1. Denny Qrane says:

    One of the things that’s going to come out of this movement is the satanic rituals the elite employ to “fracture” the soul of a child in order to invite demonic possession of the child in order to gain abilities those demonic beings bring when in possession of that human child.

    When that comes out, and some of the technique is revealed, compare that to comments made here by certain posters.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        I could tell tell you that Denny can’t be trusted farther than you could throw him.
        But, it would be better to cut the legs out from under his purpose which is to befriend you with a little truth while waiting for his moment to strike and then divide anyone he can away from truth. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Don’t take my word for it, watch him and see for yourself.
        If anyone believes Q is authentic, then that person needs to accept that the DS has its own sleepers worming they’re way into out trust.

        1. kevinQalm says:

          I appreciate the warning but I can smell a rat a mile away. So far, Denny does not seem like a shill to me. He has been pretty straight forward with what he believes, as disgusting as it can be,. I don’t feel I have buddied up with him or have been fooled by him, but try to find common ground and share a laugh (he can be funny as hell).

  2. C says:

    Look at everything that has happened. More posts are not necessarily needed. Future (what is happening now) PROVES past (the past Q posts). “You have more than you know” is to be taken literally. Eager to see what happens, as I believe this to be a material manifestation of spiritual justice. Peace to all who “see”, and to those who dont..

  3. Kat Omen says:

    Depolarize yourself friend. Major things are happening but we have a ways to go. Living in a reactive mindset is what the Dems do.

  4. kevinQalm says:


    Here are some thoughts on how to minimize undue disrespect when discussing/debating ideological and racial differences.

    No group has uniform thought. Even fundamental religions have variation in interruption and adherence. When disparaging a group based on their political ideology why not just focus on your issues with their ideology. For instance, We all know there are evil Jews in the cabal (maybe a majority) but not everyone in the cabal is Jewish, and not all Jews are evil. Why not focus on the behavior and not on their racial or religious background. It doesn’t matter if there are Jews in the cabal, The cabal is not perpetuating evil in the name of Judaism. Its not a Jewish cult. It is a satanic cult void of any decency, good will or morals. For whatever reason the richest people after WW2 were Jewish. What I see is those people became so intoxicated with their wealth and power that they turned away from god and toward Satan, allowing their human urges to rule them and others

    With generalizations there is a risk of broadening the hateful rhetoric beyond the specific evil-doers and applying it to the masses. I am of German descent and do not identify with the German Nazi. In regards to terrorism, radical Islam is our real issue not necessarily Islam. If you take issue with the Islamic religion then so be it, but not all Muslims think the same about their religion and life in general. And as you have said, not all Muslims are terrorists. If that is the case you need to make that distinction or you’ll be viewed as a racist and hater instead of someone calling out the evil ideologies

    Just sayin.

    So, I would advise to avoid stereotypes and generalizations when making disparaging remarks

  5. kevinQalm says:

    Thanks for the referral. I am familiar with @EYETHESPY and think he is great, seems like he could be part of Q team.

  6. kevinQalm says:

    what? wait…Is “poor Kevin” referring to me? If so, here is my response. I love people from all races/religions and have had good friends from every color and religion ( I have had jewish and muslim friends). I don’t agree with gay marriage but don’t hate gay people I had a gay boss who I respected very much. Anyways, I despise Denny for his bigoted views. I have no illusions about him and have told him, straight up I think he is a fucking idiot for his anti-Semitic views. However, Now is the time to align with other patriots and understand we are all sinners.

    There are a few types of people that I hate very much….Pedophiles and traitors. I have seen people accuse each other here of being pedophiles. I am pretty sure no one here has said anything to justify that horrific label so I think people are just loosely slinging that around to hurt each other. I have probably done that myself a few times when a shill gets under my skin..

    As bad Denny comes across he should not be called a pedophile. He is a bigot and that’s it. Maybe he comes from a bad place and has some serious hate in his heart….the same kind of hate I feel towards traitors and pedophiles. Shame on all of us for calling each other that.

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    You’ve been identified as a pedo (post 3449)
    Thank you for confirming that algorithms have identified your viewing patterns.
    Do you participate in other chat rooms where you have sent or received inappropriate material?
    An idle mind is the devils playground, you’d be better off working for a living.

  8. Denny Qrane says:

    Spoken like the true devil you are.
    Poor Kevin has no idea of the betrayal you’re perpetrating.
    You’ll serve as an example.

  9. kevinQalm says:

    nah, everything is coming together. I was also very disappointed by the long absence. Q had said that Pelosi was trying to shut him down so their comms could have been compromised and it took them awhile to re-secure them. But hey, Q has made up for it hasn’t he? Back to the same rapid pace as before….although I am seeing a lot of older post being re-posted. I can imagine that they have a lot of shit on their plate right now. Pacifying we Qanons may not be the top of their list.

  10. Denny Qrane says:

    I would say they were busies pre 2016, and keeping Qanons up to speed is a high priority at this stage of the game.
    It’s reaping time, harvest time, time to take gains on all of the received mocking, smearing, and thankless, painstaking sowing required to get to his point.

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