, Denny.

  150. Denny Qrane says:

    Sad the admin had to hide your comments from public view.
    What are your intentions for the underage “material” on your devices?
    With all that’s going on, why do you still have it?
    Should I tell them what you and I know to be true? That it’s not young girls who should fear you most.
    Dark to light Denny.
    Red October there Mr. Network engineer.

  151. Denny Qrane says:

    ‘member how the whole time you were claiming no wall was being built, that actually miles and miles of wall were built?
    ‘member how you wanted to bash potus for Acosta, and then he stepped down and you had to eat these words?
    In the Near future we look at your current moronic claims that nothing is happening and we will all have a good laugh at your expense.
    Who told you, you were smart?
    Ask yourself what they gain by overstating your ability to you?
    Think about it…but not much in one sitting, lest you implode.

  152. Denny Qrane says:

    We’re not talking about everyone, just you.
    So you admit you were lying when you said you were a network engineer for Apple?
    Or when you said you made so much Miley daytrading that you don’t need to work anymore?
    I think there was one or two other fake titles you claimed.
    It’s ok, we all knew you are full of it.

  153. kevinQalm says:

    Typo correction…meant to say “…… maybe a few interesting, plausible theories but mostly your big facts are based on something ‘not happening’…..which is silly given the fact that most of those things are based on your expectations or hopes and not on specific timelines from Q”

  154. kevinQalm says:

    How do I know what I know? Is this a loaded question so you can attack my answer because I disagree with you? You have your opinion and I have mine. Rational, common sense thinking based on facts and logic usually results in rational, common sense, fact-based conclusions. I see that in Q posts, over an over again. My opinion is based on filling in the gaps that fit a rationale solution based on my world view I will self correct when I see facts that refute my opinion and update it as required. I don’t see anything coming from you that would do that…… maybe a few interesting, plausible theories but mostly your big facts are based on something ‘not happening’…..which is silly given the fact that most of those things are not based on your expectations or hopes and not on specific timelines from Q. I’d taking you seriously if you pointed out facts like events that actually happened which would cast doubt on Q. I don’t jump on the fake news and don’t push it out there recklessly in order to make my point. I don’t think FOX gets it right all the time but I do tend to put more trust in them, by far, than the commie stations. I have many other conservative sites, forums, twitter etc. that I follow and compare to see consistencies and how it fits with Q and my understanding of things.

  155. kevinQalm says:

    Fuck no on Biden. Once his corrupt shenanigans in Ukraine and Chinese get fully exposed he’ll be lucky to walk down the street without getting the shit kicked out of him. He thought he and cabal owned the planet and he could do whatever the hell he wanted, If he wanted to take care of his son maybe he should have made sure he didn’t turn out to be a coke head loser or gave him a board of director position at his family-owned business. Oh wait, I guess he thought owned the US so…… Well not anymore. A new sheriff is in town will balls the size of your inflated head. You are boing us with your low-emotional IQ “it hasn’t happened yet” bullshit.

  156. Dipshit Denny says:

    I dont think Biden will be the nominee, nadler impeaching Trump is a joke knowing full well it get slammed down in the senate if it does pass the house, and pelosi scheming an assassination against the president is just another wildly dumb statement from you

  157. kevinQalm says:

    The difference between Texan cowboys from blue counties versus red counties? In red counties the shit is on the outside of the boots.

  158. kevinQalm says:

    Hey, Denny ” it hasn’t happened yet ” Crane…..You can find the plan in Q posts #1 thru # 3570. You’ll need a rational thinking brain, emotional IQ over 20, some common sense and a little patriotism to put it together…….. So, maybe better to just follow my nice 6 step summary, .Q plan for dummies

  159. Denny Qrane says:

    Technique – try to break down confidence by creating the illusion of waining loyalty because it’s easier to undermine confidence if you can appear to be one of us. You are not, never were, probably never will be.
    Technique – always spread FUD, even when it looks like you’re not, by trailing with a backhanded statement.

    Let’s talk about who you work for?

  160. kevinQalm says:

    Grasshopper, we are at stage 3. This stage prepares the public by exposing the swamps lying, leaking, sedition and corruption. Q has a process in order to follow the law and maximize punishment, unlike the Dims that started impeachment before POTUS was elected. Please don’t utter the words “Trump is facing impeachment ” as if that somehow reflects badly on him or the Dims have scored a victory . I would treat that with some concern if the congress was made up of honorable Dims who followed facts and the law instead of propaganda and lies.

    1) keep country strong 2) drain swamp & conduct investigations 3) release evidence to public in steps to expose the rats, prepare the sheep and manage the fallout 4) issue indictments and make arrests 5) conduct tribunals and convict 6) lock up in Gitmo or hang from a rope.

  161. Stinson says:

    Red flags mate… False whistle blowers give covering fire for bad actors to manoeuvre and so get caught, False, easily disproven, false flag trump dirt to discredit desperate dems. These people are stupid, give them the noose to hang themselves.

  162. BigJohn says:

    If Trump wasn’t so damned shady there wouldn’t be a constant supply of whistle blowers. He likes to paint it into this them against us “deep state” nonsense, but really he’s just always up to something shady and getting caught at it and weaseling out of scandal after scandal. Good thing for him that conspiracy theories like this Qanon nonsense exist to keep people focusing on everyone but him and his unscrupulous conduct. No matter what he does it’s always this imaginary “deep state” picking on him but boy are they going to get theirs and soon too, next month, no, next month, no, next month, and on and on and on. People are such suckers. We are in need of a Great Awakening of sorts, from bullshit fantasy like Qanon.

  163. BigJohn says:

    Substance is kind of pointless when dealing with irrational people who are caught up in what is essentially a cult. You’ll be ready for that later when you can just no longer believe this nonsense you are into not because a miracle happens and someone is magically able to talk you out of your firmly held but irrational beliefs, but because nothing happens, nothing particularly storm-like, no great purge where all the bad guys are sent away and we have peace on Earth and great prosperity and unicorns and whatever you think is going to happen after the great totalitarian state-like purge of thousands. It’s all a fantasy, a carefully crafted fantasy, and eventually you just won’t be able to ignore that fact anymore.

    You need people telling you that and often to hasten the inevitable. You’re going to keep getting that from people which you will find bothersome but the longer this “plan” goes on without the big reveal and the mass purge you’ve been promised the more you’re likely to agree with the rest of us that Q is in fact bullshit, which is actually going to be quite liberating for you after the initial disappointment. You’ll be free from this unhealthy obsession and you will realize most people are actually pretty decent and life will actually be better for you.

    Q makes the world a lot scarier place than it is but that’s a probably with conspiracy theories in general. The real world is bad enough as it is so why in the world would people want to be caught up in a bunch of made up scary shit on top of the bad enough real shit? Way too much of that is going on these days and it’s being pushed on people for manipulation purposes and getting people worked up more than they need to be.

