1. Denny Qrane says:

    Just keep pulling the thread on the domestic front. It now has too much traction and validation of what once was “conspiracy” is revealed as truth. Comey is in deep doo-doo, can’t willfully supply false evidence. He’s not a passive party in all of this. As a result of Ukraine investigation against potus, Biden was exposed for his corruption to strong arm a prosecutor on behalf of biden’s son. Another example of leftist projection “go after potus’ children” (because ours are guilty) If you want to know what crimes the left is committing, just listen to what they’re accusing (falsley) others of.

    Time to zoom out from DC politics. Italy next in line to eject deep state. Good luck with leadership change!
    Israel starts 71st year next week, it straddles 2019 / 2020. Think next 12 months is going to be significant on the global stage, and Kushner will become a much more visible player.

    1. M. McCarty says:

      It is not too late for Comey, and others to seek redemption. Fame, power and money are not things that one can take with them to the next life with our Creator. Hope he and others are seriously thinking about their legacy as truth will win.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Indeed, there is no greater message in these end of days. The restrainer will vacate, and the bride of Christ with him.
        There is a debt to society and this earthly existence that many must still pay. But we are eternal beings with a destination and a choice to make, regardless of what circumstance we may find ourselves in here. No one is beyond salvation while there is breath in his or her lungs.

  2. Jerkame Offkoffske says:

    So this is the point you’re trying to make? re:m “Mercy Is For The Weak”. Or you just a karate kid wannabe? Wanna show everybody how “bad” you are? Maybe you better go back and watch the whole movie. It’s NOT the merciless that win. Now I KNOW you’re full of shit.

  3. Von Ebb says:

    Q Too long between Posts. You need to help us help you!! 8 days since your last post. This is too long. That is 8 days of insanity from the Left. Un answered as even Hannity and Rush go over the same old story. Most of the YouTube analyst have been booted and silenced.
    We have more than we know…..thats the problem………we need more insight.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      2 years (or 3 decades) of the machine gaining momentum and moving in the wrong direction, takes time to coarse correct. We need to camp on the current news cycle for a while. There’s still huge swaths of the population who need time to assimilate reality. We can’t afford to move off of it too soon. This process is what we all signed up for; let it work for us.

  4. James 4:4 Russell says:

    http://www.qanonposts.io Eyes on Q I’s Eyes know All Cards went on the Open table 11/11/17 Dan.11:7 ~ Isa.45:2 Do Note Rev.16:21 and Father God of all Creation, Jesus once his name told you, Rev.16:15, Luke 22:36, Joel 3:10 Rev.14:13 Ps.116:15 ~ Ps.149:6 ~ Ps.83 ~ Wall Dan.9:25 Mic.7:11 > Rev.21:8 of Sun of Righteous Virgo / Virgin Mary *Star of Bethlehem, with Father as Child: 6/30/15 With King with SWORD & Order to get one: Tagged out, will have no understanding, & A Coward, Even Lucy my Bitch Lucifer, that ole, Devil Sucking Dragon, will tell you is a Worthless joke for a GOD of any kind of CREATING: The Reason it WAS Shit Packers running Your END: U.S.A. ”Mayflower 10 PAC” First 10 basic LAWS : and All Laws, Statutes and RULES of Engagement : that follow the 10 Commandments of GODS Directions here in the land of our nativity God Had Espied to send Israel, When Only Moses Made it: His was Buried Here, 2X’s Now: JOHN 5:22 The Angel of the Lord. The Arm of the Lord, The Tail of the Head, Trump Card, The Lord of the West. The Back Side Nail and Pegged Stoned Eyed 7 Days: Michael/Elijah James4:4 C. Russell 11th Bloodline Freemasons Knights Templars Skull & Bones, Reason for Pope Eviction. Wrong Ghost up their ass. D.I.A.’s Spirit of ”76” due ’54’ U.S. Army 24th Inf. Victory Div. First to Fight: Hunter A.A.F. runway 16:16 Jer.way Sav. Ga. 1/7/18 Covert / International noncom.nuke : Defcon1 May,Happy be Your Mother, Cum Mothers day. Clock activated Feb.18/18 @ 9:11:55 PM. Mat.11:11:~11/11/55 Now go to 5:5 IS, Q on you, Here’s to Our MOTHER Shirley Gilbert Case & *I* ,,May,, we never disagreed, but if we do have, have done, be unto you.”’This I promise you”’, Every word I say is true : & : *Only God Knows Why*, Kid Rocks, with Kittie, It’s a Friendly Place, these days: The Eyes and Ears feed the Soul, Its the Song and message that cleans our house. Word told us Eye’s, The Song is What Brings this Word. And a True Fisher has had That Song playing in their Heart, for a Long, Long, Time: Cynthia Speed for ONE : Hunters nest

