1. Denny Qrane says:

    Stage 3 has begun…Bargaining! Timing matters for maximum impact.
    Fox headline:
    “Christine Pelosi warns it’s ‘quite likely that some of our faves are implicated’ in ‘horrific’ Epstein case”
    DS getting ready to publicly throw each under the bus. Hope there are enough buses to handle demand…

    1. BigJohn says:

      God you people are retarded. Are they going to be sent to GITMO? Fucking Epstein will fight this and might even get out of it. If people are implicated it might even be people you like. It’s not going to turn out how you retards envision. Qtards are fun to watch though. You’re so predictable.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        It wasn’t that long ago that this all fell under “conspiracy” stuff.
        Now you have Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (the opposition) acknowledging it’s authentic and attempting damage control. They’re trying to get in front of it to mitigate collateral damage, which will have the ultimate effect of fracturing the left. If it were just one or two individuals who may or may not be guilty of a minor infraction there would be no need to vote anyone off the proverbial island. One this thread starts being pulled, the crimes and names revealed will be Yuge! It’s not that complicated, use your noodle.

        1. BigJohn says:

          Cults aren’t in control. Thankfully you dipshits are a small minority of the country. But a tiny minority of 300+ million can still be quite a lot of people who can do quite a lot of harm. Whoever is behind this Qanon scam has enormous power over you people. Many of you believe Q is doing God’s work and whatever Q wants you to do would be a mandate from God. That is frightening. This is a cult with a secret anonymous leader and whoever it is these people are not patriots or friends of this country, not if they promote martial law and mass arrests by the military with people being dragged off to GITMO to face military tribunals, third world totalitarian state bullshit. These creeps are creating an army of followers, preparing them for some big fight. For all we know Q was started by some foreign intelligence agency. We know the Russians, for instance, engage in all sorts of sneaky propaganda and other activities designed to sow discord and destroy confidence in our nation’s institutions. I don’t know who is behind Q but there is a lot of this sort of activity within the Q movement and these subgroups that believe craziness like that Ruth Ginsburg is dead and everyone on the Supreme Court and so many others are all in on this scheme to make it appear that she is alive so that Dems can appoint another liberal after Trump is gone. This is the shit our enemies with pull, not our friends, not patriots. I wish Q wasn’t a chickenshit who hides in the shadows and that my fellow countrymen weren’t stupid enough to blindly follow chickenshits who hide in the shadows. This is a dangerous situation.

          1. I disagree with Trump on somethings but not the trade defense says:

            So what if we are a cult? LOL. First Amendment. This country allows for Satanists, Nazis in uniforms, and Syaria law advocates. So why can’t us Qtards have our day? Just get lost already LOL

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            You remind me of Denny Crane; he tells tall tales about his accomplishments too.
            Apple network engineer
            Wannabe Super soldier
            And now attorney
            Doesn’t leave much time for bantering about Q
            A stooge by any other name, still the same lol

        2. BigJohn says:

          The Qanon b.s. is still conspiracy theory stuff. Epstein’s problems are old news. He’s some billionaire party boy who threw big bashes and supplied women and sometimes apparently some of these women were underage. That’s not good. He’s a creep. But this is not the same as people eating babies and all this other craziness you guys believe. And nobody is going to GITMO. That isn’t going to happen. None of this martial law and the military rounding people up and sending them to GITMO to face military tribunals nonsense is going to happen because it would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent. It would be third world totalitarian state bullshit. It would be the Executive Branch of government usurping power from the other two branches and they would not stand for that. The Constitution says plain as day in the last paragraph of Section 2 of Article III that those accused of crimes get jury trials in the states in which their alleged criminal conduct took place, not GITMO. I am a lawyer with decades of experience and have even taught constitutional law and this is pretty rudimentary stuff. I have never met a lawyer who believes in this Qanon nonsense, probably because we all took con law and had to read cases like Ex parte Milligan in law school and we understand things like the Separation of Powers doctrine and all that. It is dead obvious that what Qanon cult members are clamoring for is unconstitutional un-American third world totalitarian state bullshit that the Constitution was designed to protect against.

          Anyway, nothing I say will convince you of anything. Eventually you will have to face reality but for now you will keep following charlatans like sheep. You guys are too far gone, completely brainwashed and incapable of thinking for yourselves. You’re no doubt thinking I’m some deep state paid shill. Actually I’m someone who stands up t the government in court all the time, fights government abuses, and I’m horrified that so many people are begging for martial law these days, for the Executive Branch to take all power from the Judicial and Legislative branches. This is how dictatorships get started. This nonsense you people want always leads to horrible government abuses. It is a disaster anywhere in the world this sort of thing happens. It goes against the Constitution. It goes against everything our forefathers fought and died for. It is the opposite of patriotic. You people are dangerously gullible and your cult is a threat to this nation.

          Just watch and see what happens. Epstein’s case will go before a federal court under the Judicial Branch of government. It won’t be a military tribunal and he nor anyone else will be going to GITMO. Q crazies will keep predicting mass arrests. Those predictions will keep failing. This Q bullshit will keep going until after the next election and after that it will have outlived its usefulness and it will fade away and all this talk of the “deep state” will as well and this will all just be a historical curiosity most people won’t know a thing about in the future. My guess is people like you will later in life not want to talk about this episode in your lives and if you do you will minimize your involvement and say you knew it was bullshit all along because you will be embarrassed to admit the truth.

          1. Anne r. Keei says:

            You are saying things to minimize Epstein’s crimes therefore covering for the elites who partook in sex trafficking. You insist this “ third world totalitarian state bullshit…quite a number of times( like you are repeating phrases and talking points given to you by your handler. ) You use words like “ gullible,crazy,nonsense,Q bullshit,Q crazies,brainwashed,far gone,Charlatans,cults and conspiracy’s. Its so obvious you are the nutcase. Tribunals will happen Mr “ lawyer”. If you really were a lawyer you’d know in time of war when an enemy is given assistance or comfort its treason and will be tried by military is opted by the govt. so shut the fuck up.,

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            For a lawyer you make a lot of generalizations. I’m pretty sure the last time you threw the constitution at me I challenged you to look at NJ gun laws and family courts for evidence f amount constitutional trampling. And if I recall from that same discussion we agree that marshal law is not likely to be instituted. As for Q b.s. I don’t think you’re paying attention. Everything that in the news as stuff that Q put up and was ridiculed for. Be sure you’re reading Q and potus tweets, not what other posters think. For my closing argument I’d just remind you that your world is what you make it. Roll up your sleeves and jump in, or sit on the sidelines bellyaching that cults are in control. Up to you, but if you really do have that experience, then make a meaningful contribution. Nobody here is going to show you respect you didn’t earn. Hell, even potus would get knee capped here. Put on your big boy pants, this ain’t the procedural environment you’re accustomed to. We’re all equal here, no matter how big you are elsewhere.

  2. Dipshit Denny says:

    Epstein arrested… this is yuge! Hopefully more arrests to come as this now unravels on what happened at Epstein Island and Pizzagate and who was all involved.

  3. Denny Qrane says:

    189, 230, 419:914
    If Hussein Soros connection made soon, then we would probably see Chicago/ mayor / smollette events unfolding. Why would smollette want federal court to handle his hoax case? The better question is how will patriots benefit? You know they will. I don’t know, but is Smollette already flipped? Wonder what if any revelations July 19th holds?

    1. Joan Kent Q turd in my bowl says:

      Hey dumbass Q all those 60 thousand sealed indictments and you didn’t know Jeffrey Epstein was getting arrested yeah so absurd

  4. BIG DADDY DAVE says:


    1. BIG DADDY DAVE says:


  5. Denny Qrane says:

    AF2 diverted
    19 surfaced in potus tweet today (future date?)
    154 years + another 154 years = 308
    Speech “flub” not a flub? patriots control the air?

    1. Joan Kent Q is a turd in my toilet says:

      Q THE PROPHET is right you attack those who threaten you most…Absolutely ..I was attacked by a few of your whacked out cultist stupid evil supporters..HATERS GONNA HATE..JEALOUSY I proved them wrong hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahaha..Q I Just flushed you down my toilet boy were you stinky ..next time will take a pic of Q the intel floating in my bowl hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha

      1. kevincalm says:

        hey, don’t worry so much. before they come after the useful idiots they will start will the DC swamp traitors, pedophile rings, human traffickers and the globalist satan cult leaders. which group are you trying to protect? Besides, they won’t care too much about idiots living in their parents trailer. you should be OK…. just relax and watch the show

      2. kevincalm says:

        Panic is in the air as Trump and Q unclog the shit from our country …..when the big flush happens the globalists and their useful idiots (i.e. Joan Kunt) will swirl away into the abyss.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          I bet if you just restate the obvious with just one word, “winning!!!”, it would have the same effect as throwing salt on a slug.

        2. JOAN KENT JETSETTER says:


          1. kevincalm says:

            hey, don’t worry so much. before they come after the useful idiots they will start will the DC swamp traitors, pedophile rings, human traffickers and the globalist satan cult leaders. which group are you trying to protect? Besides, they won’t care too much about idiots living in their parents trailer. you should be OK…. just relax and watch the show

    1. Joan Kent Q is a turd in my toilet says:

      Omg you people are so pathetic..I just shit a Q in my toilet..I found Q a stupid Soros supported Turd…hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      Seems likely there are crumbs in today’s celebration since I think the recent posts are bringing the Soros / Hussein connection to the foreground soon. Might be easier to wait and see what msm pick up on to mock him with. Works like a giant blinking arrow “look here”

      1. BigJohn says:

        He always gives them plenty to mock. Our Army manned the air and took over the airports in the Revolutionary War against the British? Seriously? He’s senile. I saw it happen to my father, terrible thing really.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Reminds me of how fake news went nuts over “covfefe”
          This won’t be the last/first time potus has the last laugh and makes fools of fake news.
          OANN exclusive coverage handed to them on a silver platter while CNN enjoys its sour grapes and cuts its nose off to spite its own face.

          1. Honest Dave says:

            Obungo’s several references to his “first lady????” as MICHAEL sort of
            causes a few questions to be asked, eh

            Even way down here in NZ we know a dead rat when we smell one!!!!!

  6. Denny Qrane says:

    “Shift cipher”
    Related comms instructions found in post 477…

    Think clock.
    Wind the clock w/ all markers.
    Future proves past.

  7. kevincalm says:

    judge just ordered the Epstein child sex ring case files to be released to the public. We will some real DS panic now. I guess Q is just a LARP…..

    1. Joan Kent Q is a laughable retard says:

      Hey kevincalm the retard…nnCoulter has been reporting on that Epstein case since 2015 google it loser. before you started posing as Q..how much is Soros paying you to make a mockery out of republicans????????!!!!!!!!! so laughable hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhhahahhahahahahahahahhahhhahahahhahahahahahha

  8. Denny Qrane says:

    Instructions from way back in post 504

    Jan 07 2018 22:46:19 !UW.yye1fxo Q

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      You’ve heard that it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters.
      I think it matters when you say it.
      Any significance found in:
      189 days (we know a high profile guy fitting this gematria)
      230 days
      419 days, mirrored at 914

  9. kevincalm says:

    Trumps wants some tanks at his July 4th event…..Is that to show off our military strength or is he expecting something nefarious and wants to be prepared? Always nice to have some tanks and snipers as back up. Hmmmm.

    1. Trump forever President ! says:

      Q is done with this board. Not coming back here. Too many negative posts. To many Demorats supporters and Trump haters!

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        I feel like we will see Q here again.
        Part of the whole movement is to restore power to the people. The only way to let people step up and make their own stand, is to step back and give them a chance to assert themselves and police themselves. “We build the wall” is a perfect example of citizen engagement. There is a ton of truth still buried in prior Q posts. We don’t need new posts as much as we all need to go back and review what’s already revealed.

  10. Denny Qrane says:

    Q had much to say about Iran last summer
    Use search feature for keyword “Iran”
    Get caught up before asking for more spoon fed handouts
    Be a good steward of what you already possess

  11. Denny Qrane says:

    No 2020 pardons for bad actors.
    Panic to increase as reality sets in that “their guy” gets defeated again in 2020
    Denial will give way to negotiating.
    Acceptance still way off on horizon, crime doesn’t pay.

    1. kevincalm says:

      I’m wondering if Trump will wait until after election to arrest the bad guys. I would think his position is strong enough now to win so why throw chaos into the mix? Maybe he will take down a dozen or so beforehand so he can use that in his campaign to expose the Dims but not so many as to effect the market or unleash rioting etc.

    2. EyeAm says:

      President Trump will not be re-elected. I assure you.

      Kamala Harris is the next President. She will have the electoral votes to win.
      The Democrats are in the White house from 2020-to-2028, and will see a President die in office, a VP become President, and the U.S. enter World War 3. Right after a viral epidemic (possibly pandemic) and a ‘nuclear Pearl Harbor’ that gets us into the war.

      1. Thomas Pernice says:

        Kamala Harris cannot beat Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren. Look beyond 2020, the year Trump is reelected, to 2024. Will Josh Hawley receive the political backing of the party to be the Republican presidential candidate?

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        That’s not what I’m hearing.
        Peace and prosperity first.
        Nation building for palistine, peace in Syria, real Iran deal soon revealed, central banks ousted.
        Stop listening to the doctrine of demons.

      1. kevincalm says:

        Lots of inflammatory posts bashing our beloved Q, the “LARP”. No Q recent updates may mean the admin realizes its a waste of time supporting this shill site anymore. The shill crowd tactics are to swamp these kind of sites with so much nonsensical, inflammatory bullshit that the qanons just get fed up. Who wants to wade thru a bunch of lengthy posts about white supremacy and extreme bigotry? I’m sure there are sites out there for that so why are they on this site? They must really think they are impacting the Q movement. That’s delusional.

        These shills can’t win any arguments with facts, reason and logic so you see them attacking, insulting etc. They must be paid operatives because who would waste their time criticizing a movement they think is crazy, is led by a LARP and the followers are delusional idiots? Typical Dim idiots that’s who.

        1. Joan Kent proved Q was a retard says:

          HEY Q aka Kevin Calm give it up..FACTS OMG wow…this is the stupidest most laughable conspiracy theory ever ..makes the national enquirer look like real news…JUST AN FYI MY FAVORITE FOX GUY TUCKER CARLSON IS WITH TRUMP IN North Korea..Q didn’t know that was going to happen..Q ANONS ARE A BUNCH OF CRAZED STUPID ANNOYING EMBARRASSING WANNABE LOSERS…LAUGHINGTSTOCKS OF THE INTERNET …. EVIL EMBARRASSING STUPID WACKOS THE Q ANONS ARE

    1. Donna says:

      On our date last night Q told me he could not stand Denny Crane ! Thanks shill Dummy Strange…..er Denny Crame it, Q will no longer support this board.

  12. Charles Russell says:

    This is a site that posts Q drops. There were 3 new Q drops on June 27. It is now June 28 and those 3 new Q posts do not appear on this site. Why?

    1. kevincalm says:

      Apparently Q is not dead as reported often on this site. Hey shills what’s up? That seems like a pretty major “blown call” . Maybe we should give you some slack on that since no post in over a month?

  13. kevincalm says:

    The DS is coming apart at the seams as more damaging documents are trickled out daily to the public exposing their lies and manipulation.

    Oil tanker false flag attacks, Fake rape allegations, Mueller last grasp testimony, subpoena harassment of Trump aides and family, Trump prison threat. What’s next? More mass shootings?

    Did we already forget about Smollett case? What about the “manufactured” crisis at the border and undermining border security, the manufactured Russian hoax, the illegal spying of US citizens, the admitted leaks of classified information and proven lies to congress, the FISA court fraud, push to dissolve ICE, activist judges undermining POTUS, Virginia black face fun and rape allegations, Covington teen harassment, illegal unmasking, Kavanaugh attacks, infanticide, papadopolis and Flynn set ups, anti-trump fake news. man oh man the list goes on.

    How about Uranium One and Iranian nuke deals, NAFTA, Biden in Ukraine, Kerry and Feinstein in Iran?

    What about Assange, 33K emails, Seth Rich, $500K speaking fees from Russia, HRC Foundation whistleblower Caine?

    What about 2020? A landslide. buckle up.

  14. Denny Qrane says:

    We’ve come a long way from “conspiracy” theory to Ted Cruz questioning Google in yesterday’s senate hearing.
    Do you even know that you’re witnessing the show Q promised?
    Just sayin’

  15. Denny Qrane says:

    A patriot, a leader, a man, sees what needs done and starts to work on it, he does not sit around waiting to suckle from the breast of government.

