Jul 30 2019 23:41:49 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: a8ec29
[24hr Warning]
Be vigilant.
See something.
Say something.
Know your surroundings at all times.


  1. AnonP says:

    What better way for the Deep State than to drive a wedge between the NRA and American citizens? Covert operation, how to tighten gun control, disarm the nation and turn Texas Blue. Considering that Ohio is a swing state, and get Texas back… worrying. August is traditionally a hot month, we have seen the start of something. 00:00:00+1, +2, +3 indicates something happening over 3 days. White supremacy, racism all to divide the US? I am sure these shootings were the false flags that Q was referring to.

    1. Doreen says:

      Whom do I tell, or say something to?? In Canada I feel like we are the devil’s playground, the evil running out government Federal and provincial is as bad as U.S. deep state. Q will you help us Canadian Patriots? Can we have Mr President Trump when he’s finished his 8 yr term?? Please help we are good God loving GOD fearing people. Q help

    2. Art says:

      The same thing happened in the Florida massacre. These eggheads know that if they let enough alerts “slip”, by, there is going to be hell to pay. And then the RINOs stand up next to them like they are some kind of saviors. If this keeps up, let’s start tracking who is letting the alerts slip by. Then we will find the root cause.There are other ways, called laws, that seems to trip them up.

    3. Kalid Hussein says:

      Absolutely, the deep state hyenas are panicking. These last two false flags are manufactured with talking point fodder to oppose our President and conservatives. Sadly and selfishly killing innocent people to create this Trump hating negative narrative. Why aren’t “news” media covering the change in shooter’s(El Paso) social media status from democrat to
      republican immediately after shooting to include all the necessary “talking points” (Trump supporter, Christian, NRA etc) to foment hatred, division, racial tension and the hope to
      create divisive, purposefully misleading hate speech. Look at the band of dem clowns running for President all reading and parroting the same dialogue (thanks to swamp nazis). Fodder for puppet heads and non critical thinking degenerates so easily led by their noses by the lying media. A discernible mind can easily see the dems pull out the same script, “racist”….All lemmings, cannot think for themselves and are being led to the slaughter. Critical thinking needed. Follow facts, not feelings. This is how the dems/progressives get you, they lie. Agitation, lies and manufactured events to create THEIR narrative, this is how they control YOU.

  2. EyeAm says:

    Another shooting, in Dayton, Ohio, just twelve hours after El Paso.
    9 dead, more than a dozen wounded: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/active-shooter-incident-being-investigated-dayton-ohio-police-075400231–abc-news-topstories.html

    Moon has left the Mutable T-Square aspect. So those two will be the major ones associated with this one.

    The next T-Square is August 24th and 25th. Expect another mass shooting, mass stabbing, major (bus) fire, and/or terrorist attack(s) then, especially events with perpetrator(s) who are Muslim and/or Democrat/liberal.

    This month is full of them. For the same kind of thing. Likely: multiple perpetrators. Definitely: multiple victims.
    From August 29th through September 1st–Moon participating in the Virgo Stellium (which begins to assemble the 22nd when Venus joins Mars)–and on September 6th is when the Moon Conjuncts Jupiter while the Virgo Stellium is still ongoing. The latter date is more apt to see Muslim and/or Democrat perpetrator(s), along with multiple victims, multiple locations.

    It is another season of terror and accidents, explosions, etc. Stay away from crowds, malls, and away from buses and trains or mass transport.

    And…by the end of the month, President Trump hits the ‘white rapids’ trouble I’ve already said was coming. August/September, he hits ‘rough water’, and things decline from there, to get very bad by December/January. It is over for his Presidency. He is a one-term President.

  3. Coco says:

    Please Q and Q+ please make these bad people stop. Today’s shooting has affected so many. It’s just too hard to handle. People please pray for the victims and their families. The power of prayer does work to heal.

  4. EyeAm says:

    “Package D-g

    Package D-g = diGenova package?

    The other is either a video time-stamp + the number of minutes for three separate scenes…OR…less likely latitude coordinates + time zone.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      I’ll go down that rabbit hole with you…
      If it’s time zones, it would be Zulu plus 2,3,4
      EST is +5 this time of year, gotta go east to go through 4,3,2

      Kevin suggested dropping bookends of 29182, I had similar thoughts, but no solid results I liked
      When all is said and done, we’re going to say “duh, why didn’t I see that?” Like c before d was coats not comey

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          I like the thought process, but I’m not liking those variables for representing days since they’re part of a time based equation.