    1. Rebecca says:

      Jame{s} what the F is your BS?? Get out of here if you can’t make any sense…. why are you wasting our time.

  5. Denny Qrane says:

    Left lunacy accelerating.
    More lunacy to come, more desperation, more revelations, lapse of judgement under pressure will cause mistakes to be made.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      So the looney left wants to hold Barr in contempt for not illegally releasing more of the mueller report, but according to the whitehouse press sec. not a single dem has ecen made an attempt to go and read a less redacted version (even though it’s minimally redacted to begin with. Clearly they’re not interested in the report at all, and just swinging wildly at anything they can to slow the inevitable.

  6. Kay C says:

    Here’s my One message to the globalists. the One law that rules even them. if you really thought you could rule the hearts of mankind you forgot, that the flesh is weak and lives in rebellion. so no matter what device you create you can Never take away choice

  7. Dennis crane says:

    If mueller does go in, it will be very difficult to explain a lot of things.
    For example…

    Was there any evidence when you were appointed?
    Did any of the evidence lead you to Clinton’s dossier?
    Why did you not thoroughly track down the Clinton side?
    Why did you allow leaks and not track those?
    Since you did not charge the president, isn’t that a conclusion?
    Since you did not charge the president, what will this hearing change?
    Why was your report a political document rather than a summary of recommendation for charging or not?
    Why all Clinton donors/supporters on your team?

    And so many more questions. I don’t think he’ll sit In that chair.
    He’s clearly going to hang himself if he does.



      1. BigJohn says:

        I knew Q was a fraud from the start too, or at least from when I first heard bout this nonsense. I find the ridiculousness of this whole Q thing at least as funny as whatever it that has younso tickled about what this Kent lady said. It is mind boggling to me that so many can fall for this silliness.

  8. M. McCarty says:

    I just read that “Special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to the “tentative date” of May 15 to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), a member of the panel, told “Fox News Sunday.” I am so confused about Mueller if he is a white hat or not. Could this mean this was part of the “Plan” by leaking the letter to Barr or is this another Dem attack..

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      At one time I left room for that possibility. Turns out rod was a good guy, and bob is batting for the opposition.

      1. M. McCarty says:

        That is too bad what with him being an X-Marine and serving a top position in government for a lengthy period of time. He took the oath to uphold the constitution against foreign and domestic enemies – how sad he forgot. I had leaned against bad because of his involvement in Uranium 1, which tells me he profited in one way or another for that; however, with certain things occurring was very confused on how his involvement as SC would play out. Thanks – At 85 still believe in karma..

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          From way out here on the peripheral, we have the luxury of seeing things as black and white. A binary classification of people into camps of either “good guys” or “bad guys”. If only it wee that simple. Good people are capable of bad choices, bad people sometimes make good choices. Unless we’re God it tough to know a mans heart. I’m sure some people have been compelled to compromise. There’s probably some deep staters that woke up one and realized they were in over their heads, and wishing someone would bring the house down. Frankly I wouldn’t want the task of deciding who is good or bad, or what merits that title? Could get pretty convoluted with all of the counter intelligence, entrapment, and people doing what they have to in order to survive. Kin to the idea that not every German was a Nazi. So glad to just be an observer!

