1. M. McCarty says:

    Finger pointing happening now – trying to rewrite history!
    Trust AG Barr, he will get to the bottom of this so be patient a little while longer.

    1. USA says:

      Not “rewriting”, “fulfilling”.

      Drop your socks and grab your cocks because the planet is fixin to rock!

  2. Larry says:

    Everyone needs to realize Q is trying to scare them enough to turn themselves in. 😂 my idea of a Moab is seeing the perp walks not another news story

  3. James 4:4 Russell says:

    Eyes on Q http://www.qanonposts.io Eye of I’s with Eyes: Isa.45:2 Note May 15th 2014< below Knights Templars Skull & Bones Russell 11th Blood line Freemasons Court Papers Filed in Lee. Co. Fla. The U.S.A. Zec.14:2 Jerusalem hill 2 ,land God gave Jacob, Moses buried here 2x's now: Jude :9 Put ~Lightning~ up the ole Devil Sucking Dragon Lucifer's ass long past. rev.12:4 tail @ CERN Satan is a title and never in Their God's History Has Ever the Words as much as hit the wedding Ring, Ear Ring, around their planet Saturn: The Voice of anything Call Lucifer, Lucy My Bitch: It brought new meaning to the word CAGE Rev.18:2 for his own: now here: Jude: Lucy ransomed them. I Lie to Lucy Too ! *7* Thunders: Putin Bear Dan.7 first to say all One World Order, order of Satan. ends Obama nation system and bank of Pope NASA: Look Up: Sky is falling: promise @ Rev.22:18 20 year law of support. DEATH & Life is in the Power of the tongue 22:19 Unforgivable One: to TOUCH:


    David Wilcock (May 16, 2019) — THE CABAL BEHIND THOSE THINGS?
    David Wilcock (May 16, 2019) — THE CABAL BEHIND THOSE THINGS? #DavidWilcock #DavidWilcock2019…

  4. Jubei says:

    and still no action… when will you all realize this Q garbage is just nonsense? all talk and no action, rinse, repeat… wake up, stop drinking the Q-laid!!!

  5. kevincalm says:

    Patience, Grasshopper. soon you will leave the temple…..when you can snatch the pebble from my hand.

  6. Charles Russell says:

    Ok so on 5/13 I posted here contrasting my predictions for the week and contrasted Q prediction of BOOM BOOM BOOM week climaxing with a huge MOAB (which strangely resembled a huge green dildo) falling on the head of Comey. I predicted there would be more interesting information released but the press would simply ignore it all and we would end the week with no major change in the status quo. Well who was wright?

    1. Depressed says:

      Right, lots of coverage of the same stuff WE were told about a year ago. Remain s the same ……MSM still winning…….
      We still must believe in Q …….because to do other wise …..it’s the end of the USA. LEFTIES still bat shit crazy !

  7. EyeAm says:

    President Trump using the Insurrection Act is likely for more than immigration.
    The door will be open for things related to the FBI, DOJ, and other corrupt agencies and people–if they get in the way.

  8. USA says:

    Trump to invoke Insurrection Act. Finally we can get to cleaning this mess up. This is a good day in America. Count me in. (literally)

  9. kevincalm says:

    Trump is fighting the deep state which includes republicans. Once the swamp is drained the political structure can be changed so the people control the govt. but we must be always be on guard for tyrannts to take back control and rule us again. Although half our population seem to be mindless sheep I am hoping they will see just how they were fooled by the Dims and deep state once the truth is completely known. Yes, it has been a long unveiling but it appears everything Q has told us is coming true. We must remember the deep state is also watching Q so event timelines have been used to flush them out and keep them off guard so we shouldn’t let these timelines sway us on the validity of the plan. Q and patriots are trying to reverse a long-held international power structure so not only does this take time but requires critical timing. So much is at stake. We must be patient to make sure it is done right.

  10. USA says:

    The stooges are squirming. Too bad were stuck with all their unconstitutional un-American laws (tyrant laws) once their dragged off, that their legacy will remain. Ultimately tyranny will continue to prevail right Mr. Qrane? What are the possibilities we might consider burning that Federal Register? I have a burn barrel right here just cleaned out and ready to go.

  11. Brian says:

    Boom week get your popcorn ready they are panicking blah blah blah. I’ve been following this for 6 months and I see nothing !!!

