Mar 29 2019 16:48:08 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 9ce776
Why did we highlight the rally last night by showcasing volume of support?
Define ‘Bait’.
How many FAKE NEWS Twitter journalists are tweeting about ‘Q’ today re: rally attendance last night?
These people are stupid.


  1. Jeff says:

    Think about where this country was 16 years ago. Two terms of Obama two terms of a dishonest Republican president I think it’s about time and it’s quite frankly quite refreshing to have Donald Trump step up as our president. Now whoever Q is , he’s obviously on the same course as President Trump & the rest of us Patriots. Just look what President Trump has all ready done for unemployment, jobs, and the economy… to name just a few. Think what you might, but one thing I think we all know …. Is President Trump would never have let people died in Benghazi while he watched from his comfortable chair nor would have sold uranium to our enemies, or for that matter, than any of the numerous disastrous things that Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and President and I use that word loosely ,President Obama did.

  2. lou says:

    David I can tell that your still young. your FTW attitude and I don’t care. do something productive with your life. if you have all the answers then go preach it on your soap box. your anger kinda makes you sound like a sociopath. so why bother if every thing is sooo hopeless. why so angry? got issues in your life

  3. David Dennison says:

    They’ll just say this is another attack from a fake. Oh Well, I can try. … QAnon is Trump or Trump associates..maybe ones at the En-Q-uirer … messing with people to create chaos and confusion and to diminish any bad press on them because, well, they shady as f***… mark my words, they care nothing about you, they just want to keep you angry so they can control you and get them to do things you never thought you would do . . . look up how cult leaders operate… mind-control. They say it, and you go along. Hook Line Sinker. This will never make it in the comments or I’ll get some nasty replies or emails but I don’t care. I don’t work for anyone. Left a cult for the same reason. I trust my own mind not garbage put out by someone hiding behind the letter Q or John Barron or all the other alias’s this President has used. Maybe his son is Q since your President learned to use aliases from his father Fred who went by Mr. Green when he did shady stuff. Your President admitted in court to one alias (he denies it now of course). I didn’t get this from fake news either. Go ahead, say I’m attacking and I’m fake…I don’t give a flip…At least I’m not brainwashed by a sociopath who uses Aliases his whole life to do things because he know he’s corrupt as f^^^^! Q is his way of saying “the Deep State is out to get me” once they are able to produce evidence of his lavish crimes. He can then claim and you will go along, that they’ve been out to get him since the start. Notice how Q started with his Presidency. the truth is always hidden in plain sight with him…he or associates are Q another alias used by a con

    1. kay says:

      the fact you were in a cult doesn’t make you too bright in the first place. we didn’t elect a pastor or saint I didn’t know those were requirements also didn’t know that your judge Judy and executioner kinda a hypocrite as you sit hiding behind a screen proclaiming your morality lessons

    2. Denny Qrane says:

      It’s clear you’re against the current admin.
      Maybe I’m too brainwashed, but I didn’t see what, or who are you for?
      Every leftist contender appears to be running on “I’m not trump”.
      Perhaps an example of how YOU use critical thinking would help us sheeple

  4. Denny Qrane says:

    Low effort impact opportunity.
    Support your core values, go see movie “unplanned”.
    Unplanned promoted Qanon…just sayin
    Half of America doesn’t vote.
    Speak up, vote, be counted for what matters to you, money talks

  5. Kay says:

    please tell POTUS we can crush this health care problem it they would only allow us to freely practice alternative medicine, no side effects no high cost for medicine, because its natural and plentiful and it works!

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      I think that will play a role in the great awakening.
      We are being lied to on every front by DS. Pharma, media, border invasion, fed reserve
      So much to fix, so much truth to be revealed.

      1. Kay says:

        God is Great!! the Rosetta stone to most disease is in the mosaic dietary law. a curse does not come without a cause. if something is wrong their is a season. whether it be single cell or double their are three basic things to maintain to let the body heal. many forms to combat but three functions. but unfortunate I would be quickly silenced if I were to reveal this. to complicate a matter is to bring confusion. its really very simple once you think about it

        1. Denny Qrane says:

          Healing starts in the gut
          Any normal person has to see NY killing born babies calling it responsible choice, contrasted against AZ police breaking down the door of a family because they wish to treat a fever at home? So if your child manages to slip through DS murder at birth you’ll need to surrender them to the DS agenda later to be pin cushioned with whatever concoction they can fit in a needle even if it could knowIngly kill your child. Deep State = Death State. We’ve never had more of a fighting chance against this evil in the history of this country. Everyone has to get up and participate in whatever way they can.

          1. Denny Qrane says:

            Kay, He is at the door. We might not know the hour or the day, but we’re definitely in the season. We are “that” generation.

          2. Kay says:

            that’s right! this is the Lords doing, I know its been going on forever it seems. God can and will crush them in a breathe. He is waking the hearts of men and its an honor to see and be a part of

  6. GoIrish says:

    Let’s play with the media, after we build the wall or shut down the border…ok? Gotta’ deal? I think you’ll find even MORE support and jubilation.


    Yep time to remove demons from stolen Private property! Hate to toot my own horn, but I think it’s tied up in a neat package.

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