    The Q thing will fade away some day by attrition. People can only be strung along so long before they give up. I hope it comes out someday who was behind the Q posts and what they were up to. They had a pretty good run and may not be done. I hope they’re done but doubt we’re that lucky.

  164. Dipshit Denny says:

    Actually, everyone here except you and big john are following this just fine. I don’t understand why you keep coming back for probably the 20th time. Nobody here really gives a shit what you say. Try baiting underage girls on tinder if this isnt your thing. You seem to like that more. For someone to call people out all the time, you look pretty fucking stupid to say im done here , gonna get rid of all my electronics blah blah blah… then back again blah blah blah…You have some weird fetish to be here and dont get it dude. Troll all you want, you aren’t changing opinions here. Same rhetoric, same shit said daily, nobody gets your end game here. Denny Crane -“ Im really smart but I cant do anything to help. I hope this happens and thats why I stay and hope somebody talks to me. You’re all dumb and I know whats best for everyone. Do you guys know what Crowdstrike is? Did I mention Im really smart? Fuck all of you, good luck idiots. See you in two days.

    PS: did I tell you Im really smart?”

    This is how I see you and probably most of the others here.

  165. Denny Crane says:

    My father is a VP with a masters degree, my brother a surgeon, I’m a math and computer wiz. They are all reluctant Trump supporters mostly because of immigration and economy but they don’t really understand this Russia conspiracy. They think Trump did collude with Russia with Facebook and that Cambridge form but they just don’t really care. My brother leans dem and voted Johnson in 2016 and thinks Trump is an oaf. He is still incensed that Flynn betrayed America and Trump hired him! I send him updates on the case but rarely get a response. Dad still has a hardon for Biden but is a little upset over his kid sniffing and thinks he was just trying to help his son do OK. The concept of him selling out America for 1.5 billion dollars for his son’s firm and 50k a month payoffs from Ukraine just doesn’t register. I’ve tried to follow everything and I can barely keep it all straight. The only thing I know is no one will ever be brought to justice, the dem party is a protection racket, and the media will run cover for it all as GOP = Nazis.

    Maybe my family is an anomaly but my point is this shit is so fucking complex no one understands it or cares. They catch a few hours of news a week and thats it man. If Trump
    Charged 12 of them and dragged the trials out for a year or two even if they all lose and get acquitted the message would at least seep through that some dems did some bad things. I don’t think you have a grasp on how simple people are or how the narratives get crafted. The dema are experts at it which is why they are winning.

  166. kevinQalm says:

    There is the “it hasn’t happened yet so it must be a cult” syndrome again. Patience grasshopper. Weight the evidence, activate emotional IQ and use common sense. Q has said to let this pan out in due time.

    1) keep country strong 2) drain swamp 3) conduct investigations 3) release evidence to public in steps to expose the rats, prepare the sheep and manage the fallout 4) issue indictments and make arrests 5) conduct tribunals and convict 6) lock up in Gitmo or hang from a rope.

    We are now at step 3. There too many Qanons awake and motivated now to let these shitbag deep state rats run free. If the legal system is unable to do the job we will do it one way or another. We have the will but we need to re-elect Trump so we have the way (i.e. 2nd amendment)

  167. kevinQalm says:

    I see your point but remember DS has been in control for a long time, including judges, ethics and law enforcement (pedo blackmail runs deep and wide). Let’s see what happens now that the swamp is drained and all these investigations are wrapping up .

    Dershowitz said what Dims did regarding Ukraine quid pro cuo is not illegal, just dirty politics. Hunter may face charges since he received money fraudulently but Sleepy Joe and the other shitbag Dims will walk, just as Trump will not be impeached.

  168. Denny Qrane says:

    If it’s your contention that nothing is happening, you’re not paying attention.
    Patriots are calmly enjoying the show, only the guilty are squirming and anxious for closure.
    Can you not see and hear the impact of the latest events on Biden?
    Think he acted alone?
    Think his coconspirators are sleeping well this week?
    Most people are unnerved by flashing red and blue lights of a simple traffic stop.
    You grossly underestimate the process if you think they’re not already being punished.
    I’m happy with the progress, but you sure seem to be bothered by pace…
    Think of the contrast between where we are, and where they thought we would be when she won; the “wrong” Potus had all those empty appointments to fill with conservative judges instead of their cronies. Oops.
    It’s been a monumental undertaking being played on so many levels that it’s almost incomprehensible.
    I’m awestruck, and that doesn’t happen easily.

  169. Dipshit Denny says:

    How can you not see that things are in motion. There’s different perspectives. You didnt even know what crowdstrike was. They may not be accountable now but we have patience . You do not. This whole plan is either a boom or bust. I think I speak for alot of people here that if something big doesnt happen by election then youll see people like myself leave. Part of this is draining the swamp but he also needs to be re-elected or the plan fails. I dont care if there are arrests right now. At some point in the next year there will have to be something significant to happen otherwise why the charade. They are timing this so he gets re-elected and fulfills what he said he would do.

  170. BigJohn says:

    One way or another this will die after the next election. None of this crap you guys have been promised is going to happen whether Trump wins or loses. You’re just being strung along. Nothing will happen before or after the election. Before the election you will keep hearing big things are coming but will be asked to remain patient because the big stuff is really and truly coming soon when the timing is just right. Of course the timing won’t be right before the election mysteriously, but you’ll keep being told the deep state is about to go down, there is panic everywhere, a new dawn is coming and everything will be unicorns and rainbows after much paid for the bad guys. Most of you will fall for that because you have been falling for that since the beginning of this Qanon scam. You’re just being conned and used.

  171. kevinQalm says:

    Per Q: HRC sold intel to China by granting access to her open source server. FBI had hired CS to examine HRC server for the missing emails and they concluded they were hacked by Russians. So, it looks like CS and FBI were complicit in the cover up. Too bad for them SR had made copies. She also sold out 20 CIA agents operating in China who were killed or imprisoned.

    Fox news: CrowdStrike revealed that “two separate Russian intelligence-affiliated adversaries” had hacked into the DNC network in May 2016. The group was reportedly called on by the DNC when the committee began to suspect something was up with its network in the months leading up to CrowdStrike’s investigation.

  172. kevinQalm says:

    yes, saw it in the transcript. Crowd_Strike was the cyber security firm that the FBI used to inspect HRC server. Not sure if this was to review security classification of the mails or to recover deleted mails.

    But you would know if you spent more than 5 minutes looking into it…..right? what gives ?

