Jan 13 2019 14:08:58 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 9c745a
D House focus on POTUS = ‘insurance’ extension from MUELLER to House.
GJ testimony underway in several states.
Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.
Far beyond political corruption/sedition.
Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?
Lights on.


  1. Fed up says:

    If his announcement is the reported cave of only asking for a little over a billion dollars and ends the shutdown I don’t see how this Q movement continues another day.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Smart play. Comes off as reasonable. Democrats tweet their position one minute before and he delays statement 10 mins to make sure he lists all of Pelosi’s positions in his statement. Keep at it Trump. They are waiting for the GOP to cave and when they realize they won’t, will come around… or preside over a closed govt for 2 years. Lol.

      1. BigJohn says:

        Why give Trump what he wants? If he really wanted the wall he would have fought for it when Republicans controlled both houses of the legislature. Why wait until Dems take Congress to pick this fight when it would be a lot harder to win? Now neither side can back down. So far the polls show most people blaming Trump for this too.

        I think they ought to negotiate with him, give him enough to build a little bit of wall and extract huge concessions in exchange. Dems don’t agree. Most of them are more of the “don’t negotiate with terrorists” mindset. They also see that the polls show most Americans blaming Trump for this shutdown because, well, it is 100% him. He picked this fight. He could end it. Instead he’s trying to bully the other side into giving up and they aren’t about to let him get away with that.

        This whole wall idea is stupid anyway. We have walls and other barriers on about a third of our border, mostly in and around urban areas. Those do make sense to have. They make it more difficult to come in so only people who really want to come in try. You reach a point of diminishing returns with this though because ultimately all walls can be defeated by people determined to come in. Many who come in now walk weeks in the desert to do so and quite a few die every year on this perilous journey. If there was a wall in their way, people that determined to come would bring ladders to get over the wall or shovels to get under it or saws to cut through any fence. And the drugs, in El Chapo’s trial they’ve already heard testimony of the billions of dollars worth of drugs his organization was bringing in and how most of it was brought here. Most of it was being driven right through the border checkpoints or coming in on fishing boats. Some came through tunnels. A wall wouldn’t have stopped any of it. There are billions of dollars to be made and they will always find a way to make that money.

        Trump isn’t completely stupid. He knows a wall wouldn’t work. He knows that his main base are too stupid to figure that out though. It’s a fight he can have to make it look like he’s doing something useful, plus he promised to fight for it in his campaign so he has to do it to keep his knuckle dragging base. It does not appear that he cares if he wins this fight though. If he really cared he would have shut the government down during his first two years when Republicans controlled Congress. He wants the fight more than the wall, especially now with the Mueller investigation heating up. He needs to rally the troops. He needs the distraction. It’s not gonna work. Fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on, Dems are thinking. They don’t have to give in. Trump owns this shutdown. It’s going to hurt him a lot worse than them if it keeps going on. So this will drag on and on and on and Trump will get the distraction he needs and keep his supporters rallied behind him.

        1. Jim says:

          You are soooooooooo smart… Such a genius. Just an fyi, in the future you should wake up before writing and let others pre-read. Keeps you from looking soooooooooo stupid.

  2. USA says:

    So why are the criminals sending faux bricks to each other instead of cleaning up their house? Am I missing something? Child’s play!
    Really that’s where they’re at with things, bricks?
    Boy,,,,, are we in trouble.

  3. USA says:

    “Donald J. Trump
    Border rancher: “We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal.” Washington Examiner People coming across the Southern Border from many countries, some of which would be a big surprise.”

    And what about all the prayer rugs throughout America?
    A wise man said, if you give up your freedom for a little security you will have neither because that’s what you deserve for selling out your country and your neighbors, family and friends.

  4. USA says:

    It’s easy to understand what Moses saw sitting on the rock and just that fact that someone wants to save you all is testament to the fact that he is a Godly man.

  5. USA says:

    Globalists are wetting themselves over this while they have you captured in the big city brainwashing you with whatever you’re being spoon fed on any given day through your trillion mega bytes per second lifestyle that is a fantasy.
    My word is reality. I go underground and remove solid rock and haul it to the surface and crush it to dust then take it into my lab and extract the good stuff and have it in my hand in its purest form. Shining.
    This is reality!

  6. USA says:

    The Bundy standoff was because they didn’t want them on top of minerals they had sold off to Russia aka Uranium 1. It is only the tip of the iceberg.
    People just get that ol stupid look on their face when told this and say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “oh, that can’t happen in America” when in fact it is happening and has already happened throughout our history.
    Is why they are ignorant.

  7. USA says:

    Psst, Cabalorado has richer diamond pipes than Africa but the Globalist hasn’t mined them because it would destroy the Debeers operation in Africa. In fact they will kill you if you even attempt to mine them. Is why gov is selling off our country and just another reason we must die. I can show em to you on google earth. I’m surrounded by them.

  8. USA says:

    Note to liberals, it’s not racist to stop terrorists (Nancy) from hijacking a military plane to Afghanistan. It’s patriotic!

  9. USA says:

    Ol balls a steel knew Nancy was making a run for it. That plane destined to Afghanistan was slated to return without her and loaded with heroin.
    I really like this President!

  10. USA says:

    Where’d you guys go?

    Wanna hear about the invisible helicopters I been saving?

    Wouldnt find me in the big city where everyone is dumbed down eating out of freezer bags with a trillion bytes per second streaming between the ears cause it’s the law. I’m out here in the real world looking in wondering how they survive it waiting for the day they burn it all down cause I don’t watch tv and could use some entertainment from time to time.

    Boy oh boy does Trump ever have his plate full. Balls of steel is his new nick name here. We call him “ol’ balls a steel”.

