1. Linda Lou says:

    I’m all in Patriots . I’m old and little slower but I haven’t stopped yet. Glory be to the Almighty God. 🤶🛵🇺🇸

  2. Jim says:

    The north American union is the ultimate goal people. What’s going on right now is just minor skirmishes compared to what they have coming for this nation. The evil in these people is bottomless, just letting you know where we stand in the big picture.

  3. DJ Monroe 21 says:

    WWGOWGA!!!! Today Will Be A Day That Goes Down In History!!! FREEDOM is The Home of The Brave!!! Love & Acceptance Of One Another Is ALL That Matters!!! Be Apart Of This Amazing Love Movement!! Give All The Glory To Your Almighty Creator!!! Dance, Sing, Laugh, Drink, Smoke, & Hug Each Other!!! No One Can Defeat U.S.!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Thank You My PRECIOUS Jesus!!

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