1. Old dirty red says:

    So to be clear Q is referring to Brennan here but the focus recently has been on Hussein. Also we mustn’t forget BRENNAN SPEAKS FLUENT ARABIC! So he speaks fluent Arabic and she speaks fluent Russian and both worked at CIA.. the connections never cease.

  2. RickInHouston says:

    Wow! Nellie Ohr throws John Brennan UNDER THE BUS! Just WOW!

    This is going to get UGLY when it’s all said and done. Everyone we even thought was involved, is.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          Fuck that. Go to war with the army you have cause right now we’re on leave while the enemy is moping the floor with us.

    1. DJ Monroe 21 says:

      Nellie Ohr Being a FARM member MUST be fluent in many languages. German included. FARM is a select association. It seems Brennan was ready to get a plateful of FIST served to him. WELL DONE.

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