Apr 11 2019 13:34:08 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 6661a0
If we are merely a LARP asking questions on the Chans, why are we being attacked daily by some of the world’s biggest media co’s, social media co’s deliberately applying censorship/banning, shills paid/inserted to disrupt (media matters), blue checkmark coordinated attacks, etc.?
All for a ‘conspiracy’ on the Chans?
All for a ‘LARP’?
Why is there a constant flow of disinformation being pushed re: Q?
Disinformation push re: Mueller is a white hat.
FAKE & FALSE narrative.
When you can’t attack the information directly, you attack the source, if that fails, you ‘create false misleading information’ to discredit knowing ‘select’ ‘unaware’ followers would not take the time to self-corroborate the claims (same vehicle/tactics used by FAKE NEWS media).
Logical thinking always wins.
Nothing can stop what is coming.
As the target(s) turn to the other side, the attacks will intensify.
We have the source.




      1. kevincalm says:

        This is a typical DNC sheep response to the realization that their hero Mueller could not find a speck of evidence against DJT. 2.5 years of scrubbing for anything they could find! Look how he wails with all caps. Maybe he can find a “safe” space to cry along with the other useful idiots that have been conned by the deep state. Did you have to go change your pants after that pathetic rant? You fools have been quickly collapsing into your swampy cesspool ever since Muellers dud was first announced. Good luck with 2020 since your whole campaign strategy has blown up and has been shown to a treasonous power grab. Maybe you should all grow up and become adults. or better yet, emigrate to a socialist country. Cuba is close by. I’m going to make some popcorn for the upcoming show, Fisagate. All those traitors will look so cute in their matching orange jumpsuits as they are hauled off to Gitmo.


      Hey Q .. I thought Mueller was a white hat yeah .. Q you are an asshat TRUTH be TOLD .. the next movement watch Q on porn live .. THE ASSHAT ..

  1. Denny Qrane says:

    Iran collusion?
    Dems won’t let a silly thing like a duly elected president get in the way.
    Shadow government says will of the people irrelevant to deep state wishes, you exist to serve their ends.
    John Kerry undermining America, undermining potus, sneaking around meeting with known terrorist sponsor


    1. Denny Qrane says:

      When in doubt, follow the money.
      Motivated by the goodness of his heart, or is there an agent “commission” on that $1.7B cash?
      Just how big is that stack of bills?
      Probably gets harder to track and easer to lose the further away it gets.
      If slick willy has CF, and hussane has loop capital, who does john’s laundry?

    2. Joan Kent a smart Republican says:

      So the bitcoin pump n dump was apparently the North Koreans what happened to initiative Q.. Q are you a communist North Korean pedophile yeah pumping gold too .. the goldbugs .. go back to the gold standard and crash economy so stupid these completely impractical ludicrous movements are..ECONOMICS 101 people please stop embarrassing true fiscal competent conservative Republicans .. abolish the Fed these stupid one line talking points which aren’t economically feasible. I’m so embarrassed as a Republican that this message board and movement existed ..

    1. Joan Kent exposing the FALSE QTARD says:

      Hey Q .. you fraudulent democratic pedophile the girl killed herself.. False flag I DONT THINK SO.. YOU FREAk .. the ONLY THING THAT IS FALSE IS YOU.. QTARD .. I saw monkeys flying around earlier it’s CIA top secret they are watching us according to Q the stupidest prank on the Internet … Q the falsest of the false

  2. Denny Qrane says:

    France undergoing transition to Muslim dominance.
    Europe largely under Catholic rule.
    Three countries will be uprooted.
    Likely candidates for Muslim rule, France, Germany, GB
    Notre dame an offering?
    To be rebranded mosque? More false prophet interfaith deception?
    This story not over yet, not even broke yet.
    Will we learn there are connections to papacy, Iran, the Os, John K?

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      A lot of effort being expended to convince everyone a fire is just a fire.
      Unless the most iconic landmark in France, which happens to be yet another church in a string of recent attacks on churches, was struck by lightning, it’s safe to say some people did something.

  3. Denny Qrane says:

    I sleep well knowing current admin is at the helm.
    Kellyanne Conway continues to be a voice for the innocent:
    I have a question for liberal Dems…why do illegal aliens deserve more protection through asylum, than American citizens who “step foot” on domestic soil and are post birth murdered?
    How is this practice any different than Emmanuel deshawn aranda thriving a random five year old boy off a third floor balcony because he just wanted to kill someone?

    1. Joan Kent says:

      Did Q see in his crystal ball the church burning down??? ..does he read tea leaves and tarot cards???.. is he psychic????.Does he have a 1-800 psychic hotline late night in the nude to pay his internet tab for kiddy porn????what a load of shit tis Q is t stinks so bad..stop trying to make Republicans and Trump supporters with this Q nonsense

      1. kevincalm says:

        why did you respond to my post with your Q hate? My post was about the Democrat idiots. You say you are a republican but it seems you are really just a DNC pawn (i.e. useful idiot).. Just admit it.