  11. USA says:

    Patriot Point,
    According to C*A Freemasons are a column of the FBISIS.
    And the black helicopters described in the news stories of cattle mutilations here in Cabalorado are part of the story that is a fact.
    Yes indeed, I’ve always been lucky like this. Always!

  12. USA says:

    It’s a beautiful morning along the Cabalorado front range. Cows are sounding off roll call to see if any rancher Freemasons mutilated any of them under the 2/3 moon for thier space aliens done it false flag operation but it sounds like they’re all accounted for and besides I didn’t see any Freemasons out in the middle of the night and I can see forever here. My simple friend would say, “that’s a win, win” and I say especially if you’re a cow.

  13. USA says:

    In the morning before the offices in Denver open for business cops do a sweep and run the terrorists back into hiding. Dam nest thing you ever saw. Denver is a training camp and Cabalorado a sleeper cell. Obama moved Somali Muslims into the forest behind my other house and when Trump got elected I had Sessions get them out of there.

    Most people might never even experience most of the things I have/am but I have always been lucky this way.

  14. USA says:

    “Donald J. Trump
    The Left has become totally unhinged. They no longer care what is Right for our Country!”

    Uhh, what is left for $200?

  15. USA says:

    3am here watching 2/3 moon go behind the mountains hearing the cattle saying, waaall, waaaaaall, so apparently they want it too.

  16. USA says:

    Pro tip,
    Pull the rubber gasket out of the lid of your now empty ammo can and place rabbit or other game into it with fresh veggies a pinch of salt and spice if you have some in your pack and fill with water then place it directly into the hot coals for 20 minutes. Remove and enjoy.

  17. rick says:

    my theory on the Barr appointment(curious on other patriots opinions on it). Barr appears to be “friendly” with Mueller and seems to be unwilling to interfere in his “investigation”. What I see is that Trump is holding the FISA declas “ace in the hole card”. So no matter what Mueller recommends or writes in his report, Trump has that card that can be played in response that (in my opinion) would nullify everything about Muellers report.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      I watched the entire hearing yesterday. Barr is a master of words on his feet and appears fairly conservative in his mindset, shows sustain for the idiot dem senators, and said what I think he needed to say on Mueller. If that’s how he truly feels and Trump is dirty, he’s fucked. However, he’s no dummy and sees how Trump isnunder attack. He towed the line on the wall and immigration to a T. Perhaps even if he doesn’t like Trump personally, he likes the policies Trump is capable of producing and will support them by helping to neutralize Mueller. Trump either found his ‘criminal’ lawyer or just built his own gallows with this appointment.

      1. USA says:

        I’m saving 1000’ of barbed wire from this roll I’m working off of today Mr. Crane+ for the lynchings. Do you think it’s enough?

  18. USA says:

    Do you know what you get when they kill you like the local miners?
    A new cemetery, museum to display your shit like a trophy, narrative guards like MSM, Larps, Big John and they teach you to say, “oh that can never happen in America” and then they steal your vote and rinse/repeat. Trump is earning Americans on his Twitter on a much more diplomatic way than you are being warned here. I’ve always been lucky to be short on diplomacy.
    Think I’m fun here? Should see my at a county commissioners meeting. I’ll probably have to extend the height of my fences to 10’ now to keep them out due to these posts.

  19. USA says:

    I can’t copy the link but here’s the headline on Fox News. Their giving free lessons on how to run people down with your vehicle today.
    “Fleeing pedestrians swiped by truck that sped onto sidewalk in video”
    A must see for those planning chaos.

  20. USA says:

    You wanna visit? Just watch High Plains Drifter and it is exactly the place right down to the landscape and nature of people. Not a damn thing is here is any different than in the movie.

  21. USA says:

    Local attorneys advise for dealing with pesky Freemasons is, “get a gun”. The Sheriffs advise is, “be sure and drag em inside if you shoot em”. My advise is “train them because only more Freemasons will come if those expire”. You don’t kill a dog for shitting in the house, you train it better.

  22. USA says:

    While people decry end of days and Trump decrys border wall I’m confident that end of days started back when they killed all the miners in my nearest small town for mining what the globalist claimed was globalist ore. 25 miles over bad unpaved 4 wheel drive road gets you there from here. It’s mostly condemned 40 years ago yet somehow they continue to still survive there on an average 23 grand a year per household at best. Best thing they have going is fantastic cinnamon rolls. Hookers on the corner and traffickers passing through are not noticed by law enforcement due to orders to leave the pipeline alone. Oddly enough folks think end of days are coming when clearly they have been here for years. Trump has brass though I’ll give him credit where he’s earned it trying to turn this around and I pledge my continued support to him but no one else. I have seen the corruption the others contain and I trust the rattlesnakes in my yard more.

  23. USA says:

    Anons are dialing in on Freemasons. They will find a target rich environment. Should look at them for lots of things, false flags, production, trafficking, running people off their land, destruction of property and more. Pretty sure the large grow operation straight out my window about 2 miles is the handy work of these criminals and pretty sure the little private airports sorrounding me are theirs including the huge airport that can land the largest aircraft we have which is 5 miles west of me near the train tracks. They are tried to kill me for being in their way here and found out I’m like that movie, “Hard to Kill”. I figure the heat is on them because they have stopped stalking me now for a month and I like not being stalked. So yeah Anons should continue pushing this Freemason stuff into an investigation. The Masons go after people in the middle of the night and there’s lots of them. They come from different directions at the same time. It is best to have many high capacity magazines and multiple weapons within arms reach at all times or you could be fucked. They aren’t able to sustain return fire and can run quite fast considering the cowboy boots. They’re like any other criminal in that if you fight back they flee. Which makes me think why did they even bother with that shit in the first place if they weren’t anymore dedicated that that. Perhaps it’s an issue of IQ. And this is why liberals want to take your guns so you’re defenseless against their Cabal hit men.

