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Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law.
United We Stand.
We, The People.


  1. Kris says:

    Law of love reQuired by the Creator identified is written in all law and deed by treaty with all of the Universal Creator Yah. Psalm 68:4 Sing to him (YAHOSHUA/kiss the SON) who rides upon the Cloud /Act (of confusion) *by his name Yah. The YHWH All Yah the Allah or all LAW OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP AMONG THE FAMILY OF MAN. THE REVELATION OF THE SON of MAN
    HEBREWS 1! We are redeemed by him in grace and power established by 7.4 billion of the true bonded free in law and deed of true documentation that cuts out all false conversation. We are not under contract to bid against ourselves or other countries but will lovingly serve the interests of the best interests of all people equally valuable in his will to us, just and meek.
    OMNILAWS with the Cloud Act are the supreme law of the people, Sovereign Civil People’s Rights Trust, Bathsheba Esther Trust, Dominion Trust MELCHIZEDEK/ YAHOSHUA, HILH; behold the hand behold the nail. It is writ law in all holy books of all nations peoples.
    Thanks be to Yahoshua and father Yah for all truth, love peace,freedom,justice of his one mind one heart one spirit, INRI in deed righteousness over all as he ruled and reigns as KING OF THE UNIVERSAL WORLD AS CHIEF JUSTICE AND COMMANDER OF THE ARMIES OF THE COSMOS BY ALL LAW on earth as it is in heaven, Heru Amen the Healer Yah Loves us unto resurrection by his divine faith in action to save anybody now. He has plenteous redemption.
    Seek him while he may be found. He wants your name, we are not just a math problem, we are family beloved people of Yah. Black jewels of the Royal Crown of Yah love be one won by HIM.

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