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What happens when all ‘insiders’ know the news is FAKE?
What happens when all ‘insiders’ know [AS] is the leak of false data?
What happens when a member of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE & FALSE data to ‘friendly’ news sources in order to maintain & portray a FALSE NARRATIVE to the public?
How do you build a case against a member of the House Intel Comm if they themselves have access to the intelligence?
What critical ‘mission’ did SESSIONS publicly announce re: leaks?
Why did SESSIONS make this PUBLIC?
Optics are important.
Control of the NARRATIVE.
RE: MUELLER deleted ‘critical’ text messages between PS+LP?
Re_read Re: [MUELLER] designed to….
The ‘MUELLER’ insurance policy has expired.

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  1. It used to be that Mueller and Trump were working together. Now Mueller is a bad guy. Deception was necessary…to keep string you yahoos along. The storms is coming any day now they’ll be telling you just before the 2020 election.

    1. I gave it till the end of the year, which came and passed. I’m in the LARP camp until proven otherwise. If he doesn’t move on the plan here I’m moving on to plan b, which is launching my own personal rebellion. Maybe I’m just a crazy kook or maybe I’ll eventually be known as one of the new founding fathers.

  2. think JAIL or LARP JOKE
    (translation) either you put all the criminals in JAIL or you’re a LARP and a JOKE

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