1. JT says:

    Julian date 9003-Dems have taken over the house, no arrests, no fisa. Remember what it says in Q’s last post? “Fake, fake, fake!”. I wonder if Q was talking about the whole Qanon thing?

  2. Vonebb says:

    “They are unlawful enemy combatants”
    Questioning: Graham > KAV re: ‘enemy combatants’ [unusual?]
    Define ‘Treason’
    EO effective 1.1.19
    DOJ Office of Legal CounselQ

    1. BigJohn says:

      Dumbass, they were talking about people who go off to Afghanistan and join the Taliban or whatever and take up arms against our country. Read the cases they were talking about. I did. And notice how Kavanaugh was qualifying what he said. He didn’t want to say that anyone who helps a foreign power could be considered an enemy combatant because that isn’t the law. Watch it over again. Read the cases. Look into what Graham has done in the past with respect to the people being held at GITMO. That’s his big thing. He wants to be able to hold them there, both the foreign enemy combatants and Americans who go join them and shoot at our guys. This has nothing to do with the “deep state.” Stop being such a simpleton. You aren’t a patriot. Patriots don’t long for martial law and giving the military jurisdiction to try criminal cases against civilians when we have plenty of federal courts that are perfectly capable of handling criminal cases and in fact were given that power in the Constitution. The military weren’t given that power, nor was the Executive Branch the military is under. The Constitution is explicit and it explicitly says people get jury trials in criminal cases in the states where they are alleged to have committed the crimes. Look at the very last paragraph of Article III, Section 2 of the US Constitution. And then tell me where the law is that supports your position, rather than just that it is in some four hundred and something page document you damned sure didn’t read.

  3. BigJohn says:

    I am smart on the law, Von Ebb. When did you go to law school? I went decagldes ago and have handled many thousands of criminal cases and other types of cases over the years. Nothing in the executive order or new federal code gives military tribunals jurisdiction over US citizen civilians who are not enemy combatants. The fact that you want military tribunals trying civilians does not make you a patriot. It makes you the opposite of a patriot. You want Donald Trump to wipe his ass with the US Constitution. You want the Executive branch of government to usurp all power from the Judicial Branch. You are too stupid to see that what you are pushing for is the way dictatorships get started. It goes against everything the founding fathers stood for. You arent patriots. You’re idiots who would destroy our country if you got your way. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, but then have everything go horribly wrong.

    Try to prove my wrong about the jurisdiction issue. It would do you good to learn this little bit of law. Learn about when military tribunals have jurisdiction over civilians and why it’s almost always unconstitutional and why we don’t want citizens subjected to military tribunals rather than our regular courts. This could be an eye opening experience for you if you are actually interested in thinking for yourself rather than just swallowing whatever Q feeds you whole. If you cult members actually were doing real research and really thinking for yourselves you would have figured out Q is a scam a long time ago.

    1. Thommy says:

      BigJohn you again offering up law and statutes that lil q bot spoon fed VonEbb has no recourse other than what he gets off twitter feeds. Your ” martial law” argument is spot on . These lil q LARPS always accentuate sensationalism. After all that is how most millennial are playing today in their bedrooms on video games that are sensational but fiction. They seem to think putting your trust in one man, Donald J Trump is the way of them achieving their fantasies.Not considering that doing away with our constitution and checks and balances in our government would only conclude the very thing they are supposedly are against today! Talk about a dog chasing his own tail ? I hope these spoon fed lil q larps never catch up to their own tails ! But they will continue their mantra as long as their leaders are making a $$$$ gain then the conspiracy will go on and on .

    2. JT says:

      I’m no legal beaver, but I think Americans can be tried in a military tribunal for terrorism against our nation. Would that include politicians and intelligence agents who sold state secrets to foreign countries, who then used that information to kill American citizens?

      1. BigJohn says:

        No, it would not include those things. Those cases are handled in federal courts. The Constitution gives jurisdiction to the Supreme Court and those courts under the Supreme Court in the Judicial Branch. And Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution says that people have the right tonjusry trial in the states where they are alleged to have committed the crimes, not friggin GITMO.

        Why is Q pushing military tribunals and martial law? If these people committed crimes why not do things the right way, follow the law, abide by the US Constitution, Why sick military courts on civilians? Why violate the principles of separation of powers and rob the Judicial Branch of their powers? Do you think these military tribunals would have any legitimacy for most Americans? Why does Q insist on tearing up the damned Constitution? How in the fuck can Q followers support this and call themselves patriots? Patriots support and defend the United States Constitution. Q followers have been manipulated into thinking martial law and military tribunals on US citizens would be a glorious thing. Q followers had better be careful what they wish for because they just might get it, only things won’t turn out like they expect and they will deeply regret having helped ruin our country.

      2. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        jt ,you could probably pull that answer up if you can find the kavanaugh /sen. graham exchange ,during his pre-nomination questioning before congress. i remember him quizzing kavanaugh about the specifics of when(how) the accused is subject to losing their basic bill of rights ,and when they still could not be stripped of them.vaguely i remember him answering a question to graham like that. were not mcveigh and nichols just charged in federal court though? of course not such a political deal like all this crap going on is laced with. i’m not a lawyer so what the hell do i know.

  4. VonEbb says:

    Nope! Q is the man! You clowns think you’re smart on the law. Your not. Starting today civilians can and will be given a military tribunal. UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE change effective today.
    Covers, the current coup , by HRC ,BHO And there many minions. Sedition, treason, and so on.
    Reason , federal and civilian courts are compromised like the FBI, STATE, DOJ.
    So forget what u think u know and get up to speed. Trump is different, no more games!

    1. Airwolf says:

      Being a veteran I can tell the people who have never been in the military that the UCMJ is a whole different world when it comes to the law. If Trump could not do some things legally then I am very certain that the generals would let him know. I can tell you that if you got in trouble outside of a military base in the civilian world, that you still got in trouble under UCMJ in the military world under conduct unbecoming rules because you were a government employee. These members, etc. working for the government or even having ties to the government, representing the government, etc. are still subject to the government rules, regulations, etc. If they think they are not then let them find out the hard way! NEVER underestimate the military or the UCMJ when it comes to this country’s security. There are some bad apples, but there are also some good apples and they are the best of the best!

    2. Bucky Isaacs says:

      That is correct. What some Congresspersons and our Ex-Secretary of State have done is criminal. Yes, they should get a military tribunal treatment–they impaired and jeopardized the Safety of the U. S. Selling Uranium to our enemy and to profit from it when the government got not a dime, is a treasonous act. They used to hang persons found guilty of Treason. I think we should re-instate that.

