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Stealth Bomber.
Date of 1st flight?
Date of Mueller’s testimony?
A, B, C, D, E….
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..


  1. Diligent Diplomat says:

    Whitaker is named the ONLY PATRIOT NAMED “STEALTH BOMBER” BY Q!!!!!
    Trump appointed Matt Whitaker AG 11/7/18

  2. @Brad.cutter says:

    Look up the urban dictionary definition of Stealth Bomb. Lol the first answer might be what’s up. Maybe mueller is going to “bite his condom” and sabotage the hell out of the Dems plans and infect them with an irreversible “disease” Or because 717=GAG, maybe not a thing will be said of any consequence. Also google “stealth bomber gag” an article from 7-17-1988 comes up talking about a congressional gag order regarding the first stealth flight. Article also has laughable comments from Rev. Jesse Jackson regarding the B-2 bomber expense and flight. Likely not related but interesting read anyway…

    1. Charles Russell says:

      What if Meuller testmony is not what Dems believe it will be? What if B2 (Bill Barr) has flipped Meuller and his testimony has the exact opposite effect Dems hope for?

  3. Brad.cutter says:

    1st stealth bomber flight 7/17/1989
    Mueller testimony 7/17/2019
    Gag=nothing said
    Just guessing here folks.

  4. steve says:

    I never had any member of the Military desert me on the Battle Field the way Qanon has over the last 2 months! almost 3 years NO Justice it didn’t take them that long to put me in their system.Q seems weak for not talking to us for that long, what’s the wait, waiting for mainstream media to report, we can all do that!

    1. Charles Russell says:

      Ask yourself the following 2 questions and the one you answer No to will give you your answer.
      1) Did the Dems subpoena Muller because they expect him to provide info that will hurt Trump?
      2) Did the Dems subpoena Muller because they expect him to provide info that will help Trump?

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