1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    by the way ,gotta look up that one too.troll. not sure that m.o.s. gotta say i like q’s style since i finally get him now . im way too serious for my own good,but i am sincere. tell ‘q…3rd person ,steve said he is alright.

  2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    nah q, you are an intelligent guy,clearly. you seem to leave stuff for us to find from time to time.good researcher.not completely sure which side of the isle you are on but i think more i see you here and read the stuff you post,your just a guy who likes to jerk peoples chain. i razz you like you do me but i dont have bad opinion of you larp or no larp. had it not been for you,i’d have been clueless as to what the term meant. i think you are disillusioned with the way things are and too cynical anything will change.i do think q is an outside actor. i’d bet they are in D.C.they are in the know..could be a foreign powers diplomat who knows the scoop there and is reading the temp of the everyday joe on the street. i think their objective isn’t necessarily to defeat us,but to weaken us to the point of irrelevance. bottom line is.we need to decide where we stand.decide whether or not we can accept losing what we have now .to risk buying into what we hear as if the ”truth”. im convinced chaos is what whoever is behind this wants.id almost swear to it…no one knows the evil that lurks in the minds of the other .if we survive all the black lives matter stuff,and racial division stuff,can find a fair middle ground ,then i think we have a chance. if we can’t we all lose this one.can we live with that is the question we should ask ourselves.

    1. Seza says:

      No clue… Can you not keep up? Read and verify q Facts don’t just be a stunned dem. We are kind of sick of you no-minds. We dont care what you think. Infact fuck off.

    2. Q+ says:

      Q+ is a good guy. Q+ loves the country. Q+ thinks Q is a LARP and is disappointed that it is so instead of being real. Q+ likes to reference himself in the third person. Q+ likes his Mulligatawny soup! Q+ is a prankster. Q+ likes to tease the people he likes. Q+ is also a troll. Q+ trolls and harasses the people he thinks are bad or stupid or I’m dore need of being taught a lesson. Q+ hasn’t trolled anyone here… yet… but Q+ might.

      Also, Denny Crane is my very good friend and imaginary TV lawyer! Come on Denny, say those two magic words that bring me such comfort…

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        Q or Denny Crane or Big John got to hand it to you son…well done,well done.look at some of those things i mentioned to you too. the problem is all of us.not just one side or the other..what we give back has to match or exceed what we take away or leave as trash.look close at wasteful spending from congress and try to figure out just “why ” they’d give money to the study of treadmill running shrimp or the study of duck penises .wished i were making it up. i’m sure it has a reason to somebody,but we have bigger problems than just politics.i’ve been to China.seen them lust after the american dream so badly that they poison the air and their water quality is beyond repair . not quite as bad here but bad enough to start causing massive die offs of things.we need smart people who are capable of looking at every side of the box we are trapped in ,the tribal mentalities we have been stuck in because our leaders never seem to keep their eye on the ball… its the money and power as it always has been.wouldn’t it be a trip if this whole thing was used to the benefit of all here .maybe a reminder of who we are,what we believe in and learning to work together like the ants do … i could show them how to make that wall work,but i will remain silent on it…. its a 5.6 million dollar bandaid over a festering wound . we’ve got to get the situation for them fixed and make these people do their jobs they were elected to do and the less politics the better.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          There is no compromise between life and death, slavery and freedom, good and evil. These people touting compromise only lead to one thing and that’s leftist evil victory. Fight, fight, fight.

  3. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    no ,it really happened…wife gave consent under guise of searching for the toothbrush she had stolen…she was a hoochie and a thief…guy wasn’t violent.just had a drug problem and a cheating whore for a wife.kind of guy that would give you the back off his shirt if you needed but not perfect like none of us are to varying degrees.absolutely no excuse for what they did.the law over there is notorious for heavy-handedness and always has .it doesn’t work to their favor despite their effort to stop drug use.he didn’t have money for a lawyer that’d been good enough to have fought that D.A. in the case… he took a plea,and was out in 3 months.last i heard he was rebuilding his life with a new wife after rebuilding his house.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        got you q…mgtow …looked it up. thanks in a way sort of i reckon. but hell yes if referring to what the old boys wife i mentioned did to him .you mentioned once being more of a steve harvey guy…figured you’d be more of a rodney dangerfield or andrew dice clay kind of guy.man when the q phenomenon blows over,you know there is a real problem you ought to look at. i dont say that to many people because most smart folks already have a job,and thus no time to research .assuming you really do live in your parents basement,and seeing you are smart.look at aquatic invasives plants and animals both in our country.the climate change barkers are in it for the money.they arent looking at the real problem.when you have time, investigate invasive foreign insects and diseases in the last century.while the govt jerks us off and robs us blind,both sides, our country and our survival is becoming more in threat .look at the ogallala water table ,water rights ,and think what those people are gonna do when their water in the west runs out …fires out west and why they happen.did you know that 100 years of logging finally put the redwood tree on the endangered species list,but less than 1 week of fires to bring mature species to critically endangered status? the naturalists not wanting to touch anything in the forest and years of built up material creating heat beyond the trees ability to survive????Q? hell anybody.frog species around the planet disappearing faster than they can be recorded in books as endangered or threatened.everywhere you look ,there is a real problem…look at the plastic refuse in the world…. it leads to all of us . we need smart people who can figure out problems and find a solution.find something you are passionate about dude and figure out how to fix it. the pricks being paid dont give a shit…kick the can you know.pretend they care and skim the money…never fix .i’m trusting you do give a shit.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          Q+ called me and told me that he’s a fan of Steve Harvey, Rodney Dangerfield, and Andrew THE DICE! Clay, and especially Ron White. I know Q+ personally. He doesn’t live with his parents, he’s more of a traveling nomad kinda guy traveling the country in his trailer living on the proceeds of stock market trading. I suspect Q+ just wanted to give you folks some satisfaction of having an answer here and there. He thought it was obvious people would know he’s not Trump.

  4. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    i knew a guy a few years back that got busted with about an ounce of coke.his wife snitched on him because she got caught stealing from where she worked. they went light on her to get him.they went in ,broke the door off the hinges after he had already opened it for them without resisting ,broke every door off his cabinets,knocked out every bit of sheetrock out of the walls broke his dishes.beat doors off the refrigerator,ripped the door from the dishwasher after he gave what he had to them in his safe.he knew he was busted. he had to sit there in cuffs and watch them destroy his entire house. they left his house wide open for the neighborhood to enter at will. never understood that…. sure he deserved to go to jail,but man! they went at it like jack booted thugs. to say overkill would be grossly understated .if you had seen the guy,he wasn’t a threat.i lost a little respect of them for that shit. that was late 80’s .doubt they could do that now. well a few of his friends tried to salvage a little of what the thieves didn’t get,which wasn’t much. i know inmates who have been abused in their cells too .they turn the cameras off ,and out come the billywhuppers and well….i don’t know man .they are supposed to be impartial and keep the peace .there is always one or 2 that want to be the judge too i reckon.most aren’t like that .but the bad ones cause problems for the good.