    3. BigJohn says:

      No it doesn’t, dipshit. Show us how it does these things you claim it does. You can’t. You didn’t even read it. You’re a fucking dimwit. You’re all fucking dimwits if you believe everything Q spoon feeds you without even checking it out, without questioning it. It’s just a bunch of changes to the rules on court martials that where actually drafted when Obama was in office and the executive order made them go into effect now. Quit being so embarrassingly clueless. It’s hilarious that you dioshits believe you are thinking for yourselves, doing all this “research.” The answers are not in videos by Qanon crackpots on Youtube. Those dumbasses don’t know what they are talking about either. It’s the blind leading the blind and you fuckers are willfully blind because you just eat up everything you are spoon fed with your damned blinders on. Keep trusting that plan like it’s your religion, dimwit. You Q followers are all brainwashed cult members who never question your false prophet.

  5. JT says:

    Julian date 9001-No arrests of evil politicians or deep state, no 70-53 voter fraud proof, memo’s were a bust, no fisa, and 2018 was NOT a glorious year. Have you Q folks has enough, yet?

  6. Mike says:

    I was fascinated that QAnon was inclusive of so much. Flat Earthers were welcomed, JFK was alive and behind the scenes, our soldiers were whisked off to other planets to take part in space battles, all the opposite team were satanist and participated in ritual abuse and murder of children. The list keeps going. If QAnon was so clever they might have had a hand in selecting someone other then Trump. It’s been the Trump show since the election. I don’t doubt there are bad guys in both parties who take advantage of their positions for their own gain but enough of the Cabal talk. It’s distracting. I don’t have an explanation for the number of sealed indictments these last several months.

    1. Thommy says:

      I too have found it amazing how lil q is fixated on this pedo scandals of the cabal. I have a real hard time believing that SO MANY are involved but yet they all have avoided any prosecution over these many years ,except for Weiner. I even saw on twitter that they now say V P Pence is conflicted but there he was today at the cabinet meeting and the President made a point to him how there poll numbers were high among Republican voters. Humorous to see these anons trying to explain away all their,”soon, next week , big drop , boom , popcorn ready,tick tock” and so on and on predictions just come to nothing . When You trust a LARP and it’s associates who profiteer off the anon spoon fed ili larps , this is what you get. Eventually the payday date has to come to fruition or you look just like they do today in 2019.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        dont worry dude about the typos dude. only one around here that worries about that is the q larp dude.im convinced he is just angry with his mother for making him wear a dress as a kid so you shouldn’t care if he corrects you . I dont. i’m sure most here can understand and pick out what you meant.i did with no problem. well nothing wrong with looking at or listening to any source of news if you can distinguish politics within it . like jury duty .look at facts .big john is sharp and think is a lawyer… 68 thousand sealed indictments would be mighty costly to prosecute, house and feed.sounds like sound logic to me…. not saying trump isn’t looking for any loophole he can find around the regular courts. think that was what Grahams questioning during kavanaugh was all about. make sure the vids you watch or stuff you read arent just geared to demonise the accused and enrage you…think of it as rebel rousing …any of it.but maybe uranium 1 that is out in the media might could fall under military .not my m.o.s., but to me it ought to. the selling of uranium to our sworn enemy? ,but we know about rumors…where’s the beef. i have no doubt he is looking just as hard as his opposition is to get him out.how are we improving as a country though? we ever even gonna get them to take their first sworn duty and make it just? you’ve got more faith than i do if yes.we ever gonna do anything about national debt?

    1. BigJohn says:

      Arrests have already started and are ongoing. Several charges have been filed and convictions have been obtained. Not sure how many more indictments the Mueller investigation will yield, but no doubt others will be charged.

      Wait, you’re talking about deep state arrests, aren’t you? If that is your question then the answer is never because this Q crap was all made up bullshit to begin with. Criminal convictions require evidence of crimes being committed. Without strong evidence prosecutors won’t file charges typically. They don’t like doing a bunch of work only to have their asses handed to them at trial and much prefer slam dunk cases. Accusations not backed up by solid evidence are worthless, and this Qanon conspiracy con is full of evidence free accusations.

      And on the arrest, please know that military tribunals for US citizens are almost always unconstitutional unless the citizen fits the limited legal definition for an “enemy combatant” who during a time of armed conflict with an enemy they join forces with that enemy and take up arms against the United States. Unless these “deep state” people went to Afghanistan and joined the Taliban and helped them battle US forces, military tribunals would lack jurisdiction over them and if they were charged with crimes the jurisdiction for these crimes would be state or federal courts in the states where they are alleged to have committed the crimes. They’d have the right to a fair and speedy trial in front of a jury if their peers using state or federal law, not military law in front of a panel of military officers in Guantanamo Bay. That’s the law. That’s the way it has to be done. Read the Constitution and all the Supreme Court cases on point if you don’t believe me. There are lots of helpful law review articles too. Hell, look at Wikipedia for that matter. There is all kinds of information out there on the jurisdiction of military tribunals and the many limitations preventing military tribunals from exercising jurisdiction over US citizens. Unless we basically have a military coup where the military and the Executive Branch join forces and tell the courts and lawmakers, the Judicial Branch and Legislative Branch to fuck off, there will be no military tribunals on US citizens coming out if this. If that does happen, be very afraid, because it would be a constitutional crisis and it is exactly how military dictatorships get started.

  7. Lori McConnell says:

    Well I guess Q has run its course. Very obvious now it’s all bullshit. Oh Q knew some stuff, but Q was/ is never in control of a San thing. Wishful thinking on all our parts. Too bad cause everything Q said was exactly the way things should have been/ should be but Republicans are just too damn stupid and lazy to make sure Democrats are held accountable. Now we will see the total destruction of the Republican party and honestly the people to blame for that are the Republicans themselves

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      need to worry more about the country than a party. what about the words in the pledge of allegiance and constitution were true you once believed were true. do you think politicians believe in them? that’s the problem. people love party and towing the line for money and power of the party.we could lose the country in the process.can’t say it leads to disaster here,or war or re education camps like cambodia for the loser,but history repeats itself.if a 10,000 pound tree is falling you aint gonna catch it with your hands.try to save it before it rots.and the american tree is headed that way.don’t blow it with taking a side and without questioning its motive for doing to be doing.i mean,what are we getting done that benefits freedom. that is what we used to call it. now they tell us differently and boil us like the frog to justify slow change to more control by the left or by the right .ever feel like a stretched rubber band?

