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  1. Lee Taylor says:

    And GEORGE SOROS owns large blocks of all the MSM networks. He also just contributed $18 BILLION to his Open Society Foundations, which fund his USA hate messages. Need more be said?

  2. 99th Monkey says:

    A company called New Knowledge is profiling Q followers in order to find chinks in our armor, and ways to solicit us and woo us away from truth: https://twitter.com/PoliPsyche/status/1156988076444573696

    A friend has been researching NK for a few months, and has come to believe that NK is more of a threat to freedom than the tech companies themselves, as companies like NK direct psychologically designed programs against patriots.

    I myself am not on the chans, but if anyone who is sees this and considers it significant, please share on the chans. Thanks!

  3. MissMolly1111 says:

    “When you control the media, you control public opinion” -Q, 2019

    Going to put this “Q”uote on Thee Ole’ Twitter…LOVNNIT!!

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