  5. USA says:

    “Donald J. Trump

    We lose 300 Americans a week, 90% of which comes through the Southern Border. These numbers will be DRASTICALLY REDUCED if we have a Wall!”

    How do they get lost when they have maps on their phone?

    1. BigJohn says:

      A wall wouldn’t stop any drugs from coming over. There are billions to be made and cartels will not let a wall stop them. They will go under it, over it, around it and through it. My gosh our prisons are full of drugs and they have walls and bars and guards everywhere. Get real.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        those guards gotta make their ham sammich money too. drugs selling sure buy a lot of ham.people i know who have been locked up told me they saw more drugs in the prisons than out on the street…all said the main way they get in is the guards…i’m not gonna mention the other way but you know…trust me guards know too… and that’s competition to some …don’t let money fool you! funny trump picked that song . talking about right before our eyes in plain sight. i don’t know ..just always seemed like a fake gold,fake palm tree kind of guy to me with all the glitz and glamour,but wealthy all the same.

        1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

          oh hell yes, theyll break your civil rights in a second…pull you over saying youve got a tail light out,then it’ll proceed to full blown search. want to avoid stupid hassles from them…? fill your car full level to the top of the seats with trash,car parts ,walnut seeds ,leftover burritos, or whatever… see just how far that b.s. search goes.think im joking.you know ,there is one old critter in nature i must admire in a way… can’t see well,cant run fast ,isnt real strong ,certainly isn’t really pretty,but even the meanest wild cat or the hungriest of coyotes will screw with it but once…..and that’d be a skunk. hahaha. it’s just too painful of an experience for them .hell once you figure out the critters,people are easy.ah i don’t make their jobs too hard for them, they figure out im not what they are looking for pretty quickly. i’d hate to have it ,their job.kind of a thankless one lots of time for them.it’s just respect is a two way street.it just takes one bad one to hurt the hundred good.

      2. Denny Crane says:

        If you think about it that’s basically the US govt. We just seized Chappo’s 17 billion and have an entire cottage industry built around installing, rooting for, and sending to the penalty box, various factions of the drug trade… all at taxpayers expense.

        1. BigJohn says:

          Oh I know. I have lots of drug cases right now. I’ve handled thousands and thousands of pounds worth of drug cases. I just sent an email to a prosecutor on a 16 lb weed case and need to do a motion to continue a 250 lb weed case before I leave the office today. Most all the bigger cases at least have asset forfeiture cases along with them. That’s a huge business. In one county where I handle these cases often we do asset forfeiture cases when nothing was actually seized. People just come up with a bunch of money and we call it an asset forfeiture and they get less pen time or no pen time time. It’s a damned racket. I had one last year where they had almost 800 lbs in a tractor trailer and had to come up with $25k to buy the truck back, but the prosecutors weren’t going to be able to sell it anyway because it was upside down on the note. That was enough to get charges dropped on one brother and a sentence that kept the other brother in only 8 months and he’d been to the federal pen before for selling 1,000 hits of ecstasy. The 250 lb guy is getting a misdemeanor. That wasn’t about money. He agreed to testify against the other guy in the truck they were in and he had an iffy 4th amendment issue that at least slightly worried the prosecutor. The other guy is coming up with a pile of money to make his deal much better.
          These are Interstate Hwy interdiction cases and the prosecutors basically just tax these people because they were coming from way out west heading east and wouldn’t have stopped in that county but for the cops pulling them over for driving a mile over. They get as much money as they can because these people aren’t a threat in the county they were just driving through and nobody benefits from locking them up for a long time in our state.

          Nobody really cares about weed anymore anyway. I’ve been doing this a long time and things have changed so much. I’m in an ultra-conservative Bible Belt part of the country where we have crazy high incarceration rates and people used to go down a long time on the highway interdiction cases but now even our juries don’t care so much about weed. Everybody knows legalization is coming.

          And it used to be that all these loads they would seize were compressed bricks of seedy Mexican weed but now we never see that anymore. It’s all American grown fancy weed. It used to be that tens of thousands of tons of Mexican crap weed were coming across the border every year. Now much less is coming because there is no market for it. The market is flooded with much higher quality US grown product and the prices on that have dropped a whole lot and keep dropping. There is actually way less drug smuggling from Mexico going on. Heroin, meth and cocaine still come over that border, but demand is limited for those drugs and those drugs are more dense when bricked up and take up much less space and they are so so much more valuable per gram or kilo or pound. They don’t need to bring so many loads and the loads are easy to hide compared to the huge loads of dirt cheap Mexican weed. A whole lot of it comes right through the border checkpoints. The drivers, regardless of whether we are talking about pot or heroin or whatever, are expendable and don’t even know who owns the loads usually. Some get seized, most gets through. What they lose is just a cost of doing business and they don’t care about the drug mules who go to prison.

          No wall will stop the drugs from coming over. They’ll still send loads through the border checkpoints, still send it on airplanes and ships and drones and all that. They’ll still send it through tunnels, catapult it over the wall, etc. As long as there is billions of dollars to be made the demand will be met. A wall wouldn’t have any effect, especially now that the pot business is dropping off because that was what accounted for more than 90% of the smuggling activity before. Now the gangs in Mexico are fighting each other like crazy for what remains of the illegal drug trade. Only a tiny minority of Americans use heroin, meth or cocaine. The heroin business is growing. We are seeing it in my area when we never saw it before. That’s happening because they are cracking down on all the pill mills and it’s harder and harder for people to get their Oxycontin and hydrocodone so they substitute cheap heroin. That will level off and start dropping too though as fewer are getting addicted to opioids to begin with so fewer will get to the point that they would even consider a using a drug like heroin. The drug smuggling problem will always exist, but with marijuana slowly but surely being legalized around the country and US production meeting nationwide demand for marijuana drug smuggling activity has already dropped off a whole lot and it will continue to drop as more states legalize and the Mexican weed business completely dries up. Weed always accounted for the vast majority of smuggling activity as Americans consume many tens of thousands of tons of it every year but only a tiny minority use the other drugs and a little bit of those drugs tends to go a long way compared to bulky marijuana so one person can carry a whole lot more doses on his person, in his car, boat, airplane, whatever.

