Mar 13 2019 20:30:36 (EST) Anonymous ID: d49266
Kids say they can’t log into Instagram or post on facebook
Mar 13 2019 20:41:44 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 373780
The ‘cleaning crew’ is active.
Size = time+ to complete.


  1. DJ Monroe 21 says:

    I hear that Q’s favorite Instagram Page is this extremely HOT & Good Looking Lady : Jennifer Neil 355
    Everyone Should Check It Out!!

  2. M says:

    He doesn’t mean he is shutting it down, he means THEY know we know they share shit on Instagram and Facebook, just like it was with consoles chat games. THEY shut IT down so they can delete all data they can be connected with pedophilia and shit. I may be wrong but you never know

  3. Brian says:

    Many are not able to Comment or Post on FB and Twitter…
    Th-e- minions of zUck etcetera are scattering like ants on a DisTurbEd mOuNd.

  4. Denny Crane says:

    Unless you all Mr. Robot the entire Fakebook/InstantSham system with irreversible encryption, it’s just temporary. All you are doing is mildly irritating a bunch of whores and soyboys hooked on their own dopamine hits from online validation with a little bit of withdrawal

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Of course maybe this took down the spy capabilities letting Q team (if it exists) do some wetwork without the CIA knowing.

      1. Von Ebb says:

        Denny crane – why are u here posting negative crap every day? Since u r anti Q ….why don’t u go over to CNN …..u will love all the anti Q and Trump stuff.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          I’m not anti Q. I’m annoyed that this great hope porn turned out to be LARP bullshit. I still hope it’s true sometimes. I’ll eventually vanish later this month once all the predictions for justice and victory turn to ash and blow away in the wind. As for CNN, those insane hate filled communists can go fuck themselves right in their ass with their AIDS dick ok? Fair ’nuff?

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