Mar 14 2019 15:37:03 (EST) Anonymous ID: 09445f
hack the planet hack the gibson
Mar 14 2019 15:37:38 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 31414e
Good movie.


  1. Katniss says:

    This is hunger games people. Snow vs coin. Both are dead in the end. Noch your arrows, go got and burn them all I’m sick of this stupid soap opera.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Ahmen sister. Trump has a little bit more time to kick this cleanup operation into overdrive before I wash my hands of him as a worthless do nothing stuffed shirt. I’m expecting a master stroke of genius here this month. I’ll start the mother fucking rebellion myself or find a cold dark corner to hide in and watch the world burn. Not sure yet.

  2. DJ Monroe 21 says:

    I Suggest Everybody Rewatches The Wizard of Oz and HighLander…See there Can Be Only ONE. And The Deep State is All lined Up For A Monumental Beheading.

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