          1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            yea ,those out of state tags are a red flag.they know well what they are looking for.i’ve been asked to become a cultivator of medical,but i’ve resisted thus far because of the little standoff i made with them over my immigration views.i had looked at it being state legal and knew i wouldn’t have a problem being licensed ,but bear in mind too ,i knew if they’d want to get back at somebody for being a pest to them it’d have been me they’d have kicked in the doors on. ive got 4 nephews that have had bouts with the painkillers and later ,heroine addiction when the doctor shopping gig broke down. one got busted ,second offence with 26 grams,a sentence in my state that would have landed him for life,he got 90 days with removal from record in a year if he’d straighten up and fly right.he had his whole future ahead of him and he blew it. if i ever do grow it, i’m going by the book and serving only those with legitimate issues. seizures,cancer and the like. no pain…hell i got pain…i use tylenol.i know what it does. i smoked it when a kid. had to get a waiver to get in the marines out of highschool over it,but thank God for those 6’+ d.i.’s that got a hold of me.all my running buddies from school have done serious time over meth and other things but lost several to death from it . at the very least ,it makes people too lazy to be effective workers although they usually don’t see it ,and it hurts us as a people here.either way ,when you see the big boys cashing in ,r.j.reynolds etc. punishment phase is out the window soon.

          2. BigJohn says:

            Meant to say in that first paragraph that these people wouldn’t have stopped in that county had the cops not stopped them for driving a mile over the speed limit while in a vehicle with California tags. It’s pretty bad the fishing expeditions they do. My step brother drove in recently from California and got pulled over and kept on the side of the road for an hour. The dog alerted on his vehicle but of course they didn’t find anything. These dogs alert on command I’m pretty sure. Sucks to get messed with like that and have all that time wasted when you’ve already driven twenty hours and are almost to your destination. Hell, I set my cruise control on 79 usually and I never get pulled over, but I don’t have California or Colorado tags.

    2. Denny Crane says:

      I think he’s talking about drug deaths from the drugs that come across the border. I’m not certain but I think sometimes Trump deliberately fucks something up in a tweet to get the media to cover it… these idiots are so happy to lambaste Trump for not using proper grammar in a tweet they forget all about the fact that they broadcast the fact that 300 Americans die a day from drugs being smuggled into the country. I’ve seen him do this a few times now: I’m pretty sure that’s his strategy. Beating the media at their own game and getting them to report what he wants them to using himself as their punching bag.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        well i will say for him ,his brother died an alchoholic and has seen firsthand about that… i think many things he has done are good for the country….,i voted for him ,but i think he might just be in more trouble than we think. i think maybe all these people peeling off on him like tree leaves in fall lately,is they might see the writing on the wall …dont know for sure than to say it just doesnt look good on the outside as to the health of the inside …maybe they just disagreed with him,maybe he was through with them, or maybe they are nervous and jumping ship on him just try to stay out of it and your already doing what you can do anyways.like what the man said…enjoy the show. just see if you can come up with the correct wild assed guess like we do .all just speculation until proven

        1. Denny Crane says:

          2019 will be a rough year I think but towards the end and into 2020 he’ll be sailing high on good economics, trade deals, peace and security around the world, the wall being build, illegal immigration in check, reducing crime rates, elevated standards of living, with Russia and this legal BS behind him, and the Judicary stocked to the brim with damn good judges. If the people vote that out they deserve the hell they will get instead.

          If the GOP takes back over in 2020 they need to tackle election fraud, health care, entitlements, and the national debt.

  6. Denny Crane says:

    I sent the following to a top aid of the Senate Judicary comittiee today.

    Subject: Thoughts on Michael Cohen by a citizen of the faltering Republic

    I think it’s extremely disappointing the Republican Judiciary committee is standing aside while this Cohen debacle continues to make a mockery of the Judicial system and reveal just how truly corrupt the two tiered system is. Here are some questions in order of timeline… the best are actually last.

    1. Why was SDNY DA Geoffrey S. Berman recused from the Cohen case so that corrupt deputy DA Robert Khuzami could preside over this unprecedented attack on attorney client privilege? Since when is ‘I wanna get that rat bastard Trump grounds for such a move? Why aren’t the GOP making even a bit of noise about it?

    2. Why is no one investigating why the acting SDNY DA is pursuing politically motivated hit jobs for non crimes like the so called NDA-campaign finance violation that he had Cohen plead to EXPRESSLY TO EMBARRASS Trump. It isn’t a campaign finance violation. I realize the American public is idiotic but I know campaign finance violations are civil matters with the FEC and that NDAs happen all the damn time. I am aware of the Edwards case. I know how unprecedented all of this is. This is so obviously a politically biased move by a hate filled rogue deputy AG. Why no noise? Why no investigation? Why is the corrupt hate filled son of two ballerina dancers still prancing around employed by the DOJ?

    I sure hope as hell Trump unveils all the NDA’s Congress has with former staffers that were sexually mistreated: dollar amount and name. That would be some choice justice right there. Lock all of these lawbreaking-lawmakers up for so called campaign finance violations.

    3. On what planet is it appropriate to sentence Cohen to start his prison sentence 3 months later to apparently accommodate a public politically based spectacle in front of the US House? Since when were justice department regulations modified to permit political vitriol to drive delaying the pursuit of justice? Why no noise? Why no investigation? Is Horowitz up to the job or should you folks pressure him to resign and fast track a replacement IG that will get out of Session’s nap room and do something about these abuses? If the Dems want to interview Cohen, drag his ass out of jail where he supposedly belongs and have him testify in an orange jump suit and shackles so the people can see what he supposedly is. But alas, no, he’ll be dressed in a suit and fulfill the terms of his plea deal which he agreed to fuck over Trump politically in exchange for a reduced sentence. That’s some system we got here… some system indeed. GOP silence = complicity.

    4. Why no noise on judge Kimba Woods to recuse? She was a former appointee to be AG for Clinton until her nanny tax issues surfaced. No justice for the judge but she gets to preside over a trial for the same family of tax crime? Why wasn’t Cohen given the same opportunity to pay back the taxes he owned and then a patronage based senior judgeship for his loyalty? Why was there no GOP noise about her recusing or even making some empty threats (cause let’s face it what other kind of treats do the GOP actually make) about impeaching her for collusion with the Clintons, who apparently have more control over the DOJ than Trump or you folks do.

    5. Am I correct in assuming Judge
    William H. Pauley III is a deep state asset who somehow managed to take over for Kimba Wood to preside over the sentence hearing Cohen? I ask because of his shakey Obama era legal ruling against the ACLU vs the NSA on bulk data collection that was easily overturned. I know you can’t answer that but from a informed citizen’s perspective it certainly appears the deep state protection racket is impenetrable and beyond attack.

    6. Should the citizens who elected Trump expect any different or more of the same from AG nominee Barr, who apparently is best buds with corrupt witch hunt inquisitor Mueller? I guess that 20 page memo he wrote against Mueller’s rogue witch hunt was just bait to get Trump to nominate him and now that he is its all back slaps and chuckles in smoke filled rooms while their wives play in bible study together. Honestly, the hubris at which these people operate is just inviting a citizen’s rebellion. This isn’t hyperbole. I think you are all flirting with the real possibility of an uprising.