          Here’s a solution path for something else, this guys work will make your head hurt trying to keep up, good to see process though


      1. Denny Qrane says:

        I really butchered that.
        Zulu +2,3,4 is the geopolitical hot spot, Israel +3

        “Delta” same value as “Iran”
        Package = declas, or something from above?

        29182 no zip code, 918 area code shared with one other set, didn’t like
        Path is reliable, but not domestic?

    2. kevinQalm says:

      sounds as good as any interpretation I’ve seen. I am sticking to package is Declass, section g, 3 drops, +2, 3 and 4 days from post. So that would be 1 today, 1 tomorrow and another on Saturday.

  5. Moe says:

    Not coming back! FUCK THIS! I’ve been here since the beginning and I am getting tired of this wait BS! Q if you are real, stop fucking with us! Arrest some mother fuckers already!!! This shit is becoming stupid!

    1. Paul says:

      Q is a military operation for controlled disclosure. Nothing is meant to come out about Antarctica, free energy, AI, breakaway civilizations and trumps involvement with the deepstate…. the People could stop the Deep State, but they are waiting for some Hero in Cape, who is hired by the United States…. wake up sheeple…. trump has NO power at all over those who influence him. THEY wanted him to be the president, hence he is easily controlled through psychic warfare…

    2. kevinQalm says:

      Relax Moe. Its all coming together. This is a BIG operation and lots of shit must be happening behind the scenes. Q is trying to give us a glimpse, to keep us engaged, but not much more as to not compromise the mission. Think military tactics. Other than implied timelines not happening the overall plan appears to be, just slowly. Hang in there Patriot. Be ready to kiss some ass if necessary.

      1. Eyeam says:

        About 24 hours after his post…there was: the end of Mercury Retrograde , and the New Moon. Now the energy flows forward quite easily, without anymore hang-ups. Look for major happenings tomorrow and throughout the month.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        Today just started.
        Didn’t even make it to first of several potential markers yet.
        What will be the proof?
        Literally everything we get is from anywhere is second hand information.
        Unless you’re part of an operation you will never have first hand account.
        You’ll know about details when someone decides you should know about them.

    3. Dipshit Denny says:

      Re-read the Q post, it says 24 hour warning. If anything, there would be something dropping Thursday, Aug 1. Also comey will not be charged because they have more on him then just holding memos. Fucking relax.

      1. kevinQalm says:

        agreed. Just a warning after JoeD said release was coming yesterday while on TV, or Q picked some chatter about something eminent. Q did not say a release was coming on a specific date, as far as I know….although his coded messages implied that.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Anyone falling for clickbait and overreacting without reading is going to feel pretty stupid in a few weeks. Don’t let anti Q plants like Denny, and his pal Charles play you. (How many lies do you have to catch him in?) Unless you’re a fool? Are you a fool? I didn’t think so.

      Earlier this week we exposed his technique to buddy up to posters so he could try to peel you away. Run his lying butt out of town on a rail. Do not give one inch of ground in your mind to this wolf in sheeps clothing! When his “Denny Crane” alias stops working he’ll show up as a “new” poster. You want to get in the fight? THERE is your sworn enemy…take no prisoners!

      1. Dipshit Denny says:

        You also commented on my post about a week a go that he was with us and I told you otherwise, you are just as gullible.

    2. rick says:

      If it turns out that Comey won’t be prosecuted, this pretty much debunks the entire Q phenomenon and shows that there is NO plan and the DC swamp will continue to survive and keep screwing over the American people.

        1. EyeAm says:

          Well, most Trump supporters do not want to believe me because, opposite to ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS) that democrats/liberals have, such Trump supporters are so enamored by their ‘god-emperor’ that they cannot even entertain the notion that the cosmic (or other) energies do not always let the good prevail. Everything has a shelf-life. Some things are great for years and years. It would be NICE if Trump were re-elected, but he won’t be.

