1. archangel says:

    –DOD directive 5240.1-r chapters 12 and 13– FISA loophole for the DOJ and a faction of the DOD to assassinate the president and initiate a coup and against the united states government– there is precedent for this– check out smedley darlington butler– “business plot”/1934ish … i wonder what Mark Milley , daniel coats, gina haspel, and company think of this.

    1. archangel says:

      i would also like to mention this to the secret service and not too forget- paul nakasone/NSA -signals intelligence- a TI would know just how awful being trapped in the “program” is and that there is the potential for one’s whole household to be subjected to this.

  2. Dvs says:

    This doesn’t prove a lot. I just signed up to Twitter this week and was one of the first people I know to follow Trump. I hate social media so I avoid it and only signed up for decode purposes. Lol

  3. M. McCarty says:

    After incident on WVA Hwy am very concerned. Everyone needs to keep eyes open on surroundings as DS knows what is coming for them. My parents grew up on farms without electricity until they were teens so their families were equipped with oil lamps and wood burning stoves as a way of life- so I have some oil burning lamps, extra propane gas, cases of water, wood for the fire pit, etc., just in case. God bless all of us and especially our great President.

    1. Denny Qrane says:

      Probably wise for people to have additional resources, and a means of defense in blackout event, either by natural disaster or attack.
      Such a recommendation is just good sense, but can’t come from the top without creating unnecessary widespread panic. Encourage each other to make wise decisions. Elderly and young neighbors might need a little assistance

  4. Denny Crane says:

    Everyone feel good? Everyone feel great? Ra ra we won and all of that? Everyone ready to go get the other side? Investigations, media pundit anger, fiery speeches from politicians up for re-election, and snarky tweets!!!

    Meanwhile Flynn is facing ruin, as is Manafort and Stone and everyone behind this scam is still employed and not facing any justice. But most of all Trump fails completely at the border, lets in 1.5 million this year, and floods Texas with catch and release illegals. Any progress on combating voter fraud other than talking about it? Sending the Ricans back to PR so they can’t turn Florida blue from red along with the felons that can now vote.

    You people are being used and duped. Trump is Q and both are controlled opposition.

    March 31 comes soon enough. When that dates comes and goes and still no justice is delivered remember there was once a guy named Denny Crane who loved the truth enough to try to warn you all what horseshit this is.

    Enjoy the new Denny Crane. Just today he was trying to compromise by iCloud account from Croatia and Albania. So that’s the Q/Trump cheerleader you are all siding with. But hey, can’t say someone didn’t tell you so!

    Good luck, you all are going to need it!!!

    1. Denny Crane says:

      We are Denny Crane. True patriots from Albania and Croatia here to tel you there is absolutely no collusion.

    2. Q- says:

      Agree with what you say however what Q has said so far has come to pass.
      With all respect to your wisdom and intellect, you had predicted Mueller
      /DS would backstab Trump on the Ides of March. It didnt turn out that way.

    3. Trump says:

      Don’t forget the 2.5 trillion in new debt I’ve added for those talking points about how big the economy is growing!

  5. Denny Qrane says:

    Trump is great at engaging his base and giving credit.
    The typical politician could never lead in the real world; trump trained his whole life for this role.
    Potus by and of the people

  6. Denny Crane says:

    Sigh. More endless self promotion. Still no justice. Cult of Q cult of Trump. No justice.

    The fake Denny was trying to compromise my Apple account out of Croatia earlier today.

  7. kay says:

    what’s with the rabbit on the hat? what’s the obsession with rabbits? that fricken happy show had a lot of creepy related references you all point out. just saying really weird

  8. Door and Key says:

    Here’s your bundle of joy, David says fuck you all but be well and requests that Jesus lock the damn door! Take these damn trumpets to hell too, too damn loud can’t hear myself think.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        You know, you’re right. It must be the chins.
        Fake Denny Crane ordered 1000 micro condoms and had them overnighted to my house from amazon. All from my own account.
        The strangest part is, how did he even know what size to get me??
        I think he’s watching me.

        -The Real Denny Crane

    1. Lucifer says:

      Last thing Lucifer not Satan. She prefers Lucy, don’t give a shit if there weren’t female angels there are now. Oh then there’s Lucas, but whatever.

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