1. Denny Crane says:

    The reason you are here is to report the truth? So no action: got it. Thanks for finally admitting you are all fucking worthless in the ‘action’ and ‘doing shit about it’. Patriots, here me. Burn it all to the fucking ground.

    1. Cory Smith says:

      In regards to music, it is mind control. It has to do with Hz that it’s made in. (440hz) which disrupts our natural connection with the Schumann resonance. It’s causes mental disorders, nervous system irregularities, aggression, sleep disorders etc. Third is alsothe reason for WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, cell phones, UHD TVs, and smart meters. It’s all to disrupt our consciences make is aggressive/docile or unstable and sick. Not only that music is loaded with subliminal messages that sink in better in conjunction with the above mentioned.

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