1. Kim says:

    What is sickening to me is what they are doing
    to children!! Children sacrifices!!! Infuriating! 12:12
    Who do they think they are?! Then show it off in
    paintings & shoes!! Let the judgement of God fall upon
    their shoulders! I hope these children are being rescued!!

    1. Denny Crane says:

      Look into the pedo ring being run out of State College in Pennsylvania. Sandusky was just the sacrificial lamb. The medi la covered the worst of it up and the state prosecutor that wasn’t murdered got his public pound of flesh and the pedo ring moved off to somewhere else.

  2. PastaGuy says:

    Can we see our National debt actual shrink incredibly and see salaries, income tax, 401k increase and decrease majorly with sending these lost funds back to the people? We can payoff homes, credit debt, etc. Would POTUS reward the US “Victims” citizens that???
    Greatest President int he world. Praying

    1. Denny Crane says:

      5-6 trillion of the national debt is intergovernmental borrowing against the non existent social security trust fund. Drop those benefits and means test them and poof there goes 5T of the debt. Tell China they can kiss our fat white asses and we ain’t paying them and there goes another 1.18 trillion. Confiscate the Rothchild’s and the Soros’s war profits and there’s another few trillion. Cut off welfare to foreign born people and cut the deficit half a trillion a year. Give the feds a 10% haircut and save another 150 billion a year. Arrest the globalists in the Feb and halve interest rates and there’s another 350 billion saved a year. Start selling mining rights to federal land there’s the rest. Hell, start taxing liberals 75% of their income and you’ll be awash in surpluses in no time. Cut off foreign abusive trade and the jobs and tax revenues will come rushing back. We’ll be able to fill Fort Knox up with gold again.

    1. Denny Crane says:

      No more talk and internet games. Action now!!! Meanwhile me and my fellow patriots are planning with our ammo boxes. Fuck the ballet boxes, those are bent beyond repair.

  3. N WOlf says:

    The NWO/Deepstate Luciferians have stolen literally $TRILLIONS$ from we the people- you can bet you’re sweet a** we will be compensated- restitution is coming.

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