  4. Denny Qrane says:

    Anyone care to opine on spiritual connection of church destruction prior to temple rebuilding?
    Transfer of power.
    The clock that started May 15th 1948 will complete its 70th year a month from now.
    Does year 71 bring a rebuilding of the 3rd temple? Maybe a peace agreement to be presented and confirmed? What are the chances Notre dame never sees completion and the 3rd temple starts or even completes within a year?

    1. Sandra says:

      Looks like Michelle Obama was on a dinner cruise in Paris. Was shown pictures of Notre Dame on fire during cruise. Hmm

    2. Kay says:

      we are the temple they are trying to rebuild us through trans humanism, the church burned down due to other reasons I tried to convey the war on Easter

      1. allendavid says:

        You are spot on Kay!
        1Co_3:16  Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
        1Co_6:19  What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

      1. kay says:

        At noon Elijah began to taunt them. “Shout louder!” he said. “Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.” 28So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. 29Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention.”

  5. Mr MOMODU says:

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    1. Joan Kent the big Q prank says:

      Q is a Nigerian how funny .. Nigerian intel .. biggest laughingstock on the Internet .. Q in a clown hat naked watching kiddy porn while taking his English tutorial

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Stage is being set, anointings are being released, the spirit of Elijah is being distributed ahead of what’s coming. The seen is only a derivative of what is unseen.
      Iran called for all citizens to curse Israel…right now record flooding has replaced decades of drought.
      I feel authorized to issue a warning to those currently engaged in working against God’s will, you will see your attacks retuned seven fold. If you’ve participated in creating or perpetuating the false narrative, repent of it, or experience Iran’s fate in your life. If we as a nation don’t put a stop to infanticide, we will share in the penalty for causing or allowing 60 million innocent lives to be snuffed out.

      1. Dennis Crane says:

        I’m afraid you don’t understand what the spirit of Elijah is. Look closer what it means to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers”. Please understand I don’t mean to be dismissive.

        I do affirm what you said is reality, it’s just not attributed to Elijah.

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          That was said in obedience, this I say from my own understanding. Elijah will return prior to the great and terrible day. The precedent was set in John the Baptist to be anointed in the “spirit” of Elijah, he specifically says he is not the fulfillment of that prophecy, meaning it was still to come. Jesus however said john was Elijah, meaning in spirit. This is for our benefit. Everything Elijah embodied will be parsed out to believers in the coming days. The church ought to be proclaiming Christ’s return as John proclaimed his coming and expect to be equipped (probably in increasing ways). The days of the church are numbered, he will come for his bride, and when he isn’t restraining evil, when we are out of the way, things will really accelerate.

          I hope these words make a difference to someone now, or after that point. There are many views on the right timeline for this harpazo. The church will be removed, the dispensation of grace will end, all focus will again be placed on the Jews who ironically seat the abomination of desolation in the 3rd temple because they rejected jesus 2000 years ago and are still waiting for him. Never the less, they are his chosen people. And thank God he keeps his promises to a “stiff necked” people, because he will surely keep his promises to those who receive him. He doesn’t want that any should perish, but ultimately it is your choice to reject or accept him.

          If there is breath in your lungs, you still have time accept Jesus. If you’re here and all your Christian friends are gone, you can still accept Jesus. If these words even still exist burried deep in some obscure post, or it’s illegal to read or possess or distribute them, you can still accept his free gift. Actually, if you’re here, and are witnessing the great tribulation, it is no accident you found these words, there’s no explanation beyond divine providence that you would even find this…so, what are you going to choose?

      2. New York Patriot says:

        Denny Qrane God Bless you Sir for speaking the absolute and to some the sobering truth! It amazes me that there exist many so called Bible Believing Christians who speak & wish I’ll upon the Jews and Israel. All through recorded history there are many nations & peoples who have suffered for their condemnation of the Jews & Israel. The Bible has countless prophecies over the ages that of course have come to pass as the Bible Never contradicts itself or is wrong ever! The word of God is crystal clear about the Jews & Israel and how all gentiles should conduct themselves and still there exist those who just can’t see! May God Almighty Bless everyone with the eyes to see & the ears to hear because time Is quickly running out!

      3. M. McCarty says:

        Denny Qrane -You say “ahead of what’s coming” Do you know if Jezebel will be taken care of before or after Elijah’s spirit being released? Jezebel ordered the extermination of all the prophets of the Lord (1 Kings 18:4, 13) and replaced their altars with those of Baal. Her strongest enemy was Elijah. The prophet Malachi declared, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD” (Malachi 4:5-6).

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

          It’s not a coincidence that the US stands apart from other nations in its design, and blessings, and obedience to God. Especially the support of Israel. Non-government, Non-Jewish, support from evangelicals is huge.

          Like Elijah, the church has been in retreat long enough. It’s time to remember our calling, and who we serve. Ultimately God anointed Jehu to replace Ahab’s rule, and Jezebel was chucked out the window by members in her own court. King Jehu started cleaning house. He gave them a choice “who is with me?” He did something similar in Jezreel.