    Which brings me to my final thoughts: I wish you all could appreciate just how openly an armed rebellion is being mused about by totally normal run of the mill people. Understand, Trump isn’t an aberration who will go away and be replaced by Deep State status quo. What you all need to understand is that Trump is an agent of the same people who founded the tea party and a continuation of their frustration and anger at the corruption in D.C. Understand that this awakening of the population isn’t going to just stop once you all manage to get rid of Trump. It will continue to manifest itself and grow and fester. No one has any faith in the system anymore. No one trusts the vote totals. No one expects anything but waste and corruption and ineffective reformers (when we can manage to elect them). I fully expect a national collapse in my life time, a civil war, an armed citizen rebellion that burns D.C. to the ground, or some combination of those events. If you and your team are truly agents of good and justice, better step up your game here and do it fast or resign in protest and spill the beans on how hopeless real change is.

    Note that no one trusts Graham. He’s been all over the board and god only knows what’s driving him. This two faced routine he’s playing being pro Trump and pro witch hunt isn’t fooling anyone.

    I wish you and your team the best but from where I stand all you and the GOP are doing is tapping the breaks on the short ride towards the banana republic of Americanistan. The GOP has small tactical victories in an overall battle landscape that we have no hope of winning. If I’m wrong and Graham actually wants to strut around and show off his mojo then perhaps this email is a good start of what he should be doing as chairman. But since he wasted the first week doing nothing instead of reapproving all of the judicial appointees that were returned to the White House, I don’t have high expectations.

    An American Patriot.

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      denny,you know what they are gonna do with what you sent right? they dont care right or wrong.you are an outsider to them and it is not evidence to them…so in a word…delete. trust me i called them hundreds of times over and over and over.they arent going to bend to your will.and so you it leaves you with 2 options.go do something about it…you get locked up,or they gun you down like a dog,or just accept the fact we are a non factor to powers that be except 1 year before election time.the unelected give even less of a shit about us.about the best you or i or anybody can do is try to figure out the real score… dont know what else to say about it ,it just is what it is. dont get worked up about it ..its just information..dont think for a minute that the louder you get the less they watch.they look for threats to their authority.intimidation is their game…all they want is for you to go away,they can make mind games with you all day long,and dont think for a minute that they wont.think kgb kind of crap.

      1. Denny Crane says:

        I’ve had a dialogue with this guy during the Kavanaugh hearings. Sent them a number of public records showing her story to be horseshit. They used some of it. I got a response to this one as well. I can get ahold of two people in Trump’s inner circle too. I’m an interesting guy behind this internet avatar, and I’m capable of finding all sorts of things out. They appreciate the usefulness of the information I send them.

  7. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    bro. ive seen black sedans and suburbans full of men in suits and packing half visible uzis before, for shit just like what your spouting,seriously bro,know your blowing off steam but ah …you need to cool it… these guys i saw some years blocked the road off for several hours into a private subdivision which put alot of people in a bind just trying to go to their own house. they told everybody to come back later it would all be over with in an hour or so and with no further information their emphasis was Turn Around NOW …Come Back Later.. serious shit bro.the shack they raided was owned by a man who threatened 41 or 42 …forget now with same kind of talk….and away he went….his shack finally fell in and never saw him again…just saying.fast track to 3 hots and a cot.

    1. USA says:

      You really bought that eh?
      Black rapper at 7-11?
      Mr. Crane is the one with “a pile of guns” for rebellion.
      Besides I would hate to get nuked by Senator Swellmouth so I’m chill.

  8. USA says:

    With the flow of illegals being cut off by the wall I wonder who is going to wax the ICBM’s? Senator Swellmouth says they fly better when waxed annually.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Meanwhile back in the real world ICE is shut down after dumping 5000 illegals in El Paso and the GOP moderates are pushing back demanding amnesty and the gov to open. Face it, Q is a crock and we’re loosing. Not long now. If you want to live free, it’s going to take an armed rebellion: Trump can’t get it done.

      1. USA says:

        I heard ICE bused them to Denver for dispensary tours and put em up at The Hyatt. Free travel, weed & lodging will teach them.

  9. USA says:

    I would say by the pile of blow that border patrol showed Trump today prices are going to go up for you lefty’s so you better stock up now while the getting is good cause Pelosi and Schumer definatly are going to dramatically raise the prices of their narcotics. This wall thing has them over a barrel.

  10. USA says:

    Trump should at least send his condolences to DAVOS by shooting one of those ICBM’s in my front yard off to their location. Would help us rotate inventory and I could have a nice time watching it fly.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Trump is doing Europe a favor and kicking them out of momm’s Basement to stand on their own two feet. They’ll be better for it in the long run.

  11. USA says:

    So now that we’re putting the brakes on the esoteric change of satanism I wonder what all those mislead trannies are going to do?
    They sure have been made fools of but that was actually always the plan.
    Maybe they can switch up and go have perfectly good limbs removed? Sell em perhaps like their abortions?

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Brakes? Lol. Holly Molly, we haven’t even slowed it down. First by flood and second by fire. Romans 1:29-32
      29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

      1. USA says:

        Yeah, good rebuttal Mr. Crane.
        I reckon I will gladly hand you credit where credit is due. You earned it this time for sure.
        Keep up the logic man!
        Now please let me get back to bagging on scum of the earth Liberals.

        I notice the gun protests lately against unconstitutional gun laws and quite mellow, boring actually. For having all those guns strapped nobody is shooting the place up like insane animals as gov says we are. I don’t see Hogg (the little fag) showing up and ripping those guns away from armed patriots and I don’t see Antifa (tranny scum) trying it either. Perhaps they found staying home sucking each other’s cock is safer. Those gun protests are so boring I don’t even want to attend one. The most boring protests I have seen in years. No crime there either and perhaps that is why gov wants those guns so they can ATTACK unarmed targets that they are at war against.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          No quite correct: they are introducing assault weapons bans in the senate, outlawing standard sized magazines in NJ (everyone who lawfully uses a gun there for defense will be a criminal and prosecuted for it) and soon Pittsburg. We’ve lost the last few SCOTUS gun cases and Cumo in NY is working hard to deplatform anyone involved in the gun biz. Mueller and co are going to try to take down the NRA with Russia collusion and corporate America will blacklist NRA from doing any sort of modern biz through the legal and financial and media systems.
          Hell even Florida just outlawed god knows what under a GOP gov and state legislature. The push to ban private firearm sales is underway… But hey, enjoy your tiny protests on your soap boxes in a podunk city: meanwhile we are loosing the war. You see any GOP politician defending the NRA now? Anyone?

          Once the NRA goes the way of the boy scouts the big tech will work with govts to identify any gunnowner to the right of Stalin looses their 2nd amendment civil rights. After that it’s reeducation, concentration camps, and death.

          As for my earlier quote it’s only a matter of time. We’re in the end days. But enjoy your Q fantasy.

  12. USA says:

    Thank you Barry for going on Trumps Twitter and supporting border security. We knew we could count on liberal lunatics to help.
    PS. Tell Michael we say hi!