  24. USA says:

    Man, the shit is flying globally very hard.
    Death to the NWO!
    🇺🇸 USA, USA, USA, USA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Get em Trump!

  25. USA says:

    So now you’re deleting posts here like on fake book?
    You’re thin skin is showing and proving my point is accurate.
    Thank you!

  26. USA says:

    Apparently Crack is free, in DC.
    And why not, it’s not even part of America. It’s a totally foreign country ruling over America from its own sovereign nation.

  27. USA says:

    How is it Trump is saying there were only a dozen or so corrupt FBISIS that are now removed (not arrested) which makes current FBISIS saints again? Dindonuffins?

    Sorry but I didn’t just fall off the Buckboard yesterday.

  28. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    Dang y’all! i had a dream in the night last night that drove me straight to my feet! i dreamed the pakistani guy that runs the corner store tried to I.D. me for a dr.pepper and a hot link sandwich .awoke seriously pissed off! now that by golly would be my absolute red line with the deep state! man ,gotta have that dr.pepper first thing in the morning.man was i relieved to know its was just a dream.well have to admit i had to wonder where that one came from, figured if were the little people….(cherokee legend) ,bringing it to me and messing with my head,i’d be forbidden to mention for 7 years anyways…must be the qanon…. just too much qanon the only logical conclusion.

    1. USA says:

      On the reality side of things when I go into a bank now in Cabalorado they request to see my gun permit as if it is showing. How about where you live?

      I always pull out my pocket version of the Constitution and thumb through it for minutes while backing up third line and then I state the 2nd amendment out loud for all to hear and they take two sets back from the counter as if my white American self is a terrorist. They don’t ask customers of color for anything beyond a drivers license.

      Is this going on in your state?

  29. USA says:

    I’m 40 miles out of the big city and can see the glow at night. 25 of those miles are over bad unpaved unmaintained 4 wheel drive road and my electricity never goes off for any reason nor do I having plumbing issues and I can’t wait till the liberals burn the economy and light the cities on fire cause it’s going to be fun to watch from here though I won’t get to see the blacks running out of Circuit City with big screens or out of the Nike store with boxes of shoes my view will be nothing short of fantastic. Just remember one thing. If you think you’re going to come here and steal my shit I’m waiting for you and you might not get exactly what you came for. I still split wood by hand here because splitters are for pussies and I don’t like liberals of any color, remember that. Consider it.

  30. USA says:

    Can go back to waxing ICBM’s (fantasy) if you like. Reality seems to have killed the conversation as always.
    Welcome to Fantasy Island (USA), da plane, da plane.
    Yep fantasy land USA is how this happened and yes it is by design folks and you fell for it whole heartedly.
    I’m from where if you don’t hunt you don’t eat and you know what’s for dinner by what is walking through the yard. It’s called reality and it doesn’t come out of a freezer bag from Safeway.

  31. USA says:

    In my rural mountain neighborhood people were always outside walking and enjoying the outdoors but that was 6 years ago. Now nobody can be found outside the house because they’re terrified for their lives. And rightfully so, bodies are being found and it’s on the rise dramatically.

    Okay now go back to crickets.

  32. USA says:

    It is my opinion based on my experience that it is not that Trump is trying to save the country because it’s our last chance but worse, that we’re trying to drag it back up out of the depths of hell because it’s already gone there.

  33. USA says:

    Due to U.N. Agenda 21, 2030 etc they go door to door here on rural land to pit citizens against each other so they can get in the middle to push the agenda forward. I too asked why? What in the hell is going on and after researching this is what I learned.
    “They” are the invasion force in this country. All while they say, “no I’m not” and this is the best line I have heard so far, “well, I need this job to pay my bills”.
    Oh yeah, Trump has much work to do.

  34. USA says:

    Installing a simple security camera set up bought at Costco and you’re public enemy #1 so be sure to then add 8’ fence with padlocks gates that are also 8’ tall or they will climb over. No shit!

  35. USA says:

    Sheriffs here broadcast to the community to notify them of anybody who has security cameras because they don’t want their crime caught on camera.

  36. USA says:

    In Cabalorado if you install home security the criminals (Cabal) will come to your house and interrogate you about it then place you on their list and never go away because they are stalker scum. They will say private property rights do not exist and tell you to move from property that you own. To those who may say “oh that can’t happen in America” I would like to punch for their ignorance and I’m not a violent person but one can only stand so much of scummy ignorant brainwashed trash.

  37. USA says:

    Like an Anaconda he is slowly moving into position as to not lose gains or put us at risk beyond what we are now which is a lot. You don’t kick a Rattlesnake away. Got here incrementally will go back same path. Running through a mine field is not how to maneuver one. Useing border to put military boots on ground is duel purpose strategy.
    I don’t think you guys understand the full depth of the deep water. In my state this is right at my door. My household is in extreme danger. One wrong move, that’s all it takes. A fucking sneeze can trigger it. I’m the only Red guy in a blue state. Shit is tense beyond belief. Bodies are showing up all over the fucking place because it is very dangerous now. So, I just don’t think you guys get the weight of the situation but I do because I’m trying to stay alive in it. Others around are building very tall fences too and locking down hard to keep them out because we are under attack and not just on the internet and southern border. Trump supporters here are marked for death. So chill the fuck out, alright.

  38. Cynthia Shaeffer says:

    Well Q was spot on with the Saudi arrests and bank account freezing. That was posted and happened simultaneously. So I remain confident this is legit.