  8. Von Ebb says:

    Remember 1-1-2019 the change s to the uniform code of Military justice take effect! Allowing for military tribunals for civilian prisoners charged with being an enemy combatant. Sedition, treason, plotting to take down the government.
    Anyone we know that fits that description? 68,000 unopened what’s?

    1. BigJohn says:

      Von Ebb, please enlighten us on how they are going to classify these people as “enemy combatants?” Perhaps you should look at the law on that. Are they saying these people went and joined ISIS and took up arms against the United States? It would take something like that for citizens to be deemed “enemy combatants.”

      1. Thommy says:

        Now BigJohn tap the brakes on your reality. Thes lil q bots don’t want to be spoon fed truth that’s why they are anons. Amazing the garbage people follow without any legal expertise. Also I am suspect that certain of their “higher up” twitter phenoms with massive followings are playing these peeps for all the $ they can garner . Not only pushing their you tube channels but now have moved on to books and one a movie. Oh my….why is that phrase,”follow the $” such a true barometer of those that seek sensationalism of raw hard truths? Preach on brother holding these clueless anons to the actual law . I am enjoying your banter with them .

        1. BigJohn says:

          Clearly you didn’t read it, Von Ebb. Nowhere in it does it say the military can start picking up US citizens who are not enemy combatants and hauling them off to GITMO. Let me direct your attention to Article III of the US Constitution, specifically the last clause in Section 2 of Article III, “The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed..” Note, the Constitution says that people have the right to jury trial in the states where they are alleged to have committed crimes. How is it not going to be unconstitutional to round these people up to stand trial in front of military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay? It’s not. The executive order that went into effect does not change that, and guess what, if it did it would be unconstitutional and the Supreme Court would invalidate it.

          What else you got? Come on. Show me how it would be legal to round these people up and force them to stand trial in front of military tribunals. You can’t do it. You couldn’t do it even if you were a lawyer who understood these things because the legal justification you would be looking for just isn’t there. It does not exist. What Q is proposing is unconstitutional on its face.

          Are there any Qanon believing lawyers? I’ve never run across one. I’d love to hear someone try to make a real legal argument for it. All I get is people pointing me to an executive order they haven’t read, an exchange between Kavanaugh and Graham they did not understand where these two did not say what they imagined they said. Your just gobbling up what Q spoon feeds you, Q and crackpots on Youtube who don’t know Jack shit.

          1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

            well im just looking at the damage done by politics to all of us.in mexico,i think yesterday some mayor got elected somewhere down there….held the title for like 20 minutes before someone already decided they needed a new mayor.well at least we quite arent there yet.some psyco pulls up and shoots a 7 year old girl ,somewhere here maybe simply because she was black .i do my best to just decide what i think is good and what i think is evil. i think qanon is a just tool of division.either way it isn’t good for us. oh i look for proof one way or the other.cant decide who sounds like the bigger idiot up there …trump? pelosi? but if shit falls apart here like people say they think we are headed,its not the chinese or the russians i fear the most,although i know they are watching like a wolf… its my neighbor next door i’d fear and them ,me. when the food runs out ,guess it ends up being every man for himself.isn’t much civility or compassion on an empty stomach- not that many seem to have much any more for each other anyhow as it is .shame to piss away what we got to politics, but who is smart enough to stop it.

  9. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    to J.T. .. i agree its a scam. i’m not one really who cares which party is in control but it is the tug of war back and forth that drives me nuts. neither side wants to consider the other sides position. lots of people here are here for bloodlust not justice and seditious talk is becoming more and more.black lives matter vs the cops. the riots we saw on tv .statues coming down….dems vs.repubs. you know the list better than i probably .at some point we have to wake up and try to reason with one another fairly and truly strive to see another point of view to get to what we can live with so we don’t get to the point where we are told what we can do or not do. i believe its got to involve civility and respect.and fairness .i think these people who come here are mad,and rightfully about a lot of things.but martial law? and tribunals? sure people ought to be fired and locked up for things but doubt seriously it will ever happen.money talks and b.s. walks…they all have a silver key .no one stays in power forever..and then they are a target for prosecution if any of this were true . unless what King Trump? i’ve had a hard time liking him for stating andrew jackson was a good president…. maybe then to the powers that were .im still willing to give him till 2020 to see what he does just like i did obama. history always repeats itself at some point we are going to lose every right we got for being stupid and not trying to find common ground by starting somewhere.demand what we want to the powers that be. all i see is division and more and more anger every day.a good start would actually punish the criminals hard but really give them a second chance when the serve their time.otherwise the just repeat and go back. well most of them. some would have to die and some would have to lose their balls before getting out . but hey that’s my opinion and i could be wrong.

  10. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    i want to appologise for my comments to everyone but the role player. it was rude for the rest of you to have to read that crap….. Im supposed to be above that as a true freedom seeker …getting down on his level. won’t happen again. want to know the biggest problem with the government today is it is interwoven with elitists like some with exceptional english skills and all and enjoy belittling anyone else around …see i wasn’t alone . a sign to me he probably did not have a daddy around to backhand him across his mouth for him about the time a rude or unkind word flew from his mouth about someone else. total lack of class.sadly too late for him now. probably his mother was and english teacher who corrected his every grammatical error…she probably had wished for a daughter,not a son and he hates her for it .so he spills his b.s. out on whoever gives him the time of day …deep inside he hates himself,and i Don’t wish that on him.

  11. JT says:

    I see where all the folks the Q followers have said were arrested, were still tweeting. How is it possible for them to still be tweeting from Guantanamo Bay? Open your eyes, you’re being conned. Come January 5th when all these deep staters and evil politicians Q said will be arrested aren’t, don’t lose your cool. Remember, you were warned to hop off the Q train before it crashes your world. Nothing is going to happen folks. Q will continue to move the goalposts to keep you suckers suckin. This is all a big scam by several people to make money. Look for those who push the Q narrative, those who have websites, use podcasts, and invite you to buy their books, shirts, hats, and other merchandise. You already know who they are. You see them on Twitter, yet they remain anonymous on 8chan.