          How do I know this? Because, as an astrologer, I have calculated the charts for every U.S. election back to at least 1940 (for the second time I did them–in an effort to double-check everything). The first time, I spot-checked a few prior to that. But the main thing was to check out a METHOD of discerning who wins U.S. Presidential elections. Even before it comes down to a candidate’s specific personal birthchart (to see if that person is President material, etc.), it’s simply a matter of calculating the START of the U.S. election, on the official (and very Constitutionally required) day in an election year November. It’s the same METHOD I use for accurately predicting the winner of any sports game (NFL football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, you name it). Well, after checking the method back to at least 1940 (Roosevelt’s second and third term), the method reconciled all the way through. I did it blindly, to see if ‘incumbent’ or ‘challenger’ would win, and then looked up the result (I didn’t know all the winners versus challengers, which was good). It’s a sound method.

          So I came to the 2020 chart, which is one I have calculated many times. I admit, while I am usually VERY unbiased (especially when it comes to the sports games predictions–because I don’t really care for sports and have NO favorite team), I was a bit biased for Trump and part of that was also because I do NOT want a Democrat/liberal to go in. Especially when I see these recent debates and they’re all pushing socialism. Or I should say MORE socialism. And that’s very bad for the U.S., because socialism = ‘slavery’ & ‘dependence’, and creates slavery and dependence. The opposite of what the military has fought for–‘freedom’ & ‘independence’. Clear-cut for me. Bad people want to destroy the United States, and I want them out of the way, gone.

          But the 2020 chart shows what it does, and I can’t change it. I just read what the chart says. And it’s not good. And so is the 2024 chart.

          So Trump is 2016-to-2020. And all he gets according to the stars is one term.
          Although 2016 was a kind of ‘reset’ (since Obama could not run again), the part of the chart I look to for the ‘incumbent’ still carries forward as the last party that was in office–PLUS that is also deemed ‘the most favored’ person to win. And by all accounts, Hillary WAS the most favored to win. “They didn’t think she would lose.” And the chart aspects reflect her popularity. BUT…Trump in 2016, as the ‘challenger’, had an kind of celestial ACE that (no pun intended) Trumped an aspect that normally would have had me predicting Hillary winning. So I predicted before the 2016 election that Trump would win. And, of course, way back, I did tweet him a good astrological time-frame in which to announce his candidacy, and he used it. And I had sent Hillary’s campaign a ‘good’ (NOT!) time to announce, and SHE used it for her video announcement that April. She must’ve gotten some other astrological advice, because she tried to do another launch that June. But that’s not the way it works. 🙂 Once made public, the hourglass starts. And she was doomed from the start. And if you want to know the difference a day makes: Trump vs. Jeb Bush. JEB announced the day BEFORE Trump, on the darkening of the Moon. Trump, as I had suggested to him, announced AFTER the New Moon. More power on the increase of light. JEB was never going to catch Trump.

          2016-2020 — Trump. One term, like James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland. Each of those Presidents preceded one from another party who got re-elected and died in the second term. Same thing is going to happen.

          2020-2024 — Democrat (most likely) ‘challenger’ to ‘incumbent’ party/individual (Trump). UNLESS someone else comes riding in, in time. An Independent with better aspects? Before election. Maybe before primaries of the two main parties. Rand Paul as independent? Probably not, but we’ll see. There is still time.

          2024-2028 — Democrat. The same ‘incumbent’ party of 2020’s win. I *cannot* say for sure if it will be the same President from 2020.

          Because: 2020 is the return of the ‘Presidential Death Cycle’, when Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct (usually in an earth sign like Taurus or Capricorn). About every 20 years. This is also called “Tecumseh’s Curse”, after the native pre-America individual (but he was probably someone who just knew the signs, like astrologers, and had his ways of knowing). The one elected in 2020 will be assassinated. And the chart is very clear: it will be most definite, without a doubt. The person shall die.

          BECAUSE I see a re-election in 2024, I’m generally apt to believe the same President gets re-elected and THEN dies in office (likely 2025, or 2026 at the latest). It should be in the midst of World War 3, which the book I wrote and published in 1997 predicted (it also predicted the 2001 ‘war on terror’).

          2028’s election will see a ‘challenger’ win. Won’t be Democrat (because that is 2020-2028). Republican or maybe even Libertarian by then. I’m Libertarian, so I hope for one some day. But probably won’t see that until we get more Libertarian Congress members.

