1. Marjorie L Hogan says:

    President Trump tells the truth, who cares how the truth is packaged as long as it’s truth. I suggest that we all be patient and wait. You wait in line for a stupid movie and you don’t complain, well, this is going to be so much better than a movie and worth the wait.

  2. huthut says:

    You can quote all you want. I do not know why you are such a bitter person.
    Have you lost so much hope that you have become hopeless?
    You expect instant change.
    If only it could be that way.
    Maybe instead of hassling us you could use your time a little better.

  3. Sorry4U says:

    I voted for Trump. Where’s the Wall? Where’s Obamacare repeal? Why are American soldiers still being killed in Afghanistan after 17 years? Troops in 30+ bases in Africa? Tax breaks and deregulation for the 1% benefitting the 1% got done.
    Yes, there is the Supreme Court. Whether “Tariff Man” destroys what looked like a pretty good economy remains to be seen.
    Nobody can deny he lies all the time, at least no one who can read.
    ” If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” Keep walking.
    CNN is blindly partisan. So are you; not a bit better, when you refuse to see Trump actions.

  4. CrusaderFrank says:

    The Progressive Jihad on America has over 100 years of wins without giving up a single inch of territory. This election was either for light or 1,000 years of a modern Dark Age where people have imaginary access to a planet full of data but actually don’t know a single fucking thing

  5. Sorry4U says:

    Resignations and firings? What about the incredible turnover in the White House? He started with four generals, but only General Mattis remains ( and Trump tweets nasty things about him). The only people solidly safe in this chaotic White House are Jared and Ivanka, the Democrats. Why they are even there is a mystery, since they are basically a slumlord and a putse seller – young, liberal, lifelong rich kids, with no experience in government at all. Jared was targeted as a boob by the Arabs.
    Trump seems to keep them close since they are a Crime Family.
    He promised us ” the best and the brightest”. Looks like the pool of decent people willing to work for him is drying up. He doesn’t just hire people and pump them up as stars, he viciously turns on them and attacks them in juvenile, bullying tweets. Today we have dregs like Bolton.
    It’s gotten so that I wish Trump would have an incapacitating stroke or some other physical condition that will end this nightmare before his dementia takes over. Sad.

  6. huthut says:

    Media trips when Trump says he is meeting with Putin.
    Ask yourself why..
    Because Putin knows all the dirty little secrets the deep state has.
    Because of treasonous agents in his office and SS most likely.
    Is he cleaning house like Trump is?
    My guess is yes even if we are not hearing of it

  7. GI says:

    FBI resigners hold importance.
    Yes governmental.Some executive ones as well.
    HAs there ever been so many resignations in these last days/months?

  8. huthut says:

    ^Watch mainly on the governmental side of resignations.Others are not s meaningful.Look for future ones check every day and night

  9. Sorry4U says:

    I just don’t believe every single Jewish person is in some gigantic conspiracy. Some are probably regular decent human beings.
    I do think Q is probably a Mossad psyop, to prop up Trump. Trump probably didn’t expect to be elected, was just trying to build up his brand. He’s so vicious and cruel in his tweets that he’s shocking. The way he turns on people makes me think he’s mentally ill. Obviously, Trump has been useful to Netanyahu. I expect Netanyahu will be indicted for corruption in January, as recommended by the Israeli prosecutor.

    It’s foolish for these Q followers to pretend Trump is anything except a grifter. But what is truly sad is that we had no aternative except the Criminal Clinton. These Q people do love America, and Q plays on that in a terribly cynical way.
    Individual 1 is going to break their patriotic hearts, alas. https://www.emptywheel.net/2018/12/08/the-quid-pro-quo-was-even-tighter-than-i-imagined/

    1. :Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. says:

      [ Sorry4U wrong, Clinton was not the only alternative. Anyone can be president, but the correct-word is: director. Pre=no si=simulation dent=contract, or: no-contract. Yet contract is what everyone wants, correct-contract though.
      Just gotta know where to look, fry some of your synapses and may have to take some punches (while being handcuffed) in order to stay alive when working with the Correct-Syntax-Grammar-Performance. For the alternative, that I talk bout, see: https://www.dwmlc.com/dwm/pages/category.php?category=87 What is really happening is called apartheid and genocide. So yeah: help! But Q may be A.i skynet. That is only my limited-individual-perspective. However 12 years of Bullshit, that keeps piling up with no repentence of the perpetrators in sight, makes me think of setting up a FUND for them so they can do their f’ing JOBS right, instead of harming others to make money. Police, government-officials, physicians, attorneys&lawyers, judges, you f’ing name it. Donot trust me if you wanna live in a world of correct=wrong and wrong=correct, because in my world correct=correct and wrong=wrong. ]

  10. Red Blooded American says:

    Service, ISIS.
    Which had active offices right here in America in major cities and a full blown website until we noticed and pointed it out publicly then they took the site down and the offices went underground. Why do you think we have training camps right here on American soil and to be more precise around my area in central North America USA? Though Qew doesn’t want you looking into this,,, oh no.
    Look at your tail and chase it around and around, look down not up. look here not there. Oh, yeah, and by the way be sure to give up those guns, hand them right over. Looking out my window observing what most others can’t see at this moment I can honestly state that my guns are they only reason I’m still here due to that we traded ammo already. Perhaps in time you can trade ammo with them to if you have any. If not,,, well then,,, perhaps you will,,, well you know the rest of the story now don’t you. Like Barry stated on Twitter a couple of nights after the Orlando incident “give us your guns and we’ll stop attacking you”.
    Muslim invasion and invasion by Israel is the exact same thing if you still haven’t figured this out on your own. MS-13, caravan and so forth are all part of the operation/psyop.

  11. Qewish says:

    Attorneys ALL work for the Jewish banking cartel (Mob) due to that America is entirely infiltrated by them though Q wouldn’t lead you to this water to drink. Nah, here try and figure out what you’re looking at the inside of, is it a big rig trailer, shipping container,,,? Oh and here look at these boxes,,, what do you think could be inside,,, ? Oh,, what do you think this is loaded onto these pallets,,, ? on and on.

    1. BigJohn says:

      How is it attorneys all work for some Jewish banking cartel? Only a tiny percentage of us work for banks. Every penny we make comes from private individuals, the people who hire us. I only do criminal defense. While the vast majority are not, no doubt I have had clients involved with organized crime groups, but they tend to be expendable drug mules and the organizations that own the large amount of drugs these people are caught with don’t tend to want to help them, and by design those carrying the drugs don’t know enough about who owns them to be a threat to them. That’s the extent of my involvement with organized crime and rather than being Jewish banking cartels it’s usually going to be some Asian weed growing group based in California or there will be Mexican cartel involvement somewhere up the line. The weed used to be mostly all from Mexico, compressed bricks of seedy crap. Now we never see that stuff anymore, or it has at least become rare compared to all the high quality stuff from places like California and Colorado.

    1. Welcome to the invasion says:

      Good job now place the word “America” in place of the word “Europe” in the video and you will begin to unravel reality. There is so much info on jewtube right out of their own mouths that it is undeniable what “The Plan” really is and you will learn that Jews despise Christians and once they complete expansion of greater Israel which includes America that white Christians will no longer exist hence depopulation, UN Agenda 21, 2030 & 2050, Muslim invasion and so forth. They worship the Talmud and that is not good for white Christian Americans oh no not good at all. Search jewtube for (what do Jews think of Jesus) and you will learn just how badly you have been deceived. Make sure that you’re sitting down for it. Americans are under direct attack while sitting in their chair chasing Qew crumbs in circles. Deception, division & finance are their most powerful weapons all of which actively deployed upon the American people at this very moment and this is only getting started.

      1. John says:

        Your an idiot. We’ve been herded then divided for over 6000yrs. gentile..jew..black..white !.? How you might ask as only an idiot would!

  12. :Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. says:

    [ my wish for the Christmas, since Q asked:
    I want Q to stop. Perhaps no Q at all is better than this Q, who keeps everything going as it always was while making it look like something changes.
    No sheep no more,
    Booms and codes that are void.