    “We build the wall” is one such group if American citizens standing up and taking ownership.
    You can sit around whining like Denny Complain, and seeing who has the worst cards life can deal, or you can grow a pair, pick up a tool, and go to work solving problems instead of being one.

    As for the wall others have taken the lead and created a way for you to personally contribute time or resources to soling the matter.

    1. Donna says:

      Donna says Q CALLED me and wants to show me the sights! Oh course I said yes! He got us on board AF 1 ! Today! He introduced me to Donald and we three had a nice talk. They really do want to save the country! Such sweet guys! Q and I left AF 1 in Alaska . Had dinner in anchorage. Then back to ELMENDORF AFB to catch a plane back to DC.
      I can say one more thing – Q really can give a good night kiss!

  16. Denny Qrane says:

    Huge lol @ anti-Q dolts
    Maximum impact with minimum effort.
    Ok, ok, ok, look Q reposts a post saying the dolts attack that which threatens them the most. Then 400+ comments of mostly mindless dummy(s), he/they whip themselves into a tizzy proving Q.
    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny!
    Carry on numbskulls
    Go team Q

    1. BigJihn says:

      Those of who recognize that Qanon is bullshit are the dummies? That’s rich. We can’t all be “woke” like you brainwashed sheep in your absurd cult. You all are the least “woke” people I have ever encountered. Must be some powerful faith you have in your cult being let down over and over and over again and every time falling for this “3D chess,” “deception was necessary,” timing is everything, the Lord Q works in mysterious ways horseshit. You are the biggest suckers on the planet and eventually you’re going to see that. You’re pathetic, really. I feel sorry for you because it’s not going to be easy coming to terms with how stupid you have been. The good thing is though is that you will see that the world isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it was and that will make up some for the pain of being lied to and betrayed and having been stupid enough to fall for all of this. That’s going to hurt like a multi-year relationship that ends with infidelity and other betrayal. Everything you believed was a lie and you feel like your whole universe is collapsing in on you. I’ve been there, never in an idiot conspiracy theory cult but the long relationship/marriage ending in a horrible way thing. You’ll have my thoughts and prayers.i just hope you don’t go and fall for the next Internet charlatan pushing ridiculous un-American conspiracy theories after your break ups.

    2. Wasabeliever says:

      What happened to Huber’s 60,000 sealed indictments? Hillary? Child traffickers? Pedophiles?

      Do you really think the Failed Coup plotters will just say, “Yeah, you got us, well go quietly?”

      Think: 9/11, Reagan Assassination attempt, JFK, ISIS, Benghazi, and on and on and on.

      Hillary and the Deep Staters are protected, which is why they don’t give a fuck about this “plan” They dole out just enough to stay credible.

      Guilty as sin, free as birds

      1. kevincalm says:

        BTW denny dipshit, the DS proxies are the black sites in Iran, NK, Venezuela, etc. The swamp is in Wash. D.C. Maybe I didn’t explain it well enough or maybe it is too complex for you.

      2. kevincalm says:

        Hillary and the DS have been protected since Bush Sr (maybe even earlier). Trump has drained the swamp and agency blockades have been removed. We have the source. Trump has to keep the economy strong, control the DS proxies and maintain optics for 2020 so must balance these efforts with the arrests and tribunals. We must have justice but need to come out of it strong to finally and completely squash them. I agree that if they wait too long their support amongst the patriots will wane and they risk losing control of the narrative, however the evidence will be so overwhelming it won’t matter and people will finally know the truth and rall

    3. Von Ebb says:

      LOL this sight is a mess with out new Q posts to play with.

      WHERE is the beloved Qanon? Laying low until after the ….not big 4th of JULY?

      We still love the Q team , but sure could use some leadership!

      Crap Hanity was still talking the same old shit. Uranium one! MSM hating Trump. Old old stuff!

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Looking over the larger scene, lying msm is being replaced by more individual research and reporting. Power of the “press” is being drained away from the establishment and restored to us the people. We went from none of the “conspiracy” stuff Q put out, to its now part the actual news, discussion, hearings. So many names, too many names, of great people running with the ball, Jordan, Nunes, Judicial watch, Bongino and many many others.

        We each have to decide how much effort we want to put into free thinking, or who to trust to think for us? It’s all playing out in plain, public view for anyone who cares to look. Here’s a 4 hour video of our tax dollars at work, from the house judiciary committee titled “Lessons from the Mueller Report, Part II: Bipartisan Perspectives”. It can be searched instead of using using provided link.
        All any normal thinking person has to do is take the time to look and listen, and they will see the insanity of the left that we as a nation are fighting.

        The American people have stepped up to build the wall where local governments have failed or even obstructed. It’s not covered, but wall is going up, and the left is trying to use local code enforcement to tear it down.

        The more air time the left has the more holes they poke in their own testimony. How many Americans knew the names of mueller, comey, clapper, schiff, etc. 2 years ago? How many know those names and at least something about their treachery today?

        It’s working, this is what real empowerment of the people looks like. Q gave us more than we are utilizing, is it fair to ask for more when there is still plenty on our plate? What’s the point of being informed? Just to have bragging rights over who knew something first? Passive consumerism of intel that doesn’t somehow lead to change or action is not a very lofty goal to aspire to.

        1. kevincalm says:

          I am hoping FOX is just being strategic in having more left viewpoints, thinking that as the anti-trump MSM double down on stupid their viewers will move on to other new sources (i.e. FOX). I can only hope they haven’t sold out….yet. Maybe they are just posturing in order to get invited to cover the Dim primary debates(???)

  17. Denny Qrane says:

    Not season for Persian war.
    No D.S. Distraction to be found in Iran.
    Every nation combatting its own D.S. infection.
    Got the right people at our helm now.

  18. Denny Qrane says:

    Netflix, you can pick on conservatives, you can pick on my president; we got our big boy pants on.
    But when you opt to enter the political arena by advocating for genocide of our mosy precious defenseless citizens, and take an adversarial position against the righteous like Georgia and others, you force anyone with a conscience to stop patronizing your service. I’m sorry, but it’s over between us. Anyone have referral for steaming service that’s either pro life, or at least refusing to take sides?

  19. Bluemeister says:

    There are 8,000,000 missing children in the world, 800,000 in the USA each and every year.
    There are 6,000,000 active Lucifarians in the world.


    1. BigJohn says:

      Just write a letter and put it in an envelope and address it to Santa in the North Pole. Santa will pass it on to Q as long as those little bastard deep state elves don’t get to it first.

    2. Bluemeister says:

      You’re now posting where Q will review your posts. If you become interesting enough for Q’s attention, he’ll even read your personal notes on your Smartphone … there’s no escaping scrutiny for a ‘fired up’ Patriot…

      Q reads all…

  20. M. McCarty says:

    Polls cannot be believed. Just look at that crowd in Orlando and all those red hats and shirts. Beautiful crowd and great speech! Am sure this will continue in all states. Looking forward to 4th of July Celebration — Freedom.
    It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
    Galatians 5:1 | NIV

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      I only got through don Jr so far. Hope to get to the rest today.
      As one of the elder voices present, have you EVER seen anything like this in your lifetime?
      It’s truly remarkable! Every time I look for a platue, or stahl, this rocket just keeps thrusting higher and faster. So glad to witness this time in American history.

      1. M. McCarty says:

        I have not seen such large crowds in my years on this earth. Am not amazed by the size because for the first time since John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan people are seeing a real CHANGE president. I, like you, am proud to witness history with people standing up and saying “We are taking our country back, all this evil will stop NOW with this administration in charge”. I do not understand how anyone living in this great country would want to betray us for money or power. They can’t take it to their grave. My hope is we will get back to families spending time together and sitting at their dinner table talking about each others day. Love and respect is the answer.

  21. M. McCarty says:

    Our beloved POTUS goes to Orlando tomorrow to announce his Campaign for Reelection. Looking forward to his speech and the crowd’s reaction. A lot to be proud of during first 2 1/2 years. Be safe, my prayers are with you.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      He’s a proverbial rock star.
      Obama last politician to be elected president, Trump restored the job to an American’s duty, as all positions and seats should be.

    1. kevincalm says:

      I do see some anti-jewish opinions posted here sometimes but I doubt this is a muslim controlled site. Why do you think that? It just seems like real people expressing their opinion but there could be some on here that are just trying to control the narrative, paid by special interest groups……there a few people that spew nonsense and try to disrupt the dialogue….but these could be immature losers that have nothing better to do. why cant they just watch their porn or play their video games and leave us alone? haha.

      1. Tracy says:

        Lots of Jews don’t like other Jews. Like in USA white people are at the bank demanding the bank to put money in their overdrawn account because they know it can’t be overdrawn or how they are demanding the gas station attendant to allow them to fill up for free because they just know they paid a few minutes ago or how about the ones trying to return the unused propane in the tank they filled last Friday and now theywant money back because they didn’t use it all over the weekend or how about the ones returning a package of screws that is missing 8 out of 10 because they used those 8 and now want a credit for 2. Jews yeah yeah yeah but look at these white ones. Lol.

    2. kevincalm says:

      This is just a site where people can opine about Q and politics. Lots of opinions from both sides. Not a news site. There may be some people who are not representing themselves honestly (i.e. say they are conservative but blast Q and patriots). The fake shills.

  22. kevincalm says:

    RR on team Trump? Trumps tweets about Sessions/Wray? Are you kidding? Are you so lame as to really buy into all the public statements and apparent coalitions etc.? Or are you using them to make your case when convenient? Look who is being duped here. We really don’t know who is on Trump team and Trump maybe saying what is needed to keep the plan going. For all we know RR turned on DS and may still face punishment. He is neck deep in this shit. Trumps has said both good and bad things about Sessions. Doesn’t that make you wonder? Again, sometimes these things are obvious and other times they are not.

    1. kevincalm says:

      Here is my take on black hats:
      void of light, soul-less, scum, satanists, pedophiles, infanticide murderers, socialsts, communists, Nazis, sex traffickers, liars, slanderers, spies, thieves, athiests, leakers, cheaters, bigots, racists, facists, cowards, egomaniacs, self-rigtheous propogandists, TRAITORS, motherfuckers:….. RR, Coats, Schiff, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Rice, Yates, Priestap, Lynch, Flake, Zucker, Feinstein, Mueller, Jarrett, Holder, HRC, Bill, Kerry, Podesta, Pelosi, Schumer, Roberts, Biden, Obama, McCain, Cheney, Bush Jr. and Sr (grand master),

  23. Denny Qrane says:

    Happy birthday!
    Let’s just go ahead with impeachment…the unintended consequences to the Dems would be DEVASTATING.
    We’d have to rename the Trojan horse as Trump horse

  24. kevincalm says:

    I doubt we will see anything substantial from our beloved Q for awhile since we are now in the most critical phase of the plan. All Q will post moving forward will be misinformation since Qanons already have enough to understand the plan and support POTUS through all of this.

    You can see what the DS did to the Japanese tanker. They are still trying to intimidate and manipulate as the walls close in and will become even more unraveled as the truth and justice is disclosed and delivered to the public. They may have used all their big ammo by now but best not to give them any timelines on the declass and indictments etc. It will all hit at once and they will be trapped…..the swamp will be swamped.

  25. kevincalm says:

    Declass, Durham, OIG, Huber, Flynn, JFK Jr, unsealed indictments, treason, espionage, leaking classified material, lying to Congress, Logan act, tax evasion, corruption, mass arrests, suicides, military tribunals, Gitmo, executions, Republican Congress, RGB replacement, 2nd term, fair trade deals, secured border, MSM collapse, Big Tech oversight, new monetary system, great again, even greater.

  26. Tracy says:

    Now since Trump trained Biden to say “I think I’m either low IQ or slow — I don’t know” and own it all I hear all day from my Parrot is, “I think I’m either low IQ or slow — I don’t know” and it’s getting quite old so somebody please tell Biden to shut TFU and stop proving Trumps point.

  27. JOB says:

    2020 is when we will all have perfect vision. To our government, that means we will be blind as to what they are doing. Who is the loudest? Trump. WHO is also World Health Organization. The worlds health? Hmmmm 5G rollout! Why the big hurry for Trumps 5G network? Because we will demand heads roll for the Obama Administration. Only before we discover and realize they should roll for the Trump administration. 5G is a weapon. Literally. No rollout is necessary. Small Cell sites are already in place. Your electric Smart Meter.

  28. Von Ebb says:

    Q Please rallye the troops! The Still report on you tube this morning inferred that Barr s investigation will not be finished for another Year!!

    It its going to be that long – then we need some Bread to play with along the way!!

    Trump is doing a great Job ! Really doing great stuff!

      1. Von Ebb says:

        Dead but will raise again with his next post. Like the Phoenix he will once again light up the world.

        The Q team is busy doing other things………

  29. Denny Qrane says:

    John dean lol Left is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Desperation reaching new highs
    Nadler subpoena Mueller, Comey can’t wait to throw his cronies under the bus. It all = implosion; left cannibalizing each other. Self preservation will do more damage than any outside influence could hope to accomplish in as little time.

    It’s all about Iran; bribes, blackmail, of top leadership, Kerry circumventing. Disrupt Iran deal before sept 17th, pave way for global deal once Israel can participate by having a government. 2H of 2019 should see a lot of corruption clean up happening domestically and internationally.

  30. Bob says:

    To those of you who think Q is “dead”, consider how much is on the plate. There are things Trump wants to get done but higher priority items must be completed first. Do you really think Q has time every day or to continuously post to update us? Q’s job isn’t done, however just like before – operational security requires them to go dark. Q will be back, don’t worry. When Q returns, most likely will hear of massive updates.

    The so called blown dates were intentional knowing the DS would try to delay those events by manufactured situations, consider those disinformation and also Q’s way of teaching us. Most things are done in the shadows, remember 60-40 is being revealed…Q at times needs to throw the DS off balance, deliberate false information is for them not us to consume. Gotta be careful and alert.

    1. BigJohn says:

      Whoever is behind this needs to take a couple of weeks off to have time to figure out how to keep this scam going, or they’re just on vacation spending that money from YouTube ads. It’s hilarious how you people are able to make excuses for all the missed dates. Trust the plan. Q works in mysterious ways. This cult may last forever because y’all have some potent faith in your new religion.

    2. kevincalm says:

      Agreed. also, 2020 election is critical to the plan to drain the swamp. Trump needs support from the public by keeping our economy strong and countering DS moves via their proxies here and abroad. The conditions have to be right before the great purge happens. only 1 indictment so far? Yep. The conditions are not ready for mass arrests yet and it would be stupid to trickle out the indictments haphazardly just to appease the Q community and other justice seeking people who understand the level of corruption and treason. Keeping our cards close to the chest prevents the DS from coordinating and executing any countermoves to disrupt the legal process and control the narrative. This is the most critical part of the plan, the methodical legal process involving securing witnesses and evidence, so that there is no question those indicted have been given due process and are as guilty as hell. In order for the round up to happen without major anarchy the public must see how solid the case is. The patriots can see the depth of lying, propaganda and judicial games the Dims are involved in so these weapons must be diffused. When the evidence is disclosed in the proper way even the Dim supporters will realize they have been fooled and will have to accept it. They may even be so shocked and disappointed that they could be amongst the loudest voices for justice.

    1. Desert says:

      I would say ask John Brennon he admitted in 2014 that the cia was involved in chemtrails (weather modification).i bitch no one does a damn thing to stop it.Maybe when John is in gitmo it will stop.

  31. M. McCarty says:

    Please let us all keep in constant prayer our beloved President, Barr and his team, Q and his team, and all the others who are working to rid our beloved Country of all the evil. I am so concerned at the moment over the Mueller Report and how they will get it thrown out and marked as false information for the most part so future generations who read it will not believe its contents.

  32. EyeAm says:

    As an astrologer, I look at a great many things in the charts, including elections.
    I had looked at the U.S. elections before, but Sunday night (a couple of hours ago) I decided
    to look again, and carefully calculated all of the charts for the Presidential Elections back to 1940,
    meticulously making sure the correct date, day, etc., was done. (Constitutionally, always on a certain
    Tuesday, in a range, by law).

    Last time I looked, I came up with Trump not being re-elected.
    I wanted to double-check, and take my time.

