1. Samuel Pollard says:

    This article is what stinks. It states that the Mueller report DID establish collusion and “could not exonerate him,” as if prosecutors EVER exonerate. It also seeks to use Brexit and POTUS as legitimate reasons for suspecting Russian interference. It completely discounts the will of the people, as if, “They could never have voted for BREXIT on their own.” In turn, America could have never elected POTUS. Yes, it points to collusion between the UK and US intelligence, but at the compromise of truth. I think it sucks and is very devious in trying to legitimize FAKE NEWS.

  2. kevinQalm says:

    I had that “stinky tofu” in Taiwan. I smelled it when we first entered the joint and I thought someone had left the bathroom door open after epic shit. I asked them if they smelled it too and they explained it was the stinky tofu. They assured me it taste good, not like it smells. and insisted I try some. So, note to be rude, I ordered some. Those sonsabitches!!!! It tasted exactly like it smelled, only worse cause it was in my mouth.

  3. Cal says:

    Might want to think again about that mate, prince andrew goes down with the queens blessing, if you knew as much as you pretend you would know that while the queens husband was or is a nazi the queen herself is not and can barley stand her husband but for a fact hates andrew.

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