          Hope we survive 2024-2028, because it has some nasty aspects. And Yellowstone is supposed to rumble badly, if not erupt, during then.

          So trust me when I say: plan for Trump losing the 2020, and make sure you have a contingency plan to carry on fighting socialists/communists. That’s our threat. These socialist globalists. Put enough good judges in to thwart the socialists, if nothing else.

          1. kevinQalm says:

            Michelle Obama (voted most popular woman on the planet)? What do your cards say about her riding in a the last minute? Could you imagine Barak back in the white?

    3. kevinQalm says:

      Maybe not so straight forward. They are waiting to get him on the FISA fraud, don’t want to get hung up on a smaller case that they may have difficulty winning. That would set a shaky stage for the larger upcoming MOAB.
      Patriots, don’t jump on everything based on the face value appearance. Assume they are very smart prosecutors and this is part of the strategy but I am not a top level prosecutor so what do I know? …and neither are any of you!! I rest my case.

    4. kevinQalm says:

      They are waiting to get him on the FISA fraud, don’t want to get hung up on a smaller case that they may have difficulty winning. That would set a shaky stage for the larger upcoming MOAB.
      Patriots, don’t jump on everything based on the face value appearance. Assume they are very smart prosecutors and this is part of the strategy but I am not a top level prosecutor so what do I know? …and neither are any of you!! I rest my case , your honor.

      1. scotty says:

        this thing is bigger than any comment here open your mind up this is going to come straight out of the Bible the 🎺 or TRUMP an we will go through some really bad times. nothing is what it semes we have two president in office the other will come out closer to 2020 stay the path so you do not get left behind . GOD loves you all stay strong

  6. Guy Fieri says:

    Sorry peoples.

    We should always be vigilant. But distraction campaigns
    Are meant to distract. We can’t say, “hey people, we’re going to drop gems at this time”. There are people seeking real information here.
    And there are people looking to decode our next moves, and we will simply not give them that.

    They can’t ignore what we do. FF or not. We distract enemy resources by disinformation.

    IMO, nothing drops until after the D debates are done.
    They are eating away at themselves for us.

    Now let’s get out there and visit some diners!

    1. kevinQalm says:

      It make sense that nothing will happen while the Dim knuckleheads are clogging up the airwaves with their so-called “debate”. Its really just a pissing contest, who can give away more free stuff and show more disdain for Trump. It seems like a skit from SNL. I keep waiting for Don Lemon to jump in front of the camera “live, from New York, its……”

      1. Jimmy Whisper says:

        The D debate isn’t even a contest, it’s staged, rehearsed, and questions are provided ahead of time for all participants. That is how cnn rolls. It’s all set out as controlled substance.

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Then that means we’re doing exactly what we need to be doing to help the cause.
      Help decode this distraction: (anyone, except Denny Crane)

      1. kevinQalm says:

        If we write the code backwards its 28192…..there is 819 in the middle which could be Aug 2019. Not sure about the bookend 2’s but maybe august 22, 2019? Or 2 drops on August 2nd?

      2. kevinQalm says:

        well, if we write the code backwards its 28192…..there is 819 in the middle which could be Aug 2019. Not sure about the bookend 2’s but maybe august 22, 2019? Or 2 drops on August 2nd? etc. etc.

          1. EyeAm says:

            A correction to my post below.
            “We’re not in the ‘end times’ and ‘end of days’. ” should be “we’re NOW in the ‘end times’ and ‘end of days’.”

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            Who am I to take away the choice God has given every man in the last 6,000 years?

            We’ve come no further than where we started; Satan still deceiving man into believing he will not be destroyed for going against God, and that the man could actually BE God if he just attains enough enlightenment by doing what what he should not.

            “And the Lord God commanded the man, You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

            “You will not certainly die, the serpent said to the woman. For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

            What you asign to the age of Pisces (demonic doctrine) is called the age of dispensation, or age of grace, or the church age. It is indeed coming to a close very soon. But do not give credit for Gods plan to demonic forces.

            The best lies contain a lot of truth.