          1. Charles Russell says:

            I agree with that Qrane. God is the only judge of those things. So if the evidence shows they committed treason execute them as per the law. Let God seperate the really bad traitors from the really really bad traitors.

  9. Jackie Jordan says:

    I simply pray that our current ‘offensive’ mode will include the arrests of the upper echelon financiers of the evils perpetrated on humanity over the past centuries … names need not be mentioned … we are all well aware of the villains. These Lucifarian cabals are vast and integrated into ‘normal’ society. We face a mass undertaking bringing down these vile evildoers. Godspeed to Q+, Q, The Alliance and The Patriots. “Let us Fight the Good Fight in the Blessed name of our Lord Jehovah and His Son, The Lion of Judah.”

  10. RickInHouston says:

    The big reveal has begun. The American People have been strapped into their seats and we’re out the gates. I really do think I know where this is heading. All the talk about WHEN Mueller knew there was no collusion. Think about it. Mueller had nothing. He could right up a report and file it before the midterms. That would have handed the Senate and House to Republicans. So Weissmann says to Mueller, “Let’s make up collusion like we always do.” Brennan, through the CIA gets Mifsud, an ITALIAN (not Russian), on board to make contact and plant the idea Russia has dirt on Hillary. Pap doesn’t believe it. FBI gives Pap $10,000 cash overseas through a plant. Instead of bringing it into the USA, he leaves it with a lawyer in Greece. He lands on US soil and is met by several FBI and is ushered into a room. His checked bags ARE ALREADY THERE. They rifle through looking for the $10,000. Can’t find it. This is the FBIs second time failing at trapping Pap. They eventually give up but stick with the Mifsud/Russia story (I’ll admit, I can’t figure out why – will be too easy to prove a lie when they interview Mifsud) and this is how Mueller will get snagged. Mueller Report is Steele Dossier 2.0!

    1. Von Ebb says:

      FBI director Ray , was he set up when he was given that job? He is a putz and covering for the bad guys. Time to abb him to the list ….for GITMO. Hope that is part of the ‘plan’……….

  11. Charles Russell says:

    Does anyone have a theory why the 2nd link on this post is there? There are a bunch of files associated with that link. Do we have more than we realize here? Q is fond if saying that.

      1. James 4:4 Russell says:

        kid is a he goat in Dan, Writing is on the wall. Dan.9:25 Mic.7:11 @ Dan.7 Lion playing with Bears made in China: Putin is First to tell us, Every thing New World Order, Order of Satan, told him Satan was a Title, Lucifer the name: Jude:9 Put Lightning up that Devil Sucking Dragon, Lucy my Bitches Ass Long past. All ends Beast of an Obama Nation System and Bank of POPE NASA: *7* Thunders, Tail of surnamed Trump Card: Q Eye of all I’s with Eyes, Isa.45:2 All Rev.1:7 Rev. 12:4 Tail @ CERN: Hole Lee Co. Fla. Michael/Elijah Promise Rev.22:18 law of support. 22:19 one Unforgivable One:

    1. M. McCarty says:

      I watched ‘The Best Movie Trailers of APRIL 2019’ – lot of action and adventure for the coming months. Maybe action with DS and adventure with the Space Program!

  12. Denny Qrane says:

    Recognition of Normandy only a month away.
    D day to have 2x historical importance next year?
    C day before D day? So many questions…pffff, like top bunk or bottom jimmy?
    Latest feeling is Comey goes down before Schiff. Either way it’s a win-win for America, the rule of law.
    We are witnessing history so significant that when you look back you’ll wonder how it didn’t seem bigger in the moment. It’s big you’re just not recognizing it…yet.
    Expect left lunacy to continue and accelerate; they literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying every angle they can to scape justice.

    1. M. McCarty says:

      I pray this will be over or at least in the final stages soon. Witnessing the spectacle in the House and Senate was unbelievable of lawmakers who are supposed to be able to listen to both sides and be adults – instead it was a clown show – sorry lawmakers, your children, grands and others will forever know how you reacted to a report written by your own. Barr kept his cool through all of this spectacle which will go down in the history books and show the names.

