Feb 9 2019 22:54:04 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: acc52d
-Blockade removal [‘Scaramucci’ model]
[RR] removal [Goodbye #2 [#1 _ oversight of Mueller]
[Ohr] removal
[1-4] removal
-Barr install
-Barr (w/ Whitaker) review [RR] notes re: strong reservations to DECLAS due to sources & methods + Foreign CLAS (irreparable harm) > OIG review prior to executing order
-Barr (w/ Whitaker) pull DECLAS review assignment from OIG [cite: executive order from POTUS does not require special oversight – DOJ/FBI (Wray) fully capable in reviewing and commenting re: OP integrity (sources & methods) etc.]
-Barr executes order to DECLAS + provide members of H committee long requested supplemental documentation in C setting [scope memo + CLAS] as required by US Law.
-Whitaker remain DOJ senior staff
-Barr meeting Huber & OIG
-OIG report
-House D’s threaten subpoena of Barr/Whitaker re: DECLAS, SC report, Huber, etc….
-House D’s use subpoena power to ……………………Acts 1, 2, and 3. [spill +30]
-Meeting w/ NK > DENUC plan/process > sanctions lift meets subj A, B food for people (aid)
UK/AUS narrative shift re: in_country spy campaign v. POTUS (hops 1 to 2; 2 to 3; 3 to 4; 4 to target)
-D sky is falling push to public (scare to control)(projection)
-Public Awakening
-Narrative damage control
-Placeholders active
-Wall discussion end (public awareness of D’s)
-Red/Green Castle per orig plan
Dark to Light.


  1. Cory Smith says:

    You guys fighting over who’s the better troll is highly counterproductive. You guys are so busy fighting about the legitimacy of Q and how the other is wrong and you’re right that you can’t even decode the drops correctly. Stop fighting over dumb shit. When we’re divided, they conquer.

  2. John says:

    I oh yeah I’m confused. Lmfao. You a pathetic man. You literally made six or 7 names to pretend people talk to you. This has been the most entertaining point of the evening I must say. However I am overwhelmed with sadness for you. You have nothing, you are nothing, and when Q became irrelevant, so did you. You had many people in here before he went dark and now you have nothing. Literally nothing. When i stop talking tonight, you’ll be alone in your moms basement lying to yourself that you matter. You dont. And your many personalities on here prove it. Go hang our with your socialist friends because they’ll at least be politically correct and not call you a pathetic asshole. Then you can continue to live off my taxes and claim you’re not a socialist. Trump got so many people back to work yet nobody would hire you. I wonder why

  3. John says:

    You can’t even troll right. Omg I fn love it. Wait… wheres the big John asshole that hates trump too. He should be asking any minute right. Bahahaha

  4. John says:

    Bahahaha you’re pathetic. So who’s going to defend you now. Ichabod or Paul revere. Whos the larp now loser. Seven different names on forum to make it seem like you have any valid points and people believe what you say. Omg I’m so happy that just happened. Fn priceless

  5. Soap-box-sal says:

    You are so full of shit…. (constipated) when you do shit, it just ooooozes from you… Trump dithers, and so do you. No FISA, no Assange, No U1, Censorship everywhere, Election fraud unpunished….ALL ON TRUMPS WATCH!! Q IS BULLSHIT!

  6. Cory Smith says:

    You are insignificant to me. I don’t care. You do whatever you think you need to do and I will ignore your comments because I really don’t give a fuck. You are nothing more than an internet troll.

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