Dec 6 2018 18:41:11 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 01febf
Dec 6 2018 18:56:20 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 01febf
When did POTUS make the statement “Calm Before the Storm?”
When was HUBER activated by SESSIONS?
Who was/is assigned to HUBER?
What was leaked today (on purpose?)?
HUBER to testify re: Clinton Foundation?
HUBER to reveal ‘active’ probe actively underway into organization?
OIG to release report #2 [overview indicating many ‘potentially criminal referrals’ made]?
“We do not discuss active/ongoing DOJ / FBI investigations.”


  1. LOL says:

    Be sure not to look up that Trumps new UN Ambassador is Illuminati and holds an active seat/membership at the CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations). Whoops, I guess Qew the jew forgot to tell you this or was it part of The Plan that you not be told this. See where following others leads you? Right where they want you to be, distracted.
    Barr worked for Bush the 911 conspirator and yet you are still trusting a plan you have yet to see in writing? Really???? lol

    1. D says:

      Barr??? Really??? I hope somebody has a plan cuz that seems like a crazy choice. Of c we may be sitting here with this same situation next Christmas too. Praying for President Trump regardless

  2. Francis Bacon says:

    Here’s hoping the Comey testimony addresses the Huber related investigation. I suspect he’d be largely unprepared for that. We already know everything about the FISA abuse, but it would be nice to get his updated lies.

  3. Thommy says:

    B S if Barr is elected ,not even confirmed then q has another freaking arrow in it’s already false narrative. Barr is a GHWBush guy and q claims the opposite of Bush . Trust the plan? Trump nominates a Bush guy? Yea right ,q is a folly and daily is failing . January will come , the new Dem house will be seated and q’s red tsunami is a joke! Of course the conspitators will move the goal posts . BUT! Remember this , they R wanting $$$ now so be careful of the merchandising that will make you look like a nut not only to ur family but it could cost U your job. Who wants a fantasy conspiracy guy at his business?

  4. Soap-box-sal says:

    Weve been waiting for Q’s much vaunted storm for nearly 2 years…. NOTHING YEY.. However, there IS a storm on the horizon; IN MID JANUARY WHEN THE DEMS TAKE THE HOUSE. A FURIOUS SHIT STORM OF ENEMA PROPORTIONS AGAINST TRUMP. That the coming storm. No deep state scumbag indicted yet…nor will there be. Trumps time to unleash the storm has passed. Xmas shutdown in less then 2 weeks, and by the time xmas is over the Dems have the house. Dem shit storm mid jan.

    1. Shit Storm Inbound says:

      Correct Dem shit storm headed right to all our front doors while Trump points his finger at everybody else. The real storm has yet to land but it’s on the way and will choke the life right out of Americans at every level. You aint seen nothing yet!!!!

    2. Titi says:

      A silent storm happened during GHWB funeral in Washington. Those notes they received 10-1 odds is that things were being raided while they were attending the funeral.

    3. Kevin says:

      If they look into him he will let everyone know whats going on. So of the words of Jack Nicklaus from A few good men….go ahead and roll the dice and investigate me

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