          Today’s Jews see potus as Cyrus, he may very well be and play a role in rebuilding the 3rd temple? I see him as Jehu; appointed by God to clean house, replacing the old guard, kicking butt, taking names, and rightly dividing along the way. Not everyone in Ahab’s house was an enemy of the people. I think we will see that a lot of the domestic corruption rests on a minority of high profile individuals, whose subordinates will be given an opportunity to prove where their loyalties lay by either going down with the ship, or throwing Jezebel out of the proverbial window.

          As for the big question I think you’re asking…we can’t know the day or the hour, but we can, and must recognize the season. We are the generation witnessing the fig tree put forth it’s leaves. The season is VERY near.

          1. M. McCarty says:

            Denny Qrane – Thank you so much for this wonderful response. Believe you are correct – it is VERY near. God Bless you and keep you safe. We must PRAY and remember these words from LUKE 21:36 – Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man..

  6. W.W.J.D. says:

    @kevincalm I wanna say, when they deemed it safe or a access point unseen by attackers. Doing my best to recall intel a bit foggy.

  7. Denny Qrane says:

    Surprise! Mueller Russia collusion investigation results in peripheral player indictment.
    Greg Craig first and last of collateral damage, or just first of many more?

    1. Joy says:

      Very interesting reading the Skadden/Arps Political Strategy….”Preparing for Democratic Oversight Investigations”. Seriously lengthy and planned by attys. Way Political for attys. Why would an attys firm be preparing for political investigations? Greg Craig participation?

    2. Joan Kent Seeking the truth haha says:

      Hey Q your brainwashing technique is so laughable anybody who believes you is a complete retard .. what can kind of moron falls for this unreal

      1. mac manoc says:

        You really are the saddest shill I ve come across to date……how much do they pay you to be an enemy of humanity… .your a fucking joke who s sold their soul for silver……and you have the audacity to call the president Judas…….don’t you get it fool……it’s over……you and your kind are finished……..ARE YOU READY FOR JUSTICE…..ARE YOU READY FOR THE PAIN……….Q IS ON THE MONEY……YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID

      2. Denny Qrane says:

        WASHINGTON — Former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig has left his law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, the firm told NBC News.

        “You are welcome to report he is no longer with the firm,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

        His departure comes after he and his law firm became caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  8. W.W.J.D. says:

    @kevincalm Yes, I am referng to Bnghzi. NK is rich with natural resources plus, Nukes in ideal location to hit anywhere in the world; and NK is storage and a distribution center for human trafficking;also there are a number of smller missles armed with a nuke warhead on them to strike; …another lil known fact is there where 2 individuals that lived in very close proximity to embassy..friendlies to U.S. they played a vital role in whre we are taking dwn evil.

  9. Denny Qrane says:

    What message is Assange trying to send with gore vidal?
    Is it odd to be arrested and allowed to flash a book at the camera?
    Get the 411 on 4/11
    Who is the thumbs up meant for?
    What else was conveyed in “managed” arrest?

  10. W.W.J.D. says:

    @kevincalm killary was only another puppet …h3ld all the names, financial trans, account and offshore monies laundering of wealth via CF Global a whose who , u1 destination and nuke warheads information. extreme step needed to be taken because of mili intel on server. killary did not have access or a need to know position intel application which allowed only a small group of people could use to access information higher then TS level.

    1. kevincalm says:

      You are talking about Benghazi right? That is some serious shit. DS takes out embassy to destroy the U1 and nuke info on server……Dims providing nukes to our enemies. I suspected U1 deal was doing this but not aware the link to the embassy attack. I want some heads to roll ! Those motherf—ers.

  11. Denny Qrane says:

    We cannot discriminate based on geography. The default answer cannot be to place the burden of immigration on our southern border cities. Since democratic legislation prevents a custodial role of illegal immigrants beyond 20 days, they have to be released. Logically we should return to sender, but that is being blocked too. Since democrats saw to it that we can’t send them back, and we can’t “keep” them, and clearly we can’t dump hundreds of thousands of invaders on the local population just because they’re unfortunate enough to be in close proximity. That would be completely irresponsible. The only option is to create a conduit of safe transfer from custody to sanctuary cities. Load the planes, trains, and automobiles to California. CA you need to do you part to shoulder this burden, we need to move the border crisis to your door. Time put up, or shut up.

    1. kevincalm says:

      The streets of San Franpelosi are already full of poop. They’ve reached the poop limit. How can the sanctuary shitties take more poop? That’s pooposterous!!! I like the idea, but I think we need a more creative solution, one that respects the law of physics. We can’t put 10lbs of poop in a 5lb poop bag right? I mean, shit, lets put our “heads” together. I know this shituation stinks but, come on, we can do do it.

    2. kevincalm says:

      The streets of San Franpelosi are already full of poop. They’ve reached the poop limit. How can the sanctuary shitties take more poop? That’s pooposterous!!! I like the idea, but I think we need a more creative solution, one that respects the law of physics. We can’t put 10lbs of poop in a 5lb poop bag right? I mean, shit, lets put our “heads” together. I know this shituation stinks but come on we can do it.