  12. USA says:

    Trading tyrants thinking your getting a better tyrant to manage your corporate slavery system under a fake government called the UNITED STATES CORPORATION is securing your place in the pit of burning sulfur. Slaves demanding slavery is classic. Chase the Beasts tail in circles, lick those Nazi boots you bootlickers. Left boot and right boot are still a pair of boots. Lick them and worship your masters. Remain deceived.

  13. Denny Qrane says:

    Survival mode = blame game
    If you still think nothing is happening, then you’re not paying attention.
    Left is cannibalizing itself; way more to come in the form of throwing each other under the bus.

    1. USA says:

      And yet with them running to their own destruction don’t be “astonished” that they eat their own flesh corporate tyranny will still (for a very brief time) prevail. Republiscums (cons) are no angels. They are tyrants of the opposite side of the same coin and it is worthless.

  14. Eye SPY 2 says:

    Fatal flaw in our government allows bad actors to become president and all thru the bureaucracy. Thus Obama, and the current coup against Trump

  15. SpyCatcher says:

    Fatal flaw in our government! The founding fathers never knew rapid communication and travel. Contacting far away countries was slow. Days weeks even months.
    Now our Senators and Congress people can be contacted and bought off quickly by foreign or domestic actors.
    Thus the current coup. Obama of unknown origin , organized this coup , but maybe someone else behind him is the bad actor . Valerie Jarret has known ties to Islamic Brotherhood and the Bilderberg group.
    We need protection from this happening again. After Q cleans up the current mess


  16. Von Ebb says:

    What if the Comey Meme is a distraction and something else happens this week? I wo9uld not be surprised if the boom this week is not Comey getting arrested as we all think will happen. SOM TING ELSE……….maybe the revel of Obama being behind all this!

  17. Denny Qrane says:

    Must be pretty compromising leverage against comey to get him to play such a fool.
    Will be no shortage of peers willing to testify against him for willfully making a mockery of the entire system.
    Wonder what secrets he will be willing to reveal while in survival mode?

  18. Charles Russell says:

    So Q is leading us all to believe that James Comey will be indicted this week?
    Anyone see it different? If so what is Q saying?
    Here is my prediction for the week. Nothing will be substantially different. There will be more closed session dialogs released by rep. Collins. The press will ignore them as they have all the rest.
    Lets see how my prediction compares to Q’s at weeks end.

    1. kevincalm says:

      We really can’t get hung up on Q dates…..these are most often used to get deep state to use ammo, play their hand etc. …..BUT, when Trump and Graham start saying things are imminent then we can usually expect something soon. It seems they need to drop the hammer with the election coming up BUT the Dims are really shooting themselves in the foot while in panic mode. so why stop them now?.. Barr to jail? hahaha. Trump and Graham are probably watching CNN and laughing their asses off.

  19. Veteran who Sacrificed says:

    NO JUSTICE = NO MAGA! ALL those involved in these numerous TREASONOUS Crimes MUST BE PUNISHED to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!! Attempted Coup, ALL of HRC’s multiple crimes, Uranium One, Threats against POTUS, Fast and Furious, Lying MSM, John Kerry Logan Act, PEDOPHILIA and ABUSE of children and many others. Things will continue to get worse UNLESS WE ACT! DECLAS ALL DOCUMENTS !!

  20. TXIrishRose07 says:

    Good to hear from you, Q! Totally been praying for the Qteam & our POTUS45!
    Will we remove the muslim brotherhood from our government? I fear they are a threat to our democracy as well!
    God speed and Let’s Roll!

  21. New York Patriot says:

    Good to hear from you again Q! Getting a good number of us apprehensive with all we’re seeing & hearing. I truly hope & most importantly pray to the Almighty Living God that something big will indeed happen this week that will show them all that there is Laws & Rules EVERYONE must follow in our Great Republic or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! With how totally unhinged & insane the calls & actions have become from the lefts minions in both the MSM & Gov. have become, it’s so far beyond dangerous for all white hats and for the rule of law that we cannot continue much longer with this madness or else all will be lost! WWG1WGA

    1. USA says:

      Will have to restore the organic Constitution for our republic to be restored and this means that ALL unconstitutional laws must be abolished and this will never happen. They will never surrender the death grip they have on Americans with their fake laws under current maritime law based upon the fake/fraudulent constitution they are going by. Keep dreaming.


  22. Jackie Jordan says:

    “Welcome back, Q…”

    “What We Allow Will Continue”

    “Damn The Torpedoes. FULL SPEED AHEAD !”

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