1. TJP says:

    I read Crane’s comments as a welcomed, reasoned, alternative perspective. Those who criticize him seem threatened by his views. I like hearing from Q and Crane.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Thanks man… just pissing into the wind here on this obscure message board. The big tech monopoly has unpersoned and deplatformed me everywhere else.

  2. Denny Crane says:

    I watched Barr’s testimony. He clarified that he meant there was seemingly more grounds to investigate those Clinton issues than the Russian collusion BS. I see zero evidence that the democrats, deep state, and especially Clintons will ever be held to account for criminal behavior. Furthermore you can not convince me that the existence of the FBI and DOJ isn’t primarely to cover up the ‘right crimes’ at this point. This whole biz with the DOJ doing an investigation of Epstein not being prosecuted with Trumps labor secretary Azar, who was the south Florida DA at the time and Mueller running the FBI is only adding to my suspicions that the DOJ is simply the modern equivalent of the deep state’s SS gestapo. I’ll happily be proved wrong on any and all of these assumptions. Barr’s a smart competent man. If there is any decency in him he can clean this shit show up. If he’s a tool for the deep state he could easily be the lynchpin that finishes off Trump and co. It’s a dangerous gamble IMO.

  3. John says:

    Bahahaha. You’re irrelevant. You’ve always been. You act like people back you, but its YOU. What a sad little life you live. As I said earlier we laugh at you. Even harder now

  4. Denny Crane says:

    Meese’s resume is seemingly MAGA spotless… why leak it?

    Trust Sessions? Trust Wray? Trust Horowitz? Trust Huber? Fired, deep state, ineffective, non existent. Sorry but I trust jack fucking shit at this point.

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