  173. blackpill says:

    bro, do you ever have nightmares? are you enjoying this dream? there will come a day you wish you were dead, and death will flee from you…

  174. Denny Qrane says:

    Easy there renegade, you seem obsessed with Q and law enforcement.
    In fact you’re the only one throwing those titles around, saying who is, and who is not.
    I’m just a LARP asking questions.
    If you feel threatened by the questions that’s your conscience speaking.
    Why else chime in when you’re not even mentioned?…unless your subconsciously outting yourself.
    “Nothing to see here”
    “These people are stupid”

  175. Dipshit Denny says:

    I believe Biden walks for the time being. Vote wont even make it to the senate I think which is why Pelosi was reluctant to bring this inquiry for some time. Too many red districts with dems holding them that they wont want to vote fearing that they will lose their seat next year. Even if it does wont pass the senate. All sealed indictments and subpoenas will be handed out in a bunch just like they let Comey walk for the time being. This impeachment inquiry only helps the president in my opinion.

  176. kevinQalm says:

    Denny, it doesn’t matter that poor Biden will be canonized by the DS mob. What really matters is that the senate would not vote to impeach Trump because he has not committed an impeachable offense. Furthermore, not only has Biden admitted to his Ukraine corruption on video but is under investigation for far worse corruption related to China, which will ultimately be linked to Obama

    In the end, none of the above will even matter that much after FISA abuse declass and pedo-ring evidence is released. Several Dims will be indicted, they will lose key seats in Congress and their reputation will be damaged beyond repair.

  177. kevinQalm says:

    Just think if the phone call transcripts that will be released tomorrow involve the Ukrainian president describing in detail their investigation into Biden for the whole world to read.. ouch. well played Mr. President, I mean Maestro. Dims were baited and jumped the gun. get trump at all costs.
    Panic smells like……….victory.

  178. kevinQalm says:

    The meds bro. reach for the meds. I’m sure they are close by. Forget the water just take a few now and swallow them down, Don’t worry, you’ll be OK. Relax, breath. lay down, close your eyes. You’ll be OK.

  179. kevinQalm says:

    Sorry mate, the Bidens are going down along with the Congressional leaders. This whole Ukraine whistleblower thing was a set up. Let’s not forget about the FISA abuse declass and Epstein/Buck stuff looming. Our buddy Julian has got some secret juicy bits as well. Nothing can stop what is coming. It’s going to be BIBLICAL.

  180. Denny Qrane says:

    Good catch!
    Could have been dismissed if Denny kept his mouth shut instead of outting his group with a rant.
    Q was right with the statement “these people are stupid”

  181. kevinQalm says:


    I have a strange feeling you intentionally picked the complete opposite POV than me with your predictions. I thought we agreed on some things but guess I was wrong. Maybe you actually are the crazy shill many here assume or you are maybe you are just playing the devils advocate (i.e. satan reincarnated)….dipshit !!!!

    BTW I am going to trounce you! You’ll be lucky if its not a shut out. Big goose eggs. Nada, zero, zip.

  182. kevinQalm says:

    Very funny BUT we both know my predictions, although steeped with hope, are much more realistic since there is actually traction and plausible trajectory on most of them. I keked several time.

  183. Denny Qrane says:

    You don’t sound calm, relaxed, and confident.
    The person who brags out if context about being calm, smart, tough, etc. is usually the opposite.
    Show us your troll muscles…Grrr…lol stop before you hurt yourself.
    Anyone paying attention knew schiff was going to be on deck again after NM rally.
    Why does your liberal left team get decades to screw things up, but patriots are supposed to fix it overnight?
    You remind me of that pedo, RINO, lover of little boys, Milo Yiannopoulos.
    Do you know him personally?

  184. Tony says:

    What’s really happening? Why is Julian Assange Not being pardoned? Why is Hillary Clinton and podesta see raping kidsim being to think the deep state has dirt on Trump I see low level child porn changes but not on the fact child human remains were pulled out of the waters of Ebstien island. Yes the walls going up but NYPD cops are being offed every week we are up to 11 dead cops. I can find enough evidence on YouTube to look these people up but yet they remain free with fat pockets. How many people are going to die before someone gets arrested. Wtf are they going to do send indictments to gravestones this is getting fucking ridiculous

  185. Denny Qrane says:

    “Dr Jordan Peterson pulls back curtain on Google tactics”
    Wasn’t hard, no cryptic decode necessary. Where did you get lost?
    Reading comprehension not your strong suit?
    Let me distill it even further, ready? Sound it out if you need to.
    Jordan Peterson, Google

  186. Denny Qrane says:

    No self promotion, just giving credit where credit is due.
    Potus is great at promoting other people! Great leadership that the left will never understand.
    Dude is a political juggernaut!
    Speaking of giving all credit due…when will we see your name in the peri arrest list for your role in possessing and distributing child pornography? I have it on very good authority that you haven’t ceased from its use.

  187. GregQ says:

    Denny Crum is back!! I’ve been praying for you! What happened to not using electronic devices ever again??? Oh well, another lie from Denny Crum is always expected. I never read your posts because of a lack of credibility. Learn from this experience to help your social skills.

  188. kevinQalm says:

    Heeeee’s baaaaaaack.
    It seems you are still hinging on the timelines while ignoring the weight of evidence. Are you doubting the explosive damaging nature of the declass material as estimated by those closest to the investigations? You have stated several times you think Trump & Barr are deep state and Q is a LARP. Will that opinion change once the declass happens and the material reflects the evidence already supports regarding treasonous activities, coup conspiracy, lying to congress and corruption? Who exactly needs to be indicted before you believe the intent of POTUS and Barr was to seek justice for the alleged crimes mentioned and are not deep state? Who will you blame if those indicted are not convicted?

  189. Dipshit Denny says:

    No shit, I skip reading pretty much anything he says now. Not worth the time and this what the 20th you said you would be gone dumbass.

  190. M. McCarty says:

    Stop threatening and do it. We are tired of coming to this board and seeing your long posts and not reading them because you posted

  191. Denny Qrane says:

    You wanted all eyes on you.
    Are you not getting the attention you wanted?
    Are you sure you still want full exposure?
    Dark to light…

  192. Dustyguy says:

    The Entities

    Just think. A life form that’s reached the epitome of existence. They had shed their need of physical forms and elevated their mental capacity to all knowing. Time, telepathy, telekinetic powers, even the powers to create anything imaginable was theirs with just a thought. Boredom was plaguing them. They were losing the will to exist. One entity was the hub of all major thoughts and decision making. He filtered the suggestions prior to passing them to the masses. Sheer boredom was causing many mental anguish to the extent they were were either contaminating the others with illogical thoughts or they simply stopped existing. Boredom was poisoning their lives and killing them. They had become Bi-polar drama queens. The masses knew excitement would counteract the boredom but how could there be true excitement if they controlled everything? That was their ticket. They would relinquish control. They started slow. As outsiders looking in.
    They created a world filled with flora and fauna. Then they created mortal humans. Watching the humans interact was fun at first but it was like watching a movie over and over. Something was still missing. They needed to be a part of the scenario. They needed to be encapsulated inside the human and feel what they feel and experience their lives on the stage. Their method was brilliant. An entity would be planted inside an unborn child. The entity’s memory would be erased with just the basic functions required for survival much like we reset a computer to factory settings. Now the entity would feel, see, taste and touch everything the human does. (The movie AVATAR transferred the human into the Avatars body telepathically too.) The entities Loved the drama and excitement of a new beginning. Starting over in a new form from birth to death. Tasting, smelling, feeling the emotions both high and lows, living the challenge of surviving in a harsh environment. Their craving for excitement was fulfilled. They did install a few warning tools to help preserve the human from danger. A sixth sense comes in handy, and they built in a few moral, or ethical rules needed for the humans to survive in a society.These tweaks can be over ridden by the entity at his discretion. That keeps him with a free will.