  12. Denny Qrane says:

    Pelosi, can you render any just cause for not allowing illegal immigrants in to your district?
    Either we should deal with this at our national border, or if it’s no big deal, not a crisis, not an invasion, you should lead by example and invite them to your borderless neighborhood. Oh, and since you’re morally opposed to borders, leave your doors unlocked for your uninvited guests. Socialism is the black. Go team dummycrats!

    1. Joan Kent Qs nemesis says:

      ANTHONY WEINER ..THE REAL Q .. can you put your Weiner into the letter Q .. ?is that why you called the movement Q ..I can’t wait for the big reveal .. you love your naked selfies Weiner ..

    2. Joan Kent proud Q basker says:

      Hey Q is there a storm coming to my area tonight ? Are you a meteorologist too ? Do you have weather intel too .. The storm is coming and it’s brining 2 inches of rain .. so stupid this whole thing was ..

    3. kevincalm says:

      all those Dims probably have walls around their houses and are probably armed to the teeth.. Even Kamala Harris says she is packing heat. When will the socialist-loving fools wake up and realize the Dim party assault on our basic civil and constitutional rights is to make it easier for them to control every aspect of our lives? All of this under the false pretense of equality, social justice etc. Most of the countries in the world are either socialist, communist or dictatorships. If you don’t like our proven traditions, moralities, freedoms, capitalism, constitution etc. then get the F**K OUT!!!

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Their masks are starting to slip.
        Won’t be too much longer they’ll stop hiding their true intentions.
        A whole party of Omar types all seating and hissing each trying to out do the others with who can come up with the most ludicrous moronic stuff while still managing to draw a following. The left laughs at its constituents, and asks “how crazy can we get without anyone resisting?” Listen up well intended but misguided Dems, you’re party hates you. It literally gets its marching orders from lucifer himself. They HATE humanity, your leadership is scarily human anymore. Wake up or go down with the ship.

        1. kevincalm says:

          Denny, I think the masks have been off for awhile, not sure they can be more radical ……free medicare and college tuition for all (including illegal aliens), infanticide, open borders, tear down the existing walls, white men need not apply, no free speech on campuses (or anywhere else), no more cars, replace all buildings, give more money and power to the UN, gun confiscation, media censorship, using federal agencies as weapons against political opponents. and the list goes on.

        2. kevincalm says:

          Denny says: “how crazy can we get without anyone resisting?” Yes for sure. Trying to show who can be more opposite than DJT. How funny is that? The record of DJT achievements is historic yet they think they can do the opposite and win. Anyone with 1/2 a brain can see their absurdity. They must have done a very good job infiltrating the schools and pushing out the propaganda….but I just can’t believe people are buying this shit wholesale without pausing and saying “WTF?”

          1. Kay says:

            I’m young enough to remember when they took prayer out of school only to live to see the day a farther stood before congress after his child was shot and killed at columbine when we were told God has no place in our schools as these were told to stand our die for their beliefs in God and I remember a father said I don’t care what they tell you get on your knees and pray that’s our right and privilege we will never back down never surrender to any bullies. we know what is right what is just and what is true we will never back down and cower to you!!

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            If potus said “I have a yuge idea; we’re all going to breath air, as much as you want”
            Some libtarded freshman in congress would push the new blue deal. It would ban breathing or try to tax breathing by selling air credits, just be opposite. As stupid as that sounds, I bet AOC or beto’s crowd would actually want to be first to hold their breath in perpetuim.

    4. kevincalm says:

      I remember a few weeks ago on the lamestream media: the Dims describing everything Trump and the GOP were doing as immoral . Fox did a montage showing the talking heads saying the “immoral” a hundred times. Funny, how you haven’t heard that verbiage any more after the Virginia black face, sexual assault fiasco, infanticide comments etc. What a bunch of transparent fools. Who can actually follow these clowns?

      1. Joan Kent says:

        Mr calm you may want to check Qs post prior to this one from Fox News panic Q .. this is such complete nonsense get of your mothers basement turn off the kiddy porn take your hand out of your pants and get a job Q is a democrat it’s so obvious

        1. kevincalm says:

          Whatever.. maybe if you got you hands out of your pants you could improve your spelling and typing. You might be able to breath a little better, think more clearly if you took that large red clown nose off.

          1. Joan Kent says:

            Typing and spelling is for my assistants and the little people I can’t be bothered. You can’t defend the position so you attack spelling what a joke .. HOW LAME .. trump is notorious for his typos .. so absurd this movement

    5. Joan Kent says:

      So Q were you a storm trooper and do you play with your GI Joes naked when you post this bull crap while you try to study for your citizenship test ? I know it’s hard being a Russian with the threat of deportation from DJT .. hope you pass I know English is hard and you only know the letter Q in the alphabet this is such a joke .. keeps me so entertained

      1. Kay says:

        joan kent you sound like the Russian the fact your mind even goes to naked GI joes says a lot about your lack of intelligence and instability of a complete thought. you bring no reasonable words only childish rants. your mother must be proud?