    1. BigJohn says:

      JT, I wouldn’t count on the Qanon train crashing anytime soon. Q is vague and slippery and always weasels out of failed predictions and his/their followers keep the faith. Just before the 2020 elections Q will be telling people the storm is coming in no time and you’ll see people coming on this site thanking sweet baby Jesus for Q and Donald Trump, talking about how they trust the plan and posting Bible passages. It’s a cult and people don’t give up on cults easily.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        no joke, think about all those people riding that hale bop comet in cheezy black running suits and matching white shoes with their fearless leader who looked like he just stepped out of a mental institution.even lies contain half-truths .with eyes like that someone out there should have caught than one before it led to all that.these people always have silver keys (criminals with money) .taking the politics out like chaff from seeds before deciding one way or the other makes it a little easier to see what all this is about.lately around here or from d.c. too much chaff not enough seed….and we are still paying the bill. btw, heard there is a new gun company making a new cheap pistol .they are calling it “the senator” …. it doesn’t work and you can’t fire them.its a govt owned company and unfortunately they are on shut down right now over a wall …that doesn’t work 100% either brand new.

  12. Von Ebb says:

    So many anti Q people here! Why ? Because Q is the real deal! They have the most to lose so they rant ! It’s OK , let them.
    Remember present prove past. Learn our comms! “WE ARE COMING “

    1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

      i’m not anti trump really.not sure pro trump either . he’s got to 2020 and will grade him then. try to be objective but i think quanon is a scam though.most of what they say is just too far out there . i think plenty of people did bad and need to go to jail if anything is true. just keep an open mind. look at info if you want but try your bestnot to form an opinion and jump right in or think or say seditious things like some are starting to do here. bad for us as a people no matter how it shakes out. ignore the ”larps” because the only opinion that matters is your own to see it as you do. i try to stay objective and without favor to politics at all ,to look at it like one would while sitting on a jury.remember prosecutors lie just as quickly as the defense and throw in as many red herrings as they can to sway your opinion. politics is Always a tool …and some larps around here. seems to mean role player….larp . don’t be a qanon or a larp and look for what is ,not what you think will be. msm seems real sugar coated to me compared to talk here.remember too these wealthy cats like the clintons always have a silver key at the end of the day.time will tell well for what it was worth ,it was free..take care

  13. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    go ride your rocket imposter. boy i tell you, worst mop job ever seen too…clearly not under ucmj. yo ass would be doing mountain climbers and bends and thrusts along with the rest of us for calling whatever shit your doing to people online in secret ,pretending to military, pretending to be someone you aint. and oh what a blanket party it’d be for little ol q. the weakest little link. the only pretending time you’d have would be in pretending youre unconscious so people would stop beating you for being a dumbass . but know now after looking up the term larp …roll player oh ok . immature but hey whatever . free country still so far. in a fucked up kind of way,but knock yourself out.hell i might have fought for that many years ago . oh i don’t plan to fuck off and die any time q.assuming that’s what your last post stated. but sadly for you my tv show is on and more fun than wasting time on you.

  14. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    loyal to your wife i see. whats her name four fingers and her sisters name the fat one? or do you just call her handjob.

  15. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    ok now we’re getting somewhere? just seen it.boy you must be a drunk to drink there…. i don’t know maybe their food is good .and while we’re at it ,what exactly is a larp?not quite up with all your conspiracy codes. quite sure we’re screwed whoever wins the made up battle between the white and black hats. how does being a larp make you feel.

  16. Tony Alfano says:

    WWG1WGA ThankQ!!! We here in Canada stand behind Trump and his supporters. MSM tells you Canadians are against the Trump movement and I’m here to tell you its FAKE NEWS and all Canadians know it. We are rising up to remove Trudeau and elect a Conservative government. 2019. Trudeau will NOT get re-elected!!! We are Q too and we stand behind you!!! Protect POTUS at all costs, this is are one and only chance to bring down the CABAL SATANIC DEEP STATE. God bless all who are awake and see the light.

  17. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    let doctor phil help you here. if you get to be a missile man i get to be a psychopathagist and meter is running son so spit it out

  18. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    oh and q….isn’t it illegal for a drunk soldier to spill supposed secrets on an open area about anything even remotely sensitive. if your under the ucmj and all …something about sworn duty and to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic…isnt it illegal to pretend to be a soldier when your not?

  19. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    oh ok q . i get it..so there is a missle base there and you claim to work there…do your seniors know your a drunkard?

  20. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    so i drive all the way up there to your fake address look from some peckerhead named q just off from q duty right? so im supposed to beat up a stupid drunk bastard calling himself q. ok sure q ill bite. then what?

  21. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    oh so if i don’t waste time with commas colons i’m not on your level .good i’ve got you right where i want you. it’s good to be underestimated. nice to see the look on ones face when they realise they went too too far… of course it could also mean you don’t get what i’m telling you if i leave off a dot. and she never said she wanted to break up so as far as i’m concerned if she called tomorrow id hear her out. but she isn’t any more of your concern .

  22. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    im back .rain is even less entertaining as you. well pardon my word pronunciation problem there q. oh so you live at a bar m,kay… so how i know its you again? and i must apologize i thought you wrote pain reliever clinic so a bar not relief for your sore ass and the rocket ride yesterday.

  23. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    sure pussy , wouldn’t take any more than a popper for you… firecracker you need clean clothes id bet. id just beat your ass.surprised the people up there haven’t kicked your ass. course id bet you dont talk shit to them there at your ”fake ” news address either .either way your iq isn’t as high as i thought ,and your boring to me . losing battle fighting a loser .maybe i will get back to you and perhaps i won’t. you should feel bad about yourself talking shit about someone’s family. and that’s no shit dude .shameful .but a clue of how little you are q. adios mother fucker .or how is that in russian?pretending i give a shit?

  24. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    q now i haven’t said anything personal about your wife.nor will i.but you take this to the bank son.if i knew who you were ,or where you were ,id drive there and put you in a coma.for calling my fiance a china slut.you dont do that she was a decent moral woman . maybe if your a gutless chickenshit turd like you its ok but it aint ok with me . you just keep you little weenie ass safe and sound and talking shit .in the real world you’d say shit about family once to me. you know what.fuck you and all like you.your not worth my time

  25. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    i haven’t a clue how cold it is in crimea no ask me if i give a blue fck. i found out who you were seemingly pretending to be trump…supposedly by asking questions while trying to figure out if this country is going to have a real chance at freedom and how much of this shit is real and how much isn’t.either way were done i believe. too inclined to fight each other over stupid shit here 50/50 division on pick an issue. if trump wins or if dems wins makes no difference.

