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  1. Ms. AMERICA says:

    Patriots need to step up and help MAGA KAG, defending the truth and POTUS. He cannot possibly do it all himself. God Bless you all!!!

  2. Von Ebb says:

    It seems that the Dems have all the Media, Tv , radio, newspapers all 24/7 anti Trump. When is it going to change? So many are asleep and believe the tv.
    How can we win? 52 % approval now! Time to Strike back! We may never have that 52 again!
    When Q ?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Maybe when the airplanes spraying chemicals, I will believe q is on our side. I believe that it’s real and I get the proofs but I don’t get the proof that you are on our side sk ce the spraying continues and gets worse. Sorry. Until then, you are just another narrative.

  4. Dupe says:

    It’s criminal that HRC revealed classified info in her emails.
    It’s criminal that Jared shouldn’t even have clearance, and he spread classified info to MbS, and probably Israel and China, the UAE.
    Double standard much?
    Ivanka wants to trademark “childcare”? For what? Internment camps?
    A grifter is a grifter is a grifter whether HRC or the Kushners.

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