      1. Jimmy. says:

        You are watching the previews for the first of three movies.

        The first film is more drama, with a quick action scene thrown in.

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        I think many of us are ready. Another perspective might be that progress is being made at a pretty swift pace all things considered, but much of the world still needs waking up. They’re only just now asking if it’s possible “everyone” has been lying to them? Did they’re beloved fake news really betray their trust on an unimaginable scale? Surely Rachel madcow wouldn’t be allowed to run with a false narrative for two years if it were a lie, right? And CNN just happened to be outside roger stones residence at the right time. (by the way, we couldn’t ask for better proof of abuse of power than Jeff Zuck getting notified by FBI of “raid” and then video the rediculous way RS was indicted) Much of the public haven’t even entered the denial phase yet. We aught to look at anyone not up to speed yet, like an abuse victim suffering from Stockholm syndrome. This goes way past political spin, it was flat out evil being visited upon the people and their duly elected potus. It is frustrating at times, but in the end, taking tine to do things right, and along the way reveal the truth, is the way to have lasting justice that the majority want and will support. This annoying b.s. is actually helping to expose the players, their tactics, and their dirty deeds, and probably does so in a way couldn’t be achieved by other methods. Image our desire for swift justice happened right after the release of the mueller report; we would understand, but none of the people would understand that are still sucking from lying golden cow of fake news they worship, and they’d be lost. This way, those same lost souls will have time to disseminate the information when they’re forced to reconcile it after CNN hypothetically goes dark following arrests within that organization. If we truly go all where one goes, then we have to patiently help the “all” get caught up. I suspect potus has the legal levers to pull to initiate martial law and do a roundup. But winning hearts and minds might be a better approach at this juncture. Everytime one of those buffoons opens their mouth, there exists a high probability that they will say something incriminating. I say give them all as much air time as Schiff. Let them voluntarily provide their own coffin nails.

        1. M. McCarty says:

          Of course you are right, but for those of us who are awake it is difficult at times to watch these people and not react at least to ourselves. I don’t know how our beloved POTUS can handle all of this and still go marching forward every day with so much energy. I keep POTUS, Q and the entire team in my prayers asking for good health and protection from the evil ones.

  13. James 4:4 Russell says:

    Q the Eye of all I’s With Eyes to see: knows Isa.45:2 Gog, Damned Obama Nation System and Turkey Wings was once a Favorite of Israel’s and Free U.S. Eagle wings from all Hookers @ the Wall Dan.9:25 Mic.7:11 ;Dan.7 first, Bear Putin Showed the France Wolf of Friday the 13th is hiding under. the Catholic Church Dress, Paying for NASA: Made in China high tech. through Israel & WAR now on in the HEAVENS above with Lucifer’s Ransom now Locked in the ORB Prison of the GODS: by way CERN: only now to Learn, I Even Lied to Lucy OUR Bitch of a Brother, Lucifer : Now do note, tell someone once: Simple common sense, has Reward : Nonsense: FLUSH : Good -vs- Bad ~ Right -vs- Wrong ~ Productive -vs- Destructive O=1 Creative CREATION: YOU CREATED:

    1. kevincalm says:

      I was anxious and curious to see how the Dims would react to the Mueller report and the realization they would be investigated to the dark depth of their souls. Wow. They are coming totally unglued right in front of our eyes!! Unbelievable.

    1. Kevincalm says:

      The new, inexperienced kid eventually defeats the champion kid from the established karate school….the old guard is removed by the unlikely outsider.

      1. 1776Jimbo says:

        OK….now I get it. (duh). Today is my “slow” day. Gotta’ get back to “The Home” before they have bed check.

  14. Renee Barcelona says:

    So many resignations, you would think schumer, feinstein, pelosi, wattersjarrett, lerner, kamala would wise up. But like any sociopathic narcississt they will cry, ‘foul’ all the way up to the guillotine launch!

  15. Bodeans says:

    Little confused. First part of the link is karate kid. Second part brings me to a weird YouTube version with what seems to be Russian stuff

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