  26. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    well 1 weigh about 180 can bench 285 after a stroke .id say i aint fat. and no she didn’t really want to leave china or family. we were going to try to travel often. my i q is 147 . i assume yours is high,but your just immature and this isn’t a penis measuring contest but i bet id beat you if it were buddy. this is just entertainment to me at this point.already know your just full of it.

  27. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    so when you kill each other off .when you push the red button ..sorry the big red button ,can we have our land back?

  28. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    sure on whether or not i dodged a bullet . maybe. we argued lots when we were together …different cultures.still best days of my life. regarding women i learned you can either be right or happy take your pick-hahaha.hard enough to manage a relationship with the opposite without govt interference added though.

  29. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    they monitor every communication as we do. every outgoing letter or incoming. she got angry with me when i suggested flanking them ,the powers that be, because here is illegal but there is illegal with real punishment. i should have listened to her .i got blinded with my anger and didnt realise that in time. you know there is right and wrong and i felt wronged by people no more human than me.i think of her every day and hope my anger didn’t get her in trouble because that’s all on me.nightmares about it. i tried for months to contact her. finally a man id met there emailed me to tell me what was going on . gave him my number . so i assume they got to him too.went to the china desk in our govt( dept of state) they never called me back. senator after senator.no help. has been 10 years now going on 11 and just don’t know if i should write her now and ask her at least if it was her decision or theirs.so far i’ve chosen to just leave it alone . i resent our govt deeply for putting she and i in that situation .china is what it is.we are supposed to be the good guys and fair. very hard for me to be angry at illegals because i’ve seen what happens when you try to do things the right way. they could eliminate by 50% chance immediately by allowing foreign wife right to work too instead of waiting for the proverbial mother may i from them. i mean if they were worried about needing govt assistance. could make them put up a bond in case they get sick or fall on hard times could use bond for travel back to home country until situation changes .so many many ways they could solve this problem and be fair for all….we still need a fence too, but hell almost 250 years and still not anything really workable about the immigration process.all while we’ve paid them to jerk us off up there. too much tug of war not enough problem solving.

  30. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    thanks big john, your right about that with the co sponsor. wanted to thank you and will re read closer what you wrote. my biggest fear is for her. i was so angry i forgot what i was asking her to do was illegal in china-to leave without papers. i figured since we dotted all the i’s crossed all the t’s ,passed the background tests,we were entitled to do what we had to do. found out by badgering the govt officials i was able often to get them to divulge info id otherwise not be privy to …for example chinas no re accept as citizen deal ( for those who leave without permission). found out in a heated argument with fbi when i inquired how to write dhs michael a chertoff who i hoped would look into my case .probably said a few things i shouldn’t have but she spit that out .i found his address in senate …ah house letters to him as his address wasn’t public. i intended to write a civil letter stating my innumerable right to marry and found a family the senate wrote in regards to tiananmen square in beijing …the little guy standing down a tank.felt like that little guy ,trust me, but laying down wasn’t an option. when she accepted my hand, my fiance, i cant tell you how much pride i had inside telling her she would be going to a place she could freely have her opinion,and she’d be free and safe. told her id die over her and meant every word.she is way better that what this ole boy is worth . i had learned enough mandarin to get around over there then and did consider moving there. you don’t know how many ex patriots are there who at one time were in same boat as me. and so they gave up, married their fiance and just stayed there. i’ve got too much crockett and cherokee in my bloodline for china ….american through and through. finally i had had enough and told the embassy they had one more quick chance to approve it or i’d do it through the courts here with her at my side.

  31. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    keeps you from having kids ending up like our little imposter friend q + tweeterboy by adding genes to the pool you know.

  32. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    you don’t know how many times i’ve thought of screwing the powers that be by giving them just as many anchor babies as i humanly could just so the welfare system could pay for it…. maybe then they’ll realise it might have been a hell of a lot cheaper to stay the hell out of my life, my family and my right to choose where i find my wife from trusting my decisions as a fellow citizen like the hell it’s supposed to be. or i could choose from a number of the 12 baby by 10 daddy meth head women around here ….nope i’ll pass.

  33. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    so getting to the meat of why people don’t legally apply like they should… they know if they don’t have money for all the uh … pay offs the only way they get told yes is to do what they’ve got to do right or wrong… getting caught for them is a slap on the wrist anyways… bureaucrats give a shit about any of us unless they are at risk of being outed or losing their power over people. now as i said…wouldn’t it be a hell of alot more fair if dems would quit wanting daca and legalizing illegals.and republicans let in some more and quit worrying about ”the vote”if you don’t. treat people like shit why worry about the vote but i can tell you for sure.. if i ever go through that ordeal again ,it wont be the legal way. oh ill turn myself in cause i want my day in court.doing it their way ,your court date never arrives.

    1. BigJohn says:

      I know a little about that consular processing and in the past they have found a lot of fraud with people paying US citizens to marry them to get them a VISA. I used to work in an office with lawyers who did nothing but immigration and they dealt with it a lot. Certain African countries were really bad with most being denied. Usually people have gone over there and met their spouse to be just once and really know very little about each other and then their stories don’t match up just right in the interviews but of course those can be innocent mistakes. Big age differences make a difference to them, one person being very attractive while the other is not can be a red flag. They get the feeling that something isn’t right and then they try to trip people up at the interviews it seems. It’s very frustrating.

      You may have dodged a bullet though. So often these marriages do not work out. Nothing is what anyone expected. And it is true that in some cases people will just use a vulnerable old guy to come over here legally and they’re gone in two years as soon as they get those conditions removed from the permanent resident status if they feel like they’ve gotten all the money and stuff they’re going to get from you. I would never marry somebody I didn’t know really well, especially someone from a whole different culture. I want to know what I’m getting myself into and I want her to know the same, know me but love me anyway. I’m also a lawyer and did handle some of these cases too when I was in that office and would hear these bitter old guys talking about how women from the old countries are so much better than American women but really they just wanted subservient maids who never complained that would have sex with them whenever they wanted, and often it would turn out that these women wouldn’t put up with them any more than their American wives who had dumped them before.