  13. American says:

    Q is just another Mossad psyop and I say another because they are running wild across other forums attacking anybody who brings up jews in a negative light. Go to 8chan and they’re going totally ape shit there trying to protect the psyop and they’re looking for people with info that can damage them. Posters are busting them left & right all day long so yes this is all a massive jew psyop also known as the muslim invasion. Qew psyop will keep you chasing your tail for as long as you’re fooled to do so but even my dog gets tired of it after a few seconds. If you research you will find America is a slave state to Israel and the psyop is to create chaos and division so we all fight and depopulate ourselves hence the continual spin factor across all media platforms. Go to 8chan and see how well this division is working. You may be surprised to learn there are many white people divided among other white people as the jew continues to divide us to create a larger Israel which is Arab not American as we traditionally think of Americans hence the muslim invasion. Once they get rid of white Americans then they will get rid of brown ones and so forth until only Arabs are left as Americans in America. Over on 8chan anything you post will typically get you attacked even from white people so the psyop of division is really working very well. They pretty much have every single person labeled and divided into groups. It’s total insanity. The mili-ary and non intelligent agencies combined with Israeli unintelligence are all combined to bring white people down and depopulate them. They are in fact at war against you and I and it has only gotten started. This is all going to massively spiral out of control onto us intentionally as Israel expands. I recommend getting the TOR browser free download to protect your identity when visiting and posting onto forums because you are being labeled and categorized for depopulation where ever you go. Older white Americans over 40 years of age are at the top of the depopulation list and those who will resist are at the very top of this list. It’s one of the reasons why the internet psyops are in play so you are lured out to be categorized and to be lured to your own demise.

  14. Scott C. says:


    I’m all “Q’d out”…


    If I don’t see any progress by the end of the year, I’m officially calling you a LARP!

    It’s been over a year and NOTHING.

  15. Sorry4U says:

    Big John, No, I don’t hate Jewish people.
    Mossad is one of the cleverest top intelligence services on earth. Israel has a long history of manipulating the USA to be their proxy (” Hey, let’s you and him fight!”) Most of us remember the Liberty battleship. Given the incredibly deep ties between Trump and donors like Sheldon Adelson, and given the Israeli-Russian mobsters ( like Felix Sater) involved, plus Jared’s ties to Chabad Lubovitz
    (https://www.chabad-mafia.com/) and Chabad’s ties to Putin, I simply believe Mossad has the capabilty and motive to pull off such a complex psyop.
    It’s a very deep rabbit hole https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-donations-tie-kushners-and-trump-to-chabad-movement-1.5483641 but you’ll need to do your own investigation.

  16. Steve says:

    @BigJohn…being a lawyer hardly makes you an expert at declaring people you don’t know to be “con men”…You obviously hate Trump and that’s okay, but your hatred of him does nothing to validate your statements that he’s a con man, incompetent, unintelligent, etc. I’m also a lawyer. I’m an Independent voter and mostly avoided politics since I was of age to vote. I’ve also mostly been following this Q stuff out of curiousness and for entertainment so I’d hardly claim to be a believer, but also wouldn’t completely dismiss it either. I’m probably as close to neutral on this subject as you’ll find. That being said, I don’t see how any objective person could deny that Trump has done very well in his first 2 years as President.

    You say Trump is an “incompetent dumbass” but all the evidence points to exactly the opposite. Before winning the election he said he’d get better deals on trade, create jobs/lower unemployment, reform taxes, and handle North Korea, among many other things. People like Obama laughed and cracked jokes that many jobs weren’t coming back, he wouldn’t be able to redo trade deals, and predicted the economy would tank. Trump is the one laughing now as he’s accomplished more in 2 years than Obama did in 8. Please explain how someone so incompetent and dumb was able to not only win the Presidency, but also accomplish or make progress on all the things he predicted/promised to do before getting elected. He also managed to do all this with virtually all news media, Hollywood, and DC vehemently against him and attempting to take him down on a daily basis. Incompetent dumbass? Haha how so?