    I had come up with this:

    Grover Cleveland (D): (prior President of opposite party)
    William McKinley (R): (2-term President, assassinated in 2nd term)

    James Buchanan (D): (prior President of opposite party)
    Abraham Lincoln (R): (2-term President, assassinated in 2nd term)

    Donald Trump (R): (prior President of opposite party)
    [challenger] (D, likely): (2-term President, assassinated in 2nd term)

    It’s all about the ‘challenger’ vs. the ‘incumbent’ party or individual.
    After a President serves two terms (all that is allowed now, after the law changed),
    it resets to a brand new contest, and the ‘favored to win’ gets represented by certain things
    in the chart.

    Well, the above hasn’t changed. Trump is still in the position of a Grover Cleveland or James Buchanan,
    the incumbent President prior to the opposite party challenger, who gets re-elected and then assassinated in the
    2nd term. Same thing is going to happen.

    2020 is one of the years in the ‘Presidential Death Cycle’ (look that up in a search engine).
    You’ll find that it is a year where Saturn Conjuncts Jupiter (usually in an Earth sign).
    It did NOT get broken by Bush in 2000–Bush’s Sun is Cancer, 1-degree from the U.S. Sun,
    so the energy (the ‘assassination’ attempt) got sublimated upon the U.S. (via 9/11/2001).

    Anyway, I’ll probably check it out a third time to make sure, but it looks like Trump will not be
    President in 2020-on. It may be as simple as the GOP not nominating him, and screwing up
    so that a lesser Republican runs against someone that wins.

    IF I’m wrong, and Trump goes in, he’ll be the one within the ‘Presidential Death Cycle’, and we’ll
    see that within four years (before 2024) instead of after 2024 (after a re-election of a DEM, or Independent).

    I kind of looked for Rand Paul to run as an Independent.
    (we’ll see if he distances himself from Trump and throws his hat in).

    I’ve also been looking at the chart to see if I can figure out what sign a winning
    challenger would be born under. So far, it seems it could be: Libra, Taurus, or Aries.
    Kamala Harris comes up, near the top of the list. Kamala/Biden?

    This, of course, is preliminary. Anyone else could show up before Primary and get
    the Democrat nomination. Even Hillary (if legalities don’t sink her).

    2024-to-2028 is also the time-frame for the U.S. entrance into Civil-, Revolutionary-, or World War (3).

    I expect the U.S. President to die in 2025.

    1. Fiercekitty says:

      As a reference … Trump exiting MID-TERM (2022) would fulfill the astro, also …

      As I surmise, it’s exactly what he will do.
      Fix shit
      Turn the nation over to then see the MOST worthy elected in 2024


  33. Joe says:

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    1. Von Ebb says:

      With investagations just starting (DOJ ) it looks nothing happening any time soon. Q not posting brings a dark cloud over the Q Atorium . Soon half of the year will be over and no arrests. How can we bring new people aboard when there is no action or posts to ponder?

      Trust Sesions
      Trust Huber
      FISA declas
      None of that has paid off……as they have all fizzled out.
      Mean while Mexifornia gives feel health care to illegals, while citizens have to pay big!
      Come on Q wtf is the Plan doing about any of this?

  34. Reginald D Winthrop says:

    Q is John Solomon or someone else near to him. For me, too many coincidences
    with news stuff that Hannity broke. Not really a need for “Q”
    If people keep digging. The wheels of justice turn slow, but they are turning now.

    1. kevincalm says:

      I think Solomon must have source very close to the Q team but I doubt he is on the team since Q requires high security clearance…a “Q clearance” …..that’s were Q got his name.

  35. EyeAm says:

    Q is Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media person.
    He was on Marine One–took the photo Q posted–Easter weekend.
    Has been with Trump since the beginning.

    1. kevincalm says:

      It has to be someone high up in military intelligence… Rogers, Flynn ? I don’t think a typical politician would know that much about that type of verbiage and tactics… But Q is most likely a team so who knows….Maybe JFK Jr as well :)?

  36. Von Ebb says:

    Mueller corruption :
    Contrary to the dire threat to national security implied in the Mueller report, Kilimnik was allowed to enter the United States twice in 2016 to meet with State officials – meaning he clearly wasn’t flagged in visa databases as a foreign intelligence threat.

  37. Von Ebb says:

    Here is more on the Corrupt Mueller :
    A Ukrainian businessman painted in the Mueller report as a sinister link to Russia was actually a “sensitive” intelligence source for the US State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian issues – according to The Hill’s John Solomon.

      1. M. McCarty says:

        Just thinking – can’t allow Mueller Report to be written up in History as anything accurate – must do something.

  38. Joshua says:

    Ritious times indeed My fellow brothers n sisters but what about the One that burrows hidden underground? Hidden it is and hidden it stays Lying and waiting as an Endless threat to the light.

  39. Not Denny Crane says:

    People surprised at no Q drop?

    None needed right now. IG’s incoming. Durham been engaged for months.
    Personally, I think Horowitz is done a week ago. Not sure about Huber.
    No need for disinformation as the democrats are eating their own.

    Also, if you want disinfo, is assange Q? Posts dropped off once he got taken

    1. EyeAm says:

      “Also, if you want disinfo, is assange Q? Posts dropped off once he got taken”

      That keeps people off the track of the real Q.

  40. M. McCarty says:

    Patriots, we need to support Q and Trump – we may never have another moment in History to rid the world of so much evil. Stay strong, positive and supportive..

  41. EyeAm says:


    “The VIPS memorandum also speaks of the insertion of “telltale” signs into data copied from the DNC server designed to implicate Russia. I have reached out to the analysts responsible for this assertion, and it appears that they mistakenly attributed actual document manipulation from an earlier date to the July 5 data transfer event. This in no way minimizes the seriousness of the underlying charge—other credible cyber-investigators have proved such data insertion on documents previously published by Guccifer 2.0 on June 15, 2016. Metadata analysis of several Word documents related to that release clearly shows that the contents of at least four documents were cut from the original document and then pasted into a Word template specifically set up for the Cyrillic alphabet, and which showed document attribution, in the Cyrillic alphabet, to “Felix Edmundovich,” the first name and patronymic of the founder of the Soviet intelligence service.

    “This cut-and-paste activity was conducted after the documents were accessed by Guccifer 2.0, which means Guccifer 2.0, for no practical reason whatsoever, manipulated documents in a way that created the impression of a Russian connection at the same time he was denying any such link. While the July 5 event cannot be used to argue a continuation of the document manipulation that transpired on June 15, it is clear that the false Russian attribution that arose from this manipulation carried over when the July 5 data was finally released, on Sept. 13. “The DNC is the victim of a crime—an illegal cyberattack by Russian state-sponsored agents who seek to harm the Democratic Party and progressive groups in an effort to influence the presidential election” Donna Brazille, the interim chair of the Democratic Party at the time, proclaimed in an official statement after the documents were released by Guccifer 2.0. ”

    1. Julian Assange knows who uploaded the DNC stuff to Wikileaks.
    He will not say, and holds honor in never divulging sources (he wants to keep that honor as a publisher, since if he did reveal a source it could harm trust of future sources that might give Wikileaks info on something).

    2. Kim Dotcom has said he knows it was Seth Rich that uploaded to Wikileaks and can prove it, and awaits contact by the U.S. See his website.

    3. Proving Seth Rich access the DNC info and there was no “Russian hack” pulls the rug out from under the FBI, who is said to have created the whole Guccifer thing with old info and cut-and-pasted to make it look like the Russians did it.

    4. Recent revelations have come out that Christopher Steel’s “Russian” contact was/is linked to the FBI.
    (John Durham is to interview Steele directly soon, not IG Horowitz. Some sort of deal has been reached)

    5. Robert Mueller appears to have been caught leaving out crucial info. Exculpatory evidence?
    (he could be indicted for falsifying the investigation/report. And that undermines the ENTIRE report–its integrity gone, including “Russian”-anything)

    6. It looks more and more like three prongs of corruption: Hillary, Comey, and Obama. And all linked to one or more of those prongs in the COUPspiracy.
    Hillary–>PerkinsCoi|MarkElias–>FusionGPS (where CIA Nellie Ohr worked)–>Christopher Steele (foreign national/agent)–>”Russians” (FBI?)
    Comey / McCabe (FBI)–>working with CIA (Brennan), DOJ (Clapper) and NSA, with Comey in touch with Obama and at secret Situation Room + Oval Office strategy meetings about Spygate
    Obama / Biden / Loretta Lynch (+Bill C. on tarmac, allegedly promising Lynch a SCOTUS seat if Hillary won)–>FISA (dossier being basis for first failed/rejected warrant, and Carter Page being reason for the one that went through–FBI falsely naming Page as “Russian” to facilitate that).

    Too much to really post. Most know it, anyway.

    Seth Rich murdered allegedly by two hired MS13 gang members who died hours after Seth. ‘No Seth Rich = no first-hand account of “I did it!” and no “Russian hack” narrative blown’, right? Except now, Assange and Kim Dotcom have evidence/proof.

  42. Von Ebb says:

    FISA this week – only 3 days left! Friday eve would be my guess! Will anything happen? Hmmm seems like no……………But Friday eve has been used many times in the past by both sides.

    Q Team – do something that we can see is progress! Woohoo……do it!

  43. EyeAm says:

    Assange won’t face charges over role in devastating CIA leak – (June 2, 2019)
    The decision surprised national security experts and some former officials, given prosecutors’ recent decision to go after the WikiLeaks founder on Espionage Act charges.

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be extradited to Sweden in suspected rape case – (June 3, 2019)
    A Swedish court on Monday rejected a request from prosecutors for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be detained in absentia over a 2010 rape allegation.

    Swedish court rules that it won’t seek detention of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in suspected rape case – (April 28, 2019)

    Trump and Barr might have a clever reason for charging Assange with espionage – (May 28, 2019)

    Wow, back down to just the UK charges and jail term. (he was put in Belmarsh facility, btw)–it’s only 52 weeks.
    (maybe not even that soon)

    Something’s up. 🙂

  44. Denny Crane says:

    Is Buttguage a top or bottom? From what I understand, there are distinct characteristics associated with both that may be pertinent to carrying out the duties of the Presidency. America needs to know! The last thing we need is a guy who likes to take it in the butt negotiating with Iran, N. Korea, China, etc…

    1. Denny Crane says:

      I am the definition of a troll. I clearly dont work so i spew shit on everybody’s posts anytime of day. I claim to be woke and have sooo much knowledge but cant make a difference in this world boohoo. I clearly know what Q and the deep state are up to because I have intel, not real intel, just have this giddy feeling that im always right and you are all wrong. Ps i whack it to Pete ;).

  45. Denny Crane says:

    Trump charges illegal immigration 5%. (because invasion pays well)
    Fails to lock up a single traitor. (because he too can’t follow Constitution due to it goes against tyranny)
    Announces 2020 Presidential run. (dress’s cult attendance in red)
    Fails to obtain my vote…………………………..

    1. Denny Crane says says:

      Invasion pays well – how ridiculous. Believe Mexico needs to clean up their drugs and human trafficking, plus possibly other things, so they can make their country great again. Same thing we are trying to do so those elements won’t come into our country.

  46. kevincalm says:

    treason can only be charged when aiding enemies that we have openly declared war on. so, when conspiring against the US president or colluding with Russia is not treason. However, giving uranium and money to ISIS would be considered treason since we are definitely at war with them and other terrorist groups. That’s why it is important to designate these groups officially as terrorists. Obama and team could be in some serious trouble if Huber can show they conspired to help ISIS fight for the deep state. Huber is going to bring down the hammer…bur barr isn’t going to admit that yet.

  47. USA says:

    US Corporation is sucking it’s own cock.
    Like Q said in the very beginning, it’s all fake. Every bit of it.
    Fake, fake, fake, fake.
    Hollywood at its finest.
    Faky ass shit I ever saw in my life.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Everybody use the username Denny Crane when commenting to shut this tard up. He says he wants the Q movement to take affect but is not on board. This is a shill, nothing else. Nothing to see here, on the move…

  48. M. McCarty says:

    I am ignoring all this negative – focusing on positive being done . As they say “Rome wasn’t built in one day”.

  49. Von Ebb says:

    Today we have learn that Huber has done zero , nothing. perch sitting !! How can this be?
    Looks like Huber and Sessions are deep state………………Nothing is happening!

    Q what the hell is going on…….deep state kicking our butt???? your our only hope!!!!!!

      1. USA says:

        Sell U to Russians so Russians can sell U to Iran to threaten USA and look, their still walking around free. Lol.
        Is “under investigation”. Lol.
        Circus act!

      2. USA says:

        Sell U to Russians so Russians can sell U to Iran to threaten USA and look, their still walking around free. Bahahahahaha.
        Is “under investigation”. Bahahahahahaha.
        Circus act!

  50. Rocky Mountain says:

    Oh look, “The Plan” goes full throttle.
    Yeah yeah yeah, you’re going bonkers for chaos per “The Plan”.
    I’m not buying into your fake “Plan”. Been reading this stuff for decades. YOU’RE BUSTED!
    Though I do look forward to your space alien CGI and antigravity craft. It’s going to be a rediculous circus act. Lol.
    Trump sells out USA for cold hard cash calls it tax and we’ll just see how many of his stupid supporters buy into it for the sales pitch. Ones that do need to be first to go that’s for sure. Popes NWO of global gov scam moving right along.
    Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.
    Gonna be hilarious watching city bootlickers look up at your antigravity craft when you fly it over them. I won’t be able to keep a straight face. Should give me a job manning the ray gun.

  51. USA says:

    5% eh.
    Invasion pays well.
    I’m thinking supporters will feel kicked in teeth. Confident invasion is not about money to them since they get none of it while still losing to invaders. Fee for invaders really isn’t Americana just think of what George Washington would say about this. Even at 75%…………………
    Might as well move into the space alien psyop now and see if they buy that.

  52. CornCoLeo says:

    Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok,
    Nephilim Comey, and other Deep State players
    are KKK – “Koup Ko-Konspirators”

  53. EyeAm says:

    See if I have this right…

    It was a “COUPspiracy“.

    A “C O U P“,not in the sense of overthrowing a current administration

    or government, but one which sought to keep the same partisan affinity and

    one that sought, most importantly, to overthrow “due process” (i.e.,

    the people voting).

    A “Conspiracy” because one or more conspired with one or more others

    to do it.

    There’s nothing wrong with a democrat supporting a democrat for office.

    Indeed, one may support anyone desired. So there was nothing wrong with Obama

    (or others like Comey,Loretta Lynch, Brennan, etc.) supporting Hillary. And

    there are laws governing when and where that is inappropriate for elected

    officials to do so.

    Obama didn’t run afoul of the law in his mere support of Hillary. But he did

    the moment he used GCHQ in relation to the 2016 election. He violated the

    Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) the moment he used GCHQ in connection


    spying|surveillance|investigation on Trump, because the British organization

    GCHQ qualifies as a “foreign national” entity, a “foreign agent”–or those

    certainly existed at GCHQ and were utilized.

    Moreover, this becomes bigger than just a violation of FECA, because of the

    conspiracy of more than just Obama–more than just one–and because of the

    intent to circumvent “due process”, which the Supreme Court has on many

    occasions held to be synonymous with the Constitution. Thus, the act of

    attempting to bypass “due process” (i.e., the people voting; the people’s

    right to vote and have their vote counted) is by definition

    ‘unconstitutional’, and TREASON. In this sense, it truly was an attempted

    “C O U P”

    It was a multi-pronged attempt. Obama, one prong. Hillary, another.

    Comey|FBI, a third. Obama, Hillary, and Comey|FBI. And everyone else in the

    COUPspiracy is connected to one or more of them. Brennan|CIA and the NSA

    helping Comey|FBI.

    Hillary Clinton, through her named counsel Mark Elias (representing her

    through the campaign) at Perkins Coi law firm (where she deposited a bulk of

    money meant to be applied for various campaign expenses), paid almost $1

    million dollars for a dossier produced by FusionGPS. FusionGPS hired British

    “foreign national/agent” Christopher Steele (ex-British spy) to write the

    dossier/report, but since he came up empty on any Trump ‘dirt’, he fabricated

    it to get the paycheck, but got some info from Russian “foreign agents”.

    Nothing wrong with political candidates digging up or researching ‘dirt’ on a

    rival. They do it all the time, and use both truth and lies to sink their

    opponent. Where Hillary went wrong is, directly or indirectly (according to

    FECA), she used a “foreign national/agent”. Same as Obama did with GCHQ.