      2. Gray says:

        Boring. Listen. The Russian Narrative is now completely dead. Q has told us exactly what will happen and he’s been completely correct the entire time. No collusion,no obstruction. Now the Deep State will be investigated and exposed. Just like Q said. We’ve been way ahead of the news the entire time. SpyGate will be the biggest story of our lives. Crooked bought a false dossier on Trump and the Obama DOJ committed treason. It’s going to be huge. Just wait.

    6. Kay says:

      I’m just one state away from the border my friend in new Mexico saying its beyond bad its not great here either last yr this poor elderly man was fishing some immigrants came upon him beat him up and robbed him. what do you expect they will resort to stealing and violence after all they have nothing to lose they can commit any crime and just get a hand slap so they can do it again

    7. kevincalm says:

      Even the lamestream media is now admitting the border is at a breaking point. PELOSI Petty Evil Lying Obnoxious Stupid Idiot

  13. kevincalm says:

    yeah, you might want to buy some of that cologne “Ode de Mueller” from the CNN store to cover up the troll stench.

  14. donna soares says:

    TRUMP Saved Assange today. This whole thing is about to blow sky high and Assange has the proof of EVERYTHING! Trump was worried (and with good reason) that Hillary,Obama and the rest of the deep state would pull a Seth Rich on Assange. That’s why he got assange THE HELL OUT OF THE EMBASSY.Assange is the “KEYSTONE”. He has the 33,000 emails Hillary destroyed. Seth Rich gave them to Assange and the emails are proof of Bengazhi,Spying,Clinton Foundation,money laundering,human trafficing, ….EVERYTHING!!!!! The deep state wqnts them and WANTS ASSANGE DEAD!

    1. Kay says:

      sounds reasonable, but I don’t believe the DOJ can lie or mislead the public after all they are by the book. your probably right its the only way to keep him alive is by bringing him in, he can prove what happened to Seth via witness testimony. they probably already did a recon mission and got all this. oh yeah and any one else saying trump was praising Julian its called political mud slinging every one does it duh

    1. kevincalm says:

      yeah, you might want to buy some of that cologne “Ode de Mueller” from the CNN store to cover up the troll stench.

  15. Soap-box-sal says:

    TRUMP AND Q, the new PONTIOUS PILOT. Assange gave Trump the election. Kickstarting Q. Trump during the election said he LOVED WIKILEAKS. Now he says he has nothing to do with WikiLeaks. COWARD. DOG. PONTIOUS PILOT!!!

    1. Kay says:

      hey soapy sap you r an idiot Trump does not run the DOJ that’s not how it works, I swear all of you nay Sayers are uneducated saying the dumbest things you make up. what Trump was referring to was a leak from seth. what Julian did was beyond just being a reporter. btw you don’t get intel on the trail that came a lil later but everyone has their lane. oh yeah I heard that blizzard is trumps fault lmao

    2. kevincalm says:

      You dipshits don’t know what to think. Trump and Q have got you flakes so off balance you are wetting yourselves. welcome to the game …….who says JA was arrested by the DS? Keep watching CNN and report back to us when you figure out the new narrative you’re supposed to follow

    3. Denny Qrane says:

      Maybe if you posted same thing six more times someone will care?
      If that doesn’t do it, try mentioning Russia collusion, it worked for cnn for two years.
      Oh sorry, cnn was a reference to a network that used to cover news before its head hancho went to prison and viewers were fed up with being deliberately lied to.

  16. Soap-box-sal says:

    How are you going to spin the Assange arrest by the deep state (to hide the murder of seth rich etc..) and Trump saying he ‘doesn’t know anything about wikileaks’…. when during the campaign he said he ‘loves WikiLeaks!!”.

      1. Soap-box-sal says:

        Yeah, Trump didn’t ‘intend’ on flip flopping on someone who is locked up, who practically gave him the election, and now has WHIPED HIS HANDS OF HIM….. That happened to someone else in history….. what was the leaders name….?

  17. Denny Qrane says:

    I’m impressed by Candice Owens, the great awakening is happening across the board! Glad she’s on our side. Ten years from now Candice will be doing very well what ever office she pursues. Contrast that against AOC who will be on her next acting role away from politics, and Omar will be tossed out and join her true passion in an antisemitic movement.

  18. Soap-box-sal says:

    How are you going to spin the Assange arrest by the deep state (to hide the murder of seth rich etc..) and Trump saying he ‘doesn’t know anything about wikileaks’…. when during the campaign he said he ‘loves WikiLeaks!!”.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      No spin needed
      Dems will demand JAs testimony becomes record.
      Thanks for the assist, Q team couldn’t do so much winning without the left’s continued and relentless commitment to self sabotage. Note to self…get more popcorn

  19. jubei says:

    “If we are merely a LARP asking questions on the Chans, why are we being attacked daily by some of the world’s biggest media co’s, social media co’s deliberately applying censorship/banning, shills paid/inserted to disrupt (media matters), blue checkmark coordinated attacks, etc.?”