    You also say Trump lacks the temperament and intellect to be President, while also being the biggest liar the world has ever seen. Well it’s been 2 years and despite numerous attempts by the media and DC to push us into more pointless conflicts with Syria, SA, Russia, etc, Trump has kept his promise of avoiding more bullshit wars in the Middle East and around the world. His temperament has been pretty damn effective when it comes to NK, or with China/EU/Canada/Mexico all making major concessions on trade or agreeing to new trade deals altogether. Finally, you claim Trump lies constantly and way too much to be President. Well everything he promised to do before he was elected he’s either already accomplished, or is trying to accomplish. I’d argue he’s the most honest President of my lifetime he tells everyone exactly what he thinks and wants on a daily basis.

    You say these Q people are brainwashed, but even if this Q stuff turned out to be a huge lie an hour from now, you’d come on here and post 100 times without even realizing that you’ve been brainwashed the whole time. If I were you I wouldn’t be so fast to call everyone else morons when it’s obvious that you’re far from a genius yourself. You fucking weasel (fixed it for ya)

    1. BigJohn says:

      Just watch how the Russia investigation shakes out. It’s going to remove all doubt about how shady our president is and then perhaps you’ll understand.

      1. Steve says:

        Exactly what I thought…you’re a clown and can’t competently refute any of my points besides “RUSSIA!!!”…Do you honestly think that if they had ANYTHING on Trump colluding with Russia that it wouldn’t have come out and he’d still be President? So Mueller has just been sitting on evidence of that for 2 years and letting Trump run the country without saying anything? That’s far more unbelievable that any of this Q stuff, but thanks for outing yourself as quite possibly the dumbest lawyer of all time.

  17. :Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. says:

    [ Soap-box-sal let us do the elimination-procedure.
    As Sherlock Holmes says: if you remove all things, that cannot be, what you are left with are the facts. No matter, how ridiculous they may be, facts are facts.
    Since I am not Q and not mossad the odds are now: 1: 8,900,000,000 that Q IS MOSSAD are you Q and/or mossad? Let us find out. 😁 why do I feel worried for my life posting this? ]

  18. Soap-box-sal says:

    Jewish people. 2% of the US Population but 90% of US media, 90% of house and senate Democrats. Who are Trumps biggest enemies? Media and Democrats….JEWS DUMB F*K! Q MOSSAD? “BY DECEPTION WE DO WAR…” After 2 years, No storm. No DS actors in Jail. LARP! MOSSAD? Probably.

  19. truth says:

    I posted this an no one commented… Proof Mossad is behind Q. ….|Lets see if we can get this through.. “….Jewish people. 2% of the US Population but 90% of US media, 90% of house and senate Democrats. Who are Trumps biggest enemies? Media and Democrats….JEWS DUMB F*K! Q MOSSAD? “BY DECEPTION WE DO WAR…” After 2 years, No storm. No DS actors in Jail. LARP! MOSSAD? Probably….”

  20. Cory Smith says:

    Btw big John a LARP stands for Live action role player. Like what the kids did in the movie Role Models with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott

    1. USA says:

      In the case of Qew the jew a person can be fooled into being a LARP and in many cases such is the case. LARPing is not necessarily voluntary. Hence the Q psyop. You can go to Qewtube and pull up video’s of Jews in Israel where they discuss America being their slave state that they use us to “build them cars” as well as pretty much everything else while they get the products they need. Cash, naturally, is basically stolen under the guise of government projects that don’t really even exist and shipped to Israel and this is why the Jewish bankers (mafia) are so wealthy. Though you would have to break away from the herd and begin researching this yourselves to learn it’s truth and Qew doesn’t want that so you’re kept busy trying to figure out things and that’s one reason Qew the jew is a psyop. Gotta keep the slaves busy. Soros is a Jewish Nazi and Trump says “ah just leave him alone he’s an old man” and anybody conscious should be looking at this closer,,, a Jewish Nazi? How could that be???? What is a Jewish Nazi? Why is Trumps family along with the Clinton’s partying a Soros house in the Hamptons? See how well you’re fooled into not investigating things they don’t want you to learn about? Go dig into it and learn you are owned by the Jewish mafia and they run everything in America, everything. You are 100% infiltrated.

