1. Wanda says:

    I just recently found out that the word “anon ” means with haste, quickly, without delay. God has a rude awakening for the nonbelievers and blasphemous people.
    I’m just saying.

  2. New King David says:

    The good King advised that and I agreed and we countered
    With many offers and decided we like them all and will do em all at once and keep coming up with more for future torment. If we fuck up we have a resurrection cure to keep trying. Never give up!

  3. Francis Bacon says:

    Probably should add “butt-judge” or whatever his name is to that pic. He had a smooshed fly on his forehead the whole night of Dim debate one.

  4. MrPage1691 says:

    Or perhaps it’s another fairy-tale from the misreading or misinterpretation of ancient texts. IMO Astrotheology and the cycles of time are limited and limiting since time itself is simply a necessary illusion required for linear thought and experience in the duality of three dimensional existence on Earth. There may be more to the entering into a new “golden-age” than hiding underground hoping to physically survive Wormwood’s return.
    As Above, So Below. Self similarity. Fractals in unrealized dimensions. Expanding and parallel universes where every decision in thought, emotion or deed creates a new timeline, a new bubble.
    The “future” may ride on the level of consciousness that creates it. In 3-D there may be infinite “timelines.”
    I’m sticking with Dark to Light. And a new Earth not run by vampires, warmongers, and pedophiles.
    Time will tell..

  5. David Mehew says:

    I’m seeing there’s much more than Niburu. I heard Niburu is the home of the Annunaki, so they’re coming back. Also, the dimensions will bleed into each other. People will die of fright from the impending chaos. There’ll be things that were never thought possible, betrayals, cannabilism, murders, thefts, anything goes. The government will not exist for a time. Don’t give your guns up for any reason, that’ll be your only protection of that’s what you believe in. People will also think God has abandoned us. Beware the criminals in DC, whoever has been there the last 8-9 years wasn’t there for you.

  6. EyeAm says:

    “The Destroyer is the anti-Christ.”

    Yeah. One could say that the ‘counter’ to the SUN (called ‘Christ’ in any Age; and called ‘Jesus’ in only the Age of Pisces) is ‘anti-Christ’. The ‘Dark Sister’ companion, albeit not on the same ecliptic. Coming to usurp (eclipse) the throne of Christ (the SUN) on its CROSS. ‘Jesus’ will die (be eclipsed) on the CROSS of Nibiru, which is known as ‘the planet of the cross’ or ‘the planet of the crossing’.

    “Conflating evil with Jesus is a serious matter.”
    It’s just the Sun, but it’s a love-hate relationship. Most days, I absolutely hate the f*cker, because it’s so bright and hot. Especially since most of the trees got wiped away in the last big storm. 😀

    But the reddish-brown dwarf star is spiraling in and coming back for another round which is going to be even more potent. People only thought the Magnitude 9.1 quake in Japan was big and bad, along with the tsunami and ensuing >200 quakes (M7s, M6s, M5s…).
    If you live west of Interstate 5 in the U.S., just know that when the Cascadia Subduction Zone Mega-thrust Earthquake (aka Marginal Rupture) occurs, you don’t want to be there. Nibiru will trigger during a future alignment, and the quake will trigger a tsunami. If people are prepared, experts say 13,000 people will die from it, and 27,000 will be hurt by it, and another 150,000 will be displaced. People will drown, burn up in gas line explosions, die in avalanches, and so on. That’s if they are prepared. The tolls will be much higher if they are not.

    Nibiru has ‘seven’ orbiting bodies about it. It appears to have ‘wings’, and has a long red ‘tail’ of sparks, like a comet. It will come in, cross between the Sun and the Earth, plunge Earth into darkness (this is Jesus ‘dying’ on the cross at the time of darkness), and when it passes, ‘Christ returns’ (i.e., the Sun returns with its light and warmth). But it won’t be over even then. The Earth will eventually fall within Nibiru’s tail, and ‘red hail’ will cover the Earth. Burning coals falling from the sky. Nibiru causes the Earth to wobble like a drunkard, and will eventually leave it inclined to a new position/orientation, up to 17-degrees from where it currently is. New ice caps, and new North, South, West, and East. New Sunset and Sunrise locations.


  7. EyeAm says:

    I’m Antichrist, avatar of the new Age of Aquarius. I bring the apocalypse (unveiling). I’m here to destroy Christianity. 🙂

    Faith & Hope give way to Science & Reason.

  8. Cameron B says:

    Just a little advice…repent immediately. Blasphemy doesn’t play well in the heavenlies. Legion was a host of demons whom Jesus cast out of a man. The Destroyer is the anti-Christ. Conflating evil with Jesus is a serious matter. Jesus went into the high places to stamp out evil. I believe you are consorting with familiar spirits.

  9. EyeAm says:

    No, of course not.
    “Jesus” was purported to be ‘the only begotten…’ SUN (in the Age of Pisces).
    But, getting all Yoda-like here: There is ANOTHER. And ‘HE’ is coming.
    Hercolubus, aka Nibiru, aka Red Dragon (of Revelation), Red Kachina (Hopi), Frightener, the Destroyer… a LEGION of names.

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