Feb 12 2019 11:49:34 (EST) Anonymous ID: 9cfb19
>We are past that now, correct?


Way past this now. People who still need proofs will never get it

Feb 12 2019 11:50:48 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 83052e
Mathematically impossible.
Those who challenge have an agenda or are simply still asleep.
The NARRATIVE has them.


  1. Lori McConnell says:

    You can say I’m a doubter, I didn’t used to be. It’s just like Crane says, it’s all the blown calls about arrests and trust this asshole or that one over there. Trump doesnt say things that end up not true or dont happen. I WANT DESPERATELY to believe but without something more than time stamps on a post to validate claims you can call me a former ALL IN believer. Trump could do so much to blow these idiot congress people out of the water and he better start releasing stuff to put a stop to all these Democrat investigations. If he doesnt he will look just as feckless as the rest of those idiot I’ll take the high road losers. Play the same game by the same rulesthe Democrats play. Fight fire with fire. You cant win a gun fight when you only bring a knife!

  2. Ned stark says:

    We are awake. Perhaps we just prefer looking above from 30,000 ft to assess everything that is/is not happening. The divisiveness is real and that is the goal= CHAOS. Most of the world is still alsseep. I see it getting worse and worse every day. The more distorted the stories, the weirder things get and still no one seems to care or want to care. The wall was the final divide. Then everyone just started throwing whatever $h*t stuck no matter how ridiculous to deepen the cut. Russia!!! The wall!!! Pay no attention to Europ revolting or trying to overthrow their governments. But isn’t that what they want. Everyone focused in on their own countries to apathetic to care to do anything about it expect cry out in social media and then BOOM. Whatever event disaster death and so forth but it seems like no one is paying barren room so they need some event

  3. Larry says:

    I cant believe people are still getting excited when they post these Q and Q+ are together.
    Denny hits the nail on the head people wake the F up. I want to see action not another campaign stop. We are being played big time. If and when it all goes down I will admit I am wrong but until then it would seem that I am right. Where the hell is RBG

    1. Denny Crane says:

      She’s susposedly returning in late Feb last I heard. Two broken ribs and a partial lung removal surgery at that age increases the likelihood of a serious infection afterwards. I don’t think she’s going to last much longer. Hoping Trump has the balls to replace Roberts as Chief Justice over FISA. He can nominate a new Chief Justice whenever he wants to. Alito would be a good choice. Sadly I don’t see that happening because Trump seems unwilling to trespass in the other branches of govt even when the constitution gives him that power. For example he can send Congress home to push his recess appointments through. He hasn’t done that either.

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