    1. BigJohn says:

      Yeah, you’re still not back on your meds, are you? I’m a radical Muslim now? That’s hilarious. I don’t believe in magical fairies in the sky. Religion will be the death of us all someday. Even Qanon uses it to manipulate people.

      So far the only people getting arrested are Trump associates. You know, Don the Con, the traitor in chief, Putin’s lap dog? If he is involved with Qanon he’s an even bigger traitor than I thought. He wants a military coup to get him out of his Russia troubles. His wall fight, just a distraction from the Russia probe. If he really wanted the wall so bad he’d have shut down the government when Republicans wouldn’t give him what he wants. They would have bent to his will. Instead he waited until Dems took the House and it was a sure thing it would be a long and protracted fight. It’s all just a distraction.

  39. Gray says:

    I’m so sick and tired of all this bullshit. NOTHING has come of any of the theories indicating some mass takedown of powerful deep state actors. NOTHING has come of any of the Hillary or Obama camp going down. I’m beginning to believe that our country is screwed. Am I wrong?

    1. Soap-box-sal says:

      Nothing, zero, nada. Q is fake, Trump is fiddling while USA burns. Look at the what has happened under Trump; Media censorship, (nothing done), Voter fraud (nothing done), all Democrat crimes allowed to be covered up by Mueller, (nothing done), U1, FISA, PODESTA, (Nothing done.) The Union and Trump under attack and Trump refuses to fight back! Allows mass censorship. QANON IS MASS MENTAL ILLNESS AND BIGGEST, SUCCESSFUL PSYOP IN HISTORY!

    2. vaterman says:

      I’m with you. I’ve been following these posts for quite some time now and I’m not seeing anything going down. Its almost like its some kind of psychological ops to keep us at bay, satisfied if you will.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        well its a sad thing there vaterman ,i remember beaming with pride in being an american when younger about how great we had it here and knowing we were from the greatest country in the world. we are still ,but still not the perfect union we could be. id like to say we’d all wake up tomorrow with our heads on right and try again to strive to gain a little more of that perfect union,but so many people of so many different wavelengths and pursuing different agendas. all any of us can do is try to follow what we think is right …all this will shake out eventually.hell there are 330,000,000 of us…americans…. think they’d have the guts to try to take us if we could find common ground again like in years past and learn to recognise each others struggles and find the common bond again?…not that anybody is ever gonna all agree but now how do we do that? how did we lose sight and let things get this bad with the division in the country?

    3. Cali In Crisis says:

      Nothing has happened? Pay attention, Fakewood pedophiles and/or their friends are being arrested left and right…Weinstein, Epstein, Spacey and others. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew over 21 times on the Lolita Express suggesting he was an active participant. None of us know what is happening behind the scenes but obviously something is happening. Bad actors (former CIA and FBI officials) are striking deals and talking…if they release the FISA docs too soon it could jeopardize the entire deep state take down.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        i saw on the news last night that a priest somewhere got his 14 year sentence somewhere. i see a thing or 2 happening here or there but not on the scale it seemed to be alleged to be.remember some of these people still get their day in court too though..unfortunately if they are guilty.

    4. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      God grant me the serenity to change the things i can,to accept the things i can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. screwed if we give in.stay neutral …make whoever this is prove it. all we can do for now is watch and learn. maybe this is a possible heads up,possible it’s not. there is only one master we need to all worry about serving in the long run. i suggest we pray for keeping what we have, true or untrue…..Storm.or steve

        1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

          plenty, so do they …playing with gas is extremely dangerous.it’s why it comes in a red can .the best fire is the one you avoid as long as you can and at all costs Denny. never be the one to light the first match .maybe we won’t get burned up by our own fire.

          1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            and besides… i am storm….think lightning,son! of course all that static electricity floating around and electric shock treatments did kind of fry my brain.no problem… hahaha right?

  40. Ick says:

    Why is it that you are so sure that these people can be “brought to justice” by the means of the very institutions that they themselves govern and control? It seems incredibly naive. That’s just not how the world works.

    1. Soap-box-sal says:


    2. Soap-box-sal says:

      ALEX JONES IS RIGHT! QANON IS BULLSHIT! Nothing, zero, nada. Q is fake, Trump is fiddling while USA burns. Look at the what has happened under Trump; Media censorship, (nothing done), Voter fraud (nothing done), all Democrat crimes allowed to be covered up by Mueller, (nothing done), U1, FISA, PODESTA, (Nothing done.) The Union and Trump under attack and Trump refuses to fight back! Allows mass censorship. QANON IS MASS MENTAL ILLNESS AND BIGGEST, SUCCESSFUL PSYOP IN HISTORY!

    3. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      there it is! but you don’t have to agree with it if,and if its true.beyond that ,what? lynch mob justice? never happen .get shot down in the street or locked up.but why are they telling you this stuff….to get you mad and see how you react.by showing you how little the other side supposedly think of you. neither side care .think jigsaw puzzle,think too many missing pieces to see the big beautiful balloon their floating without seeing the wood grain coffee table below that your building the puzzle on, showing the bridge to nowhere in the background..if only you had more pieces to see it in complete form, but in typical Q fashion always leave us wanting more of the missing pieces.maybe then we’d all see what a waste of time that 3 dollar bargain box of pieces brought us. it’s a hoax.

  41. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    thanks there denny boy,but gotta pass.gives the old evan williams a bad aftertaste .perhaps for the neighbor’s dog that never quits barking.you’ve got to make them miserable and uncomfortable beyond what it is worth in coming here.it’s going to be a real effort because they will endure a lot of shit just for the chance to get in.it’s still wrong decision regarding neighbors to the south.nothing ever changes though.except for the non-working players in d.c.

