1. Denny Qrane says:

    Another 2020 hopeful about to be cleared from the field by its own
    This time swifties gearing up to take Harris out
    Making path for real dem candidate to be revealed.

  2. Denny Qrane says:

    MSM pushing yougov poll, it has Michael as worlds most admired woman.
    Welcome to the prestage of your real 2020 dem contender

  3. Moonchild says:

    textbook bait and switch. Mockingbird check.
    Which is news that everyone heard? The accusation and hint of scandal. Human nature will flock to the scandal, timed to drown the actual deed out of the pool of awareness. Textbook inversion by the mockingbirds.

  4. Denny Qrane says:

    Could the game be to wipe out the entire democratic field with a single tweet?
    Force the DS to put their real candidate out before they were ready?
    They consolidated all that power, and those seats to fill for HRC, then Potus snatched it away!
    They have to try to get back in there, I can see only one logical candidate for the DS to deploy.
    Bring him, her, it? out already and let the chopping down begin!

  5. Lonegunman65 says:

    @Timothy: shut the fuck up!. You will convince no one on these boards!. The folks that follow Q on these boards fall into 2 catagories. Those that believe Q is real and shill/trolls that want to discredit the movement! You, jackass, fall into the later catagory!

  6. Timothy says:

    The game seems to be “present evidence how Trump isn’t a racist (more accurate: xenophobe)” while in the same sentence throwing people under the bus with that selfsame xenophobia.

    It’s disturbingly Clinton-esque. We expect better.

    1. Dipshit Denny says:

      Hey Timmy are you the smartest guy with down syndrome??? This was not racist, they spun it that way. A lot of people said they were going to leave if he was elected, guess what that didnt happen. Now hes saying if you dont like it here leave, fix the the counties your decendent from, fix it, and let me know that goes. They wont because the countries they are decendent from are shitholes!

    2. Denny C says:

      Timmy, are you the guy who filed a joint tax return with Omar while she was still married to her brother? Just curious.

    3. Denny Qrane says:

      Or, the tweet was way more planned with numerous moving parts that only make sense after enough future events become historical events and you survey the larger scene and say “Doh!!! He did it again!” Reminds me of the roadrunner cartoon; potus and co. are the road runner, the other guys are the coyote with their attempts to catch him ultimately, and always, blowing up in their face. It’s both sad and comical.

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