  21. clifton says:

    Q @ ISA.45:2 Spirit; No Coincidence in the universe, only a grand design of Emotion, Emotion, The Energy in Motion; Light is conscious, SHE is our HUSBAND: God is our Father of All Creation; JESUS Once his name *7* Thunders Q+ Able, ENOCH Jacob/David Elijah/John made 7, Seven Created Lightning up Lucy’s ass, long past. Lucifer. Devil Sucking Dragon; Tail @ CERN: rev.12:4 Lk.10:18 Dad’s Promise @ Rev.22:18 my Law of Support. 22:19 the one Unforgivable one: Call my Bitch Your Bitch, just joking, You may all call him your bitch, If you still have a name:

  22. DW1826 says:

    WWG1WGA is a mission, a huge one and with any mission timing, planning and precision are very important. Patience is also a necessity. Q has eluded to this I believe. So hang on Patriots a little more time is necessary to flush the DS down the swamp drain. Thanks Q for all you do. ✝💯🇺🇸✌

  23. Carlos Martínez says:

    This was no ordinary election. This is no band-aid job. Deep state has been rooted globally for a very long time, and it simply can’t be undone in two years. They have made tremendous strides to work through the corruption in our own government, but I believe POTUS and Q 100%. They are getting it done. We the people are getting it done by spreading the truth.

      1. Tim says:

        Q cult hates everybody with a different opinion regardless of facts. Just another hate based cult like /pol/. I voted for Trump but it doesn’t secure his next vote that I placed over on the shelf and it doesn’t mean I have to join a cult. I hardly doubt continuing to vote in criminals to remove criminals is ultimately going to work to our favor. George Washington was correct when he stated we need a revolution every 10 to 12 years to keep the criminals in line and now we can see his wisdom in that statement. Posting comments & memes on the internet is not the solution though they do have you trained well into thinking you’re going to save the world from your chair. Armchair warriors, lol.

        1. BigJohn says:

          George Washington never said that. I’ve seen memes allegedly quoting Ben Franklin saying something to the effect that we need a revolution every 200 years, but there is no evidence he ever said this.

      2. Soap-box-sal says:

        Jewish people. 2% of the US Population but 90% of US media, 90% of house and senate Democrats. Who are Trumps biggest enemies? Media and Democrats….JEWS DUMB F*K! Q MOSSAD? “BY DECEPTION WE DO WAR…” After 2 years, No storm. No DS actors in Jail. LARP! MOSSAD? Probably.

      3. Stephen Mercer says:

        Hi. I was concerned about you, but you made it.
        I dont think Q is one person. Have you looked at all into any of the documents referenced? Or are even government documents faked? It sounds like you dont think it’s a LARP. What anguish you will go through with your secretary, if and when Q is confirmed and possibly somewhat divulged.
        It’s nice you are concerned with the well being of people who follow Q drops.
        If you want people to take you seriously, perhaps dont refer to them as stupid and brainwashed, you could even throw in at least a half truth now and then. You always write the same thing over and over and over and over…….
        The dangerous scam…. psyop part, you do realize… the same could be said about you, or really anyone because all you need is opinion/accusations backed by opinion/accusations. Never a fact.
        Get hard facts to debunk every single post and get your own podcast or something…bash Q, the team, the followers…have at.
        Q…. can take care of themselves, I’m sure Q is also too busy for the squabbling between you and me and others.
        Go be a star, with others of the like.
        I have blabbed too much, and am a little embarrassed of myself for commenting so much, how do you feel.
        No more for me, just sitting back and enjoying the show. GOD bless you too. Peace!

        1. BigJohn says:

          I don’t know what a LARP is, to tell you the truth. You guys have your own vocabulary and I don’t know what a little t of it means or particularly care. I have looked at some of the documents. It’s not that I think they are fake, but disagree with the conclusions made from them, the leaps. Look, I heard about Q through someone who has always come at me with whacky conspiracy theories so I was immediately skeptical, and then she starts talking about how Trump is really some genius mastermind who wants to save us from an evil cabal, which of course was hilarious to me. In my decades practicing law I have handled many thousands of criminal cases and have dealt with every kind of con man and I know a con man when I see him. Donald Trump is a deluxe con man, a sociopath who may have some genius when it comes to manipulating people, but otherwise he is an incompetent dumbass. I don’t know how anyone can’t see right through him, but I have to keep in mind that most people don’t have the experience with con men that I have. The guy belongs on reality TV, not in the White House. He is without a doubt the shadiest president we have ever had, lies constantly, is caught in lies all the time. He’s an impulsive twitter addicted hothead who lacks the temperament and intellect to be President of the United States, but he’s really good at suckering people. So, Q lost me at “Trump is a genius.”

