1. Lilleen Rohe says:

    The leftist troll/shill on here is a self-important misfit. We have fun laughing at you, Crane kiddo.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      It’s not possible I’m a clear thinking conservative? Anyone who calls you tools out on your idiocy is a leftist? You are as incapable of self reflection and self correction as the leftists you think are your enemy.

  2. John Boy says:

    I like reading Q and get concerned when he takes his vacations. Its the closest thing we here in flyover country have to real news.
    The site troll is doing what they do, trying to wreck anything good. Every site has one. I just have to wonder if he is in the employ of the DNC, Soros, or their willing accomplices in Russia. His writing style suggests a 16 year old with more idealism than sense, but that could be a ruse. He does not appear to be trying to convince anyone of anything; just belittle those he disagrees with.

  3. Harry says:

    That guy should be blocked we don’t need a shill on here giving us a bunch of nosey b.s. Go away. Go bother someone else..

  4. kevincalm says:

    based on replies to many of your previous comments it seems you have been ignoring solid facts, common sense and logical explanations as to why your skepticism is unfounded. It is pretty obvious you are leftist shill without any hope of being persuaded by those on this site that are tuned into what is really happening. There are a lot of people out there that enjoy being an irritant and riling people up….the kind that disrupt xbox live video games, ruing the game for all those playing.

  5. Denny Crane says:

    Biggest global con ever. Just wait a little longer pedes and all the magic will happen. Buw ahahahhahahahahahah.

    How this will end is shortly before Trump looses reelection and no arrests Q will declare victory and claim all the magic happened in the shadows and Trump is a hero. And at that point if any of you cultists can point to a single bit of proof of these claims you’d be a total and complete liar.

    1. Robert A Colucci says:

      So Barr is a con ? Nunes is a con ? FISA abuse is a con ? You sir are the con and a not so swift troll.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        Q is a con. Nunes has achieved nothing. No idea on Barr yet. Barr presents as legit but I’ll wait for results before deciding.

        As for being a shill, I represent myself only as a disgruntled former believer who woke up and realized this is horseshit.

        Believe what I want: I hope I’m wrong.

    2. Lonegunman says:

      Then why the hell are you here? You’re not going to change anybody’s minds which makes you a shill!

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