1. Jimbo says:

    Having read many of your posts (rivaling those IN NUMBER, to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), and recalling to mind the often cited, Q related posts about symbolism……is Denny Crane your real name, or do the “D” “C” initials take on a certain meaning?

  2. Denny Crane says:

    Yawn… like the arrests, the wall is just another broken promise by lying politicians, DJT like all the rest. Art of the deal my ass, he goes from a wall from one coast to another to a few hundred miles of border ‘fence’ to begging for a few billions. Meanwhile this abortion of a public negotiation is attracting literally millions of illegals to come across. The cheap labor GOP and the seething brown loving democrats and the uniparty Jewish elite want as much illegal immigration as possible. Trump can’t even get a bone thrown to him? Please. He’s lying to us and in on the con. What they didn’t expect, and their biggest problem, is what BS can they sell to us as an excuse for no wall without getting thrown out of office. What other explanation is there?

    You few remaining Q yards will be chattering about the 180 gazillion sealed indictments and the border wall all the way up until the democrats steal the vote in November 2020.

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