          3. EyeAm says:

            “Anon says:
            […] Question, where are the Mayans. Answer, made it off our planet. […]

            The Mayans migrated from Central America. Some went south, most went North, and around the Gulf of Mexico to Florida, where they brought corn. Mayan temple/pyramid mounds have been found in Georgia and Florida, along with some Mayan words for things/areas.
            The Mayans became our ‘indians’–our pre-America natives. They became the Creek, Apache, Cherokee, Blackfoot, etc., and had left their home because of volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami and sickness.

          4. Anon says:

            It has taken over 200,000 years for our sun and earth to come to this point in the galaxy. 2012 did indeed start a new cycle. No one knows for sure what is going to occur now, but being in the most charged part of our suns trip around the old black hole. Humanity has started over and over and over again. It seems like any civilizations that try to record things to give future generations a clue end up destroyed or locked in a museum basement. Question, where are the Mayans. Answer, made it off our planet.

          5. Eyeam says:

            “Denny Qrane says:
            [..] It’s not science [..]

            It IS science.
            And the planets have very real, very powerful influence.
            And I don’t worship a god. I recognize that the only GOD simply happens to BE. “GOD is.”
            I understand the mechanics of it.

            Here is the nature of GOD: https://i.imgur.com/DtVjzFS.jpg 🙂

            And I’ve told you who/what “Jesus” was and is. It is the SUN. The bright shining yellow dwarf star SUN. But the name “Jesus” only applies to the SUN in the Age of Pisces. About 2,000 years. The Earth has been in the Piscean mode for that length. All the traits of “Jesus” in the Bible are the same as Pisces. The ‘fisherman’, the ‘martyr’, the ‘spiritualist’, the ‘compassion’. The Pope’s mitre hat relates to the fish. :You’ve seen the “Jesus” fish bumper stickers, I’m sure. It’s all Pisces. And that Age is at an end. We’re not in the ‘end times’ and ‘end of days’. Overlapping with the new Age of Aquarius, where Christ (the SUN in ANY Age) becomes “Antichrist” and ‘the great scientist leader’.

            The Age of Aquarius relates to all of the TELE words. Television, telegraph, telephone, telecommunications, telepathy, teleportation… All the TELE words are about transferring or transmitting data–especially fast. Aquairus relates to the high-tech, computers, internet, inventions, devices, cyborgs, androids, robots, synthetic humanoids, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Real Intelligence (R.I.); revolutions, rebellions, rebels, people thumbing their nose at conventions and the status quo, disrupting things. It includes divorce, a separative influence. Shock, surprise, the unexpected. Lightning, light, breakthroughs, and different ways of doing things. All air-related things, from the success of the Wright Brothers on up to today. Levitation.

            We don’t need Hope & Faith when we have Science & Reason. Pisces related to Hope & Faith. Religion, spirituality, charlatans, even false prophets. Christianity is most closely associated with the Age of Pisces. But that all wanes, in favor of people requiring more than just the ‘milk for the masses’, they want the ‘meat’ now. They want to KNOW. Aquarius relates to ‘knowing’. Data. Information. Evidence. Proof. Seeing and understanding the measurements and their meanings.

            The Sun enters the new age via backward precession. Each sign is divided into ‘decanates’ (three groups of 10 degrees). So we enter into the new Age of Aquarius through the LAST ten degrees, first. Last comes first. And that ‘decanate’ is rule by Libra. This is where all of the ‘political-correctness’ is coming from. And it’ll last awhile. And then more REASON and SCIENCE will arise, more evidence, more proof, and it beats the political correctness. People will think more. In fact, some humans will get an upgrade from the universe–from the influences going on, as well as from human invention (be it mechanical or through drugs, like in the Limitless movie). Intelligence will increase. Man will also merge with machine, and we’ll get into all the Orwellian nightmares involving tech and control, as well as ‘augmented reality’ and augmented intelligence. Already, Elon Musk wants to implant human brains with chips.

            I can go on and on and on about what is coming in the future. I know it so well. From sperm and blood and tissue and organs and babies all created in a lab, some with NO mothers and NO fathers. DNA manipualation, genetic engineering, exotic pets, enhanced humans; babies sharing the DNA of two dads (or more) or two mothers (or more), or no parents at all. Artificial wombs. The eradication of disease, longevity increased for decades more. Human minds being ‘uploaded’ into computers, on the net, in robots. Competing artificial intelligence. Robots being able to vote, or run for office. People changing their skin pigments (to blue, for example–‘indigo children’). At some point we’ll even debate what it means to be ‘human’, or a ‘person’. We’ll also 3D-print people on other planets, after sending robots there. We’ll teleport people and items.