    Because this is all part of the agenda… MSM is in on it… not very difficult to figure out… just another distraction technique…

  20. Dennis crane says:

    Any bets that assanges arrest and extradition and questioning will turn into info that gives extra ammo against the demonrats and their unlawful spying attack against the president?

    1. Joan Kent says:

      So how come full of shit DEMOCRAPPER Q didnt alert us of the investigation Nunes was doing just insisted Mueller was a white hat .. ummm well THE TRUTH is he’s a democrat so of course he didn’t know about Nunes .. hey Q cat got your tongue .. why don’t you tell us huh ???!!!?! Oh you have to read Breitbart or watch Fox News first .. yeah this is intel ..

  21. Justus says:

    The best I could do on gathering info on the family of David and Jesus Christ. Can’t do it myself so take it and do what you must. Just finish these liars and let the son shine again.

  22. StormbreaQer says:

    Embassy has been tired of Assange for years.
    Was previously under great scrutiny.
    Quiet re: Assange versus previous?
    Safe in embassy?
    What has happened recently?
    Have scales of leverage tipped? Y/N
    Extradition? How long would this take to set up?
    Originally only a portion of info re: HRC released?
    Remaining cont: [x],[x],[JE]?
    MR day after win? What? Where?
    When re: Patriot Rebellion commence?
    Not just ONE knew collusion=hoax
    At least SEVEN knew it was empty cause.
    PLUS known it would fail soon.
    Public optics: take beating then defeat one hit KO vs trading punches?
    Scales of leverage tipped?
    Previously in motion?
    Took the punches.
    Cocking back…
    Listen closely you can hear the thunder.
    Timing is not accidental. Words are used carefully.
    Here comes the PAIN.
    Enjoy the show fellow patriots.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Dummycrats took JA bait, they can’t get him back here fast enough, sure that his testimony is key to finally making their false narrative true.
      How many times will reverse psychology continue to pay off?
      It’s like telling a toddler “don’t eat this unguarded cookie here” then point at, and walk out of the room.
      Q is right, these people are stupid.

  23. Porter says:

    Q Scorecard (the only one that matters):
    Number of Days since Q’s first post: 530
    Number of swamp creature indictments: 2
    Number of swamp creatures arrested: 0
    Number of swamp creatures tried: 0
    Number of swamp creatures convicted: 0
    Number of swamp creatures executed: 0

    I modified my tracking so you butthurt sycophants don’t have to foam at the mouth every time I post.

    1. MyPalSnoopy says:

      How much you wanna bet Comey and the like start “going overseas” for some extended vacation time so they can try to get ahead of the long arm of the law?

    2. kevincalm says:

      Number of times Maxine Waters said something intelligent : 0
      Number of times Pelosi said something useful: 0
      Number of times Schiff lied about collusion: 1.25 million
      Number of years Brennan, Comey and Clapper face in prison: 20

    3. kevincalm says:

      Number of MSM thought Trump was crazy when he said Obama spied on him : ALL
      Number of Dims thought Trump was crazy when he said Obama spied on him : Half
      Number of MSM said Trump was a Russian operative: ALL
      Number of MSM said Trump was still a Russian operative after Mueller report: ALL

      1. kevincalm says:

        Number of times Maxine Waters said something intelligent : 0
        Number of times Pelosi said something useful: 0
        Number of times Schiff lied about collusion: 1.25 million
        Number of years Brennan, Comey and Clapper face in prison: 20

      2. Joan Kent says:

        Yes folks Anthony Weiner went to jail around the time this absurd laughable prank came out Q…. of which nothing has come true this is a scam by Democrats to make Republicans look unhinged and insane .. completely shameful Democratic prank orchestrated by Anthony Weiner .. Q is a democrat don’t be fooled

    4. Joan Kent says:

      I live in the wealthiest state which happens to be blue and have all my teeth boys and smell yummy you can’t fool me :):):) Anthony Weiner is Q …

  24. Lonski says:

    Assange is the source, now.
    His rich source is 6 foot under.
    Justice will come
    like a bright, glaring morning light.

    1. Joan Kent says:

      I heard there is a new movement starting Q x 2 … Q squared you get two Qs for the price of one a twofer .. Michael Avenatti and Anthony Weiner so funny pedaling horse shit stanky

  25. Denny Qrane says:

    Only question now is what happens first?
    Arrests, or DS distraction?
    Juicier the news, the bigger the false flags will need to be.
    I was thinking Schiff takes a dirt nap first, but comey quickly becoming contender for next casualty of war.
    I wonder if they’ll actually see a courtroom before DS realizes how compromised and dangerous their testimony is? Is it even too late for DS to silence them? Lots of interviews and investigations have been quietly rolled out. Who knows who has been spilling the beans to make deals, and to what extent? 9-5 private sector never looked so good.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Ball is in DS court.
        Will they use ammo on today’s arrests JA, and GC?
        Every time they engage, they reveal something about their tactics and capabilities.
        Starting low and working up introduces an element of risk/reward to expending effort.
        It adds to the stress quotient of the time and pressure equation.
        DS has to decide what levers to pull while the walls are closing in.
        They’re trying to jamb up our system with current border invasion.
        We can respond with martial law, that would be too easy to parlay into round up, and it’s game over for any bad actor still on domestic soil at that point. Dems will concede and congress will fund border security. Walls, man power, facilities will be achieved.

