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A stone sits idle while the world around it evolves. Evolution, depending on the stage, can be deadly.
We can talk through code or we can act through transparency. The choice is yours. However, the clock is ticking, and, at a select point in time, that option will be expired. Regular service appointments should be made in order to maintain functionality.


  1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    well i might have should have read it today better before i wrote no mention of water,but.think it means exactly the same thing. time for new glasses i reckon.

  2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    well yall are right i think. i think he has told maggie here in an asian way about the stone in the river eroding…. maybe he meant she started out good and solid like a stone,but the forces of water or evil or wrong side of the truth ,has shaped her the stone into an ugly thing .she could have been shaped beautifly by good water or truth and the right side….nuoc chay da mon…vietnamese for running water cuts stone…. it’s not cryptic in my opinion …its circular asian philosophy for get your ass out of the dirty water before it’s too late…. the tunnel part and smoking shit. maybe he will elaborate further and prove my hunch…. business and warfare are the same thing the art of the deal… think.chinese general….art of war. …..same.

  3. Denny Crane says:

    Oh please. Maggie is Trump’s personal goto resource at the NYT when he wants something leaked there. That’s why she’s the White House corespondent for the NYT right now. My guess is Trump feeds her shit off the record and then complains when they get it wrong, which has gota frustrate the hell out of her… but hey, everyone’s gota sing for their supper.

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      she was podesta’s go to girl for heavy hitting stories wasn’t she?they used msm for run of the mill shit and her for the big stuff. a useful ally for the hrc 2016 machine. good reporter but on the dems payroll is how i read it. developing poor eyesight so i skim over too fast sometimes lately and miss more than i should .think @maggie involved with bernie sanders campain relocation/swindle agenda . unless i damn sure need some new glasses.it was the wikiread bit i think .sorry wikileaks .. and one of yesterday or saturdays posts .you know , not once has wikileaks been proven wrong according to hannity. saw an interview with the guy ,and to me ,assange seemed to present himself as an ethical journalist who protects his sources and verifies the facts.friend or enemy ?/?? reckon for our purposes and for truth is a ok. another piece of the puzzle.

  4. A girl has no name says:

    Time…. who are we allowing time though? Patriots or deenstate? If evidence is so solid why not grab them instead of buying them time? Action speaks louder than words and I am still left wanting in actual “actionable items”…

    1. Cory Smith says:

      This is like unravelling 10 time bombs at once. It’s a delicate process to ensure the safety of all Americans while maintaining as much order and normalcy as possible. Measure twice, cut once. If they don’t get this right this time, it may be decades before it’ss possible again. Stay patient. Trust the plan. It’s been in the works for a LONG TIME.

  5. Connie says:

    I think it’s an offer to handle things quietly but a promise that they will be dealt with one way or another. Very generous if I’m correct. Change is already happening regardless, the “evolution” is harmful to the stagnet “knives”. I could be completely wrong, I am knew to this.

  6. New York Patriot says:

    Maggie the good, little, DS, keyboard warrior seems to be in it very deep! Be quite prudent to flip now! No matter, got my full tub of popcorn. Best part of this movie coming up next! WWG1WGA!

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Pretty sure we just firebomb the shit out of the infected areas in africa and save the first world from the plague of these illnesses. Average IQ of the Congo people = 65. Not like anyone makes a big bunch of noise when we exterminate entire villages there subject to infection. Seems like value added work to me but what do I know: I’m just a guy whose internal organs aren’t liquefying and bleeding out of my dissolving anus.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Disappointed but not giving up on Bolton yet. My gut says his rep as a Neocon is unfounded. I thought Flynn was bent after being dissoluioned with the way he was treated during Obama and I despised McMaster, who was filthy working for Soros. Bolton did good work for us disbanding the Kahn nuclear proliferation network under dubya without war with Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and North Korea (recall this required major changes to international naval law for interdiction of NK vessels). He held firm representing the US at the UN, and globalists like Kelly and Mattis tried to shut out his access to POTUS over a plan to withdraw from
      The Iran nuke treaty. I think there is very much more to Syria’s and Israel than what we see in the press.

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