    Let the games begin.

    The people sensed there was something inside of them. They also sensed there were super powers that created everything. They named the thing inside of them a soul and the super powers were their gods. Through the ages, people from around the world have developed forms of religion. Often describing Gods, spirits, heaven and hell. The Greeks and Romans had several Gods from supreme beings to half God, half human and even creatures that are half animal and half human. The entities were alive. There was so much drama and uncontrolled violence for them to experience and emotions they hadn’t felt for a very long time. Life was fun for the entities.
    Life was becoming simpler and more complex. Entities were circumventing the rules of memory deletion by taking a short-cut to the full grown human form and breeding with the mortals. Their offspring held great powers in a human body and the children were not fully equipped to handle such power. Flying dragons, multi headed dogs, wizards and monsters were polluting the population of humans and animals by creating a more diverse and inhuman offspring. That’s not what the entities had in mind. Interactions between the entities and the humans was out of control. Excitement and drama was great but there had to be boundaries set. Uniformity was required for this game to survive.

    a correction

    Seeing the planet is out of control, the entities decided to make a change. Entities were no longer allowed to take a short-cut to human form and breed with the humans. All flora and fauna must follow a set method of progression. Genes could no longer be altered to create new species. Only natural mutations would be accepted. To restore some form of control to the situation, the entities created a human and claimed he was the son of God and there would only be one God from then on. This put the binders on the out of control lifestyle of the crazier entities and slowed the action down to a more controlled pace. The only entities allowed to contact the humans were known as angels and their only mission was to inform humans of the new Gods word. They still have some drama but not as wild as before. Today we look at the Greek and Roman religions as myths but the truth is, “We don’t know.” Because it’s hard for us to imagine Pan, Medusa and flying dragons. That doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. If the entities can create heaven and earth, I bet they could create anything they could imagine. Even fire breathing flying dragons. I wonder why they kept the Platypus and not the Unicorn. The Greek and Roman religions lasted for thousands of years and writings about their Gods have lasted through time along with the ruined temples built for worshiping them. People spent allot of Time, money and effort immortalizing these fairy tales. Maybe they weren’t myths?….A side note…. When the entities took the shortcut into a full grown human without deleting their memories, they used a tool to help inject themselves into the body. This tool left a mark just below the eyebrow along the outside of the eye. For some unknown reason, this mark continued showing up on their offspring from the human relationships. The mark has continued and is continuing today in their decedents. These gifted offspring have extra sensory perception among other abilities along with a high I.Q. … They are capable of clairvoyance, mental telepathy and several other gifts from their entity parent. Unfortunately, these gifts are like any other muscle and must be developed at a young age or they atrophy and fade away. Just for grins, look in the mirror and see if you have a mark just below your eyebrow near the corner of your eye. During the dark ages, this was known as the mark of the devil. Witches and warlocks were known to have the mark and super powers… Think about it….

    Breaking the rules

    Eons past from the stone age to the bronze age. A few thousand years past between the bronze age and the industrial age. A few hundred years past from the industrial age to the computer age. A few generations past between the computer age and the internet and super computer age. Today, new profound technologies are being discovered every few months. Progress is at hyper speed. Are some of the entities planting ideas inside of their human hosts? Have you ever had an idea and not know where it came from? Have you experienced a miracle? They may be behind the miracles we see. More drama… More fun?…. Maybe the entities are behind our technology and human transformation. They love fast and loose thrills, excitement and stress. Who can say what they do.


    Ghosts and spirits roaming the earth may be entities that have lost their human host but aren’t quite ready to quit the party. Stories are told around the world about encounters with ghosts and haunted houses. Can’t they perceive the end result of their game? Are they not willing to take the next step? Maybe they just can’t accept “game over”.


    Mankind has progressed to an unexpected level. Today mankind is busy deciphering the genetic code, editing the DNA to repair birth defects and eradicate some diseases. Stem cell therapy is curing allot of physical maladies. Along with combining computerized technology in artificial limbs, pace makers and a sundry of other methods of incorporating computerized robotics into the human anatomy. Are we becoming androids? Humanoids? How far will we be meshed with computerized robotics and still be human? Computerized robots are already becoming our workforce. There’s no job in the near future that a robot will not be able to do better than a human. In the age of robots, how will we know who has a soul? How will we know who is a human and who is a robot? Will we see it in their eyes. Will we just sense it?

    What goes around…

    Scientists are rewiring the brain with new technology allowing us to connect with other computers telepathically. We could call it blue tooth?
    They also have sped up the aging process in Salmon so a salmon will age three times faster that a normal Salmon
    . If they can speed up the aging process, they are a step away from slowing it down. Maybe even stopping the aging process… Another word for stopping the aging process is “immortality”. Now who will have access to immortality? I’ll give you a hint. The very rich.
    The rich immortals will have a problem with the unemployed mortals that are using up the natural resources, polluting the environment and breeding like rats. How will they deal with them? How will they distinguish the real human mortals from the androids or whatever else that is running around?
    Science will keep snowballing at hyper speed until the humans have found a way to shed their human form and become like their creators, Then will they get bored and create a new form of entertainment?…again?… Maybe…. ???…. Have fun and enjoy the ride….

    We, you and I, are the entities…. We are addicted to the activity and seek more… Our forefathers lived a slower pace with fewer modes of entertainment. Today, we as a whole, spend our waking moments interacting with our cell phones, computers and TV’s. Our attention span has shrunk to seconds opposed to our ancestors who could spend hours, even days, concentrating on one subject. We get bored and change the channel without giving the plot time to thicken. We, as a whole, are nearing the end of the ride yet we can’t take the time to look down the road far enough to see it coming…. Maybe it’s for the best….. Have fun….

    P.S. You can use this thought to write a book, make a movie or start a new religion…. Your choice… It’s free for you to use as you see fit.

  193. kevinQalm says:

    I have had the same thing but when it turns away your loved ones and manifests into unhealthy rage and angst it calls for some spiritual awakening. at least for me.

  194. kevinQalm says:

    the link I gave you had a 10 second intro with weird music, the rest of the video was a gut talking about inner peace, a great spiritual message for anyone dealing with past shit in their lives. Listen to at least 20 minutes of it.