    Further complications of the law, for her, will depend on how she filed or

    did not file regarding the nearly $1 million dollar dossier expense. Was it

    ‘in-kind CONTRIBUTION’ (read FECA, btw, for the distinction between

    ‘donation’ and ‘contribution’ by a foreign national/agent, and also helping a

    foreign national/agent violate the ban), or was it a ‘campaign expense’? Did

    she file, as required, or did she violate that and not file? Public records

    will reveal that.

    The Robert Mueller report has been called by Judicial Watch as “a hoax

    perpetrated upon the American people”. This hoax was also part of the

    COUPspiracy. The hoax was initiated to effect an outcome that challenged,

    attacked, or attempted to circumvent “due process” (the people voting, or the

    vote of the people) and also, thusly, the Constitution.

    In legal terms, misfeasance is “a transgression, especially the

    wrongful exercise of lawful authority“, and malfeasance is

    wrongdoing, especially by a public official“. And there is a third,

    nonfeasance, which is “failure to perform an act that is required

    by law“.

    Then you get into ‘willfully and knowingly’ or ‘willful and knowing’. Who

    knew what and when.

    The COUPspiracy involves (but is not necessarily limited to): Hillary

    Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey and the FBI, James Clapper and the U.S.

    Defense Intelligence Agency, John Brennan and the CIA, the British GCHQ and

    Christopher Steele (ex-MI6 spy), Nellie Ohr (who worked for FusionGPS as well

    as the CIA), AG Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe (FBI), Obama-appointed FISA/FISC

    judges, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, and the DNC (where servers

    were hacked NOT by the Russians but by Seth Rich, but the FBI apparently

    concocted a Guccifer-related hoax related to a Russian hacking narrative, and

    Seth Rich was murdered for obtaining Hillary and Podesta-related info and

    uploading to Wikileaks–allegedy by two hired MS13 gang members who died

    within hours of Seth Rich); Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, Joseph Mifsud,

    Carter Page (whom the FBI convinced the FISA court was a Russian agent in

    order to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump after the FBI’s attempt to use the

    fake Russian dossier failed and got a FISA rejection); Robert Mueller (who

    knew early-on there was nothing on Trump but continued further to perpetrate

    the hoax); then Vice President Joe Biden (who sat in on some of the Obama

    ‘SpyGate’ strategy meetings in either the Oval Office or the Situation Room

    at the White House); and various media personalities and network news


    Interests were being protected, and illegally so…in this multi-form

    COUPspiracy, by a plethora of crimes.

  54. USA says:

    And bring back draft and start getting rid of these pathetic fags like Polis. America has become fag nation and it’s sickening. Who wants a nation of fags, not me. They’re rancid. Will never have a good country with fags running it. Same with trannies and feminists.

  55. Denny Qrane says:

    CNN closing it’s London presence, “consolidation” = shrinking. $10,000,000 losses = ship is sinking.
    So Brennan keeps security clearance, and CNN going belly up for routinely producing fake news.
    Could there be a connection? What if any red herrings were put in front of Brennan that ended up on CNN?
    If you’re only looking at a handful of high profile entities to go to jail as your metric for justice, you’re gonna miss most of the party!

    1. USA says:

      Not looking for the few but rather the many. I like the 70% figure. I also like the notion that people should begin standing up for themselves instead of calling gov to be their mommy. Disarmament and 911 have done a great job creating pussies out of USA so crime can easily flourish unrestricted. I can honestly say since threat of civil war my neighborhood is so much nicer because people are busy minding their own business out of fear of being shot to death. It’s a wonderful improvement that needs to spread far and wide. Depussify USA and make it great again. Will cut crime with a body count. No reaffenders. George Washington would be proud. Fuck the femi’nation bs. Get rid of 911, it’s a scam.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        There’s a role for everyone; the thinker, the warrior, the compassionate.
        Real men are all of the above, and don’t need to prove it to anyone.
        Speak less, you’ll be heard more.

  56. EyeAm says:

    Trump and Barr go to War with the FBI and CIA – (May 28, 2019)

    “The problem for the Intelligence agencies according to diGenova is ” they can leak, but they do not have subpoena power and Bill Barr does.” The Intelligence community is in “full resistance” mode after the FISA Court under Chief FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled on April 16, 2017 that the FBI had engaged in political spying going back to 2012 by allowing 4 unauthorized FBI contractors to illegally access the NSA database and get NSA “702” queries against political opponents. Allegedly, according to diGenova, the FBI and the CIA fear if the full story comes out, their powers will be restricted and people in the FBI and CIA could go to jail.”

    1. USA says:

      And their unconstitutional powers being restricted by 100% and then thrown in jail would be a partial improvement.those agencies plus others need to be closed. They are all criminals who operate outside of the Constitution and subvert The People.As long as they exist tyranny will prevail as it currently is. ALL SHOULD GO TO JAIL! Treason is their business, their specialty. When about 70% of the fake gov is gone you will be making progress. Until then, pissing in the wind.

  57. Bill says:

    I’ve been following Q for around 6 months, so a relative newcomer. I was skeptical at first but found it informative and very entertaining. Over the past couple months I started to think that maybe Q was actually legit, but still on the fence. I have to say that Mueller today has put be back on the skeptical side. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this put a huge hole in “the plan”.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Trump announces reelection bid at Amway Center………………………………………………………………………………

  58. USA says:

    Turtle tyrant says he is getting USSC Jutice upgrade soon for helping Trump get those traitors. Question is will he be able to understand the very few words of 2A any better than who he is replacing? Or how about those permit requirements that sell/lease Constitutional rights. Last time I read 1A it didn’t have a fee requirement.

  59. Jackie says:

    Let’s cut-to-the-chase, Patriots.

    Unseal John Brennen’s indictment, try him publically and hang him on prime-time TV. That is a shock-value precedence that the “SLEEPERS” need to wake up. “Teach by example.”

    1. USA says:

      Nah, hang em in public square to watch live free of admission though unconstitutional purchased permits are required for public gatherings still after traitors going down because tyranny lives on just the faces are changing. Rights will still be leased for a fee.

  60. rick says:

    Ok, Barr, you’re “buddy” Mueller basically threw you under the bus today so what are you going to do about it? Hopefully the gloves are off and we get moving full steam ahead on investigating how this attempted coup started and who started it. Also need to know when Mueller KNEW there was NO collusion because from all I’ve seen and heard, he has known it for quite a while. Don’t let this punk retire comfortably, investigate him too.

    1. USA says:

      Because they had “willed” it to be so like good communists that believe that what they “will” actually materializes. They also believe everything should be free to them and to go further to the left think rocks are living things. Communism and capitalism are opposite sides of same coin created by Jews to control society. Communism can’t exist without its host capitalism. Is ultimately just a psyop.

  61. EyeAm says:

    It’s not D-Day yet. There are days left.
    These are the days of anticipation.
    For relishing.
    For tasting.
    Stop and smell the roses.
    Mueller just resigned–and while he didn’t have evidence that Trump was part of a larger conspiracy,
    surely someone has evidence that Mueller was part of a larger…COUPspiracy.

    Brennan, Comey, Clapper–all pointing fingers at each other.
    Now Loretta, Susan Power, leading to the Obama WH.
    Walls closing in.

    HANDCUFFS, arrests, charges, and trials…are coming.

    1. USA says:

      Traitors who refuse to go by the plain English text of the Constitution prosecuting less liked traitors is simply a reverse coup.

    2. USA says:

      Wake me up when they begin interrupting the Constitution correctly. Tyrants going down need to take all those unconstitutional laws with them or what is the point other than vengeance.

  62. kevincalm says:

    Its pretty obvious Q has been right all along: no collusion, no obstruction, a treasonous coup attempt on POTUS, declass by Trump and finally, a systematic persecution of the traitors as Barr investigates the investigators. All these leftist shills are wasting their time spewing their beloved DNC propaganda to the Q patriots. The truth will win in the end. Maybet hey can seek out a safe place where they can all cry on each other in a big group hug.

    1. USA says:

      They are going to need “re-education” otherwise we will all be right back here with matches and gas in a few years rinsing and repeating. These people are trying to return 2’ cut off of a 2”x4”x8’ framing stud and the yard plants that died over the winter. They can’t determine what color to paint their house so they say “let’s just mix all the sample colors and I’m sure that color will be fine”. They gang up and demand access to property that is not even theirs and the owners don’t even know who these people are and police say they have access rights that it their right to be on other people’s property due to private property no longer exists and yet we’re to be nieve enough to think everything is going to be fine. Bill of rights doesn’t even exist, there is no such thing and if you eat the magic mushrooms all will be just fine. USA now confirmed shit hole but Trump n Barr will save us. Right, got it.

  63. ltjr says:

    I am not being negative I am just trying to understand when Q says we have everything, what are they waiting for?
    Could it be that statement was dis info? The frustrating part is we have seen Presidents and congress in the past say elect us and we will repeal Obama Care as one example, then nothing happens. It was just a show to keep us sheeple occupied. WE have the responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable. Just because Q says it does not make it true, we have to find out for ourselves

  64. Von Ebb says:

    Wow the negative propaganda in here is astounding . WTF are you here for if u don’t believe in Q?. Maybe to discourage others? Yes that has be your goals. Go to 8 chan 1000s of boards for u to troll.

    Mean time we who want to save the country can talk about what Q said and what will happen next.

    Q = Comey next

    Btw if you have a Ts or SCIF clearance , you still have to have a need to know. Brennan no longer has a need to know so he is getting nothing. That’s the way it works.

    1. Joan Kent Q a big laughingstock says:

      Hey Q .. your boy mueller is making a announcement ..you didn’t know ..was the power shut off again at your Dutchess county trailer your mom can’t pay the electric bill she blew her money on some cheap vino .. she’s a whino .. are you naked with your pants down in the dark .. Q the queen of lies .. the truth about q folks hahahahahahahshah

    2. Denny Crane says:

      Bunch of grown ass people believing in the magical internet LARP… it’s fucking pathetic. Wise the fuck up already or did Y’all forget about worshiping false idols?

  65. Denny Qrane says:

    Theories on why Brennan still has security clearance?
    What’s the benefit of that?
    Is it just to put dye in the water near him and trace where it’s ends up?
    Did somebody wisper in potus’ ear “we need him there for an operation, back off revocation.”?

  66. USA says:

    Even if arrests of those pesky traitors took place it will not correct the issue. Issue is now nuclear. Deep state scum of the earth runs far too deep for cleansing. Must burn it all to achieve a reasonable result.

  67. Denny Qrane says:

    Lots of desperate loony left trying to fit sheep skin over their wolf hides, spewing propaganda, and failing epically, to convince us we’re not in the best position in decades to right this ship. So many great men and women in leadership. Too many to name, but there are a bunch of truly honorable patriots out there.

  68. USA says:

    Me thinks USA is in crapper and only way out is no longer obtainable. Me thinks the illusion is for those who need it to exist in their mind. Me thinks this deep state thing is so deep that nobody can correct it and the clock is ticking.That regardless of your desire for correction one does not exist. Once the first civil conflict breaks out USA is over. That Trump has neither the balls or intellect to get back what only few desire. That the fuse is lit and you’re all tossing it back and forth waiting for it to blow sky high splitting the earth in half. Complacency and no guts will now teach humanity a lesson once again at the expense of choking up your own blood laying face down in the street that your mommy can’t save you this time but hey what do I know.

  69. Denny Qrane says:

    Hannity on fire tonight!
    Multi pronged offensive playing out; lying media now a target, crooked key leadership of fbi on the defensive throwing each other under the bus, liberal left imploding on itself, 120 miles of shiny new wall!

  70. BigJohn says:

    This Qanon scam is a threat to this country. It ought to be attacked. It’s a damned cult. People believe they are thinking for themselves when in fact they end up believing exactly what the charlatans behind this scam want them to believe. They call themselves patriots when they want un-American things like martial law and military tribunals for non enemy combatant United States citizens would violate multiple constitutional provisions and would provide siasterous results like it does in every third world totalitarian state where it happens. You damned “patriots” want to turn my country into a third world totalitarian state. You are downright dangerously. This whole Qanon thing is a dangerous unAmerican scam. You have been conned into wishing for things that could destroy everything our forefathers built. Thank God they were smart enough to create three separate and distinct branches of government that should act as checks and balances against each other. The other two branches of government would not stand for the executive branch abuses you cult members are dying to see. The rest of us don’t want to live in some third world totalitarian state dictatorship.

    1. Justme Again says:

      We protect the Monuments that depict what our forefathers built. I do think that is taking action, although slowly since we are losing more and more of them. And I do notice, everything people such as yourself disagree with something, you want to ‘attack’. People who watch the msm believe they are thinking for themselves when in fact, they end up believing exactly what the evil doers want them to believe. I’m a patriot because I love this country, simple as that. I loved it before 2016, and I will love it after 2024. Doesn’t matter. And we are now watching the Branches of Government check themselves, and it don’t look very pretty. I am not dying to see anything. I’m living my life, without anger, like I did before 2016. And most of all, yes Thank God.

    2. Christopher says:

      you could have said all that tripe in a single sentence, maybe two…. kinda lame, Bro.
      So essentially you are saying that even if all we are saying is true, it would be Un-American to treat is as a Treasonous Conspiracy and deal with the perpetrators thusly?

    3. CameronB says:

      Is this Comey or Brennan? The only scam I see is the one perpetrated by your side the last three years. Acts of treason/sedition are absolutely crimes against our nation and its citizenry, and therefore subject to trial by military tribunal. Due process in the appropriate venue for such insidious crimes. The tentacles of Marxism are woven into the fabric of our great nation thanks to the previous administration….in the form of organizations, media outlets, ANTIFA soy boys, government employees, etc… The President will take appropriate measures to protect our Republic.

      Time to answer for your crimes. Weeping and gnashing of teeth.

      1. Moe says:

        As much as I support you, please do some research. Specifically on the subject of fascism. Find the symbol for fascism. Find that symbol throughout American history since the early 1940s.

        You’ll begging to see this plan to over take our country has already occurred. While I understand that the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to take control via Okenya but they were taking it away from another non sovereign.

        We the people are the only true sovereigns!

    4. Lonegunman says:

      Then why are you here? If you don’t believe it, ignore it. You’re not going to change people’s minds.

  71. Pat says:

    We are in the last days. Read Revelations. You dont think these things are coming to pass? Christians all over the world all ready getting decapitated. It’s coming to a theater near you real soon

  72. Harry says:

    They all need to be jailed Treason is a very serious crime. Calling it anything else is purre weakness. Don’t do it….
    It is time to burry the Dem party once and for all they almost ruined this country..

  73. EyeAm says:

    It seems that former CIA John Brennan still retains his high security clearance.
    I hope this changes soon.
    I can understand a former federal employee sometimes keeping a security clearance, for when needed to review information in connection to a court case (having to testify, etc.), but I’d hope Brennan’s gets cut very short, with no ability to know current or future things.
    Ditto for Hillary Clinton, who still retains hers.

  74. Whiting S. Delk says:

    We are not near the end times. [Rom 11:25 KJV] 25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. The fullness of the Gentiles occurs with the seconding coming of Christ to set up his earthy kingdom. The tribulation occurs before hand. However, the Bible also says:”[Pro 14:34 KJV] 34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach to any people.”

  75. JJ Kixx says:

    No truer words have ever been spoken, “Q” is right over the target! It always had been right from the beginning!!

  76. M. McCarty says:

    Am looking toward the end of all this corruption and evil being exposed and dealt with.
    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. God sent his messenger, a man named John, who came to tell people about the light, so that all should hear the message and believe. He himself was not the light; he came to tell about the light. This was the real light—the light that comes into the world and shines on all people. (John 1:5-9)

    1. kevincalm says:

      I am not religious but I do feel that we are living in times that have been forecast in the bible. It seems we are closing in on end times predictions. It is strange to imagine a character like Trump as our savior against evil but it sure seems like he is leading the charge to finally bring down the evil cabal which has a cast a huge shadow over our planet for so many years.

  77. Denise Crane says:

    Going to throw milkshakes?
    I bet you throw like a girl! Lol
    Could you fight your way out of a wet paper bag with help?
    Really, what do you have that gives you such false confidence?

  78. BigJohn says:

    In Q you trust like it’s your damned religion. This is a dangerous cult. You people are a threat to our great nation.

