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Not big enough to pull headlines/news away.
Think days.


  1. Denny Crane says:

    Muslims shouldn’t even be in western countries. Their religion and culture is totally incompatible with white western civilization. What happened isn’t a tragedy it’s a reaction to a war of invasion they started. I also think it’s likely the shooters were CIA assets trying to help the international canal control the news cycle for a week. So if people (instead of crisis actors) actually died they did so because (((they))) used 50 dead Muslims to score points in (((their))) six media companies that own 90% of all press.

    Fucking sick all of it. We’re way too fucking pacifist as a country shit like this use to be met with violence. It’s like we don’t have the equivalent of any white blood cells in our culture anymore… you know the wise guys that would take the town pedo into the Woods for a hunting trip along with a few shovels and some quick lye where a terrible accident would occur and everyone would just kinda move on to thinking about better things without worrying too much where the creepy ass pedo went.

    1. Dupe says:

      Denny Crane – I agree. The NZ mosque murderer said he was reacting to the death of a girl in the Nordic countries, one of many murders committed by the Muslim INVADERS. Muslims do not belong in Western countries.
      Who has built mosques worldwide, where wahaabi hate is taught? Saudi Arabia. The Saud family has made a devil’s bargain with Islanic fundamentalists to try to keep themselves in power: they will fail. But these mosques are not failing, they are spreadibg Islamic hate every place they’ve been built.
      Butcher MbS gave women the right to drive, and at the same time Saudi Arabia is trying the women activists who asked for that right. Their schizophrenic desperation is blatant.
      Kushner, MbS, MbZ (UAE), abd Netanyahu have war with Iran as their goal.
      Erik Prince lied to Congress about a meeting at Trump Tower with these scum about “Iran policy”. Got busted at the Oxford Union debate when Prince admitted it.
      His sister, Betsy de Vos, is Trump’s Secretary of Education and the wealthiest member of Trump’s Cabinet.
      Trump is “all about the Benjamins”, too. The Trumps don’t care about THE PEOPLE. Wake up.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        Worship allah = get granted total immunity from #MeToo for the duration of the games thanks to the SJW NPC’s and their optional ‘rape white women’ for experience points quests.

        I was perfectly willing to go along with the melting pot theory of America and judging people on the quality of their character not their skin color but the reality is those ‘rules’ are just horseshit the vicious left tried to sedate conservatives with while they OPENLY AND BOLDLY analyze everything through identity politics and tribal affiliation. It’s like you’re playing the game by one set of rules while the SOB is cheating in front of you. Well fuck that. Where I come from, the NE, Muslims, blacks, feminists, and especially white liberals absolutely fucking despise me and other white men, could care less about my character or what I have to offer, and think ABSOLUTLY NOTHING OF DESTROYING ME, my life, relationships, career, etc. Well FUCK THAT. I get the rules and you know what, I can play by them too.

        It’s beruit rules with me now and I’m 100% loyal to my clan (hetro white conservative males). The rest of these tribes can play some hokus pokus and toss glitter and spells of illusion about but once you take the red and black pills I don’t even see the matrix anymore, just the fucking code.

        I’m John motherfucking Galt bitches and I’m going to get my victory or burn it all to the motherfucking ground.

  2. Dupe says:

    Trump and his family are worshippers of money! Lying and lying – to Congress and the American people.
    Underneath, Trump is just as rotten as HRC and The Traitor Obama, and following the same gameplan. He just LIES about being different, about building the Wall. You Trump-worshippers are just incapable of facing how evil they all are. I shared the hope that Trump was twlling us the truth, but the evidence in undeniable. He built NO new Wall. Wake up and stop enabling these Swamp Creatures, please.

  3. DJ Monroe 21 says:

    If Your Fear Begins To Control You Then You Are SLAVE TO IT. Money Does NOT Buy Happiness…Only Happiness Buys Happiness.

    1. Linda Lou says:

      Such a true statement ….Happiness comes from the heart something money can’t buy. We can see some of the richest people with no light in their eyes only sadness . Greed has taken their soul . There is only one and I trust he is always with us. God keep our lion safe.

      1. Duped says:
        1. Denny Crane says:

          If you tear down worthless infective sheet metal and replace it with 30 foot high steel salts and then call it new, it’s new. The new new fencing in areas that don’t currently have any starts in april. Contracts have been signed and work is beginning. Texas rio grande vally I think.

          Most of the existing fencing that is getting rebuilt is in the high traffic areas so in theory we’re expending resources where needed most. Tijuana and Juarez have an effective wall. South Arizona and The eastern rio grande vally of Texas don’t and that’s where the new stuff is going to be built.

          I’m not happy with the pace either but if I was hired on to advice DHS and told what I had to work with, my approach wouldn’t be much different.

      2. Dupe says:

        Does Trump look happy to you? He looks darn near insane to me. His lying about the New Wall he NEVER built has been revealed by the Army Corps of Engineers.
        Wishing doesn’t make our wished-for “lion” anything except the lying cur who is now exposed.

        https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6812419/Outrage-Australian-politician-blames-immigration-Christchurch-mosque-shooting.html TRUTH! ( and FAKE NEWS outrage)
        https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6811259/Trumps-border-agency-admits-built-ZERO-new-walls.html TRUTH
        http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2019-03-13.html#read_more TRUTH

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