    The video you sent is funny, thanks

  195. kevinQalm says:

    ok, I can’t take this shit anymore. As much as I don’t want to defend Denny, let’s face it, I doubt anyone here actually believes the hot headed Denny is going to hunt any of us down and kill us. This hyped up outrage is based on being offended by his rude and bigoted rants. “Eat a bullet” is the same “go to hell”. See? it can mean something else. BTW “eat a bullet” can also mean “go shoot yourself”. What’s more threatening than that is someone actually trying to track me down. We are all a bunch of pathetic losers spewing our pathetic opinions on a pathetic conspiracy forum and telling each other to fuck off because we disagree. This just a virtual way to vent and express our free speech. BUT, once someone tries to find out my identity, where I live or work etc. then that is fucked up.

  196. kevinQalm says:

    ok, I can’t take this anymore. As much as I don’t want to defend Denny, let’s face it, I doubt anyone here actually believes the hot headed Denny is going to hunt any of us down and kill us. This hyped up outrage is based on being offended by his rude and bigoted rants. “Eat a bullet” is the same “go to hell”. See? it can mean something else. BTW “eat a bullet” can also mean “go shoot yourself”. What’s more threatening than that is someone actually trying to track me down. We are all a bunch of pathetic losers spewing our pathetic opinions on a pathetic conspiracy forum and telling each other to fuck off because we disagree. This just a virtual way to vent and express our free speech. BUT, once someone tries to find out my identity, where I live or work etc. then that is fucked up.

  197. Denny Qrane says:

    “For the record” you told me to “eat a fucking bullet” on more than one occasion, and I wasn’t the only person you made that death threat to. There’s only one way to interpret that. Would you like to clarify what you meant to say to us?

    It’s not like you can say you made a stupid statement in the heat of the moment.
    You took the time to type it out on multiple user at different times.
    Sure looks like a pattern of behavior.
    My question is, was it a willful pattern, or something you can’t control?
    Did you willingly and knowingly threaten physical harm or death upon us, or are you not capable of understanding the gravity of those statements?

  198. Denny Qrane says:

    Why all the consternation?
    Arent we all just role playing? That’s what you said as your defense; just role playing.
    Because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.
    Go ahead bring back all you tough guy gun threats, “burn it all down”, how happy you will be to see America civil war and citizens dying, do that trash talk thing some more, keep blabbering like nobody is watching, and there are no consequences.

    Your ideology and posts are more closely aligned with terrorist groups than either left or right Americans, you’re not now, and never were one of us.
    You are here to spread FUD, disinformation, pretend to be something you’re not in order to lead people astray, cause distraction, and be noisier than the real information.

    Hey Denny, do you see any parallels between you being marked and allowed to continue, and other deep state players being marked and allowed to continue? Do you see how it emboldens you? We’re all about compare and contrast of patterns here. Can you spot any?

    So, what now? Go back to your old ways and risk providing even more evidence against you?
    Or, quietly go away, and hope a more interesting catch replaces you so you’re forgotten about?
    Or, stay be become a model citizen?

    You’re right about one thing; role playing is fun! LARPs are Winning!

  199. Deny Qrane says:

    Just curious (role playing and such) what would you be willing to do to me, or blacks, or Jews if you had any real authority or skills?

  200. kevinQalm says:

    At the risk of being accused of being a pedophile I offer the following response:

    It makes sense that incidents involving sexual contacts with those under 18 need to be well defined and the punishments should take into account the age and circumstances. I’ve heard of cases where 18 year old men were being charged with statutory rape because they had sex with their 17 year old GF, even though they had been together having sex for 2-3 years. That is madness.

  201. kevinQalm says:

    Denny, why don’t you comment in more detail on why you think Trump and Barr are deep state or where Q has been wrong. That would be more interesting than your sophomoric posts about mockery nonsense. Put that big brain in gear. Give us a break, we all come here to discuss what’s going on in these tense times and make sense of it. At least Q has given us a plausible explanation and is a patriot. No one in their right mind trusts the MSM so we gravitate to other, logical explanations. Can you contribute or continue to disrupt and deflect?

  202. Dipshit Denny says:

    Lol nobody cares what you say anymore. Boy that cried wolf. When things are happening Denny is all for it. When Q doesn’t post he is a sad sack of shit. Apparently 158 IQ score doesn’t get you far in life in this case. Probably should be working for NASA or something but he chose this board lol. Your words mean nothing to the people here. Just something to laugh at. Ive seen when you have been on board Denny. Ive also seen when you have criticized the people of this board. You are nothing more than a flip-flop. Ur IQ is fake because everyone knows how dumb you are and the sad life you must live to troll here. From here on out out nobody cares what you have to say if that wan’t already proven. There’s 2 people here in our way and everyone who they are and nobody cares at this point what you say. Good riddance😇

  203. Denny Qrane says:

    Does it concern you that we are content to give you the spotlight you covet?
    Remember when you used to talk so tough, so bold?
    If you caved and changed your behavior due to a few simple questions, what’s will you do when real trouble starts?
    Denny “the cowardly” Crane
    The good guys are winning!

  204. kevinQalm says:

    HEY, Denny just got word from his contacts at the Department Of Jerkoffs that nothing can stop what’s coming!!!!! The clown just cant’ stop coming. Q will continue to post that his weenie is shorter than a carrier pigeon. The thought makes me shutter.

  205. Denny Qrane says:

    My favorite thing about you is your willingness to be the “useful idiot”
    There’s the deep state, and within that is your team…the dumb state.
    Lol somebody paints an x on the ground and says stand here to have anvil fall on your head, then faster than you can say “roadrunner” you step right on it, jump up and down, then beg to get clobbered.
    it might actually be harder to make a point without your unwitting help after your arrest.

  206. kevinQalm says:

    So now the big brain genius has taken on the role of a heckler? You’ve nothing better to do than heckle a bunch of Q cultists on a unknown forum? There may a few followers of this site that are chuckling along with you but this must surely be taking your attention away from your next thesis or literary masterpiece. Can’t wait to see your tombstone ” Qanon Heckler”. I enjoyed your Joan alter ego more.

  207. KevinQalm says:

    Wow, i didnt think IQ could be negative. Not sure what that looks like. Can you please continue posting about fitton muscles. Im curious.

  208. KevinQalm says:

    Another 50 point drop in IQ. A few more of these stupid posts and you will be at retard level. I’m sure many here think you there from the start but i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in the interest of civility.

  209. Denny Qrane says:

    Patriots winning on so many fronts, it’s hard to keep with all of the winning!
    How about all that wall being built that you say isn’t happening.
    Have a great day Denny! Or as great as you can have while justifiably looking over your shoulder…
    Bet you wish you didn’t publicly make all those death threats toward so many posters, or make such a strong case in favor of pedophilia, or vomit mountains of antisemitic comments and truly vile racist statements.
    Hey Denny, you can’t unring a bell.