        1. kevincalm says:

          From the news: Recent Congo Ebola outbreak expected to be considered a global emergency. I can’t help but think this might be another false flag. Wow, things may be getting crazy. Brace yourself.

    1. Joan Kent says:

      The only thing I’m worried about is this nonsense makes real fiscal conservatives and lifelong republicans sound crazy and beyond ignorant so IM here to get at the TRUTH just waiting for the big reveal that Q is a criminal and a democrat and a pedophile

      1. kevincalm says:

        I have to give you a little credit for coming up with such a creative theory….although I think you may want to take your meds.

    2. kevincalm says:

      I really like the idea of Schiff taking a dirt nap. Hopefully the trench will be wide enough to toss in Brennan and Clapper. We can leave Comey laying on top the dirt pile for the buzzards.

    3. Joan Kent says:

      That’s right this is INTEL .. Q is Anthony Weiner … THE source a convicted democrat sex offender .. it’s time for the big reveal Anthony Weiner.. come clean and show yourself as Q

    4. kevincalm says:

      some will plead ignorance (just doing the right thing to make sure DJT wasn’t colluding), others will try to use legal mumbo jumbo to lighten their sentence, others will flee to NZ or the like and others will commit suicide (good riddance). In the end the major traitors will most likely serve long sentences and if released will be a target

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Lots of moving parts to be sure. Balancing take down, with minimizing attacks, and public opinion.
        I think potus threw a wrench in their plan for economic collapse by bringing manufacturing home. Fed reversed decision to raise rates. That’s a big deal. Had potus not done this hard work while eyes were on Russia hoax, we might very well being witnessing the DS planned economic collapse right now. It’s still coming, but won’t be on their terms. We had 2 years of false narrative brain washing by msm that needs to be exposed and truth needs time for dissemination and absorption. Might mean low hanging fruit is harvested first. And by the time we get to the top of the list, the public won’t be surprised at these bad actors, and will actually be calling for justice.

        1. kevincalm says:

          Agreed! But at some point the Fed will do something to f-up the economy (after 2020 Trump victory). Then Trump will expose their bad behavior with an audit, crush the CB petrol dollar and replace with gold backed monetary system controlled by US treasury.

          1. 38BWD22 says:

            Also agree with Mr. Qrane and Calm Kevin. Hold as much physical gold as your understanding allows. In the longer run, you will be glad you had at least some.

            Special kudos once again to the site owner here for allowing comments. Bravo.

          2. Denny Qrane says:

            Everyone should hold some physical metals and digital currency ahead of CBs everywhere being ousted.

      2. kevincalm says:

        I really like the idea of Schiff taking a dirt nap. Hopefully the trench will be wide enough to toss in Brennan and Clapper. We can leave Comey laying on top the dirt pile for the buzzards.

        1. 38BWD22 says:

          Your comment leads me to make a suggestion to this site’s owner:

          Might want to add the ability to upvote comments we like. 🙂

        2. 38BWD22 says:

          Your comment leads me to make a suggestion to this site’s owner:

          Allow upvotes!

          I visit this site daily because the comments are easier to digest, and better IMO, than at 8chan itself.

    5. Joan Kent says:

      The lame MSM is that why the THE D oh I meant uses Fox News as a source .. the hypocrisy is so absurd .. I’m actually thinking that Q is an aide to Schiff Pelosi or Schumer .. I know it was Anthony Weiner in prison watching kiddy porn with his pants down and posting as Q and CCing Hillary and Huma wow I’m brilliant

      1. Eileen McRae says:

        From your many varied posts alleging Q is many people, I have the feeling that you are someone with multiple personalities. Q is Q; he/she know who he/she is. Q is part of the “continuum”; even Stephen Hawkins believed in the continuum. Good luck in nailing down Q. But, then again, the belief is that a “cat” does have nine lives.

      2. kevincalm says:

        You might want to tone down the weiner =Q stuff. Your DNC handlers may find out you’ve gone off the rails and fire you or cut your pay……maybe even below the minimum wage. But, you can always join ANTIFA so don’t worry. I heard they don’t pay well but you can keep the T-shirt

      3. Denny Qrane says:

        You sound worried.
        Do you have reason to be?
        Why bother traveling to this far away abandoned patch of cyber earth to tangle with a handful of uneducated conspiracy theorists following a made up theme? Nothing to see here. You seem like you be more comfortable with your own kind watching the view or some equally enlightened false narrative based op ed

    6. Denny Qrane says:

      No false flags for indictments of guys with two first names.
      Guess lighting fire at the base lets it get stoked pretty well before top notices heat.
      Sorry Greg, doesn’t look like anyone is coming to your rescue.

