1. EyeAm says:

    Trump best hurry–he will NOT be re-elected. So he has a short time left in office to cause any justice.
    Those of you banking on a second term are going to be very disappointed. If you’re smart, you’ll plan for this reality.
    And don’t say you were not warned by me.
    Democrats go in for eight years. They get re-election in 2024.

    Stay out of Washington DC and New York from 2024-2028. :You don’t want to be there when the nukes hit.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      You’re trying to work above your spiritual pay grade. All the same, in Jesus’ name, I bind that curse. It shall not come to pass. That’s grace for your error, and true authority, seize it.
      I am that I am, wants you to know that it is solely His purpose to set up and tear down kings in His own perfect timing. Change your alias, and don’t provoke His wrath.

      1. EyeAm says:


        I am Antichrist. I am here to destroy Christianity.
        I’m the avatar of the new Age.

        And, anyway, “Jesus” is ‘the SUN in the Age of Pisces’, the age that now wanes (like ‘the church’).

        Not that it means much, but here is some “gematria” for ya. My last name:

    2. Harry B says:

      Where do you get your info from? How can you be so sure Abt it?
      Would love to protect myself from that. Please share. .

      1. EyeAm says:

        From my book…
        1. https://i.imgur.com/WlUuG8J.jpg
        2. https://i.imgur.com/BSbXynJ.jpg

        In 1997, I nailed the time-frame for what became known as the ‘war on terror’.

        It’s 100% accurate, valid, true.
        The only one left out of my book, on purpose, was the iteration of the cycle where there manifested a native American genocide,
        the ‘Indian Removal Act’ and the “Trial of Tears”.

        Pluto is not far from its natal (U.S. birthchart) location, in the 8th House of death.
        Pluto rules nukes.
        The next war may well start with ‘a nuclear Pearl Harbor’ (likely the Statue of Liberty–and if so, that fulfills a Nostradamus prophecy, who names the man who does it and who gets caught).

        Plague / Viral epidemic (possibly pandemic) comes first–on world stage by 2021. Original prediction was 2018-to-2021, it would show (possible first inkling as early as 2017). We’ve seen an increase problems with Ebola and Pneumonic Plague in the Congo, Madagascar, south Africa in general. All it takes is one plane ride from there to New York and an infested person getting onto the subway.

        A ‘nuclear Pearl Harbor’ next.
        Then World War 3 (between 2024-2028)
        U.S. President is assassinated (2020-2028; more likely: 2024-2028; and I suspect 2025 with 2026 at latest).
        War starts, Prez dies in office, VP becomes Prez, war continues. They always last about 4 or 5 years for the U.S.
        Prediction for WW3 being 2024-2028 is for *U.S. entrance only*. It starts for others before then. Always does. We always wait.

        The Messiah (Moshiach) is here for Israel now. 🙂
        An earthquake looms for Israel.

  2. theresa says:

    very powerful every time i hear it. i hope everyone LISTENS to the words carefully….keep america great will happen after we make america great again……..

    1. BigJohn says:

      Yup. There’s no plan. If this Eptsein thing was all part of some master plan involving “Q+,” then why did Trump hire Acosta? Why is Alex Acosta the Labor Secretary after he gave Epstein such a sweetheart deal with immunity back in 2008? This is all just a scam, always has been.

        1. BigJohn says:

          I don’t mind Jews at all. Denny is a horrible racist. He’s a white supremacist. I don’t buy into any of that garbage. I am not a religious man though and think religion will likely be the death of us all someday, but I have nothing against religious people or people of different ethnic backgrounds, races, etc.

      1. kevincalm says:

        Maybe they wanted Epstein free, at least for awhile, so they could continue collecting evidence on his operation and network. Its the cover up that gets you. military tactics.

        1. BigJohn says:

          Rationalize away. That’s the only way this cult works. The Lord Q works in mysterious ways too complex for mere mortals to comprehend, 3D chess and all that. You people are suckers.

          1. kevincalm says:

            It seems you have an inability to rationalize. If it doesn’t hit you in the nose you don’t know its there. Q is just too complex for you? Just admit you have been against the idea of Q from the start and instead of spending the time and energy to figure of the puzzle of Q you took the easy way out as a perpetual critic. Why even waste your time doing it? I can’t relate to vandalism. Keep up with your cynical, narrow minded thinking and see where it gets you.

    2. GellertUK says:

      Vengeance is a dish best served cold. Jump too soon and a lot of what we seek could fall to the wayside. Patience is a virtue. Have faith.

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