    1. Denny Crane says:

      I predict Cohen’s house testimony goes something like this: https://youtu.be/3FeMvQR-0VA
      On what planet do prosecutors and a judge delay the start of a prison sentence by 3 months to allow time for a defendant to do interviews and testify in front of Democrats? The GOP ought to be going for impeachment of the judge and to terminate the DA for cause.

      1. BigJohn says:

        I think Cohen will sing like a bird. He’s already jumped off that cliff. He’s already locked in his testimony. He’s already turned against Trump and burned all of his bridges there. At this point he’s just doing damage control on his life. Mueller is a tough prosecutor. He likes to win. He prides himself in building solid cases and winning against powerhouse defense teams. Like most every prosecutor I go against he’s certain the subject he’s investigating is guilty even if the evidence is weak. He’s in a tough fight because powerful forces are trying to shut him down, shut down this case he and his team have invested so much time and effort in. He doesn’t like to show his hand, but his investigation could be shut down at any time so he might want Cohen testifying in front of Congress so Congress and the people just to get a little taste to whet their appetites which makes it harder to shut the investigation down because people will want to hear more. I can’t imagine what it must be like for control over a prosecutor’s case to be in the hands of the person he’s investigating. It’s never like that in any other cases.

        I wish he’d just finish up and let the chips fall where they may so we can get past this as a nation. Alan Dershowitz is a smart lawyer with inside information on this case and he says the investigation results will likely be politically devastating for Trump. Trump’s team will spin things though and attack the credibility of all witnesses against him and the investigators. He’ll keep calling it a witch hunt and then will declare victory no matter how bad the outcome. It’s highly unlikely that he’d be indicted for crimes. He won’t get impeached either, and if Dems are stupid enough to impeach him they’d spend all their political capital and piss everybody off and then the Senate would refuse to convict and remove Trump and all the Dem effort will have been for naught. They had better have a lot more than payoffs to harlots and tax fraud if they’re going to impeach with any hope that enough of the Republican Senate will go along to have Trump removed from office. If not, Dems will do more harm than good to themselves if they try to impeach.

        1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

          you know ,somebody i was talking to mentioned ”Why ”cohen would tape trump” i thought badly of him the ethics of it until whoever it was reminded me about just who cohen was working for …certainly not the king of ethics…duh ! what is insurance policy,final answer….ding,ding ding. reckon he was kind of like the fall guy and trump was peter rabbit.well ,he has been mighty tight lipped,mueller. david pecker is cooperating i heard somewhere .

          1. Denny Crane says:

            When you are rich and famous and powerful all manner of trash pops out of the woodwork to make trouble for you. I’ve held a professional position in which I was close to senior management in a loss prevention / security department and HR. We routinely had false allegations made against senior management by trash women especially after a bad review. Sometimes the accusations are legit: sometimes they are not. In either case it’s almost significantly cheaper to buy off the situation and have an NDA. There isn’t a celebrity, politician, or multimillionaire that isn’t a target for this shit. My read on Cohen is that he’s a hanger-on who Trump took a likening to as a Duffus he could occasionally put to use but who was operating well out of his depth. He certainly is an idiot for putting any of the payments to Stormy, which are entirely legal, in electronic payment form doing it the way he did because it doesn’t really hide the issue. Far better to hand deliver cash and get a signed NDA that you then lock in a vault not associated with you or Trump. If you do this electronically, you get a secondary law firm to represent Trump and process it that way. You have a second layer to blame if anything goes wrong and an extra layer of attorney client privilege. Cohen seems to made two critical errors: taping his client and selling access to Trump and the office of the president without getting the all clear from Trump. Just from what I saw about how he structured his corporation that he used for both the Stormy payment and the consulting gigs, he’s a fucking idiot. Cohen should have destroyed his records the second Trump got elected and had some of Trump’s security people to do a second pass. He should have told Mueller to fuck off and get a decent lawyer. He should have also not kept records on his property if he was dodging his taxes. No records to seize, no records to compare against tax records, no probable cause for criminal charges. Sure Mueller could get the man audited but Trump owns Munchin and the IRS commissioner and it would be easier to squash that sort of thing. The stupid criminals always get caught and Cohen is one of the stupidest I’ve seen playing at the level he was. The Dems might not even let this go public the optics won’t look good for them. Cohen isn’t smart enough to tell a third version of his story that doesn’t conflict with what he told Mueller and Congress already. Simply put His lawyer, Lanny Davis, is committing gross misconduct representing the Clinton’s interests instead of Cohen’s. I’m not really worried about it. He will come off as a sleaze ball and as a disloyal rat and that is hated universally. At the end of the day Flynn gets a pardon as does Manafort and I think Cohen gets shenked in the federal pen.

        2. Denny Crane says:

          They went to far getting him to cop a plea to a non crime for a reduced sentences for actual crimes. There’s no way the IG lets that go… and if so, Jesus what a swamp.

  13. USA says:

    I just heard that liberal lunatics were spotted trying to steal Baders corpse to clone it so they can retain her seat on the USSC.

  14. huthut says:

    also i apologize Q+ did not mean to call you out.
    I have trust issues but I aplogize.That was thickheaded of me.
    God Bless

  15. huthut says:

    Just be ready at the end of Trump’s 2nd term they are going to kill him and we are going to have to yellow vest this MF.
    Enjoy the peace while you can.Enjoy the show.
    Love your family and your friends and Our Lord.
    These times are short.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Agreed. After Graham’s revelations about Barr, Trump’s building his own gallows. Doubt he’ll even last this term.

    2. BigJohn says:

      I wouldn’t be so confident that he will get a second term. He might not even run again. His poll numbers suck. Only a minority support Trump and the majority say on polls that ask people if they strongly or just somewhat support or oppose him that they strongly oppose him. People love him or hate him and more hate him than love him. He’s going to drive people to the polls in 2020, only the majority will be driven by their desire to send him packing. His only hope is some kind of economic boom he can take credit for but now the stock market is faltering and we have economists talking about a possible recession. If that were to happen Trump is toast. He’d have no hope at all of being re-elected and he knows that. It will be interesting to see what happens. He could win, but I’m guessing Trump will continue to be Trump and will continue to piss people off and worry people. Dems will probably put up a crappy candidate again, but a lot of people would vote for a chimpanzee before they would vote for Donald Trump and their numbers are growing.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        i’m thinking this is all an insurance policy …he is showing a little of what hes got maybe to deter maybe a little of what they got on him.but why?maybe to inflame us just enough to pressure the other side to where they will stop the investigations and undermining so he can more easily get his agenda passed without the hassle.i dont see at this point he has any real intention to fully disclose the info he claims to have on them .as soon as he is out of office, theyd likely come after him like they did the gang of 4 when mao died.actions always lead to reactions. you approach a wasp nest right? when you get too close,the wasps start to lift their wings but dont attack yet.its a warning to reverse course. or ther is the other possibility…

        1. Denny Crane says:

          Excellent analysis. I agree. I think that doner our in Ca with the dead blacks is a shot at Adam Schiff and Ted Leiu. Trump said he has more on the Dems then they have on him. I’m sure he does. Trump said congress won’t go the way everyone thinks it will go. Trump has a plan.

