1. The Prophet says:

    Panic indeed rat poison is toxic, especially when you are not the only one who is not in a good place to be in the clear. The rats are about to back each other in the corner.

  2. Wink Fabergé says:

    How do the Globalists control the information narrative?

    Think FIAT Spider.

    “Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to drill for oil in Syria, violating international law”

    “Genie Energy, Ltd.”

    In the US:

    In Switzerland:


    Think a WORLD WIDE WEB on informational control.
    Think FUNDamental differences between REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS & MEDIA outlets
    Can be resolved by the right vehicle.


  3. Denny Qrane says:

    The left says “How dare AG Barr follow the rule of law!” Lol listen goof balls, 2+2=4, I promise
    By the way media revolution is well under way.
    Nunes going after Twitter and mcclatchy
    Social media insiders dumping shares of their stock
    Judicial watch exposing cnn and fbi leaks

    Fox News rewarded with legitimate exclusive news (sorry cnn, you blew it by being irresponsible and illegal, say good bye to even more viewers, you have zero journalistic credibility)
    And we have Q boards
    News is trump Twitter feed, Q, Fox News, and us

  4. StormbreaQer says:

    AG has moved “x” onto the slide and is at the microscope.
    Reaction re AG today? Confirmed successfully and is Experienced.
    M report next week expect mines. Decoys still cause panic until confirmed decoy.
    Slide in hand. Microscope ready. Timing is key. Leverage is key.
    Support is key.
    Court of public opinion is key.
    Will move fast. Note AG stating most of these investigations have been done or are nearing completion.
    Will make M probe look juvenile.
    Highest approval rating in history? +60?
    Witnessing history we are. America will be restored patriots. Be proud and be loud.
    Demand our sovereignty.
    Demand out freedom.
    Demand justice.

  5. Terry Dyer says:

    Glad to have you back Q! It’s starting to happen! Yes… slower than some make like,but it’s been years that nothing has been done! The right folks are being put place! Bring it on Q+, Q, Q- or any other Q’s out there! Stand strong patriots!

    1. Arno says:

      This comment is for Q. Today is the one of the saddest days of my life (I’m 74 so that encompasses many days). I grew up a liberal and have always empathized with the unfair treatment of the poor and other minorities whose voices have not been heard and in many cases have suffered many injustices over my life. I became a Donald Trump supporter mainly because of his stance on “equal justice under the law”.
      Last night they dragged a true freedom fighter, Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy, apparently to send him to the US. I truely hope that President Trump and the rest of the Q movement have something to say about this and stand up to the values that they have espoused.

  6. George says:

    Sorry Q, but I feel lost in a world of hate and deception. I would not feel as lost if at least “1” person was found guilty and was thrown in prison. As you know, Faith and Hope all are dependent on belief. I still have them but it has become very difficult to keep them. I know what is being done is historic and I only hope that this is the only way and that it does happen. Way too many good people have been hurt. May God bless you and those involved.

    1. M.MCarty says:

      George – The patriots are here and hanging in with hope and belief this mess will be cleaned up and that those responsible will be punished to the full extent of the law. Don’t give up. Pray and believe there will be a brighter future for all of us. Trust Trump, Q and their brilliant team who are executing their plan. Many in my family don’t believe but I keep feeding them Q post information.

  7. JJ Kixx says:

    The sun don’t shine on one dogs ass all the time and the guilty traitors and the sick, evil pedophiles will fall flat on their faces! NOT ONE of the guilty ones are safe, NOBODY!! SO MUCH HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE with SO MUCH MORE to come!!! HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL, LITERALLY!!!!!!!

  8. Charles Russell says:

    Good news today. It sounds like we have a real AG now. At least he is willing to speak the obvious. Of course they spied on the trump campaign. It’s a start.

  9. Catch Them All says:

    Whose got the Pressure Washer?! Some of these Evil-Doers stick like Gorilla Glue. Scrapers?! Fire? Smoke? Get them all….18 this week?

      1. Kay says:

        sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone. that was a shout out sling to my shills, love to my brothers and sisters, btw Q leave a board up in memory up this great movement and call it free to speak or speak easy

      2. Kay says:

        lmao is this alex balwin? even Rome fell you village idiot but Gods people have prevailed for centuries’ fighting and prevailing for what is right and just and true. we are one and we are many!!!!

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Technically Rome transitioned from a political rule to a religious rule through the rcc.
          I mention it, because we’re going to see a lot more about that whole side of the deep state soon, pedos, and other stuff that will make Epstein look like mother Theresa. Not sure when we are ready as a society to see the big picture? I know that you know the devil is most at work in the church and high places of leadership. The house cleaning were doing domestically needs to happen in nearly every other nation of the world.

  10. DickMaGee says:

    The plug has been pulled.
    The swamp shall be drained.
    No one involved is safe.
    The USA will be changed forever…

    1. jubei says:

      @DickMaGee — a little less talk about draining the swamp and a little more action would good right about now… same shit different day… all talk and no action

      1. Denny Qrane says:

        Watch what you wish for divider.
        Investments of time, resources, and planning spread across a plethora of fronts is already paying off.
        Educating public (not you), exposing MSM, borders, personnel, international alliances, collusion delusion being redirected at truly guilty parties.
        “You can’t fix stupid” – RW

        1. jubei says:

          @Denny Qrane… who’s exposing the MSM??? Q keep directing people to watch the MSM and people eat it up like candy… oh, and all the mass arrests that continue NOT to happen… how about some focus on the real issues… chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, 5G, etc… but never a single mention of any of these REAL issues… i wonder why…

          1. Denny Qrane says:

            The current admin destroyed ISIS, brought lowest unemployment in history, created more than 1/2 million jobs, all while simultaneously defending themselves from false accusations, all while waging war against the deep state on your behalf.

            I guess that’s not important, so why don’t you use your voice in regards to the issues that you claim are important? Why don’t you use your voice to point out the hypocracy of NY gigs lights up the night sky with pink lights in praise of killing babies even post birth, while at the same time issuing fines to parents who make an educated decision not to vaccinate their children. I thought it was all about choice? Why not use your voice to pursue something that you claim matters to you? Or are you as hypocritical and deceptive as the rest of your left party?

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