      But if you insist on going this ill conceived route, consider nurses from the Philippines. They all have a BSN because bachelor degrees are required for nurses there. They were educated in English and could easily get licensed here and make good money and benefits. The guy I worked with was trying to talk me into this after I got divorced. Of course he also told me that these women would want to have lots of kids so he recommended I get a vasectomy before she came and then just keep trying and trying to make a baby and keep playing dumb as to why it wasn’t happening. He was kidding. I did end up marrying a nurse, but she was born in Minnesota and she’s beautiful and wonderful and we’ve never really even had a fight in the 8 years we’ve been together and she still treats me like I hung the moon. There are plenty of great American women out there who would love to marry a good guy who will treat them well. If you’re mad at all American women and think old fashioned women from other countries would be better, maybe the problem is really you, not women, and your foreign bride isn’t going to be happy with you either. People should consider that before bringing over a foreign bride they barely even know.

      Also, if you go this route again, make sure you hire a lawyer who does nothing but immigration law and that he or she has done it for many years. There are a lot of lawyers out there who take whatever walks in the door and they really don’t know enough about cases like yours to do the work competently. Immigration law is actually hard. The rules are always changing. Things work differently in different countries. If you want to bring a Chinese women here you want a lawyer who has helped a lot of people from the same area come so he knows what pitfalls to avoid and how to prepare people for their interviews. I wouldn’t have handled any of those cases if I wasn’t sharing an office with a guy who had been doing it decades and was an encyclopedia of knowledge who could help me through the process. I wouldn’t touch one now because so much has changed and I haven’t kept up with it, that and I hate doing piles of paperwork all the time and dealing with all the frustrating asswipe bureaucrats. Some people are great at that and are happy never leaving their offices. That’s who you want to hire, not somebody who also does divorces and car wrecks and wills and criminal cases, etc., and probably doesn’t do any of it very well.

      Oh, and on the co-sponser, find somebody with a regular job where he is on a payroll and gets paystubs. You don’t want somebody who owns his own business because if they look at all the tax paperwork enough they’ll find problems. It just makes it much harder than paystubs and W2 forms. Again though, it is much cheaper and easier to find a nice American women and you can really get to know each other before you get married, which you will never be able to do with a girl that lives on the other side of the world.

      1. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

        hey thanks again big john. i see you saw it too . i ‘d say your right on target. i noticed russian women leave their bags packed when they arrive.driven by dollars. talked to about 400 at least over a few years time and the more you see yields experience in seeing what they are all about pretty quickly.wasn’t desperate so took my time. was invited over there and just kind of through caution to the wind and did it. i found they want a faithful husband most of all. hate violence and gambling. im hot tempered but never hit a woman in my life.saw one woman over there though who’d been beaten black and blue by someone . they are real calm people mostly ,but some asian men are mean to their wives and beat them because they lose at mahjong or get drunk and want to beat up on someone.ah its always a gamble anyhow without dealing with bureaucracy too, but a little culture shock is unavoidable. takes them about 6 months ,so they tell me to really adjust.planned on keeping her busy by finding hobbies and t.v .or whatever and esl classes right off the bat .really helps. anyways ,sort of got off in the weeds with the guy yesterday or id have posted back again .sounds like your a good dude though and will comment if i see you again.

  34. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    but remember, they hold all the cards. they claimed my income level isn’t high enough so they’d have the excuse to say no. i had a co-sponsor they deemed was not credible. i caused a scene at the embassy when they wouldn’t explain their case. called washington d.c. department of state 200 times..countless senators. ombudsman for immigration.many many. read more about the immigration system than i ever intended to learn. its a sham from top to bottom. did you know for example they let in 200,000 cubans a year that enter illegally and they are eligible for greencards ahead of legal applicants? called the wet feet/dry feet policy. they let them stay here and become citizens because we have no diplomatic relations with cuba and they are communist…. ok so you’d think same would apply to north koreans right? nope….north korea is what about 8000 miles from california don’t know as crow flys but by plane, right? hell i could back stroke from cuba to the keys.

  35. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    so they wanted a picture of she and i together in a recognisable place together in china and three letters proving our relationship. i one upped them. i showed up at the embassy with 575 letters 2 and from,and as to whether i’d ever been to china or not i figured that looking them in the eye(know what I mean q…. looking them in the eye), would solve that issue for them and ask whatever they want to ask but don’t dismiss my case as fraudulent. see i tried to be civil and polite with them as i hate people who break the law too .but they decline by far more petitions than any other embassy in the world.the guangzhou embassy.

  36. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    i filed my petition for my fiance ,35 then dipshit{q} not 12 i met in person in china,not through a catalog …face to face cause i aint scared of real situations …q. we dated for about a year. we decided we wanted to be married and live here because i’m a little too vocal for china. i hired a lawyer to handle it.waited in line forever.and then one day the people you trust so much lost proof of our relationship and proof id ever been to china.

  37. LEROYWASHINGTON ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


  38. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    d.p.s. and the embassy makes a determination on what they think is in their opinion marriage fraud.once an un elected person makes a determination simply because they can. they can kick your case out. the embassy in Guangzhou says 50% of their cases are fraudulent….ever met 50% of the population that are all out liars? kind of the same situation with the fbi investigations. its mainly a trap to catch even on mis statement/time whatever and then your deemed a liar. hey Q… quit listening to the voices in your head you little dipshit. bet your momma is proud.

  39. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    see folks! those here looking for just what is true and isn’t. “q” + at least tweeting stupid crap anyways is just a immature punk kid living in dreamland. don’t waste time with his B.S.foolishness .truth always wins.

    1. BigJohn says:

      Wait, you’re accusing someone of living in dreamland while you are here on this website asking Q to change the rules to make it easier for you to get your mail order bride over here? First of, Qanon is a scam and if Don the Con is behind it he’s a traitor who wants to usurp the power of the legislative and judicial branches by declaring martial law and violate the Constitution by subjecting US citizen civilians who are not enemy combatants to military tribunals. That orange asswipe doesn’t care about you and neither of them read posts here. Q posts on 8chan only, never here. This is just one of many places where people post copies of Q drops and comment about them.

  40. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    big deal …you write in russian or your computer does .your probably just a little zit faced peckerhead who’d get his ass whipped in the real world…..alligator mouth /canary ass.seen plenty of your kind. not even worth you bleeding on my clothes while your getting teeth knocked out. either way ,i know now you aint the real deal and never will be.im like most here hopefully wishing to God some politician would give a shit about our grievances and so pardon me if i tested you just in case you were the real deal.you see i hate being ignored by those calling all the shots.See the real trump is married to a foreign woman too.of course he’s got money to move mountains and I don’t. only difference. lost the love of my life who was like me …almost too old to have kids when we met.so keep be pretending to be q in your safe little world away from the bad asses who’d break your smart mouth if you ever even had the balls to pop of like you did to me regarding what i had to say.you wouldn’t have done it but once to my face. don’t ever talk negatively about someone’s family….ever. oh and carry your ass…we all know your full of shit.