          1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            oh i know big john ,hahaha not our buddy here,this is a total psyops mindtruck….certainly sharpen critical thinking skills more so that the normal stuff i’ve got to do every day. but you never know… little boy blue might just be the guy in the crowd that the snakeoil salesman would use to say”that man selling that snake oil stuff sold me the magic cure!!! yes indeed. it could be knowing how emotionally charged these actors are they just work it same way,but inverted to create division and make people start jumping off the rooftops .or little boy blue is just like us…knows we are getting screwed by the leadership and is just seeing it for what it likely is…crap.just knows what it is.but why go to lengths he does to point out what he sees is stupidity….gotta be a barker for somebody. think don king,think the wwf wrestling guy everybody hated,then think djt….all spinners of hype….and all big buddies too…go figure…remember the clip of the ”fake ”beatdown ” 45 did on the wrestling guy back before he ran…crowd went nuts…ratings went sky high. this has all got same kind of ring to it to me.

        2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

          what if all of this is the creation of someone’s mind…..arson investigators are always aware the arsonist might just be in the crowd hiding in plain sight and watching the show….. so they say. i suspect it would be likely same thing with something like this, i’d imagine. well arsonists are said to be bitter,angry and sociopathic personalities who hate others but lack the courage to really act out except for anonymously and again…so they say. could be some angry,sullen person in the crowd pushing all your buttons and pulling all the strings inflaming you in an insulting way. probably using the theories you all come up with because deep inside he/she knows isn’t smart but likely feels he or she is smarter than you. but not quite smart enough or creative to scheme the whole thing alone. perhaps this person is getting his/or her jollies making you chase imaginary rabbits for them and choosing which theory seems most plausible to him/her and then saying what is going to happen why and when.can still not offering proof…. a snake oil salesman a ROLE player.if im reading it right from the wiki definition .he or she is using your emotions that fuel you to reel you all back in if prediction is wrong .should not rule anything out…but this clown has to be right all the time .. the wise only once.maybe the prankster is right in front of your faces???? question the narrative.

          1. BugJohn says:

            I don’t know if it could a lone arsonist type. Seems more like a team. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a foreign intelligence agency or someone like Donald Trump JR working with insiders and maybe one or more right wing media types who are always spinning things into conspiracies, or maybe a combination of all of the above. Seems like an awful lot of bullshit for one person to come up with and like all the best lies there is some truth in it and whoever is behind it has to be really keeping up with the news and politics to tie it all together and spin it into plausible stories. It’s really a sophisticated mass manipulation effort. It would probably be more than a full time job for one person. I’m thinking this has to be a team effort and some pros are involved. This isn’t just for fun, just a troll playing people. There are agendas here.

        3. BigJohn says:

          I doubt he has anything worthwhile to disclose. Pretty much every thing Trump ever does is designed to manipulate people. He lies all the time. I’ll believe it when I see it, after carefully vetting it first because trusting Trump rarely works out well for people.

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Mueller is as evil as the cig smoking man from the X files. Start with his time in Boston rigging the case against the innocent guys https://www.bostonherald.com/2018/04/13/carr-robert-mueller-mum-on-fbi-scandal-in-boston/

            Did Mueller have Whitey Bulger transferred and whacked in prison recently?

            Then there is his complicity in 911 https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/28143-court-documents-show-mueller-involved-in-9-11-cover-up

            We’re just disposable pissants to this man, drunk on power and evil.

          2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            couldn’t have said that better. you know, i know that mueller is probably a democrat and likely doesn’t personally like trump .mueller was a marine in vietnam and has spent his entire career in service to our country. i have a hard time believing he isn’t looking at anything criminal that is politically motivated by him.trump wants popular support so he can be tried by popular decision.the screening out process is just too rigid for that …mueller’s ethics .i know that doesnt give him instant and complete trust ,but i would say i’d certainly like to see the proof on just how he has been biased in any way on whatever it is he is doing. people proven biased were fired by R.R and mueller (i think…surely he had an input) i think also there must be way more than meets the eye here.i dont know what it is exactly about this deal … the supposed evidence… in my head i picture a guy about to get run over by a car,who is willing to grab me ,you and anyone else convenient to cushion the blow meant for himself. not sure how to phrase it beyond saying maybe using us all like a human shield somehow … don’t know…need more thought on this easter egg hunting theory but it’ll come to me.i do that alot on nights i go to sleep without a solution to a problem and somewhere in the night it comes to me.well i reckon as long as i don’t get so senile i can’t remember solution .its a good thing not a bad thing ..hell he is betting on a popular support cushion and can get a pass to keep the peace.i bet something down that road.you know ,at the end of the day ,these are all just best guesses anyways. have to wait how it all shakes out .it does appear according to nat news abc,that red castle did in fact go to border…ole mcconnell or rep leadership might have advised (and maybe he took it for once) him to wait on his order as a way to show pelosi and schumer had no intention of agreeing .no one wants the consequences of assuming responsibility for govt workers being used as pawns and not getting paid..looks bad on guilty party.

          3. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            you know big john.there was a show i saw back early 2015/or 16 titled” youve been trumped”.it was about how supposedly put the screws to the locals in Scotland? where he built a casino against he wishes of the locals .he bought off the cops ,bought off all the land around them to squeeze them out.dont know if is true ,but for this cherokee,seemed to have a familiar ring to the 7th potus..he has been called a jacksonian… .45 seems to have a habit of using up honorable people like kelly,mattis,and others and throwing them in the garbage can when he is through with them.never met a person that’s never made a mistake before and cant fully trust the guy like that for how he treats people after the fact.no one ever accused him of having tact .but it goes beyond lack of tact in my book.

          4. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            yep… thats what im thinking too big john. its the leftover fish from the market now 2 for a dollar.a wolf ticket. what we need is someone who can say ok guys,lets find the fair solution in the mainstream and more a centrist view. its about us all .not one half.how bad i miss 10sep2001 and before.figure im not alone in that.

      2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        he looks as if i think he is resigned to the fact he is going to have to fight an uphill battle regardless till 2020. i dont know who in Gods name would ever want to subject themselves to all the undermining and b.s…..potus

        1. BigJohn says:

          That’s true. It’s an extremely ugly time in American politics. People hate politicians and both sides engage in all kinds of character assassination tactics. I darned sure wouldn’t want to be a politician, especially if I was as shady as Donald Trump. He’s now been implicated in multiple felonies and New York is looking into going after him for all kinds of tax fraud. People are looking into every lie hes ever told and he tells them all the time. He’s been busted out on his infidelities so now his wife and everyone else knows what a creep he is. I’m guessing he deeply regrets ever running for president. I don’t think he though he would win. My guess is he did it thinking he’d lose just for all the media attention hping it would help his Trump brand.