  210. BigJohn says:

    I never said Trump is “deep state.” The “deep state” is just more made up bullshit, part of the con. There is no “deep state,” not what you imagine anyway. As far as Q being a LARP, I don’t use that word because it’s just a stupid nerd word. Q is a con, a sham, and whoever is behind it is using this scam to manipulate people. I don’t know who it is, but it’s not our military and I seriously doubt our president would be stupid enough to be behind this propaganda scheme because if the American people found out he was behind this propaganda scheme they would be furious with him. That would be the end of his political career. Qanon is dangerous, by the way. It is dangerous that so many would blindly follow anonymous hucksters from the sewers of the Internet. There are many Q followers who would do whatever they were told to do by their anonymous messiah. Q has people so afraid and so angry with a thirst for blood. Q is divisive. Q is lies. Qanon is making people crazy and stupid. I just hope somehow or another those behind this scam are exposed. It all needs to come out in the light of day for everyone to see. I’m not talking about the people who follow Q or who interpret the gibberish. I’m talking about the people behind the actual Q posts. Those people need to be exposed for al, to see.

  211. Denny Qrane says:

    Do you not know this IS the plan?
    When Q comes back next week (or later this month) they will confirm that communication has multiple paths, and we are still meant to keep up regardless of who the messenger is.
    Message matters, delivery method does not.
    Your days Denny Crane (mind if I call you Doug?) are numbered, that’s what you should be most concerned with given your compromised status…Jeff was just the beginning.

  212. kevinQalm says:

    It seems you were smart enough to follow Q but are now too impatient, allowing emotions to cloud your thinking. You may have high analytical IQ but your emotional IQ may not be. You think Q is a LARP but your theory about Trump as deep state is a lot more far fetched. It seems your theory is based on the fact that mass arrests haven’t happened yet. Why don’t you think it is entirely likely that mass arrests could not happen until after the swamp is drained? Doesn’t it make sense that to effectively take down a large scale coup involving traitors at all levels of government (and the court system) the investigations must be closely guarded and indictments released all at once when the timing is right? There are so many ways the deep state can derail it. Are you willing to consider this?

  213. kevinQalm says:

    Q has been right on so many things:: the wall, spygate/Mueller hoax and OIG investigation, Nunes criminal referrals, Durham, Epstein, SCOTUS confirmations, Comey sedition, DOJ/FBI/CIA leaks and firings, Biden Ukraine corruption, DS false flags, Schiff and Nadler impeachment push etc. Yet, these shill dopes keep chanting “nothings happened yet, no arrests” and “Qanons are a cult”.

    You’ve got Mr. Constitution and Mr. Genius saying they are patriots yet telling us Trump is deep state and Q is a LARP who is dangerous to our country.

    Can’t you smell the panic in the air?

  214. kevinQalm says:

    Look at all the things that have synced with Q posts: the wall, spygate/Mueller hoax and OIG investigation, Nunes criminal referrals, Durham, Epstein, SCOTUS confirmations, Comey sedition, DOJ/FBI/CIA leaks and firings, Biden Ukraine corruption, DS false flags, Schiff and Nadler impeachment push etc. Yet, these shill dopes keep chanting “nothings happened yet, no arrests” and “Qanons are a cult”.

    You’ve got Mr. Constitution and Mr. Genius saying they are patriots yet telling us Trump is deep state and Q is a LARP who is dangerous to our country.

    Can’t you smell the panic in the air?

  215. Denny Qrane says:

    You should be more concerned with your own arrest
    You and Epstein cut from the same fabric
    Denny Crane, et al. the only user to have his comments removed from public view by site admin.
    Tell us Denny, what do you think happened to all of your publicly documented sickness?
    Do you think Watkins (8 Chan) is the only person to be contacted regarding content and users?
    If you didn’t already know this to have some truth, the why have you curbed your usuall language?
    Muzzle looks good on you by the way.

  216. Ms America says:

    I have never in my entire life came across a more wishy-washy fruit…. Ever! As far as the rest of us, we will always be the winners, no one can stop us for we are everywhere.

  217. Mooshoo Mu Mu says:

    I agree with Denny.
    If you know how the Clintons operate you know that no convictions are coming.
    How many flashing signs do you need to see before you admit that something is not right here?

    This is from the Clinton Chronicles…

    “When you have a public that is ware of an ongoing criminal enterprise……a lot of people knew about their crimes….they see ongoing investigations, they keep watching for indictments, they know grand jurys are convening…..year after year no indictments are returned.”

    Watch @ 23:06

  218. GregQ says:

    Denny Crane is a LARP who loves to copy and paste. Poor Denny is one of the “STUPID ONES” for sure. Keep on shilling Denny!

  219. kevinQalm says:

    All I get from your repeated diatribe is that you are impatient. You are not pointing out anything that shows Q is wrong, only that the perfect storm hasn’t happened yet. The pieces of the puzzle haven’t fully come together so Q is a LARP while Trump and Barr are unwilling or unable to follow through? You fail to acknowledge how Q has been right all along about everything. You hinge your believe on the event timeline which Q has ben deliberately vague about in order to keep the DS off balance. Q will never be able to divulge the entire plan. You don’t tell your enemy what your next steps are. Q has given us enough to understand the plan and gain our trust and support. Now is the time to pick a side. Globalist or patriot?

  220. BigJohn says:

    Denny Crane is right. This whole thing is silly and fake. Q was too easily railroaded and why in the hell when this team of people here to end corruption and save the world be operating anonymously from the sewers of the internet targeting mainly a bunch of people who were already conspiracy theory nuts, or let’s say “enthusiasts?” The whole thing is just ludicrous. This isn’t how legitimate governments operate, legitimate leaders. It’s not necessary. It’s not something the vast majority of the population would be okay with, if they thought their president was involved with something like this, their president or their military. If these arrests were really going to happen they would have happened a long time ago. They’d have to be done the right way too, the legal way, cases filed in courts in the states in which the alleged criminal conduct occurred, cases filed by state or federal prosecutors in these jurisdictions and not the military who would lack jurisdiction. The GITMO stuff would never fly, would be unconstitutional and the vast majority of the people would not be okay with it because that’s the sort of stuff that happens in totalitarian states.

    I just hope that whoever is behind Qanon is outed soon. It’s not going to be who you think it is and the president is not involved and if push came to shove would absolutely disavow Qanon. No doubt he knows about it and appreciates all the help he can get, but Q people are basically useful idiots to him. He wants your votes and for you to be digital warriors for him, but he’s not “Q+” and isn’t working with Q to carry out some master plan to save America. He just wants to get re-elected in 2020.

  221. kevinQalm says:

    Denny, Although I don’t feel like I need to cite Q posts to verify things I say, below are a few. If you followed Q you would know what he says. Are you trying to play a game of “gotchya” ? I’m not making shit up here. I may bloviate my opinion but my logic is sound, my memory is average to good and I’m not here to fool anyone. I’m not here to win an argument. I’m here to share my beliefs in what I think is happening based on many observations from the news, online forums, books, twitter, and my understanding and experience with our history, culture, constitution in hopes to strengthen my beliefs and possibly enlighten others who have viewpoints that may be detrimental to our success as a great freedom loving nation.

