1. James 4:4 Russell says:

    The HUNTERS SONG rev.14:3 ~> NOW Playing rev.1:7 @ a ”View Point Satellite” in the CLOUDS Near you & ALL Eyes can See God’s Coming : 40 years writing words tagging ass. Got a Light? ~Black ~Lights ~work-Too ~:* White*!* Lights*:* are in tune:~> Q= Head of Spirit Isa..45:2 / @ qanonposts.io ‘Col.1:15 / REV.4:11′ Jan.7th 2018 D.I.A.’s Spirit of ’76’ U.S. Army ; Victory Div ~ First to Fight~ Defcon1 Defcum All Hunter A.A.F. runway 16:16 Sav. Ga. Jan.29th 2018 Sleeper Cells Activated::Feb.18th Father Activated the Clock:@ 21:11:55 hr./ 9:11:55 pm. March 6th 2018 Lee Co. VA Fla.Time due Rev.12:4 Tail @ CERN:~Wilbur Smith Law Firm *:0:* Hole: Tail of *7* Thunders @ Q+ Stitch Kid jr. Invisible membered Head of Skull & Bones: Reason Pope Frog Shit and every thing ~body~ had a 9:11 @ South Pole when Fathers Final Cyrus Trump Card Hit the table: Pope and the Obamanation system met and EVICTED the FREE MASONS ~Due Knights Templars Skull & Bones of Gen.3:22’s Day of Ezk. 32:2 the Queen of Heaven, Son & Bride of the WEST:: Only need follow the Maps given: BACK Stepping the Beast of an Obamanation System and Bank of POPE NASA: 3/3/18 bring the Thunder~ Make it Rain::3/17th/18 U.S.M.C. Activated with Song of Elijah: Panic Mode Enjoy the Show; No Body Escapes, NOBODY; Dad Said So: He also told you to note times posted: & TOO! ENJOY THE SHOW: This is an All *Star* End Game Play: Even those who pierced him on the cross are walking and talking with a wormy mind set the test came with. rev.1:7 There is no Unknown Mysteries to those found worthy to see: High School is Over and little Lucy’s no longer of need: Mop Up Time:1000 years Protective Custody For Lucifer; The old Satan Jude:9 Devil Sucking Dragon; Lucy my Bitch knew when I put Lightning up his ass, Lk.10:18 all his followers were only following him to his well known CAGE: Recall my Bitch can tell a Lie and believe it himself so Blessed be our Father of Love. Protective Custody: Note after 1000~years of College; we Reinter the non dark matter/non White matter BOSOM of Pure *LIGHT* City of GOD’S No coincidence Hubble Space camera got stuck on a capital city of God’s like an egg on a mountain of snow,that a 10000 Milky Ways would make the yoke: Yet, This little Snow Flake in comparison Milky way, will suck back through that black hole and spit out all a new and the core of lost spirits stars, will be the under *crust *~#~* belly of the new earth for them to look up to, See book ENOCH: for All true GODS to View: 5:5 =Isa.17: Iran~~ Trumps birthed day x 2 = Q+ & from what card you found the verse quoted : ” Floor Coving @ Its Best ” = ‘~` ”Lying @ Its Best” for a Soldier: 5:5 Go Now to ISA.&17: Iran yet Moab 14 U.S. Jacob/James= Same as James & John men of Thunder: Think of Sun’s twinkle of eye as a orgasm of plsma

  2. S.D. says:

    Something is up yall. A lot of folks had their twitter accounts locked for a short time earlier today, mine was one of them. I’ m new to twitter and just lurk, yet my account was locked for violating community stadards. I followed Rep Collins on Sunday. That seems to be a trend. The affected were conservatives that all seem to follow Rep. Collins.

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