  79. BigJohn says:

    Anyone who wants martial law and wants the military to start rounding non enemy combatant US citizens up and shipping them off to GITMO is no patriot. That’s un-American third world totalitarian state bullshit that would violate multiple provision of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent. Qanon cult members have some nerve calling themselves patriots. You’re a bunch of morons who would destroy my country to save it from a bunch of made up bullshit. You’re dangerously gullible suckers,

  80. Denny Crane says:

    Denny = antifa = flagged
    Keep talking as though there are no consequences.

    Post 33
    “Note few if any shills inside this thread. Reason for that. It’s being monitored, recorded, and analyzed and don’t want the clutter.”

  81. kevincalm says:

    The reckoning has already begun. Today, independence day, is a good day to call out these traitors with a warning once again and to renew our vigilance and support of the Patriot alliance who are on the front lines against these scum.

  82. Denny Qrane says:

    You are accountable for your words; be sure you understand what judgment looks like, and that you’ll have a long time in darkness and agony to regret poor choices, lying, or causing another to stumble. I think it was people like yourself that Christ pleaded for forgiveness for…”forgive them father, they know not what they do”

    if you weren’t accountable before reading this, you are now. Choose your next words very carefully, there is much at stake for you Doug.

  83. Denny Qrane says:

    It sounds like you’re bragging about not understanding.
    I’m not sure that’s going to help your cause?

  84. kevincalm says:

    Well heaven forbid, I’d just hate to be called that by people with voices in their head. such a nasty thing to say! That really hurts my feelings. I yearn so much to be respected by people who sit around naked in their parents basement, pretending they were of any value to society.

    It hurts even more coming from a white supremacist militia leader would certainly know all about cults.

  85. Denny Qrane says:

    I see your problem Denny, you have a double mind.
    You said: “a hard right white nationalist govt with citizen militia support for about a decade to set things right followed by a return to the constitutional republic.”
    These are diametrically opposed concepts creating cognitive disobance for you. You won’t be fit to properly lead anything, even your own rebellion, until you get a right head and heart.

  86. kevincalm says:

    Maybe the SWAT team can issue the parking tickets to the gang members as they are entering their hangout. I’m sure that wont affect the raid ….better to get some parking fines than get them for murder and rape etc. yeah

  87. kevincalm says:

    it looks like we are on our way to take out the DS and get re-elected,… that’s what it looks like. I am so impressed the House has launched so many investigations into Trump. I would be a lot more impressed if 1) there was anything valid to investigate and 2) they were able to accomplish anything else besides these stupid investigations.

    Dennys little pathetic scorecard is like asking a SWAT team how many parking tickets they have issued this week as they are preparing to raid the an armed gang.

  88. Denny Qrane says:

    So you don’t have any ideas, and can only criticize EVERYTHING that others do.
    Do you think anyone thinks all that criticism makes you look smart, or just really insecure?

  89. Denny Qrane says:

    Just curios, what would your plan be if you were entrusted with any authority?
    Subsequent to the first question, why do you suppose you haven’t been given any authority?



  91. kevincalm says:

    the link from Joy read “Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since President Trump said there was a big announcement coming in 2 weeks” that’s it! Come man, put down the bong and think things thru or I am done with you.

  92. kevincalm says:

    All I saw was “an announcement in 2 weeks” that’s exactly what I heard him say as well.

    P.S I don’t give a flying fuck about whether we have chit chat sessions here so fuck you.

  93. kevincalm says:

    OK, maybe someone else will make the significant announcement besides him? Maybe he will announce a trade deal made at G20? Does the 2 weeks have any grace period? If its 1 day past 2 weeks does make the announcement void and/or cast him as a liar?

  94. kevincalm says:

    Denny, make sure to find the exact time Trump said that…..if not exactly 2 weeks you can confirm it is a blown call. Got to make Trump and Q aren’t trying to deceive us.

  95. kevincalm says:

    Denny, You may want to find the exact hour and minute Trump said that so you can check to see when exactly 2 weeks has gone by. We can’t let these blown calls go by without calling them out.

  96. kevincalm says:

    Desperate DS sheep hiding in a wolfs coat.
    But I see your true colors shining thru…, I see your true colors and that’s why I loathe you. So don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors, oooooooh truuuue colors are beautiful…. like a raaaaaaainbooooooow.

  97. kevincalm says:

    Sort of deflates your anti-trump, anti-Q narrative huh? not too much bullshit there. nope. There’s a lot of “There” there. yep. Your true colors are shining thru , DS shill.

  98. kevincalm says:

    Did I replied to the wrong guy by mistake? This coming from a doosh who is hijacking someone elses username and posting under several others. Now that’s pathetic. You are so desperate to come to a Qanon rah rah site and hammer on believers endlessly, trying to dominate and intimidate, that you must really need the OT pay from your shill handlers. Q is a LARP? you are taking this LARP stuff pretty seriously. Almost seems like the idea of Q threatens you. I don’t buy your crap concern about us hurting the country or our state of delusional thinking. Seems like a desperate anti-trump sheep hiding in a wolfs coat.

  99. M. McCarty says:

    Looking forward to today’s events and excited about the possible outcome of the G20. God Bless America! WWG1WGA

  100. Jack says:

    I didn’t always appreciate the things you had to say but I do appreciate you wanting what is best for your country. Fight the good fight.

  101. BigJohn says:

    Kevin, not even the leaders can be dragged off to GITMO. That would be illegal. Lawyers would be filing writs of habeas corpus in federal court so fast it would make your heads spin and those writs would be granted and those people would have to be released. If people have committed crimes, then there is a legal way, a right way, to prosecute them for their crimes. The Judicial Branch of government was set up in part for that purpose. They have jurisdiction. The Constitution is not ambiguous with respect to where these people have an absolute right to a trial by a jury of their peers. The military lacks jurisdiction except in a few very limited circumstances. Military tribunals are war courts used mainly for foreign war criminals in foreign lands. There are only very rare circumstances where they would have jurisdiction over a United States citizen and there is good reason for that. Really, you need to read the Supreme Court cases, Ex parte Milligan. There are other good cases to read to deepen your understanding but that one will educate you. There is no way the Supreme Court would not declare these abuses by the Executive Branch of government unconstitutional. The president is not above the law. If people committed crimes they must be charged in state or federal courts in the states in which they are alleged to have committed the crimes, not by the military which is part of the Executive Branch of government rather than the Judicial Branch.

    As for your other comments, you’re damned straight I am anti-Qanon as I see this cult as a threat to this country. We are going through a period of rampant conspiracy theories that seem designed to destroy all confidence in our institutions and to divide us and inflame tensions and get us at each other’s throats. I do not know who is behind Qanon, but it is clear that they mean to do our nation harm, that or they just don’t care who they hurt. I can’t believe how much bullshit they have people believing. Voltaire once said, “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” If Qanon told people to commit violent acts I’m sure many Q followers would do just that because this has basically become their religion. So many believe Q is doing God’s work. It is frightening. Already we have seen several crazy people attracted to this cult arm themselves and go out and take matters into their own hands. We are likely to see more of that in the future as frustration mounts about these arrests never happening. Things will boil over. And what really got me was hearing a conspiracy theory nut employee talking about how awesome it’s going to be when all these thousands of people are rounded up and sent to GITMO to face military tribunals. That was the first I had ever heard of Qanon, from an employee, a lady that works for a lawyer who fights the government all the time. That’s what we do, stand up against unconstitutional abuses by the government, and she’s going to stand there in my office and gleefully talk about massive government abuse, she supports third world totalitarian state bullshit like this, letting the government ignore the Constitution and trample over peoples rights. Fuck that. You can’t work for me if you want to go against everything I believe in and destroy my country. This Qanon bullshit is a plague on this country and it needs to be stamped out. It’s turning too many of my countrymen into brainwashed idiots who have lost their ability to think for themselves and who would destroy our country to save it from a bunch of made up bullshit. God you people need to pull your heads out of your asses. You are dangerously gullible and you’ve lost your damned minds.

  102. BigJohn says:

    He can rightfully claim no such thing, Kevin, and none of what you are saying here gives the Executive Branch the right to usurp all power from the other two branches of government and declare martial law and have the military round up thousands of American citizens and ship them overseas to GITMO. It’s not going to happen. You have eaten up this shit you have been spoon fed in this Qanon cult, and it is a damned cult. The faith you guys have despite being let down again and again and again is amazing. You’re too far gone. I won’t convince you of anything. You’ll just have to wait and see. You’re going to be sorely disappointed I’m afraid. You’re going to feel betrayed. It’s going to be like a bad break up. The good news is that when you get away from this cult you’re going to see that the world isn’t nearly as bad as you’ve been led to believe it is and that ought to make you feel better in time.

  103. BigJohn says:

    Kevin, have you ever heard of the Constitution? It’s actually the Supreme Law of the land, trumps all other law. Article III, Section 2, in the last paragraph says, “3: The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.” Notice how GITMO isn’t even mentioned? If people committed crimes in this country, where does it say they are to face jury trials? The states in which they are alleged to have committed the crimes, not friggin GITMO. What you clowns are clamoring for would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution.

    Guess what true patriots do? They support and defend the United States Constitution. That was part of my oath when I joined the military and similar language was in the oaths I took in the various jurisdictions in this country where I have been admitted to the practice of law. I’m going to strongly suggest that all of you Qanon cult members read the Constitution and the Supreme Court case law on military tribunals and martial law. If you only read one case, read Ex parte Milligan, an excellent 1866 case where the Supreme Court threw out a conviction by a military tribunal during a period where martial law was instituted. They go through all of the reasoning behind why they take a dim view of martial law and military tribunals for US citizens and why these things are only permissible in extremely limited circumstances. It’s an excellent case that would be very educational for you. You might also want to read the cases mentioned in the exchange between Kavanaugh and Graham that you people all seem to bring up whenever someone tries to point out that what you want is unconstitutional un-American third world totalitarian state bullshit. Once you understand the law and really listen to what Graham and Kavanaugh were saying you will have a completely different understanding of what they were getting at. They were talking about the “Law of Armed Conflict,” about “military combatants” who go off and join our enemies in a shooting war against us, like Muslim Americans who went to Afghanistan and joined the Taliban. Some of the military tribunals against these terrorist types are still going on. I don’t think the have any US citizens in GITMO now, and they certainly won’t ever have any “deep state” people there who committed crimes here because the Constitution says they get trials bu jury in the states in which they are alleged to have committed their crimes.

    Nobody is going to GITMO. It’s all a scam. That would be completely illegal, unconstitutional, un-American. The other two branches of government would never stand for such abuses by the Executive Branch. What you yahoos want to happen is the stuff of third world totalitarian states and everywhere in the world that sort of stuff happens it ends up being an unmitigated disaster for the people. Thankfully our forefathers where smart enough to build a system of checks and balances in our Constitution which sets up three separate and distinct branches of government with their own separate powers and limitations on power.

    I don’t think Donald Trump has anything to do with this Qanon scam but he wouldn’t disavow it because Q cult members practically worship him, show up at his rallies and will blast the interwebs with anti-dem and pro-trump memes and will show up in force at the polls when the election comes. But if he was involved with this Q scam and he tried to institute martial law and have the military round up thousand of citizens so he could become our Kim Jong un and put building sized posters of himself everywhere and arrest anyone who says bad things about him, etc., the other two branches of government would shut that shit down in a heartbeat. He could appoint a few more conservative Supreme Court justices and that would still happen because those guys do tend to take their ethical responsibilities seriously and see themselves as the last line of defense against such abuses by either of the other two branches of government. Notice how they don’t always toe the party line whether they are liberal or conservative. That’s not what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to faithfully interpret the Constitution and help preserve our union and what our forefathers built and fought and died for and they would do just that. The legislative branch, I don’t know. This wouldn’t be like declaring a national emergency to get a few billion for a wall that still will likely never be built. Republican lawmakers will overlook minor abuses but I seriously doubt they’d let Trump take all their power and all power from the Judicial Branch like you nincompoops want him to do. They would put their foot down then. This un-American GITMO shit is never ever going to happen. It hasn’t been put off because they are playing 3d chess and deception was necessary and the Lord Q works in mysterious ways. All predictions of when it was going to happen have failed because this shit is illegal unconstitutional un-American third world totalitarian state bullshit that is never ever going to happen.

  104. kevincalm says:

    DennyQ, I agree that we all have to suffer the imperfections and politically biased nature of our democratic system. I disagree that we would be destined to a civil war by pursuing justice against the most un-American, treasonous officials in our history. I believe the evidence will be clear and overwhelming and will be disseminated in a legal and responsible fashion by the DOJ. Nothing has seemingly happened from the investigations yet because the DOJ is methodically developing the case to the extent that it will be virtually irrefutable in the eyes of the legal community and most of the public. Therefore, I don’t think the left-leaning masses, although shocked and angry, will have enough basis to take to the streets with weapon , although you can count on civil unrest and rioting by the paid activists who wouldn’t have a job or meaning in their lives otherwise

  105. kevincalm says:

    DennyQ, I agree that we all have to suffer the imperfections and politically biased nature of our democratic system. I disagree that we would be destined to a civil war (at least a significant all out one) by pursuing justice against the most un-American, treasonous officials in our history. I believe the evidence will be clear and overwhelming and will be disseminated in a legal and responsible fashion by the DOJ. Nothing has seemingly happened from the investigations yet because the DOJ is methodically developing the case to the extent that it will be virtually irrefutable in the eyes of the legal community and most of the public. Therefore, I don’t think the left-leaning masses will have enough basis to take to the streets with weapons , although you can count on civil unrest and rioting by the paid activists who wouldn’t have a job or meaning in their lives otherwise

  106. Denny Qrane says:

    I mostly support your thesis, but if you’re man of law you know all too well that our constitution is constantly undermined. Liberal judges are routinely legislating along party lines instead of interpreting devoid of partisanship. Try taking your sidearm through New Jersey sometime, see how far any of your honorable commendable service gets you. “Wait, were on the same side!” Walk into “family” court sometime to see due process and constitutional rights thrown out the window. As for all the martial law stuff, nobody wants it, not even those calling for it. Is there any doubt how disruptive a real civil war would be, or who would win/lose? Even the left doesn’t understand that the right, with its patient tolerance is the only thing holding back the tide. It’s always been, always will be the individual citizens that create successful government and curb overreach. Those densely populated blue cities literally cannot survive without the producers of the red side. Red on the other hand is nearly entirely self sufficient. Potus has 145 benches to fill, and the right prosperity focus to get the job done. He’ll give who ever he needs to, the carrot or the stick, their choice (palistine, Iran, Mexico, China). In any case there is surely plausible deniability because officially Q doesn’t exist

  107. kevincalm says:

    John, I can see you have a good grasp of the law and the constitution. I appreciate your military service. Here why I think military tribunals may need to be used. Please allow me to assume the following scenario which I believe to be true: We are dealing with potentially treasonous crimes by the highest levels of our govt and intelligence agencies in coordination with foreign agents involving classified information and national security. It will be shown that the web of corruption was deep and wide, was well coordinated with the MSM and involved conspiring with enemy combatants. The organized crime nature of this case along with the highly politicized environment has created a situation where the normal public court system will not be adequate to objectively and fully meter justice.. How do we trust a jury will be partial when the govt and MSM has lied to the public consistently and has ignored the constitutional as they pursue their fanatical push to remove Trump from office? They have been screaming impeachment before Trump even took office. The Mueller investigation was a hoax, trump (and Dims) knew it from the start and Congress still wants to throw him in prison for obstructing the hoax. Schiff and Nadler have shown they cannot be trusted. The coordinated coup attempt of POTUS has created a constitutional crisis to the extent never before seen in our country. Obama weaponized the DOJ, FBI and CIA for illegal spying against our citizens and unmasked hundreds without legal basis…..all to keep their deep state cabal in power. There is no way all of this can be effectively tried in the courts. Trump can rightfully claim many federal judges are compromised based on their anti-Trump rulings which were clearly within his power. There is no question the courts have been compromised. So when all of your institutions have been compromised and the very group under prosecution are imbedded in these institutions it only makes sense the military court is the only path to true justice.

  108. kevincalm says:

    I think only the leaders and worst acting players of this organized coup will be tried as I described. Unfortunately most other underlings will be treated as useful idiots and be slapped on this wrist, unable to work in govt again. I respect your comments and warnings of power abuse and actions akin to a totalitarian state but I don’t hear you condemn the obvious abuses of power committed by the totalitarian Obama and his cronies in the agencies, the obvious activism in the courts against Trump and the constitutional powers he is due, the “un-American bullshit” comimitted by the left etc. Let me say loud and clear. Those fucking Democrat traitors are as un-American as anyone ever in our history and if takes dragging them to Gitmo on a rope from the back of a jet boat then so be it. From what I hear about your anti-Q comments I can only surmise that you are unwittingly part of the useful idiot crowd. We will see.

