Jul 9 2019 22:07:09 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: c43132
Welcome to Epstein Island.
Ask yourself, is this normal?
What does a ‘Temple’ typically symbolize?
What does an ‘OWL’ symbolize (dark religion)?
Tunnels underneath?
How many channels captured on RC‘s pic?
Rooms indicate size.
Hallways shown?
[CLAS 1-99]
Symbolism will be their downfall.
These people are EVIL.


  1. Denny Qrane says:

    What are the chances that the $29mm concrete cover up, also served as final act of wickedness? I sense the recently deceased calling for justice from their concrete sleep. Heartbreaking.

    1. Dipshit Denny says:

      I agree with you 100%! We are all wanting justice, but just think of how many children were tortured, raped, molested, killed on this sick place…. justice will come!

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