1. Lori McConnell says:

    Yes you could say I’m a former total believer. But believing isnt enough, there must be proof of movement towards judicial punishment of government officials, not just time stamps on postings. Thinking that is proof of anything is pure idiocies. If YOU HAVE EVERYTHING then why is this dragging on, harming us all? Why is it a private company (Judicial Watch) that spends its money to expose all this corruption when if you are who everyone thinks you are you gave the power to order investigations, declassify everything and stand up in front of the world and blow the cover off everyone? It’s way, way past time that the crap hits the fan

  2. Tim says:

    Looks like we have more doubters, people that can’t put faith in the fact that Q and POTUS have a timetable in undoing this lifetime of corruption, and doing so through a heavily corrupted DOJ/FBI. Thank you for coming back on to update us lately, Q, you were greatly missed by many.

  3. Lori McConnell says:

    The bone I want is the TOTAL disclosure of the list of lawmakers that used our money to pay their sex harassment suits. Where is that? Q, if your all that and a bag of chips, where the hell is that list?

  4. Rob says:

    I served with clowns that loved to bitch and whine in the Army. Rarely good for anything except destroying morale, their cancerous ways typically bled over into every aspect of their life. I know you dude. Met a million just like you. No solutions, just bitching.

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