  109. kevincalm says:

    Brennan, clapper and Comey, have lied to Congress. The dossier that was used to get FISA warrant was not verified and Comey admitted it was salacious. Mueller and Wiseman knew the dossier was fake before the special council investigation started. Mueller hired ex-Clinton lawyer and 18 democrats on his investigation, zero republicans. Mueller summarized there was no collusion and left decision on obstruction to Barr to save face with Dims. Dims continue with impeachment and presidential harassment as we speak. dismissing Mueller report . Kerry and Feinstein have talked to Iranian officials without approval violating the Logan act. Hillary destroyed 33K emails after being issued a subpeona to hand them over. Lynch met with Bill on the tarmac just before stating the Hillary breach was just a matter…Comey went on to state she was grossly negligent with the servers but later changed it to something lesser so she could run for office. FBI agents reported they did not think Flynn lied but they charged him anyways, the charges stemming from a set-up using FISA app to spy and entrap him. I could go on but whats the point with you

  110. kevincalm says:

    I’m just putting the pieces together based on Q, what I see in the news and online. Nunes criminal referrals have happened. Barr stating spying occurred and launching a criminal investigation has happened. Comey and McCabe admitting leaking classified information has happened. McCabe and RR admitting they discussed using 25th amendment to oust Trump has happened. Obama being aware of the illegal spying has been reported. Gitmo staff being increased by 150 personnel has happened. Trump signing executive order regarding handling of treasonous activity and using military tribunals has happened.

    I could go on but you are incapable and/or unwilling to consider the facts and are void of common sense. pathetic.
    You are totally clueless about anything except your racist evil jew conspiracy and the DNC talking points you go by. You are so invested in “Q is a LARP” mantra you wouldn’t recognize reality if it hit you in the nose.

  111. kevincalm says:

    Denny, I’ve mentioned many people who are DS and are going to be indicted. Several times. Nunes has submitted at least 8 referrals to barr. Just to name a few: Comey, Mcabe, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Brenner, Rosenstien, Hilary, Bill, Ohrs, Obama, Lynch, Yates, Holder, Biden… the whole gang.

    Like I have said a million times, I believe the indictments (over 50k btw) will be unsealed and arrests made all at once. No need to worry about jury of peers since they will all be tried in military tribunal justified by: coordinated effort amongst Obama officials, DOJ, FBI and CIA to overthrow POTUS involving high levels of illegal spying with foreign operatives, lying to congress, corruption and leaking of sensitive information regarding national security and supporting enemy combatants (i.e. treason).

    Ever heard of the Rico Act? Look it up. Gulianni is an expert at organized crime prosecution. I think Sessions and Gulianni are working together on this case. Call me crazy (again) but we are in crazy times. There is already enough evidence to prove Trump was spied on by those people I mentioned.

    Regardless of Horowitz and Huber being appointed by Dims I believe they are professionals and are outraged by what they have learned. Otherwise Trump would have drained them. Many average Dems will be outraged by what these traitors have done. Besides, once the body of evidence becomes so overwhelming they will have no choice but do their jobs in precise legal manner.

  112. kevincalm says:

    What I comprehend from your attempt to say anything of value is “Trump’s DOJ fails to pursue anyone” is unbelievably stupid. There several investigations going on. I call that pursuit. Also, You just can’t comprehend the possibility that the indictments from the Durham, Horowitz and yes, Huber investigations will roll out all at once to show a grand conspiratorial coup. I would be surprised the DOJ would tip their hand by trickling out the indictments. One big grand conspiracy to overthrow our government using illegal spying, leaks and lies. One big case that will be tried by military tribunals in Gitmo. avalanche of justice. Trumps doesn’t have to be mean to pursue justice.

  113. Denny Qrane says:

    Denny Lame only sees what Denny Lame wants to see.
    Funny how he gets increasingly belligerent the more the patriots succeed.
    It’s almost like he’s a leftists that’s angry at the world and that out beloved potus is innocent of all alegations, when everyone left or right should be glad. Left lunacy, go figure

  114. kevincalm says:

    trump has already drained the swamp and all blockades removed. the pain is coming. There is a lot of info online about all the resignations, firings etc. Where is Flake and McCain? Where is Kelly and McMaster? Where is Comey, Brenner, McCabe and all the other traitors., I haven’t said anything inaccurate based on what has happened You are confused between that and what I think is going to happen. I never said mass arrests and tribunals etc. have already happened, dipshit.

  115. kevincalm says:

    trump has already drained the swamp and all blockades removed. the pain is coming. There is a lot of info online about all the resignations, firings in the agencies. Where is Flake and McCain? Where is Kelly and McMaster? Where is Comey, Brenner, McCabe and all the other traitors., I haven’t said anything inaccurate based on what has happened You are confused between that and what I think is going to happen. I never said mass arrests and tribunals etc. have already happened, dipshit.

  116. kevincalm says:

    Its all going to happen eventually you delusional infantile. Quit stopping your feet cause you haven’t got your cookie yet. you calling me out on anything I have said is laughable. I speak truth and you spew shit.

  117. kevincalm says:

    If you think Trump is going to do everything in the first 2 years let alone his first term then you are a fucking retard of epic proportions. Did you really expect all of this all at once? mass arrests, tribunals, tech overthrow, defeat the evil cabal, close the borders, deport millions…along with all the other presidential duties? Did you forget the congress and MSM are anti-Trump? Your comments are just inflammatory and a distraction from, reasonable, same dialogue.. Stop yelling and insulting at everyone here like a fucking child.

  118. kevincalm says:

    so now Barr has been compromised caused he hasn’t put everyone in jail yet? What has Mueller testimony have to do with anything, other than a last ditch effort to clog the news cycle?

  119. Denny Qrane says:

    I’m glad you asked. Unlike yourself, Brian Kolfage is a true patriot and an american hero.
    Mr. Kolfage is everything that embodies what makes America great, he saw what needed done, and took action by organizing the nonprofit group “we build the wall”
    It’s worth noting that while serving in Iraq, he had both legs and an arm blown off in a rocket attack.
    What have you done today that’s of any value Denny Complain? Or any day for that matter?
    You’re loser going the way of your loser antiamerica cult. Bu-bye



  121. BigJohn says:

    Adding to my last post, Voltaire once said that “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Not that I’m a big Voltaire fan, but I do believe he was right on that one and in this day and age of rampant conspiracy theories we have a few folks making a whole lot of other folks believe some batshit crazy absurdities. For instance, a lot of you believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead and all of the other Supreme Court justices are in on this giant Weekend at Bernie’s scheme to get another liberal justice appointed. The whole thing is crazy and there is not one shred of evidence that she’s dead but there’s mountains of evidence that she’s alive, but so many are just convinced she’s dead. This is the kind of shit our enemies would come up with. It seems designed to destroy confidence in our institutions. So much of this Qanon nonsense appears to have that purpose. Q followers eat this shit up like the sheep that they are and the funny thing is they actually believe they are thinking for themselves as they eat up all this spoonfed shit. They’ve been made to believe absurdities and I worry about when the atrocities are coming. These are evil people behind this Qanon scam. This will not end well. It’s divisive, unhealthy, un-American nonsense that needs to end for the good of this nation.

  122. BigJohn says:

    I would love to see people pull their heads out of their asses and leave this un-American unhealthy cult. Only bad comes from it. It’s upsetting a lot of people, getting people worked up, making people see the world as a much worse place than it really is. Crazy people are attracted to it and we’ve already seen a few get their guns and take matters into their own hands. That’s only going to get worse as more become frustrated with the fact that these mass arrests haven’t happened after they’ve been promised again and again it’s all about to go down only to be let down over and over again. That shit is never going to happen, the mass arrests with people being shipped off to GITMO to face military tribunals, that or the martial law bullshit. That stuff shouldn’t happen anyway because that is the stuff of third world totalitarian states, not the United States of America. Everywhere in the world we see this sort of thing happening in turns into an unmitigated disaster for the people. It would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent (and yes I am an attorney and I’ve read the law and I’ve seen the exchange between Kavanaugh and Graham and all that and you’re just being misled by clueless charlatans who have some nerve calling themselves patriots). I don’t know who is behind Qanon but they obviously don’t like our country very much and they seem to want to destroy it. We should all be calling bullshit on this and trying to pull our fellow countrymen out of this Qanon cult, and it is a damned cult.

  123. kevincalm says:

    if it’s all horseshit then why even waste your time on it anymore? Seems like anyone following Q and spending time here are discussing it are trying to sort it out, debating it, sharing and analyzing information, celebrating it, even criticizing it…but so many here are in all out war against it. Fine, its just a theory and a very plausible one. Millions are still Q believers. why the repeated onslaught? If I thought something was horseshit I would not spend 1 second on it.

  124. Denny Qrane says:

    So I think what I hear you saying is that only dummys post/visit here and there is a strong correlation between posting a lot and ones dennyness, I mean dummyness, or dumbiosity, dumbplicity, dumberoceousness

  125. BigJohn says:

    I failed? I’ve always thought this Q nonsense was pure un-American horseshit. As for Israel, I will say this. I have always seen Israel as more of a liability to us than an asset. I have nothing against Jewish people, but it was stupid for all the western countries to get together and form Israel. Israel did not exit for something like 2,500 years until the UN basically just divided up land not theirs to divide and we’ve had big problems ever since. We give them piles of money and would apparently back them no matter what evil things they do. I am not religious and frankly think that religions will be the death of us all someday. It bugs the hell out of me that so many of my countrymen think that they (we) have some God mandated duty to protect Israel no matter what. But no I don’t think that Jews are horrible just because they are Jewish and my experience with white supremacists is that they are a bunch of damned trailer trash pieces of shit who aren’t superior to anyone. I am not a fan, and I’ve dealt with plenty of those fuckers, KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, etc., all trash, and they just need to shut the fuck up and pay their damned child support. In my state those fuckers suck more government tit than the people they think they are better than with SSI and SSD and all that. They’re pathetic. I’m embarrassed to be from the same race as them, have zero respect, and you sound just like them.

  126. Denny Qrane says:

    Look who can’t stay away…Satans loudest voice here.
    I predict it won’t be us who deals the fatal blow to Iran. Israel will come for you.

  127. kevincalm says:

    victims eatens? Hillary suicides witnesses? That may be true but that’s a big stretch without evidence. You are eager to spout off about how delusional we are to believe Q but you are convinced about many things that are simply conspiracy theories. If its a battle of theories between Q, the military intelligence insider, and the evil genocidal jews then I bet most balanced, informed people would pick Q. Let this all play till about mid 2020 and see what happens…..if not by then my support will also wane. Maybe the goal was to damage Dim party enough that Trump could control things and make all the big changes we need. The whole mass arrests thing could have been a misinformation tactic or the nuclear option.

  128. Pat says:

    Q movement is a fraud? Because things havent happened in your timing? Timing is everything and if damn leaks continue time gets backed up. The storm has been brewing for some time now and keeps getting stronger and stronger. Im an empath that can feel it and soon the REAL show is about to begin. For some reason youre missing the little turbulances leading up to the hurricane. Open your eyes and wait patientlyfor all hell to break loose

  129. M. McCarty says:

    Denny Crane – Trust the Plan..
    Proverbs 3 3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: 4 So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. 5Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  130. BigJohn says:

    You should really move to another country that is more white and less Jewish, Denny. You’d be a lot happier and America would be a better place with one less racist xenophobic violence inciting creep like you. You aren’t superior to anyone, Denny. You’re a fucking liability for this country, not an asset.

  131. Denny Qrane says:

    Don’t be here when your Muslim brothers attack.
    Precursor to engaging Iran will be to assess who on domestic soil is a threat.
    Seems likely you’ve been flagged…

  132. Denny Qrane says:

    I probably shouldn’t tell you, but youre trying too hard to project what you think “white” sounds like; your whole false persona just isn’t believable.

  133. Pat says:

    Trust the plan period. Timing is everything. And there’s a huge storm brewing. The empath in me feels it in her gut

  134. kevincalm says:

    I agree that if Dims gain power they will further divide the country along racial , gender, sexual identity, income lines etc. It is obvious that Dims are anti-white male. Diversity is a more racist term than the N word to me. All diversity represents to me is the victim class of our society saying ” hey, there are too many white men in power” or ” now its our turn to run things” . The whole Obama and Hillary debacle really set them back. Now they are rooting for Bernie and Joe? They must hate the merit-based criteria Trump is using for immigration since they are anything but merit-based. Besides the oldest, whitest guys in their party leading the 2020 race the rest of the Dim candidates are black, women, gay or crazy. Talk about poliyical correctness gone haywire But, we conservative patriots are not Nazi facist bigots and won’t allow you scumbag racists to take over this site with your lies, hate and delusion.

  135. kevincalm says:

    denial=mentally unstable. Don’t keep doing your unhappy dance around the reality of it all. The people of the world are awakening to the DS and globalist facism. All these leaders we are talking about are on their way out. Once Italy enacts their mini-BOTs they are out and soon Hungary will follow. UK will soon no-deal exit from EU, just look at the success of the Brexit party. Pull that fucking hood of your face, pull up your pants and wake up. Do your parents still let you sleep into to noon everyday? For crying out loud get in the game. How is the idiot-hat site coming along with Joan?

  136. kevincalm says:

    May out. Merkel, Macron and Trudeau seemingly out soon? Italy and Hungary exiting EU soon? So much awakening. You are so unawake I worry you are in a coma.

  137. kevincalm says:

    Trump needs to tread carefully until 2020. Not saying he can’t unleash justice on some now but the Dims/MSM and DS are still capable of derailing the plan. Not sure about your take on Iran but Trump knows the Iran attacks are from black site operatives controlled by DS. Their is a faction within Iran that wants a deal but DS political forces aligned with the Iranian national guard are probably behind the provocations. It seems smart for Trump to weigh things out and hit back at selective targets that is proportional to the drone attack. Who cares about Pelosi happy dance? They have been happy dancing with their Russia hoax narrative and idiotic attacks on everything he does since he became POTUS. Q giving up? Giving up on what? Giving up on providing us with more of the same drops to satisfy your blogging? He has done enough for now. wheels are turning. you are blinded by your own lame narratives which seem pretty far fetched.

    It will take time and effort to get control over the big tech but scrutiny has already begun and its just a matter of time….remember post 2020

    I feel pretty awakened by the spygate and coup, fake dossier and mueller hit job, DS scheming and provocations, Biden/Ukraine, Smollett, Schiff and Comey leaking, Nadler desperation, activist judges, pedo rings and human trafficking, open border policies and voter fraud. MSM lying and propaganda, Dims radical socialist/facist ideology etc etc etc etc. I think millions of yellow vesters and Brexiteers are awakened too.

  138. Ichabod says:

    I only come here anymore to read your posts. Say what you will. He is educated and insightful. Keep us posted on current affairs

  139. kevincalm says:

    Just think of all the posts he spews out without a single positive thing said about Q. I can see how patriots can be disappointed with some apparent inconsistencies, “blown calls”, eager for justice etc. but Q has posted thousands of times with support of Trump, patriots, constitution along with accurate, insightful info and analysis that only trusted inside would know. Denny is either a shill or egotistical conservative whack job

  140. kevincalm says:

    Just think of all the posts he spews out without a single positive thing said about Q. I can see how patriots can be disappointed with some apparent inconsistencies, “blown calls”, eager for justice etc. but Q has posted thousands of times with support of Trump, patriots, constitution etc along with accurate, insightful info and analysis that only trusted inside would know.

  141. kevincalm says:

    hey, don’t be fooled by shills who are here trying to discredit Q and make conservatives seem like racists and radicals. Just ask yourselves why so called “educated and insightful” people would spend their time and energy criticizing Q on a Qanon site ?

  142. Denny Qrane says:

    Despite the irony all of evil Denny’s 100+ posts on a thread by Q that calls out attackers like him, you and others are not distracted one bit from the truth. Righteous lols at dummy crane.
    Fun experiment…use your browser tools to search the current web page for the term “Denny crane”
    …back to living a productive existence

  143. kevncalm says:

    btw, when you say “That’s the stuff of third world totalitarian states, unconstitutional un-American bullshit” I am hoping you were referring to the attempted coup by Dims to overthrow the president, yes? Maybe you were talking about the 2 year Russian hoax? Or maybe the Pelosi chants to lock up Trump? Maybe you were referring to U1 deal where Hillary sold our uranium to Russia and then received $500K speaking fees and millions in Foundation donations? You need to get on the right side here, patriot.

