1. James 4:4 Russell says:

    @ wall Dan.9:25 Mic.7:11 Gen.7:11 Door for the flesh of Knights Templars Russell 11th Skull & Bones to return to the skin 322 Gen. U.S.A. the Land Michael buried Moses. Jude:9 took form Lucy my ~Lightning Head Bitch; Lucifer: Lk.10:18 take your Creators word on it: Jesus once his name: James4:4 C. Russell:

  2. James 4:4 Russell says:

    *7* Thunders Michael/Elijah All ends with every thing connected to Beast of an Obama Nation System and the Bank of NASA : What was once a Soldiers Law, 50~401~2-208 Snitching anything with a civilians name on it is DEATH: Reason for. Isa. 53:7 Yet, now as of 11/11/17 any soldier, person hold back a lie, will die:

    1. Dennis Crane says:

      Barr is a beast. Unflappable. Precise and proper. And, unlike Rush Limbaugh who only has half, he has his whole brain tied behind his back to make it fair, and it’s not even close to being fair with liberals.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        I think a big part of the continuing nonsense / kangaroo court / fishing, is an act of desperation. It’s a hail marry pass form a losing team that isn’t even trying to win anything, but just survive one more day. They’re on the run, careless mistakes will be made, the pressure cooker of political / legal consequence will be a catalyst for some interesting lashing out by the left when the table is turned and it’s them put under the same microscope.

  3. Harry says:

    I’m not so sure I’m qualified enough to have this opinion but….

    seems that if we dropped the d-class bomb and everything that goes with it these liberal pigs would have to shut up? Or better said the uneducated public would realize everything out of their mouth is just garbage!

    1. rick says:

      I believe the d-class will be done around the time the Horowitz report comes out(late May, early June). What’s happening now is that the left is using ALL their ammunition. Once it’s spent totally, the Trump counter punch is coming of which there will be NO defense against.

      1. donna soares says:

        Trump will d class arter comey is indited. The H report will come out———Comey will lie——-the dems will lie—-IT’S ALL REVENGE FROM TRUMP THEY WILL SAY.. Then Trump will declas.THE WORLD WILL THEN SEE IN BLACK AND WHITE THE PROOF THAR OBAMA’S CABAL IS LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!! #NoDeals #Treason #Sedition SEND THEM ALL TO THE GALLOWS!!! AMERICA DESERVES JUSTICE #MAGA

  4. AugustInHouston says:

    We certainly aren’t being told the entire story. Have you heard Joe Digenova on Mornings on the Mall from Monday? Page and Strzok were going to have Pence’s Chief of Staff’s wife (who’s in FBI counter-intelligence) to bring a recording device into the White House. He’s very specific. A paper think recording device that you slip between papers and hold in your hand to record conversations. I’m guessing Baker is the one who told this one. Wow. Democrats and FBI wanted to spy in several different ways, it seems.

  5. Sonja Hyre says:

    Mathew 10:41 He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophets”s reward. Yes, Kim Clement was truly our prophet! Hmmmm, was he too a target??? Praying for POTUS and Q

  6. Denny Qrane says:

    Lol @ cnn et al
    Let me see if I understand…you, fake news, lie about all things trump 24×7 for 2 years straight and then you cry foul play when he opts to go to work instead of attending your farce of a tea party with a bunch of Pulitzer Prize liars who pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job of lying? I’d respect potus less if he did go, so how about y’all line behind Jeff Z and take a long walk off a short pier.

    1. kevincalm says:

      The Dims and MSM have stayed in power for so long because they are integrated with the international cabal and are experts at propaganda, attacking the opposition, collecting money and blind loyalty to the party.

      Then, along comes Trump, the smart outsider who can fund his own campaign, is a New Yorker who can fight back, brilliant businessman and pushes policies that are in accordance with our constitution and are targeted at making our country great again. Did I mention that he made an alliance with patriots in the military?

      So, basically Trump is just too smart for them. He’s playing chess while they are playing chess. BQQM


      I just read Hamas and ISIS are involved in Bitcoin typical… so the Russians fueled the measles outbreak that was eradicated in 2000….so is Q really a terrorist ????????????? BOB MUELLER WAS A WHITE HAT FOLKS…. ACCORDING TO Q THE ISIS FIGHTER…THE TRUTH THINK FOLKS THINK…

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    Totally off topic…got around to watching potus at NRA, and MAGA rally.
    Soooo glad he’s there. When I voted for him I tempered expectations and hoped that at worst if he did nothing and just staved off the assault on our people that it was worth it. At best if he even did some of what he promised it would exceed my expectations. Well it’s even better than my best case scenario. I wake up every day excited to see whose boat he’s rocking today, and amazed that I’m witnessing what I’m witnessing. Thank GOD, that he is still on the throne and his favor and provision rest on potus and the Whitehouse. We have lacked true leadership in this country for so long. Thank you for stepping up mr president and empowering the people often at your own expense! I don’t know where you rank among all 45 presidents, I wasn’t there at the birth of our nation, but I think I’m seeing our rebirth, and you gotta be in the top 5 sir!

    1. florida1 says:

      YEP….I agree with D Qrane. There have now been three who’ve made prophecies re; DJT. An elderly priest in Italy in 70’s. Kim Clement in April 2007 (I think that was the yr)-on a Video in Calf while preaching. It is on youtube. And Mark Taylor who is on Twitter-patton6976 or something like that….He wrote The Trump Prophecies wow what a book! His website is sordrescue.com….Those of us who prayed and fasted during 2016 to current for Help down here Lord-(I’ve learned there were MILLIONS yet NO ONE on MSM or even Fox reported on that fact)…God has answered. We must continue to thank Him and thank Him for what he’s getting ready to DO and Keep the faith and keep praying!! God bless….you and all who read this….

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        1/3 of bible is prophetic
        1/3 of prophecy addresses future events
        The church is unfortunately asleep at the wheel, preferring instead to have itching ears.
        Possible wild card is US which is largely missing even by association from prophecy. However, it feels like the we’re being set apart in a good way. There’s no way potus could have achieved or survived this much without Gods provision.

  8. Michelle Coulston says:

    I hope and pray that General Flynn is freed and exonerated. SHAME on Mueller for charging him for their lies. Everyone involved should be tried for treason and hung in the streets, just like in the old west.
    Praise God Almighty, there’s a new sheriff in town!

  9. M. McCarty says:

    Assuming the wife one of them getting an envelope at the GHWB last event in DC. Have wondered about that one.
    Free Flynn soon!!

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