1. Ray Venditti says:

    I keep hearing this, but nothing ever happens. Maybe we are being played by both sides. I’m getting kind of sick of hearing about it to tell you the truth.

  2. Denny Qrane says:

    Justice is being served, and just getting started.
    Important for the people to witness.
    However the things that will impact Americans most are what Kushner is working on. He and Don jr are pillars of current admin under trumps tutelage. Kushner is the key to our future, the details aren’t revealed to me but there is one among us who has seen it, this prophet is young, he is present but does not make himself known. Christians are persecuted in his land and he fears for his life. The one who cares for you as a father does, isn’t your biological father. He is your uncle, and you reside in Saudi Arabia.

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