  42. BigJohn says:

    Right wingers think I’m a leftist. Leftists accuse me of being a right winger. I think people on both extremes are nuts. I’ve always been opposed to the wall, long before Trump, because I knew it was a stupid idea. Money has never been a problem for me. I was born into money. I haven’t made a pile of it, never will. Gave up on that a long time time ago. Lawyers don’t make nearly as much as people think, especially small town lawyers in the South where the economy sucks and nobody has any money to pay lawyers. The Bureau of Labor statistics says the median annual income for lawyers in my area is only around $50k and the mean something like $63k. Fortunately I’ve never had to worry about money. It’s not a big motivator for me. I inherited a whole lot of it and didn’t blow that like people often do. I just need to make enough to get by until I retire which is pretty easy for me, especially having a wife who makes more than me. I’m just a lucky bastard I guess.

  43. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    ive been seeing those fence sections lifted with the boom lifts… the boom doesn’t bend much. therefore cant be that think a metal pipe…maybe 1/4 inch…. want to slow them coming through? fill cores with a very smelly liquid.maybe someone who makes cheap perfumes knows what stinks too. i’m thinking skunk scent… would need to be non corrosive,non toxic,cheap,with lingering pungent odor.if they cut into fence they get saturated in something that stinks worse than it is worth at least by cutting into it.

  44. BigJohn says:

    Oh, and on what you said about how Dems ought to just agree to the $5.7 billion because it’s not so much money, I don’t completely disagree on that. The problem is that they can’t give in for the same reason Trump can’t give in. Their base would never forgive them. They can’t just roll over now that they’ve taken control of Congress. Trump is going to have to give them a lot to appease their base. He’s put himself into a tough position here. He’s set a trap for himself. He either has to just give up on this for now or agree to major concessions that aren’t going to sit well with a lot of Republicans. Either option is bad for him.

    I don’t know what is going to happen. My guess is they will work this out in some way that will let both Trump and the Dems save face to some extent and then they’ll both declare victory when really neither side will have won. He underestimated their resolve and overestimated his ability to pin the blame for the shutdown on them. They’re actually in a better position than him to extract concessions from the other side. A majority blame the shutdown on him. He owns this, like he said he would. He has to end it and it’s going to cost him.

  45. BigJohn says:

    I’m a criminal defense attorney. Drug cases are just part of that. I do like those cases I have to say, mainly because they’re easy and I’d much rather represent someone on a drug case than say a child molester. The drug crime business is drying up somewhat though. I work in two states and the one I handle most of my cases in made simple possession of all drugs a misdemeanor a while back so we can’t charge nearly as much on possession cases. Both have now legalized medical marijuana. As more states legalize weed out East we will see less and less of the marijuana mule cases because they won’t need to bring it in from states like California or Colorado anymore. They’ve gotten so easy on those recently because juries just don’t care about weed anymore. I recently worked one out where I got a guy a misdemeanor on nearly 250 lbs of weed and and a little over a thousand cannabis vaporizer e-liquid cartridges. That was a special case with special circumstances, but in general they are way easier on pot cases than they used to be in most counties where I work. Everybody sees legalization is coming. There will still always be hard drug cases though, and every other kind of criminal case. I’m an old guy who has been doing this a long time so I doubt I ever have a shortage of cases. I turn people away all the time already. Haven’t taken a child sex crime in years for instance.. Drug cases don’t pay all that well anyway because most who get in trouble are low level people and/or drug addicts who have no money and they rarely pay like they promise they’ll pay. That applies to most people caught selling or possessing with intent to deliver as well. Very few of those people actually have any money.

    I’m not worried about making money. I’ll do okay no matter what and the wife makes great money and we have quite a bit put away and we’ll likely retire in a few years anyway to enjoy life while we have our health. Working all the time while the years zoom by sucks. We both work ungodly hours and rarely ever have time for vacations. In the last five tpyears. I think we’ve gone in one vacation. I’m about to start whittling down my caseload. I’ll just charge more and require more up front which knocks out a lot of people who were going to be tough to collect from anyway. The house is paid for and the last kid is about done with college and the college account set up a long time ago is covering almost all of that. I’m finally to the point where I don’t have to work myself to death anymore and feeling pretty good about that.

    I’m not sure what you mean by turncoat. You think I want drugs coming into the country? The weed business is going away anyway with legalization happening everywhere, and hardly any weed is coming in from Mexico anymore compared to years past when most all the highway interdiction cases involved big loads of seedy Mexican. The other drugs are coming wall or no wall. Weed I’ve actually pushed to get legalized even though I have made a lot of money on those cases over the years. I think trying in vain to keep up that ban has done us far more harm than good. I hate the other drugs though, meth, cocaine and pills like OxyContin and now heroin which is actually pretty new to my area now that the pills are becoming harder to get. I make some money on those cases but mostly I just get crappy drug addicted clients who lie to me all the time and never pay and tell me they are showing up but don’t show up and who are just generally a pain in the ass. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make those drugs disappear off the face of the Earth, but nobody has a magic wand and as long as there is demand for those drugs that demand will be met. A wall would not stop them from coming in. I don’t think a wall would affect my business one way or the other. And I’m on my way out anyway. I’ll retire in less than ten years and will be slowing down in the mean time just working enough to keep from dipping into my retirement until it’s time to retire. I’ve busted my ass for too long and I don’t need to do that anymore. Good thing my wife and I are cheap asses that barely spend any money and always paid debts off quickly because we can’t stand paying interest. We’ll retire early and do so quite comfortably. I’m not waiting until I’m 67. I’m not worried about a few hundred more a month in Social Security. We’ve been fortunate financially and have always tried to live well below our means so we had money for emergencies and could max out our retirement savings. The goal was always to retire early.