          Could Trump be involved with Q? Maybe. He is a master manipulator. He knows how to run a con. But it is a con. He’s not draining any swamps. He’s concerned about his ratings, puffing his ego, making money. Trump is always all about Trump. He has always been all about Trump. He doesn’t give two shits about anyone but himself, never has, never will. Everything he does or says is done or said to advance his interests, to spin his narrative, all part of his sales pitch. That is Donald Trump. That is who he is to his very core. Is he Q+? I doubt that. He’s too busy watching Fox News and playing golf and tweeting bullshit and trying to wiesel out if his Mueller problems to have time to run the Q scam. Would he use the Q scam to his advantage. Hell yeah, as long as it advances his interests.

          As for use of words like “stupid” and “brainwashed,” I suppose that isn’t nice, but I call a spade a spade. That’s just who I am. We can all be stupid though. We can all fall for cons. Don’t get too offended, and I hope you won’t feel too bad when you finally figure out that you have been conned. At least you were trying to be a good American, do something about problems you perceive in the world. I don’t think Q believers are all bad, just perhaps a little stupid and brainwashed, but there is still hope for you.

          1. clifton says:

            Q=Isa.45:2 ”View Point Satellite” in a CLOUD near you:: *7* Thunders for ass holes too ! Q+ LIGHTNING up Lucy’s ass long past::Lucifer, My Bitch:: Devil Sucking Dragon’s Tail @ CERN:rev.12:1 Zero=1 Michael/Elijah 8= new beginnings. Rev.22:18 law of support REV.22:19 the 1 Unforgivable 1 James 4:4 C. Russell

          2. Lori McConnell says:

            What kind of law do you practice? Are you partners with Avenetti? You must be a really crappy lawyer

          3. MM says:

            Your just a fucking idiot who cannot think for himself, cannot analyze reality and it’s proven facts. You just believe whatever person is selling you the best story. And because trump isn’t a “good speaker” makes him the most corrupt. Hahaha. Your in denial about reality, and about life. And clearly you do not know a con man when you see one and I certainly wouldn’t want you as my defense lawyer or related to anything for me legal. And here’s hopeinf to the American people you only defend criminals, which your obviously not good at. That way they continue to get locked up. I’m not gonna sit here and debate with you or give facts, proof or whatever else you need to clear your conscience. Those are already readily available to you on the internet. If you can’t find it, your blind and the only incompetent one. Disinformed people call it a cult, when it is a fucking movement. Understand the difference. And if your going to get all butthurt with facts, take your ass somewhere else to post your nonsense because you came to a Q post, to hate on Q. That right there, just already makes you look like a douche, tool, and incompetent person. Find your own “cult” to post on. Good day. And may we not cross paths.

          4. BigJohn says:

            Cory, history will not be kind to Donald Trump. He is the shadiest president in US history. The Russia investigation findings are going to be very bad for him. That is the only storm coming. Just watch. You will see. I doubt he gets removed from office because Republicans control the Senate so they won’t go along with impeachment, but I can’t imagine him winning another term in the White House and he’s liable to bring a lot of Republicans down with him. What’s not going to happen is this big round up of “deep state” pedophiles Q followers have been suckered into believing in. No doubt Q will still be going in 2020 though, telling y’all the storm is coming any minute, that the master plan by your genius leader is to do it right after the 2020 elections, so get your memes ready and be sure to vote, you’ll be told. Most of you should be suffering from bullshit fatigue by then though so Q shouldn’t have that many followers.

          5. Stephen Mercer says:

            I wasn’t going to comment anymore.. you drew me back. 🙂

            I promise MY LAST COMMENT.