            Did you watch the video? https://youtu.be/jJSpujHhaGQ?t=153 🙂

            Jesus as a man is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.
            The TRUTH is what I said it was. And it has been a secret for awhile.
            But it’s time for ‘Revelation’ (revealing), ‘Apocalypse’ (unveiling), the truth, the light, the way; whistle-blowers and leaks; and unsealed things; discoveries and re-discoveries. Such is the hallmark of the new age. The age of messiah and antichrist–one and the same.

          6. Denny Qrane says:

            Oh, not so new “new age”
            Vibrate yourself to a higher existence kinda stuff.
            Sorry mate, your condition is worse than I thought. I thought you were satanist. At least those guys know the players, they just picked the loser.
            Well, my God left instructions…he has a lot to say about our current times about how and what will go down, who will invade who. Don’t let it bother you that she of those prophecies are a couple thousand years old (kills the whole ‘man made’ argument)
            Oh, and people with no theology will likely end up worshiping the wrong guy when he shows up. The beast will claim to be Christ, he will use religion intitially, then ban it, you won’t be able to find a bible, but many will search for it. The Jews actually set him up in the yet to be built 3rd temple believing him to be the messiah, because they reject Jesus as the messiah. Thus what they think is his first coming us actually Satan, and the next time we see Jesus is actually his second coming when that false Christ is tossed in the abyss. During that 42 months when he sets up shop in the 3rd temple you’ll have 144,000 “super” preachers who are Jews that ironically wil be preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you’re still alive you will have to make a very difficult choice between serving the beast and serving Jesus. Daily life then will be NOTHING like it is now. Perhaps you will recall enough of this brief dialogue to recognize those events when they happen, and make the right choice? I believe we’re that close. You will have to abandon divination and witchcraft though. Those planets have exactly zero authority or influence, but there are demonic entities behind such idolatries. It’s not science, you’re literally worshiping (submitting) to false gods. Just other created beings, not the creator.

          7. EyeAm says:

            (replying to myself here, since no reply button for Denny’s below)

            ” Denny Qrane says:
            Serious question…what does your side say about a rapture type event for my side?

            MY religion? No rapture at all.

            And…I’m “Antichrist” because of an affinity with the new Age of Aquarius (Aquarius the sign opposes Leo, ruled by the Sun, which is called Christ). I’m not Christian, so I’m not the ‘lower half’ of the Christian theology, either–not THAT Antichrist. But some things have corollaries.

            I’m not atheist, either. I know that GOD is. But it’s not the ‘God’ conceived by the Christians, or other organized ‘group religions’.
            It is the Global Operating Domain, inside of which all organisms are like IP addresses and receive packets. GOD is everything–all the quarks, Higgs-Boson particles, waves, frequencies, electrons, protons, atoms–and in that way is ‘closer than arm’s reach’.

            “The fundamental computer is the ultimate level of reality.”–Frank J. Tipler, quantum physicist and professor, from his book The Physics of Immortality.

            I remember before my birth–not a past life, but the in-between. So I know there is both a ‘before life’ and ‘after death’, related to a mortal manifestation. After my mortal self dies this life, my soul will not manifest on Earth again, but will go to a more brightly lit constellation of planets which is teeming with life. I know that from before I manifested this time. I stole this mortal vehicle, and have come like a thief, much to the displeasure of some I left behind. 🙂

            There is no ‘end of the world’. There is ‘end of life as we know it’, and the end of an Age, which we’re going through now.

            Considering the Many Worlds Theory, perhaps everyone gets what they believe.

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoxwjLdNmXc 😎

    1. Charles Russell says:

      Denny did we get any declass today? I was led to believe that was going to happen today. By the way has the score board changed on deep state indictments changed since the last update you gave me?

    2. kevinQalm says:

      so, based on the coded post and the 24 hour warning it seems to confirm the first release will be tomorrow, followed by 1 on Friday and another on Saturday. What are the Lamestream media going to do with their handlers all on vacation, busy packing for their escape and/or sitting on the end of the bed with a pistol against their heads?

