1. james clifton russell says:

    Recall Feb.18/18 Lee Co. Fla. X ‘Enjoy the Show’ No body escapes, Nobody : Isa.2:19 REV.16:15 Hosea 10:8 ~11:10 Isa.59:19 Acts 1:11 Mat.23:39 REV.22:18 Promise as Law of support REV.10 *7* John 5:22 = 7 souls, same spirit. Father God, Jesus once his name. Col.1:15 Rev.4:11 Light is conscious, She is our Husband: Rev.22:19 One Unforgivable One: All Eyes Rev.1:7 ”View Point Satellite” http://www.qanonposts.io in a CLOUD near you: Q eye of all I’s @ Isa.45:2 Only YOU, can prevent your ~*Spirits*~ FIRE~ I Need no God: I Am, That I Am, God, from Within and plan on Keeping his ass there: Life Was a Test where dying the only thing worth living for if found Trustworthy of God’s Complete and Unconditional Love for Creating, without creating an abortion as @ the Door. As Lucy Created,[Eph.2:2] Lucifer the ole, Devil Sucking Dragon whos tail rev.12:4 is @ CERN : Do pray you ‘Are Left Behind’ for college if you don’t get lucky and die first. 3:10 Eph.

  2. FairTaxGuy60 says:

    So far, no DECLAS document dump. When will it begin? We have been waiting for this day for a long time…
    Q – provide status update please?

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