  41. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    hey q+…get your russian troll ass out of our affairs …go try to run your piece of shit country and shove a hypersonic missile up you ass every time you think of messing with a little kid. put explosives in your rectom rocket so we see you no more you sick russian pedophile.

  42. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    is that the age you like them sikko? sounds like you have an epstein envy freaking pervert . we killed people like you before you brought that sick shit to our continent….along with your fucking diseases

  43. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    as an american, i should have right to choose my own wife and decide where we want to live. none of you in charge are my momma and daddy and certainly not God.stay out of the way of family affairs with bureaucratic bullshit or get ready to patch holes in the beautiful wall. i’d do it just for spite after the bullshit from the embassy visit on her behalf …. sorry… fence. oh their penalty for doing it illegal is jack shit by the way….what a slap on the wrist?. not blaming you for past….. just future. you want people like me to agree then remember what my needs are and show me some respect.tired of the tug of war between parties.both are completely full of shit. getting real tired of being a good little boy about it. hell i’ll be over a hundred before any of the bastards in the legislative branch do anything helpful regarding their primary charge… forming a workable naturalization process.nobody talks about us who tried to do it the legal way.

  44. ganolvsgi agasgi says:

    hey Q, do the powers that be ever intend to soften stance on americans who choose a foreign spouse and will we ever have right to rebut what a consulate says reason is for denial and will it be heard by anyone else other than the un elected appointee? really blew my beliefs in govt .hard to support either side of the issue since i did the right way for my fiance ,paid fees,lawyer,waited in line and at the end of the day was damned if i did or did not do correctly, doing it the “legal way …the k visa bullshit that took 2 years and they still said no. blew our hopes and dreams you know.left me really pissed with embassy and dept of state 2007.since then i have had stroke and likely won’t have kids now because she is stuck in china and im cherokee…never moving again….. know what i mean q? fix it if you want my vote 2020.

  45. JT says:

    I’m dumbfounded by the amount of Q followers who are saying arrests are happening because many of the “evil” democrats thought to be treasonous and seditious haven’t posted since before Christmas, or have posted previous Christmas pics on Christmas Day. Use your critical thinking skills here-if these folks have been arrested and shipped off to Gitmo, don’t you think their friends or loved ones would have leaked this to the press by now?

  46. LEROYWASHINGTON ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    1. BigJohn says:

      You’re not a patriot if you follow Qanon and you’d better be careful where you let your cult beliefs take you or you will end up in prison.

      1. BigJohnsaTool says:

        Why are you even reading let alone commenting in here BJ? Go back to sleep. No one here needs your OPINION! Go start a site where you believe all is well.

  47. Kim says:

    Q, questions…why do you refer to those you’re
    attempting to remove power from as sheep? Doesn’t the
    Bible call God’s people sheep?

    1. BigJohn says:

      Good question, Kim. Keep watching and you will see that there is nothing Christian about Qanon but whoever is behind it will use Christianity to manipulate people.

  48. John Kippour says:

    Another lack luster Christmas gift from Q?? Not sure I believe, no results just blind faith to trust the plan. Goal line moves when it’s convient. Trump is sitting on FISA and declas, hmm, you’ll say wait until the new year and the EO will take affect for military tribunals. Yes, it’s a predictable blues clues mind control game of connecting dots like Rorschach lol. Whet the gullible, weak minded, and self proclaimed geniuses feel a sense of self importance; with manipulating all the missing puzzle pieces to this never ending game. What’s next Q?

    1. LEROYWASHINGTON ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


      1. BigJohn says:

        No, it won’t happen this year and odds are this time next year you’ll be in the same boat, being strung along, being told to be patient and trust the plan. Nothing is going to happen before the 2020 elections and it won’t happen after either because from the beginning this has all been a load of made up horseshit. Many of you will figure this out eventually but for many this has become basically a religion and of course people have been sure the second coming of Christ is going to happen any day now for over 2,000 years. Whoever is behind this Q scam could make it last for a long time.

  49. JT says:
  50. Sorry4U says:

    FAKE is I didn’t vote for “helping women in developing countries function in a global economy. FAKE is I didn’t vote for Kayne West in the White House, or ” prison reform”.
    FAKE is I never voted for Jared & Ivanka!!!

    1. DocD says:

      Let me give you a UFO disclosure; it’s all worth the CNN crowd! Nothing but a CIA psy-op; that’s all! Have a little of BIG FOOT, A LOCHNESS MONSTER, a little YETI and, maybe a little of THE ANCIENTS to go with that. Land of confusion; that’s got all the hallmarks of the handiwork of the father of lies. That’s what happens when people abandon GOOD DOCTRINE and follow fairytales of the teachers who “tickle their ears”. I am hopeful just a tiny bit but suspicious a whole lot!

  51. Kim says:

    We don’t only have drugs coming in from the southern borders of Texas & California, but also
    from Florida & Canada…how do I know? Because
    I was a party girl back in the day & my friends would get their “stuff” from both places depending on which place had it. How are you going to fight the drug & trafficking war in those 2 places? I even knew of do someone who bought some from Germany… You’re not going to totally eradicate the war on drugs.. people need Jesus. How are you leading this country back to God?

  52. Jim says:

    If that’s the way the dems want it, then trump should order the ice agents to carry out our immigration laws to the fullest extent and begin removing all illegal aliens as fast as they can. How long before Nancy and chuck give Trump his border wall funding?

  53. LEROYWASHINGTON ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


  54. USA says:

    Patriots at the ready to standby our duly elected President and our wonderful country.


    We are proud and we are many, We The People are Patriots and we are in control. We The People hold the keystone.

    GOD Bless the USA, Trump, Pence, US Military & Patriots WW.


    1. Tim says:

      Still not sure if Q is really working in our best interest, or setting us up to go “quietly into that good night”….when martial law begins.