          1. Denny Crane says:

            Negative. He really wanted to do good for this country. I think the opposition to him took him by surprise. He apparently told rush he thought he’d genuinely be a middle of the road kinda president, liked by the people. I don’t think he expected this. I do think the job will get more comfortable for him as time goes on, his people get in, and people stop fighting him and get use to him. Just look at the sea change over in DOD a few weeks after Mattis left.

            If Trump or his family is in any legal jeopardy that will influence him sticking around too. That power to pardon and the like.

            He’s gota win this border security debate and keep the economy humming along. That will be damn hard to run against IMO. If he fails, he’ll be out.

  16. huthut says:

    too bad the meullar report is bunk as fuck otherwise there would be leaks on how it would be bad for trump.
    They have a bad habit of leaking but he has been nothing but silent.
    They are biting their finger nails.

  17. Q+ says:

    Deep State is conspiring to keep Trump from nominating a replacement for her until they can get rid of Trump with the Mueller report. Guess Roberts is in on it.

  18. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    btw, she said you paid her a visit in china.she wasn’t impressed. said you only took a second and she didn’t feel a thing. grow a pair ,you little ,little man.

  19. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    id take my now 45 year old now child bride to your little whiny little ass any day Q. but since shes not here!!!! go paint your face blue like your little childish elf friends do…btw sorry about aall the scuff marks on your english book ,when it went flying out the window of the train here…hate to say your russian thesaurus got used for toilet paper … Q train was out-guberment cut backs and lazier assed fill-ins and all and your copy of mao’s little red book accidently fell off somewhere down off into the blue water where it belonged in the first place.go learn something useful you little red diaper doper baby. by the way,being your short of money living in your mothers basement and its evident you don’t have a real job to pay for blue dye …try the toilet…they say it works.

  20. USA says:

    It’s time to get on with the old scummy filthy feminist trash’s parade already. How long can they actually fake in the MSN that she’s still sucking wind? Maybe if they keep proping her corpse up we can execute her one more time and get our moneys worth. I wonder who is next?

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      regarding q+ his mother made him wear a dress ,and imaginary army has rules about being out of uniform by wearing a little pink tutu on post so he is pissed at the world.look up l.a.r.p. and l.a.r.p.i.n.g. and easy to see what your dealing with .thought we left his little ass off the Q train back at mile marker 2642 eating his daily F/U sandwich .. looks like he walked back. my advice .treat him like the son you wished you’d just have worn a rubber over ,or ignore him like the smarter people do .don’t let him run you off.

      1. Q+ says:

        Says the fuckup who couldn’t manage his child bride from China ROTFLMAO… a little prancing about your cup of tea is is? Talk about PROJECTION!

  21. huthut says:

    watch all the resignations happening.people leaving early in many big places.
    history in the making.
    also,after rbg Trump can appoint yet another SC..
    She is on ice just like bush was for a day delay but that will not stop anything anyways.
    Bush junior has disappeared as well.
    I will not say more.
    Enjoy the show

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

      Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said after meeting with Barr, who led the Justice Department under President George H.W. Bush, that Barr has a “high opinion” of Mueller. Barr was spending most of Wednesday on Capitol Hill, meeting senators on the committee before his confirmation hearing next week.

      “He had absolutely no indication he was going to tell Bob Mueller what to do or how to do it,” Graham said.

      Graham said Barr told him about his longtime relationship with Mueller. Barr and Mueller worked together when Barr was Bush’s attorney general between 1991 and 1993 and Mueller oversaw the department’s criminal division. Graham said the two men were “best friends,” that their wives attended Bible study together and that Mueller had attended the weddings of Barr’s children.

      “So his opinion of Mr. Mueller is very, very high in terms of ethics and character and professionalism,” Graham said.

      Graham listed a number of questions that he had put to Barr: “I asked Mr. Barr directly, ‘Do you think Mr. Mueller is on a witch hunt?’ He said no. ‘Do you think he would be fair to the president and the country as a whole?’ He said yes. ‘And do you see any reason for Mr. Mueller’s investigation to be stopped?’ He said no. ‘Do you see any reason for a termination based on cause?’ He said no. ‘Are you committed to making sure Mr. Mueller can finish his job?’ Yes.”

      Graham said Barr said that if he were attorney general, he would “err on the side of transparency” when he eventually received Mueller’s report.

      The senator said Barr also told him that he has a high opinion of Rod Rosenstein, the current deputy attorney general who has so far overseen the Mueller investigation and is expected to leave office if Barr is confirmed.


      Guessing his law firm banked tens of millions representing Clinton too?
      Withdraw the nomination Trump!

      1. Q+ says:

        Absolutely Denny. As is now completely obvious, Deep State wins. I’m a big fat fucking LARP spinning a delusional fairy tale from my mama’s basement in Baltimore. Lol. Bunch of suckers.

  22. Thomas Pernice says:

    Whether Q is authentic or not, he often provides exceptional intel that I would otherwise not obtain myself from other sources.

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      well fine and dandy about intel,but if you cant guarantee for sure Qis for sure,how can you tell if any of this shit is or isnt true or not. not picking a fight. i think some is real. but i also think that this is showing enemies of Q what he has by using us as pawns and or bait.their endless politically driven investigations are undermining what his agenda is wrong or right ,(like it or not he is potus )the threats to impeach …etc. this is his way of getting them to back off. think cold war think m.a.d. think enough nukes to destroy the world 10 times over or more. or think all a big hoax…. he slips every once in a while with a little something that makes me lean more towards (hoax).don’t take the bait,and get reeled in.it appeared he was ready to take executive action on the wall from his pen watch and leather bound notebook or order book .he has the power.was the perfect time to do it during the speech last night. but hey he did go to CD as promised……just saying. wolf ticket or hoax.

  23. Rick says:

    I’m 100 percent behind Trump and I’ll keep following the Q posts/comments but it’s getting to be the time where action has to happen, it’s been 2 years! It’s so obvious how the previous administration from the top down set up Trump and also exonerated Hillary to protect the fact that Obama knew she was using an illegal server. When will investigations/prosecutions result from this? I don’t want to be negative but more and more it seems like Q is just writing fan fiction for us patriots. Telling us what we’d love to see happen. Maybe Q is an aspiring novelist in the genre of Tom Clancy and he’s testing out ideas for a political thriller book. Regardless, I will stand with President Trump and all of the patriots on this site!

  24. USA says:

    Armed patriots are now rising up in the face of tyrant to protect their rights and heritage and they are from both parties. Tyrant has awoken the sleeping giant aka the largest standing arming on the planet. We knew this day would come and we’re proud to stand up for our country and it’s heritage.