  46. BigJohn says:

    And you call me delusional. I’ve represented people who have brought huge loads of drugs obpver the bordernright through the border crossing point. Although I’ve avoided becoming a mob lawyer, I’ve handled many many cases where my clients were being paid by organized crime groups and carrying product owned by these types. In El Chapo’s trial that is going on right now there has been a lot of testimony about how much they were bringing in and how it was coming in, mostly through border crossing points, right through security, and the rest was coming on fishing boats and through tunnels. It’s been shot out of cannons and catapults over walls, flown in on drones and rc airplanes. So much comes in hidden in shipping containers and tractor trailer loads. The demand is huge as is the money to be made, so this will all keep happening.

    Most of the smuggling activity has already stopped though. In the past it was mostly all marijuana coming over both because the demand for marijuana is much higher than the demand for all other illegal drugs combined and also because even though they compress it into bricks over there marijuana is far more bulky than drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin. They can carry more weight of these powered drugs in a smaller space and these drugs are much more expensive by weight than marijuana and the profit margins are higher, so they don’t have to make nearly as many smuggling runs with those drugs. Demand for drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin is limited though. Only a tiny fraction of Americans use these drugs compared to marijuana. All they do when they bring too much in is tank prices, dropping their profit margins and making it harder for them to sell product that has been cut too much. Losing the pot business to American producers is a big part of the reason for all the violence lately in Mexico. They are fighting over what remains of the illegal drug business now that the pot business is drying up.

    Again, I personally don’t care if more wall is built, but I am not nearly as optimistic about what it will do because I understand the realities of the situation. People who really want to come here will figure it out. Drug dealers will get their product here as long as there is demand and piles of money to be made. They weren’t going way out beyond where the walls ended much anyway. The bulk of it was coming much faster ways. A wall from sea to shining sea wouldn’t change the way they do things much, and if they do have to change things up, that is not a problem for them. They adapt and thrive. The demand is always met. There is too much money to be made for us to change that. It’s practically a law of nature, human nature at least. It flows like water, always finding the path of least resistance, and if there is no path the bad guys make one.

    I almost hope they do build the damned walls just to prove you guys wrong. If Trump could wave a magic wand and have the wall built tomorrow though he wouldn’t do it. For him the fight is what’s important. This is him slaying imaginary dragons for his followers. He’s great at creating imaginary dragons and convincing his followers that he is the only one who can slay them. That’s why he’s always doing things like exaggerating the heck out of the crime rate and the problems at the border. He wants you afraid and outraged. He rallies the troops, manipulating you the whole way. That’s his thing. It works for him.

    Anyway, I’m not going to convince you of anything and it is rather pointless trying. At least you have figured out that Qanon is a scam. There’s hope for you.

  47. BigJohn says:

    Denny, you are of above average intelligence I woulld say. USA has an IQ of around 79 or 80 I would guess, but you’re over a 100. You’re not a dumbass, just wrong, but not all the way wrong. The walls do make it more difficult which is going to keep some people from even trying. We have walls in and around urban areas and I’m sure those stop a lot of people from crossing. Around a third of our Southern borders have some sort of barriers. For the most part, to cross where there is no barrier means going way out in the boonies and walking for weeks in the desert. A lot of people die every year trying to come here. Many more no doubt would like to come but they don’t want to go to all that effort and risk.

    Personally, I am not opposed to adding a little to the walls, especially in places where vehicles are still coming through. At a minimum there need to be vehicle barriers in those spots. We should be watching where people are coming and add barriers there and create choke points to send people where they will be quickly picked up.

    Even a wall all the way across the border wouldn’t stop that many people though because already for the most part these folks coming across our Southern border not through the border crossing points are highly motivated to come. A bunch are snuck in through the border crossing points though and most of the drugs come through those. Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of new illegal aliens are people who came in with visas and overstayed their welcome, by the way. But those who walk weeks in the desert though, they’re highly motivated and they’ll bring a shovel or a ladder or a metal saw and they’ll still come in wall or no wall. We will have wasted a fortune on construction and ongoing maintenance and manning the wall and we’ll hardly stop anyone from coming in. It’s just a stupid idea that does appeal mostly just to stupid people. You aren’t stupid though. You’re more of a hardcore racist right wing zealot, a man on a mission, and that prevents you from thinking straight and using common sense and all that. But no, I don’t think you are a dumbass. A dipshit though? I think that’s fair.

  48. BigJohn says:

    It wouldn’t stop 80% of anything, dipshit. Haven’t you seen in the news how hundreds of people have tunneled under the existing walls in the past couple of weeks? All the walls do is make things a little more difficult. People who really want to come in will figure out a way.

    And Trump deserves what he gets. He’s the shadiest president in the history of this country. If he’s a genius at anything, it’s manipulating stupid people, the con job. Otherwise he’s an incompetent buffoon who is in way over his head. He needs to go back to reality TV where he belongs.

  49. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    c’mon denny that aint the spirit….just when he thought he was out,they drag him back in …from godfada or some shit… gotta hand it to ole trump on the abrupt re route of the speaker of the house….clever! if he were smart,he would not turn her luggage loose until well infested with bedbugs.the mechanical ones too…i mean all’s fair…they did spy on him first.i’d have loved to have seen the look on that old hag’s face when she was made aware the military option wasn’t there for her. bet it wasn’t selfie material……come fly with me ( think song)and the rest of all us deplorables.

  50. USA says:

    Oh I’m not fooled Mr. Qrane+, trust me. I know a 3rd world banana republic when I see it. USA and Mexico is identical twins. With both parties dragging the country into the ditch for the final death throws we all are toast. Failure to correct the problem is treason and they’re all guilty of selling the country out. All of them.

