1. Rick says:

    I’m 100 percent behind Trump and I’ll keep following the Q posts/comments but it’s getting to be the time where action has to happen, it’s been 2 years! It’s so obvious how the previous administration from the top down set up Trump and also exonerated Hillary to protect the fact that Obama knew she was using an illegal server. When will investigations/prosecutions result from this? I don’t want to be negative but more and more it seems like Q is just writing fan fiction for us patriots. Telling us what we’d love to see happen. Maybe Q is an aspiring novelist in the genre of Tom Clancy and he’s testing out ideas for a political thriller book. Regardless, I will stand with President Trump and all of the patriots on this site!

  2. Denny Crane says:

    Yeah great. And is Huber doing this?

    I heard he didn’t give the time of day to the bombshell Hillary Clinton foundation tax info the forensic guys testified to Congress in late 2018 about. They claimed to have her dead to rights on numberous blatant violations of tax and foundation law and Huber didn’t even bother to take their info the first two times they asked.

    YOU CANT KEEP PROMISING ARRESTS AND JUSTICE WHEN NO ARRESTS AND JUSTICE IS TAKING PLACE. What are you going to try 60k cases concurrently? There aren’t that many fucking judges on the planet let alone the country. Jesus we could made it through a half dozen of these fuckers by now had you started 18 months ago.

    1. Pete parker says:

      Hate to say this but to those who follow Q. You’ve been had. From the first Q post I read, which wasn’t that long ago. All I’ve seen is Q repeating things that for the most part are out in the public forum. He just condenses down to a small form. Then here’s the funny part. He gets everyone to play Jeopardy. He puts most all his crumbs in question form. Stop being suckers and sheep and come to the realization that no one will ever be held accountable by any court in this country.

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