    Lock n load patriots, tell them you will not comply with tyranny. Stand your ground and send them walking. Show them who owns this country and who they work for.

    We The People will not comply!!! We reject tyranny.

    Tyrant is at the door and We The People will not comply!!!!!

    This is our country, Constitution and Bill of Rights and We The People Rufuse to surrender to you tyrants.

    God Bless the USA, Trump, US Military and Patriots WW.


    1. Cory Smith says:

      Leave it to the professionals. Trust the plan. Protect yourself and your family but I can guarantee Q doesn’t need citizens going rogue and starting militias. The plan is bigger than that. Stay alert. Stay vigilant. But chill out. There’s no need for gun toting citizens to go out and blow up targets and create chaos. Additionally, if they declare martial law, your aggressive ass will get shot in the head by the National Guard troops for trying some dumb shit. If you really want to help, wake people up. If you’re actually needed for armed conflict, I’m sure you’ll be made aware.

      1. BigJohn says:

        Thanks for dissuading violent acts, Cory. Guys like USA have gone too far off the deep end and are a threat to society. You’ve been conned and have fallen for this big scam too but at least you have a level head and aren’t likely to engage in senseless acts of violence. We will be reading more and more in the news about crazy conspiracy theory nuts taking matters into their own hands. This crap is boiling over and people are going to get hurt and some people are going to do do stupid things and get themselves put in prison if they aren’t killed in the act. It would really suck to find yourself in prison for life when you thought you were being a patriot but you had just been misled into being an idiot criminal. You won’t do that, but others will.

        1. Denny Crane says:

          I think Q is a scam at this point (probe me wrong I’ll be back if so).
          I also think we need an armed rebellion to save this country.
          I think he’s crazy. But he’s our crazy. So I still love him.
          I don’t think a rebellion will work unless sufficiently organized and led.

        2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

          you know, it isn’t a fool to fall victim the first time to an idiots vicious lies only naivety ,but to the liar out there ,if indeed this is proven to be in the end,all a lie, you might be prepared to like wearing orange everyday yourself if some unstable soul out there Does do something foolish from your stupidity enevidably they wouldn’t be alone….think helter skelter stupid.

      2. USA says:

        Actually the armed citizens arent acting stupid as you suggest. They are protesting new gun laws saying they will not comply. I hardly doubt it warrants getting “shot in the head” although some of the ones in Boulder could be and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any since they are liberals.

        1. PatriotsQ says:

          Denny Crane, the clock is ticking. follow the watch.

          #trump’s tweet on his address today 1/9/2019 starts 3:14-3:15
          wake up!

    1. Denny Crane says:

      That traitor Roberts is covering for her. I don’t beleive she alive and free and well. She’s certainly not in a position to be a Supreme Court Justice.

      They are probabally trying to figure out how to get her to resign because she’s refusing to.

  25. USA says:

    Based on my observation the enemy inside our borders may be flying American banners to hide behind and distract patriots so be advised and confirm cautiously. May not be Americana though at first glance it may seem Americana. Don’t be fooled into losing your life our colors have been hijacked. Just a word from my visual observation to US Military/Patriots.

    Patriots in control, we lead the way!


  26. USA says:

    I am in a unique position along a direct military travel route inside a military training area just outside the most advanced military installation with hundreds of ICBM’s in sight and I can tell you that there are daily deployments now as the clock ticks. Those who say, “oh that can’t happen in America” are ignorant. Rest assured, it is now happening in America and if you’re not prepared you are fools. We should hope that Trump and the military contain this situation as much as possible but be prepared for that if they don’t. I will happily join my fellow patriots along the front line in the event we are called or required to be there. There is a plan to call patriots up so be ready.

    God Bless the USA!


    1. Denny Crane says:

      What base in what state along what route liar? ICBM’s in states are not ‘in view’. They are hidden underground in the silos.

  27. USA says:

    Anybody else notice Palestine and Mexico declaring war on the USA stating they are taking the southern border states over? It’s true and it’s why I’m seeing the US Military dispatching to the scene. We’re actively under invasion folks. It’s war. I’m lucky because I am totally surrounded by enemy forces therefore guaranteeing an intense fight. Yes indeed lucky I am. I’ve always been lucky in this way. I can’t hardly wait. This is going to be so much fun. Entirely surrounded is the best position a patriot can be in.

    Patriots lead the way!

    God Bless Trump, US Military and patriots ww.

    Damn this is going to be fun!


      1. USA says:

        Are those sound bites listed on the back cover to your Rules for Radicals book?

        You guys wore those sound bites out over a year ago but I guess your masters can’t come up with anything better. Hey what about your “ism’s”, why not toss out some of those?

  28. USA says:

    Just took pics of military deployment but I won’t share them because nobody needs to know location. Go get em patriots in green camo.

    Ah yes, Patriots are in control.

    God Bless Trump, US Military and Patriots that love our country.


    1. Pygmy Pachyderm says:

      PatriotsQ – Don’t expect Q to answer you. This is a Q aggregator site. Q posts on 8chan.

    2. Q+ says:

      For the last time, if you threaten to break the C_A into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind and then that’s what happens to the back of your skull, THERE’s your sign! If you need me to spell it out further for you, we’ll sir, then perhaps Q- will help you out.

      My $0.02, just speaking personally, is that it was deserved. You can’t put a drunk drug abusing corrupt incompetent son of a bootlegger in charge of the nation and if you do, and he fucks up over and over again, well, you can expect shit to happen.

      1. Michael says:

        Everyone is infatuated with the Kennedy’s. Karma is a bitch. Remember fat,drunk,murderer,etc was all in with Obama. He’s gonna bring Camelot back….did an Irish Jig when he dropped dead.

    1. Clarke Griswold says:

      Not sure…..
      Any truth to the rumor that a “large, chest-type freezer” was seen being delivered to her home?

  29. Connie says:

    If she’s diing then why focus on her? I’m not sure she’s really sick, hiding maybe? I don’t honestly know enough to speculate. I know cancer is painful, very painful. If she’s really sick I pray the Creator shows pity and takes her quickly because nobody deserves to suffer, even evil people like the Cabal members. Peace, love, and light be with you all.

    1. Pygmy Pachyderm says:

      Connie, I like your style. You still have this rare trait called compassion. Keep it up. Peace, Love and Light

      1. Denny Crane says:

        Where was RBG’s compassion for all the murdered children in the womb? You feel compassion for Satan because god there him out of the big house? Fuck her, it’s a war.

  30. Denny Crane says:

    I’m not fucking impressed. How about the HRC video from Weiner’s laptop? How about a video of RBG putting on her skin suit?

    Military planning at its finest? No wonder we’re only 60% of the way there in Afghanistan fighting cavemen and sheep hearders after 17 bloody years.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Like opening Pandora’s box with hope’s possessed, mutilated, decaying zombie corpse writing on her pelvic floor left behind for the cornoror.

      I’ll be here all week folks: tips are welcome.

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