    2. DocD says:

      So far there’s nothing but ever longer time tables; Just how the heck does anyone envision the “taking back” of the country? They would have to suspend/violate the constitution to save the constitution; it’s a little paradox, right? I don’t see how thos country can ever be returned to normalcy. You got decades of brainwashing by the media/entertainment industry, schools, military academies, state, local and federal regulations overreaching and, finally, the constitution itself is too vague and needs to be rewritten to make sure that the government at any level is kept strictly in its bounds. YOU ARE TALKING MISSION IMPOSSIBLE HERE! Who’s the great wizards that know just exactly what needs to be done?

      1. Joosh says:

        Stop pretending the the “people” are not just a bunch of individuals; not unlike yourself. Are you fooled? Are you powerless? Are you incapable of changes this dramatic? If you don’t want to be part of the resolution of your country then go back to sleep! We “the people” not longer have the luxury of ‘Mission Impossible’ Become that wizard; YOU know what to do.

    3. TimOneal says:

      Words are, more so than actions, harder to alter or degrade or detract from or dissolve, for they convey the immaterial and metaphysical, upon which our perceptions of reality arise from and persist to focus thereon. But why is it that so many blindly suffer themselves to admonish others by sentiment to grant allegiance to that which they despise in practice, or else seduce and pervert others to adopt in practice that or those things which they allege to despise in sentiment? Hypocrisy is comfortably deadly, for it is an extension of indifferent vice.

  55. Bucky Isaacs says:

    If we lose, we will be a socialist country, own nothing, controlled by a corrupt government and the Constitution will be replaced with the U.N. Charter government. The Globalists are those who own the huge international banks, huge industries like some owners of pharmaceutical companies who want a global market without trade restrictions or fees. It is run by greed. It has been a plot since the 1800’s, See the Jekyll Island video where this was first planned. The effort to erode this nation and take it over was begun by President Wilson in 1919. After he left office, he supposedly regretting being part of this master plan.1. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was both illegal and not voted on by a majority of Congress who had left for the Christmas break. Hence, it is not a legally passed measure. Plus, our Constitution reads”: ” Only Congress can coin and leverage money” It went on to say that it must be backed by gold. We have been robed and bled by the New World Order gang. See Youtube Lindsey Williams for more of the story of who they are and what they do.

  56. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    man the larps around here seem more like they are keeping you from digging too deep.scientists ask, Why? why do they care so much about what you choose to do or not do.i think i remember people around where real pockets of gold were found said nothing was there so they could take all the spoils for themself or better, perhaps they hope to get the wrong body in the casket mistake buried so people will just go home and they can forget about it so they can shut the door on any more questions.don’t be a boiling frog .just don’t sail off on a comet or bow down to trump.but don’t take their word for it . they seem disingenuous to me.

  57. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    whoa! hold up dude! thought you were taking all are guns away? make up your mind already. thats a hell of a thing to recommend people. just shoot the mayors you want to see replaced? like mexico just did .yep…thats the american spirit…go get em q! heard your buddy got his transgender ban upheld in the supreme court today.well hey uh ,you know… whatever ,right? you know now that your sex change surgery is out and your imaginary military career is over, pretty sure your imaginary bunkermates are now free to demand you take off your little pink tutu and act like a man.just saying. you know q , id bet if i raided your cupboard id find at least a case and a half of spaghettios,but not the regular ones of course.oh no! you’d have the ones with the abc’s ….all the way to z. you might even impress us with a couple of russian equivalent cans written in russian. well i don’t have anything fancy ,but then again i live in the deep south,where we’re still a little behind in the times. however, i’d offer you a free meal though if you did ever visit….southern hospitality and all,you know…. so how about a fuck you sandwich and a dr.pepper.

  58. BigJohn says:

    That still wouldn’t be enough to give military tribunals jurisdiction to hear their criminal cases. It’s almost never lawful to subject US citizen civilians to military tribunals. If they are accused of committing crimes they have a constitutionally protected right to a trial by jury in the states where they are accused of committing the criminal acts. Trials are handled by the Judicial Branch. Military tribunals are under the Executive Branch, not the Judicial Branch. They are used rarely and only in very special cases, mostly just in war and mostly the defendants are foreign enemies and the tribunals are happening in foreign countries.

    What Q proposes is unlawful, unconstitutional, unAmerican and just wrong. We have three branches of government for good reason. The Judicial Branch with the Supreme Court at the top was given jurisdiction over cases for good reason. You don’t want one branch of government being the coos, the prosecutors, judges, jurors and executioners all at once. We don’t want the military taking jurisdiction over civilians, subjecting them to military laws and rules of procedures, taking away constitutionally protected rights. Was there treason or some other crime? Then why not charge them in federal court? That’s what the courts are there for, what we as taxpayers are paying them to do. Martial law and military tribunals on civilians who aren’t enemy combatants sounds like a nightmare scenario. The Supreme Court would definitely try to put a stop to it. Federal courts would grant writs of habeas corpus in a heartbeat. Then what, would the military stand down, turn these people over to the appropriate jurisdictions? Or is this whole Q thing to help facilitate some military coup where the military and perhaps the executive branch take everything over by force, knock out the the other two branches and the checks and balances that come from this system our forefathers set up? This is a great way to end up with a dictatorships and true patriots would be against this. Q followers are not patriots. They are something else entirely.

  59. Ganolvsgi Agasgi says:

    ok .here is your one and only you little anarchist,russian dipstick or whatever you are that i really dont care about .question for you q…the turd that never flushes.what is wrong with people who come here to see what they think the truth is.you ever laugh at people who buy lottery tickets when odds are in the millions they won’t win anyways.oh i already know you wouldnt …somebody would pop you in the mouth. i give a shit who wins or loses in the battle dems or repubs…trumpists vs anti trumpists although i do find more in common with them however than dipshits like you who try to impress us with his english skills .sure sign to me you are the kind of guy opposed to ever getting dirty .muddy hell no ,bloody you fear.im not a pawn for any wealthy people to side with like the divide and conquer trap my ancestors fell for. why stand in front of a falling tree. 50% one side of any issue here50 on the other. i figure i will be like jackson at the battle of the horse shoe bend. let the indians kill each other off so he would half an indian problem to have to deal with when he’d conned them into winning his war against the creeks and seminoles and then everybody else’s land stolen and murdered for.you think i trust trump? if yes,youre stupid. think i trust the dems? i support the constitution of the united states but lately only because i took an oath once. i figure once you idiots plan to incite trouble and blow what we have -even less than perfect, there will be less of you air suckers left to pick up after when your gone.but hey q let them find what they find and if criminals go to jail like they should,great! dont blame me or them for your momma making you wear a dress when you were a kid.

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