    2381 We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow].
    Exclude emotion and personal desire, instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness [undo a lifetime of evil & corruption [infestation] in the span of less than 2 years w/ a corrupt DOJ & FBI in place?].

    3370 The wheels of Justice turn slow but when they turn they are powerful

  222. kevinQalm says:

    I saw bits and pieces develop along the way, per the plan, but I didn’t think every thing would roll out all out once. Q never implied it would. He kept saying justice takes time and not let our hopes and emotions affect our expectations. On the other hand, you and many Qanons have been pushing hard for it to happen (almost on a monthly basis) and lash out when it does not . As this plan unfolds the complex maneuvers required becomes more apparent. Military tactics, game theory. Timing is everything. Just sit back and relax. Watch the show.

  223. Dipshit Denny says:

    Also a 158 IQ score would put you in the top 99.99% percentile in the world. Lol no way that is accurate with garbage you say on here and why you would even be wasting your time here.

  224. Dipshit Denny says:

    Also the stats i pulled are world wide. Easy google search on several different sites that is not just whites fuck face. You’re dumb compared to the geniuses who are achieving things with this IQ. Yet you troll here.

  225. Dipshit Denny says:

    Congrats on your fake achievements but you still didnt answer anything but yet just talked about your intelligence. Glad it is being put to good use. Good God.

  226. Denny Qrane says:

    It’s easy to be a big frog in a small pond.
    Then you meet truly gifted individuals and your supremacy suddenly looks average by comparison.
    You should be using that grey matter to figure out how you’re going to defend your pending charges for your proclivities toward prepubescent individuals.

  227. Dipshit Denny says:

    If your so fucking smart why dont you run for politics and fix things instead of trolling here. Right because you dont have answers for that just like us which is why we are here. Hoping somebody has a plan to fix this shit in the white house. Your ranting isnt changing anybodys minds here. If nothing happens with Q then we are back where we started. Whats wrong with putting a little hope that something might change. I dont understand why you even comment here if you dont care. Leave, it was a nice month without you spewing shit.

  228. GregQ says:

    High IQ and functional people can be stupid Denny Crane. Why did you threaten to kill yourself on this platform? It made me worry for you. I pray you get help!

  229. kevinQalm says:

    Like I have said…..the investigations have been ongoing for quite sometime (behind the scenes) and their completion had to wait until the Mueller report was done and swamp drained (i.e. Rosenstein, Coats, etc.). That has happened and the first part of the OIG report has been released. Durham was brought in for the criminal indictments. The rest of the OIG should hit soon and the other investigations (U1, HRC foundation, Epstein) should hit before the election. This all fits within the plan.

    I not a genius like you Denny, but any dummy with common sense and patience can see this. Why have you given us so soon? Why do you inflict these do-or-die dates on your belief? Aren’t you aware how organized crime rings are investigated and prosecuted? In the Q plan, treason and pedophile charges must work together to bring down these conspirators. This all has to be done without any leaks and come together all at once, at the right time.

  230. Aaa says:

    Most people, when they “leave the cult”, they actually leave. They move on with their lives. They don’t continue to show up every day, waiting for someone to post so they can belittle them, and/or post the same stuff they’ve been posting for months.

  231. kevinQalm says:

    over 2000 people has been arrested for sex trafficking this year. There have been 8 criminal referrals to DOJ from Nunes. The OIG report is complete and results are being trickled out for max pain and to grease up the public for the storm. FISA fraud report is next. This will take down several more high ranking officials. HRC foundation, U1 scandal and Epstein sex ring are under investigation and will wrap up just in time for maximum effect on 2020 election. This will bring down hundreds more high-powered people, re-elect Trump and turn the congress red. wait for it……BQQM.

  232. kevinQalm says:

    2000 people has been arrested for sex trafficking this year. There have been 8 criminal referrals to DOJ from Nunes. The OIG report is complete and results are being trickled out for max pain and to grease up the public for the storm. FISA fraud report is next. This will take down several more high ranking officials. HRC foundation, U1 scandal and Epstein sex ring are under investigation and will wrap up just in time for maximum effect on 2020 election. This will bring down hundreds more high-powered people, re-elect Trump and turn the congress red. wait for it……BQQM.

  233. Dipshit Denny says:

    Whens the last time denny posted before yesterday? Ill save you the research it was aug 6th. The day after 8chan went down. He then posts the day before 8chans congressional hearing. Planted shill. Keep Moving.

  234. kevinQalm says:

    repeating your shit over and over won’t make a difference. at least try to mix the words around. you are pretty good at saying the same thing without actually saying it the exact same way. Even though we loath most of what you say at least you make it entertaining sometimes. The spam shit just isn’t working

  235. Denny Qrane says:

    You sound worried.
    Who exactly are you trying to convince you’re not a user and possessor of child pornography?
    -“LARPs in their moms basement”? (No)
    -Law enforcement? (If so, calling them larps while they build a case against you probably isn’t wise)
    -Yourself? (If you repeat a lie long enough that you’re not a hate filled predator bent on deceiving and dividing, maybe you can believe it)

    8 chan is voluntarily off line, not forced.
    Are you absolutely sure a complete data set for you hasn’t already been handed over as these platforms strive to be compliant?
    Q is STILL communicating everyday.
    Both will return soon…

  236. Errol Anthony Smythe says:

    Trust GOD. Trust The Prayer Warriors. Trust The Patriots. Trust Q. Trust The Anons. Trust Potus.
    Q is not a LARP.
    Consider this : Nothing to see here!

    In The Book of #Acts Chapter 12 Verse 4

    The 17th word is { Quaternions };

    We know that { Q } is the 17th letter in the alphabet;

    QAnon is ENCODED in the WORD ==>>{ QuAterNiONS }.


    Q said: “There are no coincidences.”


  237. Errol Anthony Smythe says:

    As you know , Q is not a LARP!
    It is common knowledge that, in The Holy Bible, there were wise men, who had a Revelation of the age that they lived in, and understood the prophetic time that they lived in, the sons of Issachar.
    In 1 Chronicles 12:32 Amplified Bible (AMP), we read:
    ” Of the tribe of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what
    Israel should do, two hundred chiefs; and all their relatives were at their command;..”.
    When I first watched various ANONS QANON VIDEOS on YOUTUBE, about Q and QAnon and The QTeam, straight away, I knew that Q and The Q Team and Q Anons, know what they are talking about.
    Things that were out of focus and had made no sense, came into sharp focus and began to make a lot of sense.
    I also found out that The single word QANON is ENCODED in the SEVENTEENTH word in The Holy Bible that starts with the alphabet letter “Q” in Acts 12:4 ,that is , in the 12th Chapter of the 4th verse of The Book of Acts. Nothing to see here!