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        By the time hitlery and hussane are rounded up, the public will be so used to hearing about leaks, lies, pedo scandals, fleecing American wealth, that nobody will even question their guilt.

  26. Joan Kendall Kent says:

    Omg this is the biggest most laughable fraud on the Internet .. is this Q from James Bond in his basement naked watching Russian kiddy porn and posting …former KGB trying to make Americans look stupid .. what a joke

    1. kevincalm says:

      Bigger fraud than the Russian hoax?? Ha. watching kiddie porn?…maybe you are projecting.. DNC has taught you well. Ha. Bigger joke than Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff and lame MSM ? ha ha ha. save your vitriol for the 2020 campaign. You’ll need it cause that’s all you’ve got. Ha ha ha ha.

      1. Joan Kent says:

        Yeah no defense against the Mueller is a white hat and all the sealed indictments 60 thousand and Gitmo is being expanded for arrested Democrats who believes this nonsense other than complete morons and I’m a lifelong republican by the way .. this intel .. this is entertainment for morons

          1. Joan Kent says:

            Yes white hat means hacker so since I knew this was a hoax the minute I heard Mueller was a white hat, I’m guessing this is a former KGB agent living in America on welfare or working for the federal government same difference basically doing nothing and collecting a paycheck laughing at the gullibility of some Trumo suppporters.

  27. florida1 says:

    My thoughts; I’d guess Assange has ‘the Real GOODS’ on; HRC BHO LL JC JC JB and MORE. Sources say there are now 145 to 146 Dead bodies – mostly witnesses who were going to testify. Ended up suicide car wrecks plane crashes heart attacks and more. I PRAY this guy is Guarded like NONE OTHER or the WORLD will ‘witness’ one more death….

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        and despite being proven truthful in journalism and all, he undoubtedly got americans killed overseas from the trouble he stirred up.sometimes it’s just best to pick a side to defend even though we arent perfect here, we are a helluva lot better than the rest of the world.we need to try harder to be perfect with lots of shit here,but in my book they ought to throw the key away on his ass.he just gave away dirt to make our guys look bad via bradley manning and snowden…demonising friendly fire incidents? fuck that shit! try getting shot at before you judge evil. not a one of those pissy little cowards would ever risk it…trust me.

  28. dadanon says:

    The source was picked up today…..the clowns will make every effort to silence him….he must be sequestered/hidden/protected….step up the vigilance!!

  29. rick says:

    I believe( and Assange has said) his sources were NOT Russians or any other state source. The source was an insider and without actually naming a name, I believe that source is deceased.

    1. BigJohn says:

      I believe Assange has been used by state actors and the feds are going to grill him on that when he gets here and his lawyers are going to try to get immunity deals and advise him to sing like a bird because he is under federal indictment and the federal criminal court system works on a point system when it comes to sentencing and when Assange thinks of all the years he’s facing his principles will go out the window. I’ve seen it happen again and again and again. Q followers are going to be surprised by what comes of this one, but Q will spin it and many of you will keep believing all this bullshit the same way you rationalize away the lack of mass arrests and all that. Trust that plan. It’s your religion, even if you don’t really even know what the plan is or who is behind all this nonsense.

      1. kevincalm says:

        “Q followers are going to be surprised by what comes of this one” So now we are supposed to believe you and your predictions? You must have some good insider info on this. The plan has been well laid out and it’s highly likely based on the Q post accuracies that Q is part of a military intelligence team working with the Trump and Patriots,,ya know, those who believe in god, country and the constitution.

  30. W.W.J.D. says:

    U.S. Embassy in Benghanzi, the server, is “we have it all”, killary emails jst a distraction. If server falls into wrong hands Declaration of War on U.S.

    1. kevincalm says:

      So, you are saying the Benghazi attack was to get or destroy a server located there? If so, what would be on the server that is so damaging to the US and why was it located there?

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        somebody awhile back claimed it was another fast and furious kind of deal obama tried with stinger missiles , supposedly put in the hands of the good? Bad? guys.. al qaeda affiliates trying to overthrow gaddafi. they said a missile took down a helicopter in afghanistan but the warhead didn’t explode serial numbers supposedly matched obama/stingers…. stevens was sent in to negotiate them back for what, money? ,but got killed in the process. the quick reactionary force was told to stand down because of the stinger threat… ? who knows. sime rule i would follow: DON’T GIVE STUFF LIKE THAT TO ASSHOLES WHO HATE US. i mean after all that just seem like common sense to me. I don’t get frustrated with any of this.entertaining,but what does it change?i mean besides who is doing the screwing.

    1. kevincalm says:

      It seems the source must be Assange since recent Q post happening right after Assange was arrested….usually no coincidences with regard to Q posts.

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