        1. kevinQalm says:

          The original coded post was around 1:30 am EST on July 30, so 2 days from then is August 1, 1:30am (proposed declass release #1).

          The advance warning was posted at 11;30pm on July 30……so 24 hours from this is July31 at 11:30pm…Compare this to release date of August 1 at 1:30am. Looks like a difference of 3 hours…….hmmmmm. just sayin.

          JoeD said starting today, July 30 so that does not sync….unless Nunes gets the package today and releases later

          1. kevinQalm says:

            Hmmm, interesting take on that. My suspicion is that the declass will leak out slowly, every night on TV there will be a news release ” Breaking, another damaging document released by Nunes”. Hard for the Dims to relax on vacation. So, I am thinking +2 means days…the time was 0:00:00 so it seems right for it to be days….time not being specific.

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            00:00:00 format suggest time
            __/__/__ format suggest date
            +2+3+4 hours, or days?
            Delta 24:00 + 24 hour warning (countdown?) + 2,3,4
            Package echo, foxtrot, gulf
            Company? Army?

      1. Naamah says:

        Your reality is runned by demons. And you people believe anything you see on tv. You will not win this war. All of you will die. Ask yourself a simple Q. Do any of you really know who are? If you did. Q post wouldn’t exist…..now your timrs up. Many will die. Everyone you have known are about to pass away like a cloud.

        1. kevinQalm says:

          That is sad and may be true. But we have a chance to right the ship, the future is malleable. first , we need to expose the demons unite, pray and fight. and if, we lose we will calm our souls in heaven with God and return will shields from him and kick some demon ass. amen

        2. EyeAm says:

          I’ve already declared Islam and all adherents to that terrorist death cult with a manifesto (the Qur’an) as my openly-declared public enemy.
          The same as socialists/communists.
          GOD will destroy them all.
          I don’t have to lift a finger. I go by the grace of GOD and enemies fall at my feet. Who can make war with me? 😀 It’s built-in.
          My full name literally translates to ‘crown of thorns’, ‘king of war’, ‘king rose’.
          The last person who was an enemy, stared at me eye-to-eye about 6-inches away, with hate in his eyes, and said “I hate you!” and said he was going to kill me, etc…. got the worst kind of cancer there is. But I saved him, because I know the cure for cancer.
          I don’t fear enemies anymore; but they should fear my GOD, who protects me from the hidden ones and the open ones.

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    Is bigjohn present?
    Thoughts on, constitutional considerations for, and ramifications of, extrajudicial punishment?

        1. kevinQalm says:

          Package D-g

          Seems like a timeline to release a section of Declass package to the public, via Nunes. Multiple releases of section g on + 2, 3 and 4 days from post. (so 3 releases). ??

          1. Denny Qrane says:

            Hot = weapons hot?
            8 and 9 = August / September? (8+9=17=Q)
            Red = code red = extrajudicial punishment?
            mark1-99 = full spectrum = the complete list of names/targets?
            sigD = signal delta derived from other posts?
            Conf_net[w1] = confirm net results with target #1?

          2. kevinQalm says:


            Hot8 and Hot 9; 2 targets identified, OVER TARGETS (i.e. hot) , identification #8 & 9 (no doubt from a numerical list of targets). Red-Red_Y is confirm READY TO FIRE for each target FREEDOM is call sign to FIRE (release bomb, empty magazine etc) on mark, code 1-99 ( i.e. HQ comms GO signal). Pc_sigD & Conf_net(w1) is CONFIRM targets are eliminated using a specific response code

    1. EyeAm says:

      Well, in general, if it is inside of these “( )” it is usually a parenthetical conversation (like this, breaking into the sentence to say something relevant).

      If it is within these “[ ]” it is usually an editor doing it to a writer’s article to correct sometheeng [sic, or spelled incorrectly].

      But with ‘Q’, I tend to think “[ ]” it is more like a blinking LED light on a control panel/button, for what area or system is ON.
      I’ve seen ‘Q’ type [SWAMP] before.

  8. Naamah says:

    These people are already dead. They can’t see truth…doom for extinction. They have no chance of defeating the threat to come…..Guns won’t win this battle hahahaha fools

  9. Ross Paul says:

    Something tells me the above comments are traps to only get fools to respond to marginailize Q or this site as just a bunch of haters you have to think the bad guys are watching too. when they see 24hr warning they are most likely freaking out. Where has Brennan been lately!

