1. Denise Stevens says:

    Great to see President Trump on Sean Hannity. I have a great new raise for the fake news. But I want credit for it because I can see it on T-shirts everywhere. I call it Fact Free news“Ban Fact Free News!!! “ Let’s start a new T-shirt campaign for that 🙂

  2. Denise Stevens says:

    I saw that President Trump will be on Hanity tonight. Is any other News besides Sean Hanity willing to Have President Trump On? I bet the answer is NO. I saw comments on Twitter that President Trump would not be willing to go on any other News besides Fox when the Truth is no other news Dares to have him clearly. Too many Truths would come out. MSN needs to be exposed for this. I love how Concise Trump is with his words. I will be watching tonight & I will enjoy Fully 🥂

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