1. Cory Smith says:

    The idea that the dems have been running the drug/slave trade is not new to me. There’s a journal from some guys who worked in area 51 that was called the blue planet project (not blue like dems- blue like water) that revealed that when it was mysteriously uploaded onto the internet in the mid 90’s. That’s where they get much of their money for USAPs and R&D into alien/advanced technology that they shroud from us. Free energy, sonic healing, materializers and the like.

  2. USA says:

    Democrats are Cartel and they need their pipeline unobstructed to continue their globalist vision of American without white people. Wall will secure their worthlessness to their masters.
    Built it!

    Liberal crack head cartel lefty’s can fuck off.



  3. Denny Crane says:

    I guess you could view this as Trump giving the democrats an opprutunity to do the right thing… or an opprutunity for them to reveal their true selves… either works 👌

  4. VonEbb says:

    FORZA with the Q army!
    Big Yawn will be here to say something bad about the Q
    Don t fall for his BS
    Q proof in yesterdays Post
    Trump to CD? One year Delta
    Long before Trump Tweeted he was going to Camp David, as he did one year ago on this date!
    Q is the real deal
    Bring your BS Big Yawn!!!

  5. USA says:

    Yeah , we knew.
    The clock is ticking.
    All systems go, patriots have the Presidents back.
    We’re ready and standing by.
    Rock n Roll!

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