  51. USA says:

    Uranium 1 is just the beginning and it includes a large swath of the Cabalorado front range which in case you didn’t notice is populated so to get rid of the people you murder them off and put their shit in a museum and chalk it up to history. They have already done this in Walsenburg Cabalorado (and other places) to hide the diamond pipes and coal for future globalist production at a very low cost through immigrant slavery. Identical to how they brought in Shang hide Chinese to mine copper/gold at the California Ingalls mine to the tune of over 30 head of them of which they hid in the forest so we would retain little knowledge of it.
    They don’t want to just murder us to open the borders and swing the vote. It’s about consuming the mineral wealth beneath our feet at very low production and regulation costs to fleece us of our birthright, our wealth. They are murdering thieves.
    I am a hard rock miner and mining laboratory technician so I do ultimately know this first hand. Not just a whacky larp. I extract minerals from solid rock that I remove from beneath the surface of the earth.😎
    I work veins of (quartz sulfide ore) gold plus strategic minerals that are over 30’ wide, 400’ tall and thousands of feet long in the Mother Lode where all other Mother Lode ore is derived from so the info is first hand. They need you to believe America is mined out but that couldn’t be further from reality.

  52. USA says:

    You left out that it’s why they’re bringing in 3rd world slaves to kill us off and be mine slaves for much less the cost than Americans. Sorta like a Mad Max movie but reality. Agenda 21, 2030-2050 at its finest.

  53. USA says:

    Yet somehow still smarter than a liberal.

    Watching them mill around is identical to looking into the city from my advantage point on the outside. There is absolutely no difference except the cows don’t get a museum when they’re murdered off.

  54. USA says:

    Dude, they’re driving nice new vehicles and have like 3 each all paid for by us. They don’t even work. They own nice homes in excess of a couple hundred grand all bought and paid for by us and yes they are armed also because I have asked them. Gov has invaded our country with an enemy force already and it is why Cabalorado is a sleeper cell.

  55. USA says:

    Fucking aye, military boots on the ground already!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Standing by ready to assist let’s do this shit!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barbed wire is on the truck ready for mass lynchings so let’s, “git er done” and let’s not forget the attorneys.

  56. USA says:

    Should have seen how angry they got when Sessions said “weed” but I’m guessing it’s not a quarter of how angry they will get when Trump begins rounding up thier pedo rings. Will be see a lot of cops and policians doing the perp walk. Even in red districts.

  57. USA says:

    I’m certain she is from Cabalarado and we have a new soy boy Zionist fag pedo governor running the state now that will finish us off. It is no longer survivable here unless you live on a few thousand acres far from the city to keep them away. I’m so full of testosterone/toxic masculinity that I could eat soy all day every day and it would have no affect. When I go to town women just stare at me offended because they know they can’t boss me around know they missed one. My women likes me though even though she screams at me all night long.

    Nick sorts through it.

  58. rick says:

    totally agree! even products/supplements that used to not have soy in them now have soy in them! “They” may say soy doesn’t negatively affect men but the evidence is all around us that soy emasculates men and turns them into liberal snowflake pussies

  59. USA says:

    Yeah, the farmers here grow soy and when I pass a field of it I always pull over and get out and piss on it to put a little male hormone back into it.

  60. USA says:

    I unfortunately have them in my family and I’m no longer allowed to verbally assault them because it hurts their feelings. Can you even imagine this bullshit? Hurts their feelings,,, of coarse the truth hurts their feelings because they exist within a fantasy created by globalists/CIAISIS. Was my entire point to crush the illusion so yeah the feelings had to be SMASHED! I’m damn proud of it and want to crush em more but now there is protection getting in my way. I will get em though, it’s my nature.

  61. USA says:

    My post concerning something I guess the military doesn’t think the dems know about and perhaps they don’t know then.
    Military is here dude so if you think we’re anons we’re not but I don’t care I love my country so mums the word. Dems won’t hear it from me that……………..

  62. USA says:

    Trying to get me killed?

    So then I’m watching an old white lady try and deposit a check into her account and them asking for so many forms of ID that nobody could comply. Totally breaking the old gals balls while young folks and nonwhite folks are walking through like a grocery checkout with no hassle at all.

    Point is in Cabalorado if you’re Christian, old, white and/or patriotic in appearance you will encounter problems for being such. I, obviously attack such attention everywhere I go and I’m damn proud of it. I’m hated for these things and yet still alive because I’m meaner than them. They better have quick access to their safe space if they fuck with me. 😎die hard American Trump supporter here. Only movies I watch are Clint Eastwood.

  63. USA says:

    And Barr is an avid supporter of military tribunals/Executions. Though a single good apple in a barrel full of apples is still a barrel of bad apples where I come from and you can’t make cider with bad apples and I want cider.
    FBISIS administrative state of corruption needs to be abolished. It is nothing more than a terrorist organization.