  144. kevincalm says:

    btw, when you say “That’s the stuff of third world totalitarian states, unconstitutional un-American bullshit” I am hoping you were referring to the attempted coup by Dims to overthrow the president, yes? Maybe you were talking about the 2 year Russian hoax? Or maybe the Pelosi chants to lock up Trump? Maybe you were referring to U1 deal where Hillary sold our uranium to Russia and then received $500K speaking fees and millions in Foundation donations? You need to get on the right side here, patriot.

  145. kevincalm says:

    US citizens can and have been tried in military courts. As you say, if the case involves support of enemy combatants (i.e. designated terrorists), breaking the law of war, then a military tribunal can be used. The group that assassinated Lincoln were tried in military court. So, if Obama admin was involved with funneling money, sensitive information, weapons etc. to ISIS then Gitmo may come into play. Also, if we enter a state of martial law, then the military courts have jurisdiction. In cases where there is sensitive information related to national security a military court could be used since public courts would stall on this and justice would not be served. In a highly politicized environment maybe military tribunals are the answer.

  146. BigJohn says:

    Stage two won’t happen. It would violate multiple provisions of the Constitution and established Supreme Court precedent. The other two branches of government would not stand for such an abuse of power by the Executive Branch. Nobody is going to GITMO to stand trial. The Constitution plainly says that people accused of crimes get jury trials in the states in which they are accused of committing the crimes. Military tribunals are war courts and are not part of the Judicial Branch of government. There will be no trials by military tribunal for non enemy combatant US citizens, nor will there be martial law. That’s the stuff of third world totalitarian states, unconstitutional un-American bullshit. It’s a disaster wherever that sort of stuff goes on. If that’s what you want, you really are no patriot.

  147. Tracy says:

    I didn’t see the rally due to being off the grid for a few weeks but your breakdown is good and if it’s accurate then okay 8 more. As far as police goes they do not have a good record in my opinion and are not to be trusted but in shtf situation i back them over the criminals and right now at this point in history they are under the gun from all directions. Caught in the middle of past history and the transition of which is giving them a touch of blue fever. Though I do not appreciate the past which is somewhat still current due to transitioning I will have their back to get us through this and I’ll look out for victims of this insanity. I won’t be the one running off to hide. I stand right in place for my country on that day. Military rocks, very proud of them and nothing will ever change that. Trump needs to remember many of his people are behind enemy lines and have been for many years before he was elected and the enemy knows who those people are. Many are the list. Some things he’s done could have dire consequences to them. At any rate, battery running low gotta go see ya tomorrow and have a nice evening.

  148. kevincalm says:

    I like what you said. Did you hear Trump at his Orlando Rally? He says the same basic things at all his rallies…..but it never gets old to hear because they are things freedom loving patriots like to hear. America first, strong economy, rule of law, constitution, common sense, secure borders, fairness, supporting our heros in military and law enforcement, etc. But Trump isn’t just blathering on about this, he is doing things that are showing progress, things he has committed to during is first campaign. Its hard to put trust into politician after the Clinton-Bush-Obama disasters but with Trump, so far so good. He is about getting things done and has broken thru the entangled culture of DC with all the foreign and corporate masters. 8 more years?

  149. kevincalm says:

    Cinderella-like? So, you are saying something like that seems unbelievable, fantasy, etc.? Yeah, I guess there couldn’t have been any lies or crimes committed while Trump was spied on starting in 2015. Yeah, I guess is seems silly to think that all the investigations that Barr has set in motion will expose anything. Yeah, I guess Trumps making America great again is totally fantasy since we only have the beat economy and unemployment in our history, yeah. What’s your theory? Dare to tell us or afraid of being criticized? Don’t be one of the losers that just throws darts at other people. If you disagree, bring something to the table. The only way I can stand Denny “motherfucker” Crane’s BS insults and racism is at least he brings it.

  150. Tracy says:

    Hope The Plan works but it seems quite fantasy island like. I can see it working all around me and can reach out and touch it physically yet I am skeptical. I’m no blind follower of man. He can’t be trusted. Not going to be led off a cliff yet at the same not going to stand by silent as others are led off a cliff either. I’ll back Trump on only his request, none other though he should not be criminalizing people over those stupid bans. If he is going to make felons out of people minding their own business I may lose interest in supporting him. Go ban Antifa, BLM and radical Muslims and leave regular Americans hands off. They aren’t bothering anybody. Ban the ones with thier eyes bugged out. Lol. Ban rainbow flags and spandex. Ban gun control since he says not to obey it if it gets in the way. Ban China made products. Yeah, nice Plan. Let’s hope “da plane” hits the run way square on this deal or were fluxed and I don’t want USA fluxed.

  151. kevincalm says:

    I agree we will have a hard rest by 2026. I think it will come is stages. The first stage is The Truth; DS/Dims lies and crimes exposed. The second stage is The Reckoning; mass arrests, military tribunals and punishments. The third stage is the The Reflection; the country grapples with the truth and justice. POTUS rallies all people to come together and focus on real issues and solutions. The fourth stage is The Transformation: The govt restructures and becomes Republican controlled, Constituitional rights are reaffirmed and the courts are strengthened. The central bank is exposed and new economic structure takes shape. Rebellions occur and are crushed. New era of peace and prosperity begins world wide.

  152. Tracy says:

    Looool, yeah sure. Started at least 10 years ago, going on now today and will be going for years to come but yeah, they might wake in 2026 but I would not bet on it. Go ahead and be an optimist you’re making me laugh and I don’t get many good chuckles anymore.

  153. Jack says:

    Well Denny, I’m sure Joe is relieved to hear that you are so generous when it comes to the gas chamber. Perhaps he can be a trustee in the concentration camp or something, maybe drop the pellets.

  154. kevincalm says:

    maybe you are right that there are high powered jewish people who are evil cabal but there are many non-jewish people who are part of it as well. I am pretty damn sure most jewish people are not part of it so you referring to the cabal as “jews” is very offensive to the average jewish person. Once you start lumping them all together you lay the groundwork to prosecute an entire society because of the evil ones. Aren’t you aware of the holocaust? Don’t be a fucking idiot. Just refer to the evil cabal as the evil cabal. No need to start identifying them based on their race, gender, religion, etc. That is just so ignorant and dangerous.

  155. Tracy says:

    I do ask tribal questions and they typically lose it on me then after that I circle them like an Indian in the bush sometimes using videos gently at first then work up to all out bone crushing evidence. I’m not antisemite. I’m anti stop hurting my country. Could care less of skin color. Surrounded every step I take. Have them right where I want them. Nutty like that. Suppose at some point they are coming after me because I’m under their skin due to there is no other place I would rather be. Been in this now for solid 13 years. Odd how people are so asleep at the wheel. I used to be “astonished” but no longer.

  156. kevincalm says:

    what you say is certainly plausible as described. I definitely agree that Weissman is a rat fuck. RR has come through in the end to do the right things and provide support that reflects his position. Many will think he was a white hat all along but I need to trust Q on this one. I think you may be giving him too much credit, casting him as a white hat. He appears to be more of a grey hat…..was probably able to negotiate something with Barr to save his ass from Gitmo. The 25th amendment thing seems awfully damaging…..as well as signing FISA apps and appointing Mueller who went on to hire the rat fuck along with 19 angry Dims to put that BS hoax on our beloved POTUS.

  157. Kevincalm says:

    Hey denny kunt-crane, first you need to bring some facts and logic then we can compete, however, youve already lost by siding with the shill losers. BQQM, out go the lights. Ding ding ding.

  158. kevincalm says:

    Joan Kunt and Denny Crane make such a nice couple!! Maybe you can join forces (unless you are the same person) and start your own Idiot-hats site.

  159. kevincalm says:

    what you say is certainly plausible as described. I definitely agree that Weissman is a rat fuck. RR has come through in the end to do the right things and provide support that reflects his position. Many will think he was a white hat all along but I need to trust Q on this one. I think you may be giving him too much credit, casting him as a white hat. He appears to be more of a grey hat…..was probably able to negotiate something with Barr to save his ass from Gitmo. The 25th amendment thing seems awfully damaging…..as well as signing FISA apps and appointing Mueller who went on to hire the rat fuck along with 19 angry Dims to put that BS hoax on our beloved POTUS.

  160. kevincalm says:

    Here is my take on black hats:
    void of light, soul-less, scum, satanists, pedophiles, infanticide murderers, socialsts, communists, Nazis, sex traffickers, liars, slanderers, spies, thieves, athiests, leakers, cheaters, bigots, racists, facists, cowards, egomaniacs, self-rigtheous propogandists, TRAITORS, motherfuckers:….. RR, Coats, Schiff, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Rice, Yates, Priestap, Lynch, Flake, Zucker, Feinstein, Mueller, Jarrett, Holder, HRC, Bill, Kerry, Podesta, Pelosi, Schumer, Roberts, Biden, Obama, McCain, Cheney, Bush Jr. and Sr (grand master). Just saying….

  161. kevincalm says:

    I knew that post would bring out the dipshits. I didn’t know they allowed PC access in the mental wards. Should I add you onto that list as an honorable mention? I don’t think you could make the list normally cause you are just one of their useful idiots. I will post a truncated list of idiot-hats soon. A full list would be in the millions so need to shorten. Top part of the list will be MSM anchors, followed by Dims in congress and the senate (i.e. I’ll put “all of them” to reduce the list size) , Hollywood morons, paid protestors who live in their parents basement, pulled from the homeless camps etc.

  162. Joan Kent Q is such a laughingstock says:

    Here is my take on ass hats KevinCalm..you are an asshat and you are Q..only complete CLOSE MINDED morons ever believed this laughable embarrassing nonsense…they also spread measles in their trailer park state of New York..what a laughable shit show this was..Q the quacko

  163. Von Ebb says:

    Or to make the deep state think that Trump and Q trust sessions > thus feed disinformation to the deep state.
    Spy vs counter spy vs counter counter spy…..
    Works all different ways.

  164. kevincalm says:

    its hard to tell who all the players are. need to remember that Trump came in as an outsider so he needed to flush out which side his dept. heads were on and/or their level of loyalty. Most black hats have already shown their hand and have been fired but I suspect some were left in their position in order to monitor their activities for evidence and/or feed them misinformation. I’m sure Trumps Q team already knew who most of the bad guys are. I am stumped on Sessions and Wray.

    Sometimes it almost seems like the movie “the sting” is being played out and the white hats are all playing to a script. Maybe Trump berated Sessions and recusal was all pre-planned so Sessions could go off and set up military tribunal process and develop the strategy for mass arrests, grand juries etc. without anyone knowing or suspecting. Maybe Wray is posing as resistance to releasing info because the plan timeline requires delaying its release? Wray a handy excuse to control the plan somehow? Maybe white hats are manipulating DS by getting them thinking Wray is on their side ? Maybe Wrap is legit DS but Trump could not prevent his confirmation and just has to deal with it?

  165. Von Ebb says:

    Stop playing with your little Weiner ….. We are free to make our own decisions!

    Like Q says ….. Don’ t trust shills that play with their tiny gentleman’s parts!


  166. Dipshit Crane says:

    Well said in this entire conversation Kevincalm. Nobody knows what’s actually going on, not even the prophet himself Denny Crane. The reason Denny still trolls here and everybody else that is following is that something actually happens. Im still with Trump and so are millions of others. This isnt over yet by a long shot!

  167. kevincalm says:

    Sure, a lot of theories about all sorts of things are out on the internet. Amongst all the articles written about political theories there are going to be those that will turn out to be true. I think most Q posts contains a lot of new, insightful outlooks that the entire internet seems to follow while other posts seem to validate a combination of existing theories when linked together and/or considered along side other data he is providing, like a puzzle coming into view as the pieces are connected together. I was following Q posts very closely for awhile and noticed that Q sometimes posted odd things , like mentioning an old story, article or some random fact , which didn’t fit into the other things he was saying in the post. Then several months later a big story would break in the news and those very same things he had mentioned now became relevant and/or validated. He was foreshadowing!!!!! Q team is able to predict things that they control and used foreshadowing as a method to communicate these to anons This avoided making bold, direct predictions. Q has to communicate in an indirect fashion regarding sensitive information as not to endanger insiders, not breach his security clearance, not give away his identity, confuse the idiotic shills snooping in etc. For instance, he asks a lot of questions that when answered in an intelligent manner can deliver his message indirectly…”objection, your honor, council is leading the witness!”

    He often gives out information that is pretty direct but slightly coded and easy to infer e.g. using arrows to equate or link things together, using peoples initials etc. So trying to pin Q down on all these “blown calls” seems ridiculous. Q has to weave misinformation into the truth and cannot directly give out the plan or make bold, direct predictions. They using military intelligence tactics. We can only get a partial disclosure of what’s really going so they don’t compromise the mission. Besides, they are telling us just enough to motivate us to support Trump, identify the good guys and realize who our real enemies are. No more than that should be expected.

  168. kevincalm says:

    its not delusional thinking if I’ve reached a logical conclusion based on facts, observation and extrapolation. I admit there is some wishful thinking but who wouldn’t want and expect traitors and liars to be prosecuted. Maybe there were a few, what you would say as “blown calls”, but to keep it real, Q cannot predict or guarantee the future. Neither can I so what I say is only what I believe will happen. Q has given us insights into what he believes will happen based on his inside knowledge. I happen to think what he says makes a lot of sense and along with my hope forms my opinion…my opinion is not fact.

    I think he has provided a vast amount more credible information and logical analysis than anything the shills have said. In fact most shills just rip apart every “prediction” to cast dispersion on the overall theory rather than propose another likely scenario that matches reality. At least shills should concede that a few blown calls should not be considered deceit and should not detract from believing Q is legit and speaks truth.

  169. kevincalm says:

    nice try attacking my state of mental health because you disagree. That tactic is usually employed by the idiots on the left…..but we know you are not one of them, right? Usually a legitimate sign of mental health issues is denial. Based on your severe Q denial I am beginning to worry about you, comrade. When you say 0 major Q calls have come to pass I can only surmise that you have your head buried so far up your “bleep” that your brain has been deprived of oxygen and your diet involves digesting a lot of shit. The first step for your recovery is to remove your head and take a deep breath of truth. You can find a vast supply here on this site from me and fellow truth seeking patriots. Luke, be weary of the dark side. We will always welcome you once you can see the light.

  170. kevincalm says:

    my religion is truth, capitalism and the constitution with some faith thrown in. Everything Q has been saying appears to be panning out. Just because it all hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it is fantasy. I am a critical thinker and try to be a slave to common sense.

    Indeed, the Q plan is super ambitious, dramatic, intense, seemingly impossible etc. but based on what Q and Trump have been doing it appears to be happening. Q has not necessarily said X, Y and Z are the facts and A, B and C will happen, but rather, has provided raw information, and has asked insightful questions to the anons. When these are answered by reasonable people based on the facts the result will undoubtedly result in a faith that the insinuated plan is true….or at least very likely. If the plan fails, it doesn’t mean that Q was a LARP, could just mean they couldn’t pull it off. This is a high risk plan. Q confidence must remain high as they work hard, no other way. lower the shield Denny and join us in glorious victory as we bury the DS and unleash our true greatness

  171. kevincalm says:

    its all coming together and will be most glorious . Can I get a ‘hallajuela” Denny? Amen brother, you are welcome back into our cult anytime!!!!

  172. kevincalm says:

    its not about keeping the plan quiet. The patriots and the DS already know the plan by now. Its about the timing of key events and keeping that quiet. DS is trying to get Trump to escalate things with Iran instead of negotiate a deal (which has probably already happened), same MO they used with NK. NK, Iran, ISIS are the proxy armies for the DS. Once we disable the black sites in these countries then game over. This has already happened in NK, ISIS is toast….so Iran is our last thorn. Assange testimony after extradition will be the straw.

  173. Von Ebb says:

    Moron boy fag Denny the negative still here. But living with mom gives you time to troll and play with your tiny pee pee. Lol must be tough peeing on your foot all the time,😂😂😂😂

  174. BigJohn says:

    “Most Q inaccuracies were event timeline misinformation to keep DS off balance and deplete their ammo. ” That is what suckers believe. You’re so invested in this cult you have lost your ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. You’ve been conditioned to rationalize away all doubt which is what you are doing here. Keep trusting that plan. It’s your religion now and it requires much faith.