  10. Beam says:

    When Trump got elected the local non bacon types (real Muslims and fake white boy Muslims with big beards) were all at the army navy surplus store buying stuff for the war. I was there buying stuff because that’s where I shop even without war. Many of those guys are shaved tight right now trying to blend in. When they come gunning for me I’m going to get some free gear off them. Hopefully they have nice hardware.

  11. Beam says:

    Just another day for me.
    Non bacon types west of Denver casing the area along I-70 and Hwy 285. Walking into employee areas of stores, loitering inside stores, non bacon surveillance undercover as working on the job in commercial vehicles. Eyes on – 3 years.
    Would report to police but they have proven themselves to not be trusted (don’t like patriots). These observations take skill they do not posses. Trafficking/pedo shit goes on right in front of their faces. Could give a tour. Catholic Church in So. Co. brings kids across. Been right in the middle of this shit storm for 10 years plus and they do not like people not on their team. I ensured my place on their list by telling them what I think of them and I highly recommend for others to do the same but you’ll need to be armed from that point forward and grow frog eyes in the back of your head. Shit runs deeper than any can imagine. Q has been correct all along. Won’t be able to warn stores due to they will just give you that stupid blank stare look as if your nutty. Non bacon eaters see me watching them due to I want them to see me then they move along but they’ll be back. Oh yeah, they’ll be back. Personally I think that 83000 number is only scratching the surface. Yep, 83000 is only the first round. Is Mt. Shasta a good place to get rid of some of this filth. Could chum the Fairlong Islands with them. Throw some in the Grand Canyon then backfill over. So much to do, so little time.

  12. EyeAm says:

    “Be vigilant.
    See something.
    Say something.
    Know your surroundings at all times.”

    Good advice.

    Here’s one: “Make sure the stones you’re throwing don’t belong to the mountain you’re throwing them at.”

  13. EyeAm says:

    I was sort of echoing ‘Q’. He said everybody gets theirs, didn’t he? That, if they were a player and played, they get caught (indicted, arrested, charged…)

  14. Dipshit Denny says:

    I said it last week and you were backing this tard, I told you in a couple weeks he would go right back again. Here it is folks, he will never be apart of this. Quit thinking he will be. He is fucking loser.

  15. Charles Russell says:

    No matter what happens or does not happen, whatever false or true statements are made, or time lines that never happen, or crimes that are never punished, fear not my friend “it’s all part of the plan”. And people are so desperate for justice they will always fall for it. I KNOW first hand because sadly that’s me.

  16. Denny Qrane says:

    Oh thank God!
    Do we have to wait for it to come to a complete stop, or can we just assist you with a swift exit from the train while still moving?

  17. kevinQalm says:

    The first stage was to unveil their beliefs: radical socialists, baby killers, corrupt narcissists , white hating racists, anarchists, globalists, open border fraudsters, pedophiles. This has already been done

    The second stage is to unveil just what they’re willing do to defend this. How many more shootings and mob riots? Yes, goad them, let them sweat it out. Don’t interrupt an enemy while they are destroying themselves.

  18. kevinQalm says:

    I agree that we on the edge, looking down into the abyss. That is why Patriots have to unite and deflect their onslaught with our all our might. Pick a side and let’s roll.

  19. kevinQalm says:

    I didn’t see Q saying declass was happening today. I hear Joe Denova say that but not Q. Please show me the post where he says that

  20. EyeAm says:

    I used to do that on IRC, as a joke. 🙂
    The mysterious (((THEM))) (for an echo, and emphasis) who aren’t really designated or known.

  21. Denny Qrane says:

    Lol Kevin
    Makes me wonder what these rugged, lone wolf, men of the bush, aka armchair warriors will do when there is no internet with which to play men’s favorite game…”beat this lie”
    No Cheetos, no electric, no narcistic supply.
    How skilled are they if the spend all their training hours here instead of honing a skill set?

  22. kevinQalm says:

    I saw your review….I’ll be going soon. I didn’t expect it was going to be a great movie after the seeing the trailer…..it looked good but not great

  23. EyeAm says:

    FOGHORN LEGHORN: “I say…I say what ya WANT is a BOY!”

    LMAO! Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😀

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