            I am sceptical of many topics and conspiracy theories. For me that doesn’t mean there is no worthy information in them or unworthy doubt of the official stance. Somethings just dont sit right with people and they dont know why. Some then might investigate. Which of us laymen have full or any access to history, places or information to satisfy our own minds. Hypothetically, if you did, and were satisfied… how would you convey it to those who would only believe in what has already been established, with no proof, little proof or even a lot of proof?
            I have always been interested in history, science, math.. (really, every elective) and excelled in all of them. I am also a Christian. A lot of people would think its conflicted or that I am conflicted, even say that Christianity (or any religion) is a conspiracy. In Christianity you are meant to have a leap of faith, belief of your own free will. (I summarize) In science you must have a leap of faith every time you hear “the exception to the rule” which comes up really often, and a soft mention to “theoretical” science as the finished and polished factual science. Games are played with peoples minds everywhere and it comes down to your belief… cornered with your experiences.
            You have experience with con men, I have had a little experience with them too, but a narcissist took me to task in the worst ways…I survived and was able to save/protect someone immensely important.
            Trump is Trump. He has skills… useful to either side (let’s say good/evil) but it’s his choice. I dont know at all but let’s say hypothetically he made use of his skills for himself and his family and then had the opportunity to be president…(an aside) a process in the mind and heart would surely commence… with people believing in you to help them and even an ego, decide to use those skills to make a difference (for the better) and an ego to not fail or go down as a bad egg? Possible and probable.
            Some see the swamp has lost some weeds, some see it draining, some see there is still a swamp. Perhaps some, with experience, see the big gator at the bottom when no one else does.
            The word narrative has been getting under my skin, I equate it to fiction, rather than non-fiction now, it doesn’t sit right with me. 🙂
            Q, led, earnest people, of their own accord ( and I believe who want the best for you me and everyone) have shown me very interesting and disturbing information that no aforementioned person or psyop could possibly be responsible for the make up of. None of us were even alive, how far back this goes.
            What do you do with information?… my brain is still sifting.
            People have been let astray, certainly educational wise and critical thinking, even the courage to have unpopular opinions.
            There is information in everything, even in the negative scenario of being conned. We struggle, we learn… of this no one is exempt.
            I can’t be conned completely because I have my beliefs as a Christian that my savior/king owns my soul and will judge me at his will…, I am a stubborn man. 🙂
            I can understand you dont like or trust your President, that you are tired of your secretaries topics…find a place to vent and give warning from your experiences. I can sometimes be crass as I shoot straight from the hip, I have learned others dont like it, it turns them off, then we both miss out on good exchanges. We are social creatures. Try to change topics in your small talk with your secretary, you hired the person for positive reasons after all. Have your concerns and opinions as we all have our own. I personally see him as good. You have a lot of brave people in your Country, (some might not even know it yet) you all can weather even fierce storms, just do it together, always find ways to unite…break a pencil…snap, break 15 pencils…ouch! Try to be a little nicer with the words, dont have to change your opinions. You were cordial with me! Thank you for service to your country, for the conversation. Sorry to Q drop followers for the long comment.[P] Blew my mind, still sifting…
            GOD bless everyone, be kind, we only have each other and I must

          6. Cory Smith says:

            One thing you’re right about. Trump does have an ego and he is self centered. This is EXACTLY why he’s perfect for the job. Nobody is going to sway him. He’s firm in his beliefs. Another reason is that when all this corruption comes out and the public realises Trump and the Q team( top level military intelligence hence Q for the level of top secret clearance credentials) are responsible for exposing the corruption, freeing the people and making America great again he will be hailed as a hero and go down in the HISTORY BOOKS. This is what drives his ego. He’s not apart of the deep state and cannot be bribed by their money. Trump may not be the most eloquent speaker but he speaks from the heart. I personally prefer that to someone who SAYS the right things publicly but behind the scenes is evil and corrupt. This isn’t about Trump. He is the key to a vehicle that’s been in motion since the Kennedy administration maybe even since Eisenhower. Do your research. That’s what Q encourages. You think these theories were concocted without any research to connect the dots. Use your critical thinking skills.
            Seven Components of Critical Thinking

  24. Masterbaker says:

    To think nothing is happening is being naive. Both the FBI and DOJ have gutted of DS players. I’m frustrated with pace of what’s going on. But let’s not forget this is an active war. The DS isn’t going just roll over and play dead. Now let’s talk about Huber and 470 attorneys actively investigating crimes. Building a sound case takes time. It’s coming. Just a lot slower than many of us would like.