    In The Book of #Acts Chapter 12 Verse 4

    The 17th word is { Quaternions };

    We know that { Q } is the 17th letter in the alphabet;

    QAnon is ENCODED in the WORD ==>>{ QuAterNiONS }.


    Q said: “There are no coincidences.”


  238. BigJohn says:

    Winning! You are absolutely delusional but carry on. You aren’t winning anything. You’re just becoming more and more delusional, sad really, wasting so much time on a scam. Maybe if you put so much energy into something good and real someday you’ll do great things.

    I’m going to GITMO for this, aren’t I? Q is always watching, like Santa Claus or something. He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice. Qanon is coming to town.

  239. BigJohn says:

    Nothing can stop what will happen. Pain. The arrests are just around the corner, next month, no, next month, two months from now, no, the next month. Deception was necessary. Trust the plan. 3D chess. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Lord Q works in mysterious ways too complex for mere mortals to understand. Trust that plan. 3D chess. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    It’s all just been a bunch of meaningless gibberish. This whole religion is nothing but bullshit, and it has become a religion, a religion from the sewers of the Internet, but it’s supposed to be so legitimate, so real. It’s all bullshit for suckers. No legitimate government would be involved with something so shady, no legitimate leaders. Like Trump himself has said,” if you see anonymous source, stop reading, it is fiction. “ Qanon is fiction from an anonymous source. Face reality.

  240. big wheel anon says:

    Too funny Denny Crane. LARP is, as Q tried to demonstrate to you, mathematically impossible. Or in smart people words… there is no possibility (zero probability) that anyone could have LARP’d their way through 21+ months of Q posts as we know them without being noticed. It is more imaginable that Trump is an impostor and is actually leading the parallel coupe of America and by doing so now knows exactly where the last of the roadblocks is – us. That being said, this theory is damn near impossible to reconcile with the actions of POTUS thus far. And even if it (or something like it), were true, it wouldn’t matter much anyways as we’d be as screwed and helpless to stop it as we were before ‘she lost’.

  241. Denny Qrane says:

    8 chan testifying before congress?
    Who else is the owner meeting with before coming back on line this month?
    All if your posts there and here have been archived (even the deleted ones)
    Q is always communicating, always winning, we are all Q, all winning.
    The same cannot be said of you.
    So which category describes you? Unable to understand the conversation, or willfully deceptive?

  242. Robby Mueller says:

    Denny, I gota say my hat’s off to you. Even though you bat for the other team you’re one hell of an analyst. I mean you know too much and have to die now but still. Well done 👌

  243. Denny Qrane says:

    Recall that your curses have been loosed upon you, and that you’ll be undone by your own words. If I were you, I’d be especially thankful for any grace you receive.

    “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” – Proverbs 18:21

    Words have power Denny Crane, you have said plenty, be careful what you wish for…
    “If the government wants to charge me with a crime for anything I posted here I welcome them to try.” – Denny Crane

  244. Denny Qrane says:

    Q is all of us, and none of us.
    So if you say I am, or am not, you are correct.
    Get ready for blockchain my friend, your terroristic days are numbered.
    “Hidden” is not deleted.

  245. Lonegunman65 says:

    I would agree with you. However, convicting and/or putting pressure on the small fish causes them to flip on the big fish. I’ll wait and see. If nothing big happens before about March 2020, then I think they’ll steal the election from Trump and it will be all over.

  246. Denny Qrane says:

    8chan made it to prime time.
    Exponential immediate growth upon restart.
    Qanon about to become household name.
    Q wins, Denny Crane loses

  247. Denny Qrane says:

    Anyone who read your unsolicited, disgusting, comments on 3449 before they were hidden knows it.
    That’s where you told me to “eat a f***ing bullet”…twice

  248. BigJohn says:

    Denny, you leave me with such hard choices. What do I want to do this evening? I could grill some burgers and take a dip in my pool and then kick back with my wife and watch Netflix, or I could argue on the Internet with anonymous lunatics freaking out about a bunch of made up bullshit they’re getting from their disinformation sources. It’s been a long hot one today and that swimming pool is calling my name. Think I’ll open a cold one and go fire up that grill.

  249. BigJohn says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a crowbar would crack my skull open. Denny, you’re sick, brother. You’re losing it. It doesn’t have to be this way. You really need to get help, check yourself into the hospital, whatever it takes. All this crazy shit you are talking about isn’t going to make you a hero. You’d just be another idiot, another monster.

    This website is full of lunatics. Qanon is dying. I have a new secretary. I only hear about this shit here now because I have this no crazy fuckers policy in my family/social/professional life. I guess there isn’t much point in wasting a lot more time here now. It’s depressing and kind of frightening to see people losing their minds like this. Thank God most people aren’t like the small minority of Americans caught up in all this craziness. But this small minority is a scary lot. I hope you guys are able to walk away from this unhealthy mess someday.

  250. Denny Qrane says:

    You will get no endorsments from ANYONE here.
    If you decide to act out, it will be solely form your own twisted thinkinging.
    I hope that nobody is hurt, including you.

  251. kevinQalm says:

    You called BJ a fucking wimp yesterday. Don’t be a hypocrite. Drag your sorry ass from the ledge and sharpen your sword. I am sure there is a passage from Lincoln or Patton about facing you enemy and unleashing your fury..in the name of justice, liberty and freedom etc etc..

    BTW, I would prefer scotch for my last drink.

    NON Servium! Para Bellum! Deus Vult! ?????

  252. BigJohn says:

    Don’t do it, Denny. Things really aren’t as bad is it all seems. All this propaganda online is just so toxic. Everything is going to be okay and if you stick with it a couple of years from now you’ll be looking back wondering what the hell people were thinking in this crazy time. God I hate how all this disinformation and hateful shit online is fucking with my countrymen. There is nothing good about it. It’s making things boil over and making people feel angry and hopeless. Nothing good comes from this, from Qanon or anything else coming out of sewers like 8chan. All these people spreading hate and conspiracy theories are doing great harm to this country. They are the opposite of patriots.

  253. Denny Qrane says:

    “But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy.”

    You mock both God, and those in desperation.
    You will be overcome by the very words you intend to mock with.

  254. BigJohn says:

    Trump is a divider, the least unifying president I’ve seen. So you’re saying the guy in El Paso was antifa and are telling me I need to rise above my programming? That’s rich.

    As for pissing you off, that is your perpetual state, Denny. Your irrational fears cause you to be that way. You’re an incredibly fearful person under your tough guy veneer. I hope you are able to remedy that problem someday. It would make your life a lot easier and more fun.

  255. BigJohn says:

    you don’t really mean that, Denny. You like me. I can tell.

    Regardless, I am never going to leave until this unhealthy un-American Qanon scam dies. Hopefully that happens soon.