1. Lion have choice says:

    Denny crane doesn’t understand that IQ tests were developed with white westernized men as the test subjects and therefore results attributed to any other race culture or gender are rendered inconclusive. Any moron with a community college psychology class under their belt knows that. Denny Crane is either full of satire and I am missing the joke, or doesn’t understand why we need our white imperialism to be browned down quite a bit to get the universe back on track

  2. LiL Kraken says:

    Fisrt of all, the two of u need a hotel room to fuck it out of each other. Second, Q is going “Dark” after one post??? Where the hell does he think he has been for the last 3 weeks?

    1. Kurt Schwitters says:

      Going dark as in trying out blackface? Q is a subset of or associate of the GRU group Cozy Bear, and all those guys are headed to a team-building retreat in Sochi. Should be fun though mainly indoors. Got a better rate at the resort by coming offseason. Typical cheap Red Army tightwad BS.

  3. BigJohn says:

    Roger Stone was arrested during this period. Maybe Roger Stone is Q? He’s been a political trickster since the Nixon days. He’s always peddled conspiracy theories. He’s well connected politically and knows the system inside and out. He’s friends with Trump and apparently talks to him often. He used to be in business with Paul Manafort. He probably has access to all kinds of information most would not, like Q. I don’t know that he’s Q, but he could be. He knows how to play people and has been doing it his whole life. He could definitely pull this Q scam off.

  4. Cameron B. says:

    Perhaps the NY law will provide a little more ammo for republicans to grow a spine and deny funding for PP. Funding this group and others(PBS, NPR, etc..) is nothing more than Democrat money laundering. Ever wondered how Dems outspend Repubs every election cycle?

  5. Johnny says:

    He’s not racist. He’s stating facts by simply looking up the numbers. If you did the same, you would come to the same conclusion. But everyone is so dumb nowadays, you probably don’t even understand half of what he is saying, just jump to the conclusion of racism like your programming taught you. Idiot.

  6. Payback says:

    DC, we keep ourselves occupied when Q is quit. Your momma wants you to return to Virginia, she finally decided to terminate your pathetic existence! It’s all legal now and all!

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