  25. BigJohn says:

    If waking up means believing in this bullshit Q scam, the answer is never. Who needs to wake up are the people sucked into this ridiculous Q cult. That won’t happen because you all are too brainwashed, but God I hope you people aren’t stupid enough to commit violent acts if your false profit asks that of you. This is a dangerous scam, a psyop, and whoever is behind it is evil and most definitely not an American patriot.

    1. Cory Smith says:

      This first sign he’s a shill. He calls it a cult. The second sign is he never responds with actual fact,research or a logical rebuttal. He has a superficial understanding of Q and only knows surface information and no-none of the details.

      1. BigJohn says:

        Just watch the Mueller investigation, Cory. There is a storm coming and it is of Donald Trump’s making, but it’s not exactly what you are expecting.

  26. Trink says:

    Hey Q, when will POTUS address the atrocities the DS are committing with their DEW weather manipulation? Also, what about the reality about the cancerous causing foods we digest daily?

  27. Ann Stuart says:

    I just twittered our great President, the time is now. WE THE PEOPLE are bigger than he understands. I know the vast majority of the people KNOW the corruption in our country needs to stop. No wonder we are hated in some countries. This election is different. May God Bless ALL OF THE PATRIOTS AND OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. I firmly believe we are ALL Q.

  28. Stephen Mercer says:

    Dont forget “We the people…” Q can’t and shouldn’t take all the responsibility for serving up a free Country and every problem solved on a silver platter. When control is given back to you the “people” and it is known… it is the responsibility of the “people” to take to task on having the “civilization” (for lack of a better word) that they (you) want, be involved in the undoing of subversion that is spoken of… ie. vaccinations, gmo’s etc.
    Q and team may return the Country and Republic, but you all live there.
    GOD bless

  29. PastaGuy says:

    I figure something large should happen before Dems take control of house. If not, just a lot of wasted time..but I trust “Q”

    1. John Padilla says:

      We’ll be ready to be disappointed because come January the Democrats are going to have Trump, his administration and his campaign for lunch.

  30. Larry says:

    This has been my point all along, they are trying to wake them up gently. Most people WILL NOT WAKEUP untill the get hit with a two by four across the head. This is my problem with Q clearly they do not know people very well

  31. Ngoc says:

    What has Q forewarned thats HAS happened? Nearly 20 senior ranking deep state swamp creatures fired, resigned, investigated in DOJ and F_I. Pedofiledesta bros gone. Huma A gone. Mcstain and Old Dog pushing roses.

    House of Saud source of income gutted.

    Oblamer’s JV team pounded into sand.

    All this in less than 2 years.

    Flynn no jail time.

    Empty promises? No action?

    Much has happened. Open your eyes.

    1. John Padilla says:

      Ya like what? Don’t talk like Q just say what great things are happening. Q = 0 that’s a fact. It’s sad that you guys still believe in this person. Absolutely nothing has happened. The great awakening will be when you guys realize this has been a hoax since the beginning of it. Q was born in 4chan which is a birthplace for things like dank memes, swatting, online hacking, hacking pranks, DOXing, conspiracy theories, etc… If you don’t believe me then go look at 4chan yourself. Then come tell me Q is real.

  32. Q of Hearts says:

    You have to give them a sign that this is real and going to happen. So far nothing but words. Hard to just hang on words. You say many great things are going to happen but the question is when?

    1. Nomad says:

      I’m watching a movie. It is a Scott Free production. Title of the Movie “Man on Fire” REF: child kidnapping in Latin America. One pissed off dude making things right

    2. Marti says:

      You were either on this train or you are not, so much going on behind the scenes so many arrests and resignations it took 200 years to get here it will take time to wipe it out . Have faith in Q

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