1. David M Cascio says:

    This is the same date as the Rachel Chandler post with surv screen… Q states there’s 4×4 (16) frames but only 4×3 (12) visible

  2. Hank says:

    I read a while back and I think it was a Q Post to watch Bill and Hillary to come down with some ailments when this stuff comes out.

  3. rick welles says:

    with this Epstein arrest don’t be surprised if people go missing or commit “suicide”. There is tons of money and power involved here and these evil people have the means and the lack of morality to do whatever is necessary to remain free.

    1. Bar says:

      Precisely, just this morning I heard on a video about some nonsense claiming ill health of B+H. Frankly anyone on those lists should bewatched like hawks as potential flight risks out of the country too.

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