1. Jason says:

    Wouldn’t Hitler’s birthday 4/20/19,be a perfect day 2 unseal what ever indictments haven’t been unsealed by then and possibly undo some of the Bad Karma that was brought on To Us by all of the crimes against humanity that are leaders perpetrated?

    1. Penny Flame says:

      Boo Hoo… Denny von Rainman has mortally injured someone…. Go back to eating Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate milk in mommies basement you miscreant loser.

    1. Theresa4w says:

      Rick – please go buy the book Qanon The Great Awakening . Just got it and only 80 pages in- it totally will answer the “whys”…so much none of us know because of the takeover worldwide of the media …

    2. Denny Crane says:

      The function of the DOJ is to ensure the ‘right’ crimes remain unprosecuted and the ‘wrong’ people get their lives destroyed. To that end I suspect Barr will competently achieve those purposes and do so stealthily enough not to alarm the higher thinking people of this country.

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