  64. BigJohn says:

    Trump and Sessions don’t have anything to do with it. Rarely are these people charged in federal court. State prosecutors prosecute these cases and were doing that long before Trump became president. Feds really don’t prosecute that many criminal cases at all compared to state prosecutors and of course federal criminal justice reform doesn’t really change things for the vast majority of criminal cases because most all are filed in state courts. Child molesters are prosecuted all the time and usually slammed pretty hard. In states like mine juries recommend the sentences and you’d probably do better in front of a jury if you killed somebody than if you had charges for sexually assaulting little kids. Multiple consecutive life terms aren’t all that uncommon for crimes that carry up to life. I had a client get multiple consecutive life terms in one of those cases before. It was an awful case with overwhelming evidence. A judge appointed me because the public defender claimed some nonexistent conflict of interest because he really didn’t want the case. I got this moron a ten year prison offer and told him he’d better take it or he’d get multiple life terms. Actually I told him that and that the offer would go up to 25 years when the prosecutor took the time to look at what he had so he needed to take that ten or get multiple life terms at trial, and everything Intold him would happen did haplen. I wanted to crawl under the table that entire trial, definitely took my name off of all criminal case appointment lists after that. I like to be able to say no to cases and fire my clients if necessary. They don’t tend to go easy on child molesters. The cases that make it to the news are generally the exceptions. The ones where somebody gets a slap on the wrist for something heinous are newsworthy because they invoke outrage, which sells newspapers, keeps people tuned in on TV or clicking on their computers which means advertising dollars. That leaves the public with a false impression of what really goes on in the system though.

  65. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    hell, i’m not seeing it. there is a local case going near here where a 30 something year old lured a 13-14 year old boy into a cab he drove pretending to be a 14 year old girl who wanted to meet up with him .raped and murdered the boy.somehow he had his death sentence thrown out because supposedly he didn’t get a fair trial the first time. think d.n.a. is what convicted him + other stuff left in the ditch he tossed the boy out into .they’ll come to the same conclusion all over again.think snip snip while awaiting court date and bang bang when he gets re convicted… he’ll be sent out with dignity and humanely..Why…the boy wasn’t. sickening. then there is another fairly local case too where the 20 something year old claimed two men stole here 6 month old baby…the police quickly began the search and found the baby about 100 yards away laying in a campfire. well she is locked up and awaiting trial but sure as shit ,somebody will say she didn’t get a fair trial either .id like to be on that next jury…either.

  66. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    im worried about some here that see this stuff ,not the talking we are doing,but the stuff they are reading and seeing that becomes too real for them in their minds.i don’t think they can handle all of it to take it for what it is.it just drives them closer to the edge.it’s the ones out there too that just read without commenting.all the crap out there outside of qanon is designed to wear us down.the weaker among us it affects the quickest.

  67. USA says:

    >Declares war on us then says we did it.<

    The liberal screams in pain as he strikes you.

    Piss off BJ. I declare peace but your system requires war to sustain itself.

  68. USA says:

    Nah, Big John says not to and you know he is an Attorney in a small town with a great big federal courthouse with patrolling security guards right outside his window all in a small town USA setting and that makes him a legend in his own mind of corruption or rather a bold faced liar.

  69. USA says:

    Dunno man it’s totally insane here.

    So then to get a break back to reality I go to my hunting lodge hundreds of miles away out in the middle of thousands of acres of open range and sourrounded by Freemasons that say there are UFO’s and space aliens and that they communicate with them telepathically and then they go pull fake cattle mutilations and bring in MUFON saying space aliens did it. They say the Air Force dispatch’s F-16’s to come and chase the aliens away but they seem to forget that I have been here for over 10 years and have never seen a UFO or aliens from space just ones from south of the border. If you reject their insane space alien scam they will stalk you and ultimately come to kill you in the night which has been my experience.
    So in short, this place is too far gone to save.

    Can watch people’s fences grow in heighth to keep them out and we’re finding multiple fences that are layered apart in distance work best and I bet you can figure out why.

  70. USA says:

    I don’t know but I think they would smash in your door and steal your kids and traffic them off. They have all kinds of scams once on their list. They will send official looking letters from the state demanding access to come inside your house to reinspect stuff that was inspected when it was built. They will show up waving fake papers around outside to lure you into sight/range. They will throw lit cigarettes in your weeds to burn you out. They will send lefty’s to put dog shit on your cars top, etc. the place is mad,totally mad. If Trump thinks he’s going to fix America he better clean house all the way down to county level here. They will come and park in front of your house here in the middle of the night every single night at exactly the same time to threaten you because they are stalker trash. They will encircle your house during the day and case you in the open because they’re evil. Taking pictures and looking how to get past your security. Once your on their list they’re dangerously stalking you 24/7. Total evil scum like in a thriller movie.
    It used to be nice here, but no longer is.

  71. USA says:

    Only a total fool would talk to FBISIS due to anything stated would be twisted into lieing to them which is a crime for a reason so they can imprison anybody they want. It’s a scam = suckers bet. Trump is no sucker, well maybe for hot women he is but beyond that he is not stupid and the fact he likes females is a tremendous improvement over the last cocksuckers.

  72. USA says:

    You left out drying up the Mississippi River and blowing that fracture apart and nuking us and releasing bio weapons, earthquakes etc.
    Big John has already done his part so now they will expand upon it.

  73. BigJohn says:

    You guys need to chill out. There won’t be any civil war. If there is it will only be a handful of conspiracy theory nuts with guns who are quickly dispatched and the rest of us won’t think of it as a war, just a few crazies who went off the rails and got what was coming to them. Stop encouraging violence. You’re just going to get people hurt, killed or put in prison.

  74. USA says:

    Sending military to southern border may help but if you could only see what is out my window you would know for fact it is very far from “touchdown”. In my blue state I am 100% surrounded to the point they are swarming. When an entire state is total NWO ANTI-AMERICAN = Satan’s communism it is not where you want to be. No such thing such as protection from the state here it is anti white American pro illegal immigration sanctuary. My state is a death sentence to America. America is my States enemy and my state declares war. It’s a direct threat against all living things even bacteria.
    Tip, Trump & military can’t save us all.
    It is 10 years too late.

  75. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    hahahaha yall need to quit. oh hey !do we get a refund if Q never releases the fisa but is still talking about it in 6 months?

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