  175. Joan Kent cant stop laughing Q the quacko says:

    Q the quacko lost internet access in the psych ward.. what about a laughingstock joke this was…Q the quacko…free entertainment..intel from inside a Russian psych ward the stupidest most embarrassing conspiracy theory I ever

  176. BigJohn says:

    I was being sarcastic with all that trust the plan and Q works in mysterious ways horseshit. This has become a cult and the amount of faith these people exhibit is pretty amazing. You have to have tremendous faith to keep believing after being let down as many times as these people have been let down. They trust the plan like it’s their religion and have been conditioned to rationalize away all doubt. The more they are let down the more brilliant they think Q is with this intricate plan slowly being revealed to them. They’ve lost their ability to distinguish fact from fiction and have let themselves become the biggest suckers on the planet.

  177. BigJohn says:

    You need to trust the plan, brother. The lord Q works in mysterious ways. Don’t worry, they’re playing 3D chess mere mortals cannot understand, military genius stuff, Art of War and all that.

    It’s a cult and it’s not going away until at least after the next elections. They’ll get people all worked up with promises of something big just about to happen and then say is was all just a feint to fool the Deep State but the real stuff is just around the corner, and then that won’t happen and they’ll be like, “see what Q and Q+ just did right there, genius, sheer genius I tell you, the real stuff is just around the corner.” Then they’ll rinse and repeat again and again over and over again and people will fall for it every time. Q will not end until it stops serving the purpose of those behind it. But it will end and none of this unconstitutional un-American third world totalitarian state GITMO/martial law bullshit the cult is clamoring for will happen.

  178. Fiercekitty says:

    Your personal astrology also has a lot to do with your ascendancy and your moon, as well as other Natal aspects (with respect to a partner) as well as the placement of the Nodes

    Then, there is your Progressed chart -which can see you taking on the characteristics of the sign after your birth as you age

    It isn’t a science – it’s an Art to interpret the science

  179. keevincalm says:

    Q gave us all we needed to understand and validate the plan. Most Q inaccuracies were event timeline misinformation to keep DS off balance and deplete their ammo. We don’t need Q to rally the troops anymore do we?. We are the news. Although the major goal off the plan has yet to happen we have seen it roll out as Q described. I think all the disclosure will happen after DS has used up their ammo…..all at once, an avalanche so DS cannot deflect and control narrative. Q has been throwing a lot great jabs and a hook now and then but the straight right to the chin has been set up and will land soon. BQQM, knock out! Kiss the fat lady good night. Hasta la vista, baby. adios muthafucka. lockem up and throw away the key. put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

  180. kevincalm says:

    come on now. Q is a conspiracy theory as is your Trump ‘selling out’ theory, as is the “evil jews going to wipe out the population” theory etc. etc. In the end I may look back and say I was duped but so far the Q plan seems like it is going to pan out, and seems far more plausible then the other theories you have been pushing. For example: No collusion, no obstruction, yep. multitude of fake news debunked, yep. all the spygate/FISA descriptions and predictions regarding players, timelines, motives etc. yep and yep. predicting and/or warning of false flag events, yep. pedophile and trafficking crack downs, yep. Horowitz and Huber investigations, yep and maybe. sessions, who the hell knows. HRC foundation and U1 treason. yep. Predicting Trump tweets and communications (i.e Q proofs), yep. winning the senate, yep. FBI and DOJ resignations and firings, yep. SCOTUS successes, yep. accurate ID of traitors across govt and ABC agencies, yep. But, beyond the many predictions, Q has been on of the few voices that has explained and coallated all what’s happening out there, providing plausible strategies and next moves from both the white and black hats. I could go one.

    Often Q is just pointing out things as they happen, like everyone else, but his analysis make so much sense and he ties everything together so well its hard to deny the legit nature. If he is just a LARP why all the attacks from MSM? Why the huge following? So many people just a bunch of flag waving dummies? Point to someone else who is laying everything out there with such depth, insight and accuracy? I’d say some FOX contributors (Carter, Solomon) are pretty damn good but Q puts it all together, is believable and is patriotic. so far, his words ring true…..got to follow your instinct on these things.

  181. Denny Crane says:

    Did you start your rant on peachmint?!?!?! I didnt even read the rest because it’s impeachment. Once again almighty Denny Crane everybody.

  182. EyeAm, says:

    Yeah. I’m good at it.

    Here are four charts related to the book I published on the U.S. entering civil-, revolutionary-, or world war:

    We also have a plague (epidemic, possibly pandemic) coming to the world stage anytime, definitely by 2021.
    (news will be filled with controversy of ‘forced inoculations’, people in bio/hazmat suits, quarantines, etc.)
    Earliest inkling of that was foreseen to be 2017, but the main time-frame was 2018-to-2021.
    Now look at the news, regarding immigration/border issues and people being sick with some kind of flu.
    People from the Congo being dumped in Texas, and it was the Congo that just saw 2,000+ cases of Ebola.
    It’s coming.

  183. Charles Russell says:

    Hey Denny we just finished another week and I was wondering if you could update how many deep state indictments, prosecutions and convictions we have so far. Thanks. I think these bastards are going to run out the clock. Latest excuse is IG report will be delayed another month or so based on all the new information he has been receiving lately. There is clearly volumes of info to warrant indictments. All that is required is one US prosecutor and a grand jury. You start at the bottom and work your way up. That’s how you get to the top of a conspiracy. It’s total bullshit to think you have all the answers to get you to the top people before you do anything. The idea that Barr or Q or anyone else is going to anything is just wishful thinking.

  184. kevincalm says:

    her satanic cult has so many layers between her and the henchmen she’ll never be caught. Besides, the brainwashed amateur henchmen were probably already taken out by her elite professional crew anyways.

  185. Denny Crane says:

    How bout wheel your cripple self, as i can see thats the only way you comment on here all the time, and show yourself in public and spew your dumbass rants in person and see how may people agree with you. You’re dumb at best.

  186. Denny Crane says:

    I agree nobody listens to anything you say on this board. You are a mosquito. You pester, we slap, and we get on with our day. You are a loser Denny.

  187. M. McCarty says:

    Save your words for someone who wants to hear them –
    go away and try to persuade others on another board.

  188. EyeAm says:

    I know the identity of Q. So I know where you are wrong.

    I also know that others do not ‘follow’ Q as fervently as you believe–some, like me, have their own independent agenda.

  189. Scott C. says:

    You’re a NOBODY; pretending to be a SOMEBODY in a chat room. Keep pumping your delusional self up, DUMMY… I mean Denny.

  190. Dennis Crane says:

    I just thought maybe you’d value your own time more.
    Deprogram some liberals. Oh, you’re a larping liberal?
    You sir, are busted.

  191. kevincalm says:

    Let me try to get this straight; 1) trump loves the Jewish cabal (i.e. DS) and wants to be part of their club, because he owes them money , wants them to stop with the criminal investigations and/or feels inadequate and wants to be cool like them? 2) Barr is part of this cabal and was selected as AG to help Trumps make a deal with cabal and/or ensure Trump adheres to a deal he has already made? 3) This Jewish cabal wants to get rid of all non-Jewish people in the US in order to secure future Dim control? Am I remotely accurate on your theory? It just doesn’t seem like a good strategy for Trump to gain favor with the cabal by draining the swamp of DS, attacking all of their Dim operatives with investigations and going around congress to fund the wall. Oh, and bombing the shit out of them in Syria.

  192. EyeAm says:

    Julian Assange isn’t the ONLY one who can ‘take the whole house down’ (in relation to Seth Rich and the FBI’s Russian fakery). 🙂

    (all Star Wars-like:) “There is another.”

  193. kevincalm says:

    This shows things are getting serious for Hillary and deep state. It shows that the Q plan is moving along. It is unfortunate that the DS can and will do damage as the walls close in but they will pay for that eventually. . I am losing patience as well but I can understand that this is a critical plan and a lot of things have to line up for it to be successful. We can clearly see that that the deep state is getting desperate and lashing out.as the investigations are coming to and end and evidence is released to the public. I think the idea of Trump selling out is bizarre and ridiculous. I am assuming he is taking care of some intense business regarding the Q plan while in UK (steele, assange, spying on US etc.). Don’t be fooled by the pomp. Trump is not their to kiss the queens ass or have tea with the nasty girl.

  194. Dennis Crane says:

    Mueller is already blown up. They’ve found the first of many misrepresented
    Statements in his infamous report.
    Add to that the death of Seth (I’m a poet and I didn’t etc.)
    The death of the dems.

  195. EyeAm says:

    Maybe President Trump will go by and see Julian Assange.
    Or, maybe, things are pre-arranged to have Assange accompany President Trump back to the U.S.

  196. Monica Sp says:

    Should watch Able Danger videos on the queen, a new one just came out! Something big has to be going on!

  197. M. McCarty says:

    Matthew 5-17: Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill

  198. M. McCarty says:

    To Denny Crane says: James 1:19-20 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires

  199. kevincalm says:

    hey denny dipshit. it doesn’t matter what Barr said. Go cum all over his transcript if that makes you happy. They are keeping Huber investigation under wraps for now. Just wait for the avalanche of evidence from Huber and Horowitz. We are all speculating but I trust Q. He has been very accurate so far. Do really think Barr is going to expose things until he is ready to pounce? No. he realizes what the Dims and deep state are capable of and does not want to show is hand to avoid false flag events and efforts to affect those investigations. Huber has not been directly involved in the U1 investigation cause the deep state is watching him, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been directing efforts of resources that are collecting data and seeking out whistleblower testimony….which wouldn’t necessarily be public knowledge and/or easy for DS to discover. not hard to believe the logic of this unless you get hung up on propaganda or concoct your own theory thru the lens of bigotry, ego and some far flung notion that Trump has sold out to the very people who are attacking him and his family on daily . please wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up Peace

  200. Denny crane says:

    Your dumb just scroll down it shows times and you have commented on everyones shit. For someone who doesnt like q spends alot of time on a q board. Makes sense.

  201. Gramma 2603 says:

    If you had any intelligence, you would be able to converse or make a point using English, not gutter language. It’s a shame that you feel the need to try to put your opinions without justification on a site that you will never understand nor be welcomed

  202. EyeAm says:

    “Thus England is ruled by Aries (Mesham), and London by Gemini, the city itself under the 18th degree, or more exactly 17-degrees 54-minutes. It is worthy of note that the arms of the City of London represent Gog and Magog, the Gemini (Mithuna) or Twins, just as illustrated in the celestial charts of the Greeks and Romans; and indeed this “second Rome” rightly follows the tradition of the imperial city, whose origin was due to the mythical Romulus and Remus, the Apollo and Herculus, or Castor and Pollux of the sign Gemini.”–Lucifer, Volume 13, page 518.

  203. kevincalm says:

    nope. Huber was pulled off the Hillary server investigation since Horowitz was taking that over. Huber continued with U1. Buy a fucking clue, dipshit. Follow the Q plan and quit pretending you know anything of value.

  204. Denny Crane says says:

    You as well as some of the media misinterpreted AG Barr’s remark – go back and listen very carefully to his words.

  205. USA says:

    Tell that to Barr. Americans are still waiting for these criminals to see bars while they roll out the TAPS Act. You say things are going one way and yet somehow they are miraculously going the other direction. Years into it and not a single traitor indicted. Circus act, and not really fooling anybody anymore. But nice try.

  206. kevincalm says:

    you are right on a few things but wrong on Trump. Trump has been trying to stop illegal immigration but with lawmakers and courts against him he has had to resort to shaky maneuvers. The open border Dims are the enemy on this. The house was taken back due to the Russia hoax narrative. The lying Dims are the enemy on this. Flynn, Manafort, Cohen etc were attacked by Dims and Mueller to get dirt on Trump. Trump cannot defend the likes of Manafort and Cohen who turned out to be idiots. Bolton and Pompeo are there to put pressure on NK and China. This is a negotiation technique. Trump has already made huge gains in the negotiation process. Just project NK and China trajectory if Trump wasn’t in there. Dim incompetence and caving in to the globalist are the enemy here. If you voted for anyone but Trumi in 2020 than you are a much bigger idiot than what you are making Trump out to be.

  207. Flamingo says:

    This is the Denny Crane I remember. Welcome back and yes you are right. While we are on the subject what happened to Q? He does not sound like the old Q and where has he been? Everything is a big FUBAR right now!

  208. kevincalm says:

    I’m not sure what he meant regarding ‘legal matter’. Maybe 2 things: 1) he may think its too difficult to get a treason sentence but the evidence will be enough for the public to think so. Then there will be millions of people that will want to take them out one way or another, or 2) military tribunals will be used to prosecute them as enemy combatants which would change crimes from a ‘legal” matter to a military one ??

  209. kevincalm says:

    we will see. I think you and your DNC buddies will finally see how Q and team has been working this plan behind the scenes when Huber comes with U1 report showing how Hillary, Poedsta, Sleepy, Mueller etc are fucking traitors .

  210. Scott C. says:




    If you have to tell everybody what your supposed IQ is…

    You’re a LARP. And a DOPE.

  211. Scott C. says:

    Sensitive. Nobody really cares what you think about anything… Your I’ll conceived, delusions of grandeur are funny to mock and ridicule.

    Q is such a LARP… and you’re so scary smarter than everybody else… and yet you’re here checking on the latest posts like everybody else, Einstein.

    PS… I’ll take my IQ over yours any day.🤡

  212. USA says:

    Sounds good but be sure this is militarized training not policing as there is a distinct difference. Reduce police responsibility and authority and make citizens responsible for their own safety as well as that of their neighbors and community. Keep cops writing speeding tickets and so forth. Only let old folks and disabled have 911 service and tell cops to blatantly refuse service to all others. Current pampering of police state has destroyed values in USA. Gov is citizens mommy’s and it’s so rediculous. Gives trouble makers protection from citizen justice and this is the best justice to make a strong nation. Independence is strength. If I was a country and I am because I’m USA I would want my citizens to be strong and self reliant so if I needed them to have my back I would have something I could use. That is what a strong country is. What we have right now is much different. If we can go in this general direction I would serve my country to get it back without a second thought and I’m packed this minute for the call but if not then I’ll sit here and watch it go down with disgust. For my country I will soldier up but not for a continuation of what it is now.

  213. Denny Qrane says:

    ‘member when you told us you were a network engineer for Apple? Lol take a LARP to know a LARP
    Won’t be long before the general public knows what this boad has known for a long time. America will not just accept, but demand, Brennan, comey, clapper, Schiff answer for trying to usurp the will of the people by obstructing and trying to remove my duly elected potus. You have a good night buttercup, I’m gonna sleep like a baby 😉

  214. Denny Crane says:

    Sessions was not to he trusted. Huber was an Obama appointee the stupid congressional republicans accepted as ‘their guy’ with no proof or accountability he was addressing any of their concerns. Huber’s track record is the equivalent of the Mueller appointment had Mueller just went back to his lawfirm in California, didn’t hire anyone, didn’t impanel a grand jury, didn’t interview anyone, didn’t supoenea anyone, didn’t charge anyone, didn’t convict anyone, and declined to show up for subsequent congressional oversight hearings. All of which is what Huber actually did.

    Look you Q supporters love America and want justice but I think you all all hopelessly naive and so starved of anything remotely approaching what you should be entitled to as Americans that you fell into this hope porn trap. But for christ sakes can you at least start to evaluate Q’s drops with at least some impartiality and comparison to reality.

    Me personally I’m a miserable cynic whose put his hands up over it all anymore. Humanity is a parasite and we’re well on our way to societal collapse of Western civilization, which I expect to happen in my lifetime. We’re rotting under a blanket of filth, decay, corruption, decadence, debt, and moral desolation.

    I’m convinced Trump was selected for us like virtually every other president in the last 100 years to feed the public appetites with a con while the business of America generating money for the elite Jews who operate from the shadows marches on.

    What you are watching is a movie. Listen not to the king, for he has no clothes. Watch his actions. And don’t delude yourselves into thinking something happened when you had no proof it did.

  215. Christopher says:

    Isn’t that why HUBER is doing the/an investigation, to avoid a Grand Jury drawn from DC Swamp Denizens and Parasites? (Utah)

  216. CameronB says:

    No one said due process IS a venue…read again. Due process IN the appropriate venue. DOD
    What happened to John McCain? You know.

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